Tashlich - 9/19/2023

You wake up one day ephemera hovering
Whispering shuddering swathed in nostalgia
You bravely put on your positive mask
Resigned resentment epochs misspent

Submitting to expectations’ ensuing trajectories
You walk and walk along the river boats buildings
Blurring into possibility’s anchor offshore
Surreptitiously loyal to land’s systemic stasis

Your body shakes gurgles feigning interest
Is easier than disengaging time to step back
Celebrate invisibility listen to sounds rushing
Hushed traffic quietude quivering with dissent

Submitting at last to stillness avoided miserably
Running no more toward rage’s untethered rue
From the thing called drive empty cracked safe
Scared children grow up seeking infinite ways

To please
Eyes red
With remnants
Of persistence