Choreographic Press Quotes

"The Carole King of her generation" – Blurt Magazine

“This versatility and concentration on quality songs...I don’t know any other performer who could do this and with quite such style. Stylish Rachael certainly is, but this never takes precedence over the music. – Just Listen To This (UK)

“Sage has an innate ability to engage the audience with her enchanting piano playing and powerful vocals that covers a wide dynamic range.” – M Music & Musicians Magazine

"Part Bob Dylan – part Taylor Swift – Rachael Sage has the guts, vision and talent to embody both within the confines of her music. She bares her soul on this album, her joys, her failures, her longings: she asks people to cry for her and then demands they get up and dance! And believe me, you will want to." – Maverick (UK)

"Rich with textures straddling the boundaries of pop, rock, jazz, and classical genres, this album is a colorful journey that makes you feel alive while you sit back and listen...'Choreographic' is another masterful addition to (Rachael Sage's) collection." – Innocent Words

"Sage wisdom in a chamber-pop package; 'It Would Be Enough' might be the most eloquent and perfect David Bowie Eulogy to date." – MAGNET Magazine

"an ideal example of pure pop perfection...From the opening flourish of "Heaven (Is a Grocery Store Clerk)" to the album's final fade, Choreographic is as close to a modern musical masterpiece as any artist of any gender has managed as of late. Her name rings true; she's a Sage indeed." – Elmore Magazine

"Angelic...epically romantic. (Sage's) breathy vocals float alonglist swooning strings and piano notes, creating a big setting for her rootsy, narrative lyrics." – No Depression

"...Choreographic (is) a colorful work that shares flourishes of Sigur Rós and Kate Bush, and identifies Sage as a divine musical visionary." – Glide Magazine 

"With its baroque strings and off-kilter but memorable percussion, ('Try Try Try') deliberately evokes a modern dance number fueled by triumph and feminine resilience." – Baeble Music

"'Choreographic' features 12 original compositions that will make you dance, cry, smile, and move to the beat...In less than 20 years Rachael has accomplished more as an independent artist than some artists signed to a major label have done in a lifetime." – The Daily Voice

"A sultry yet warm song that smoothly melds potentially disparate genres as folk and pop, the string-lined track tells of interpersonal longing with Aimee Mann-like poetic bewitchment." – The Deli Magazine

"[Choreographic] balances piano with chamber pop and orchestral elements to give us some memorable and addictive melodies" – Curve Magazine

Selected Press Quotes

"...absolutely loved it! Congratulations...wonderful songwriting and arrangements and lovely vocals." - Howard Jones

"…her keen ironic sense of humor and quirky sense of the profound is what makes her special as a songwriter…Sage is the stitch between the great rock and pop traditions of the past and what those traditions have wrought in the hypermodern world of the present." - Billboard.com

“She writes a fantastic hook…She very much reminded me of Dylan in the way she approaches her work.” - Phil Ramone

"…a uniquely rebellious style as quirky as it is passionate – the quintessential East Village Renaissance woman" - Keyboard Magazine

"A witty lyricist and an adept composer...heartfelt and revelatory" - iTunes Review

"Sage is one of those frighteningly diverse talents who would easily make the rest of us feel inadequate if she wasn't so darn charming" - The Washington Post

"...rich vocals, sparkling piano and yearning poetry" - Time Out New York

"(Sage channels) her inner Fanny Brice and Jewish Norah Jones..." - New York Times

"Smart, piano-driven songs that forge a resonant mixture of pop, folk and jazz, with a vocal delivery that conveys stark and yearning emotion." - CMJ

"Sexy, self possessed and impressive. This piano-playing artist's songs are both personal and socio-political... Sage has earned a place as a performer to be taken seriously, a force to be reckoned with." Performing Songwriter

"a great gift...of incredible talent and beauty." - Judy Collins

"genuine and compelling…a tattered vulnerability and quiet resolve" M Music & Musicians Magazine

"Even when Sage's mellifluous voice reveals deeper and darker hues, (it) has vibrancy and beauty." Boston Herald

"a muscular and hugely talented pop songwriter" - Uncut (UK)

"Inspired by…Elvis Costello, and backed by brilliant East Village friends of Rufus, Antony and such, Sage hits somewhere between the bed-sit and the cellarful of noise and it does you good." - MOJO (UK)

