"Differential" - 3/14/20

Now is a familiar time
To anyone who has ever dealt
With life and death
Crisis mode reveals parts
Of your self you didn't know
Existed like Heaven to the agnostic
Or idealism to the caustic
Or manna in the desert
Hope comes out at night
After the most exhausted
Daylight rests her weary limbs
For she has as many arms
As G-d has eyes and in them
We feel comfort, levity, solace

Surprise is an element
We loathe-love like workaholism
It is revered and judged
Feared and dismissed
Desired and confessed away
By stiff drinks and self-delusions
Yoga-mats and vitamin C infusions
What are the answers to questions
To which we aren't entirely privy
Journalists, doctors have the edge
But they also have our pity
Knowing too much can sometimes
Mean losing so much protect
Your spirit like the butterfly
It is with presence of soul

Now is a familiar time
To anyone who has ever felt
Abandoned by breath
Centerfold stealing thief
Upsetting every shelf overthrowing
Twisted vines of outdated poison
Pariah planted weathered
Faith comes out at dawn
After the most refracted
Starlight tests impatient lids
For lips make sounds even silently
As far-reaching sighs penetrate
Privately we revert to childlike
Promise to be relevant
We slow-dance toward nihilism

Despair's venom pessimism
Exhalation dispossessing
Connection 'blessed day' intrusion
What is a trigger what's entertaining
To watch to whither or weather bravely
Satirists, songwriters make a pledge
But they also need to study
Growing in the clutches of rhyme's
Pat symmetry choosing to elect
The attitude du jour is it a good cry
Or a an absence of ego: listening ear