"Insurance" – 7/25/21
Every 6 months I have an MRI to make
Sure my cancer is still in remission.
And like clockwork, a month before I am
To receive this test, scheduled by my oncologist,
My insurance company sends me an intimidating
Warning that the request for this test is pending
And that I need to provide sufficient information
To them (annually) to prove that this test is required.
I am told by all my doctors I will need this test for
Many years to come to "stay on top of anything"
Should, G-d forbid, my cancer return. Nonetheless,
This rigamarole ensues and like a lawyer I must
Plead my case that it's necessary. And so, the
Uploading of "relevant medical records" begins,
With a request to my doctor to write me a note
Restating why it's necessary. "She needs this test
To assess that her cancer has not returned..." etc.
And if/when they say no (like they did last year,
3 times before my final appeal went through,
I will try not to let the stress affect me 'cause...