"Dexterous and haunting work, scored with dark emotional hues, rich chromatic chordings and surprising, adventurous changes. Musically sophisticated and accomplished work...standing tall next to any and all contemporary competition" - Philadelphia Daily News

"lovely and literate...folk-pop-rock, socially aware and eclectic" - The Village Voice


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Blue Roses Quotes

"Billy Joel's gotham zing and brashness...spiked with neatly twisted takes on long-relationship dilemmas" - MOJO (UK)

"the Carole King of her generation....Sage is easily the match for any master, either past or present." - Blurt Magazine

“accomplished, immaculately-crafted...A swooning, soaring cover of Neil Young/CSN&Y’s ‘Helpless’ with a powerful-piped septuagenarian Judy Collins ends the album on a breathtaking high" – The Big Takeover

“One of New York’s most prolific and creative artists…engaging lyrics and layered instrumentation” – CURVE Magazine

“’Blue Roses’ balances rocking tracks like guitar-driven opener “English Tea” with more introspective, somber songs like “Newspaper” and “Misery’s Grace”.  – All Music Guide

"soulful and melodic…The new album explores themes of transformation and the impact one person can have on another's destiny" – Elmore Magazine

"a definite career-high...stunning" - Bay Area Reporter

"Sage, who played both guitar and piano...seemed relaxed and confident as she shared anecdotes between songs. Her material had a warm, slightly off-kilter charm that won the trust of the room." - No Depression

"*** (Four stars): Rachael Sage displays a wealth of songwriting talents...BLUE ROSES create(s) a unique sound that will capture and intrigue" - Maverick (UK)

"uniquely engaging…shines through with luminous hope" –Wisconsin Gazette

"timeless...oozes class and supreme musicianship throughout." - Record Of The Day (UK)

“Rachael Sage is one of the name in the independent music scene which has continued to grow and thrive…(she) offers up introspective, confessional, and exploratory music” – Yahoo! Music

"This here is urbane piano-folk-pop of the finest kind, written by a singer-songwriter who stands behind what she does with every fiber of her being....“Blue Roses” is doubtless Rachael’s best album in recent years. It has simply the perfect mix of melody, story, groove, fragility, coolness and emotion." - Hoerspiegel (DE)


"Haunted By You" Quotes

"soft, sweet, poetic balladry..." - Metro Weekly

“Sage has matured into an excellent songwriter with insight into the human condition that avoids cliché and has a unique voice.” – WXPN

“”Haunted By You” marks a leap forward in both musical elegance and emotional power.” – iTunes Editorial

“Songstress Rachael Sage’s release show for “Haunted By You” was pretty great. Sage probably throws one hell of a house party. “Invisible Light” is sweet and sad and full of beautiful piano, while “Hey Nah” is cheery and sanguine.” – BUST Magazine

“”Haunted By You,” showcases the performers knack for writing lush pop gems tinged with an ironic sense of humor and embellished by the work of some of the best studio musicians working today.” – Barnes & Noble  

"a feast for the senses...a head on collision between Hollywood and Las Vegas" NYC Culture/Style

“…most raw and emotive work to date. Musically, Sage is at the top of her game, creating everything from minimalist piano accompaniment to fully orchestrated arrangements.” – Wildy’s World

“its always amazing to find an artist who -- ten albums in -- still finds ways to reinvent the songcrafting process and remain at the top of his or her game…” – DirectCurrent.com

“real and personal…like an old friend lending a sympathetic ear.”  - The Deli Magazine

“a metaphoric tour de force…” – Blogcritics.com

“sophisticated pop, brimming with melodies” – Pittsburgh Tribune 

“a passionate song cycle that plumbs the emotional depths of love found and love lost.” – Seattle Post Intelligencer 

"truly lovely... I couldn't get your songs out of my head!" - Dar Williams

"Rachael Sage is a marvelous young artist- and I am a fan!! 'Haunted by You' has a beauty that shines through her lyrics and melodies-- poignant, tender and tough. These are stories from the heart that will lift you up and carry you to places you had never dreamed." - Judy Collins

“the songs on “Haunted” demonstrate Sage’s skill at weaving story-laced pieces with wonderfully dynamic arrangements.” – Glide Magazine

“a magnificently arranged song cycle,…featuring lush melodies, resonant lyrics, and Sage’s beautifully versatile, womanly voice pulling it all together.” – Gay City News

talented musician with chic style reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper” – Lattes & Lipstick