"Night" – 4/25/22

I lie awake
Jet-lag alert
Exhausted but hopeful

I imagine in each fingertip
What it must feel like to be
Hiding, hope lessening

With each passing hour
As War's gruesome cruelty
Singes cells with doubt

So sharp the point
Of each moment's
In question problems

Of providence don't quite
Add up counting stars
Is impossible underground
Tonight the sky's so clear
Clouds make way for future
Tears on this side of the world

Would that we could lift you
Precious bereft unstranger
Out of darkness more swiftly

Than a live wire
Burns what can't be
Contained ancestors mock

Patience grieving bloodstained
Purpose no logic comes
To Love's rescue only madness

Louder and louder the moon
Beats like a silent-film drum
Iridescent celluloid brightness

Drowning out reason
Delivering longing same as
It's always done, immutable

Silence, intractably senseless