"Mother" – 5/07/22

There are mothers who nurture their children magnificently
As if they were born to encourage, heal, uplift
And occasionally set right a broken spirit-bone
With angel eyes and arms outstretched they own
The title glowingly and make Mary proud, soul-awake

There are mothers who struggle just to be unburdened surreptitiously
They can't help but discourage, hurt, put down
And more often than not overwhelmed and alone
With battle cries on deaf ears fallen they moan
Within earshot of babes, broken covenants, quaking

There are mothers who fall somewhere in between bravely
Weathering highs and lows forging family bonds
Amidst dream-crushing waves unremitting humanity
Nary a capsize in courage's shivering motherly sea
Title becoming a crown-of-thorns starfish, sharpened shamelessly

I wonder sometimes had I been afforded the opportunity
What kind of mother would I be and sighing, avert
My eyes from the bright, blazing glory that is Life
Her bosom round, her glistening girth the very ground
From which love grows I raise kiddush to Mother Earth

(and to birth)