Happy Birthday to the one-and-only dave.eggar! What a gift you are...So grateful for our… https://t.co/g1G3POG1Ty
I went over the weekend. She was fantastic & the whole cast was great. So moving! Xo https://t.co/JDNcgYMk6g
RT @michellelewis: ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/aIH3N6hTHT
I think I just sequenced my next album. Oops-just happened. Now I just have to finish recording it, but nice to have that part done! :) #13
Happy #MusicMonday! Take a look back at my Spring UK tour with the amazing @howardjones in my new vlog! https://t.co/MtbqBmAjTU
@smoemeth Wow! Never - amazing! And we can add "Shakespeare Riots" to our list of unused band names ;)
@AshleeDanceMoms @giaabella @AshleeDanceMoms xo to you & Brynn! Loved seeing you that time in NYC - anytime you com… https://t.co/RYnANlzKOx
Wow!! What a beautiful surprise :) love you & @Ellianawalmsley is such a soulful dancer! #varklempt xo https://t.co/CkCmPjEH8p
I'm this colorful every day but today I was thrilled to "blend" :) #NYPride #hairdo #pride #boa… https://t.co/T4tuBuziuV
Made so many friends today #NYPride! What a beautiful parade of creativity, diversity & freedom… https://t.co/7sCh5VRbMm
When the street you live on is being painted rainbow colors at midnight & a crowd gathers :)… https://t.co/kgVvakdt0E
Lovely meetup at siggysgoodfood in my neighborhood w/ my wise friend @glouisetweets! #grateful… https://t.co/BXXvowtUjn
RT @sethglier: I’m so excited to finally say that my new album Birds is available now for pre-order and officially due out on 8/25. https://t.co/mryU0uxr8s
RT @sethglier: Watch the video for "I'm Still Looking" premiering today on @glidemag. https://t.co/GRafQl777U
Yay, thank you!! #HappyPride!! :) ❤💙💚💛 https://t.co/OB8fDZKH56
Congrats to my supertalented @mpressrecords-mate @sethglier whose stunning album BIRDS = avail today for preorder!! https://t.co/vTCEV0WKJM
#FBF Last week I had the pleasure of seeing beautiful, ubertalented songstress @lisaloeb at… https://t.co/Q2lGEbZZr7
Announcement: I'm coming back to @GreenNote in #London on 3 August at 8pm! Tix are VERY limited, so buy now! :) https://t.co/GrRN4iLaKV
RT @mpressrecords: For #WomanCrushWednesday: @rachaelsage's #Pride2017 @Spotify playlist w/@anidifranco, @halsey, @marylambertsing etc. https://t.co/fhKE0kQabx
#WomanCrushWednesday: Check out my #Pride2017 playlist on @Spotify if you haven't already & feel free to share! :) https://t.co/BJWGyWXIoG
Tonight's #vegan #concoction @ #mishugasstudios: #pesto pearlized #couscous w/ #spinach, … https://t.co/PRnrJZFynp
@NiaSioux If you have any time I'd love for you to swing by my studio downtown & sing on my album! Your mom already… https://t.co/aYoDubzsn4
Happy #sweetsixteen @NiaSioux!! I so wish I could've bilocated to be there with you! Xo & hugs from NYC, I know you're having a ball! :)
@mpressmeredith YES!!! So excited about this. As you know :)
@Domeyd Hi! Yes, actually we already have them signed in @mpressrecords store - but I'm happy to personalize to yo… https://t.co/Gy1q6d7pbP
Today is #WorldRefugeeDay, & I proudly stand #WithRefugees. 100% of proceeds from "The Tide" benefit @ARCrelief.… https://t.co/6TELYlCN0y
ICYMI: a little something for your commute home this evening. :) https://t.co/BJWGyWG7x8 #MusicMonday #LGBTQ… https://t.co/SA5X6LZ08e
#HappyPride! I made a @Spotify playlist w/fave love songs about women (by me & others). Enjoy! https://t.co/AEvg4l3mQQ #MusicMonday #LGBTQ
Yesterday I had the pleasure of recording w/ my dear friend #RussJohnson who also happens to be… https://t.co/Ygf7HYImnL
Communing w/ nature @carriagehousest :) Thanks for the visit, Heather! #shabbatshalom #chickens… https://t.co/fZO8V803m7
RT @NiaSioux: 5 days until my new single! And my birthday 🤗Preorder as an early bday gift to me: https://t.co/pnwaWhIz0h https://t.co/hyvqQCYyls
Thank you so much to @Casio_USA for featuring me as your June Artist Spotlight! I love playing my #Privia on tour!… https://t.co/CrBN9rtoE3
Yay, can't wait! Only you could make me into a morning person lol. That's real power!!! Xo https://t.co/2cNtRn1K5W
Hey @cliffgoldmacher :) you got 2 shout outs & @LisaLoeb's wonderful #CafeCarlyle show tonight & I loved the cowrites! #kvell #mazeltov xo
This is a weak image b/c The Carlyle doesn't permit photography so I took it from my lap. And… https://t.co/tdQOu9HVRB
RT @DitchtheLabel: If you feel ugly today, stop what you're doing and read this: https://t.co/CD6FzIgmuv https://t.co/p3VmvGqM77
Just a mural of a pink donut...nothing to see here! #ilovemyneighborhood #eastvillage… https://t.co/Q388X1fXoK
@LaurenOBrien1 Aww, yay!! That's our job lol ;) #cheerlead #inspire #unconditional #listen #sexyyenta xo
#ICYMI My song “7 Angels” was in an episode of @TLC’s @ReturnToAmish! Check it out, it starts around the 9:54 mark!… https://t.co/1KL0j6eVY9
shawnmullinsmusic put on an incredible show tonight @citywinerynyc! Everything I love about… https://t.co/4UpeapQIKO
If you can tell me what Archimedes yelled during his famous discovery you could win a rubber duck decorated by me f… https://t.co/3LdoVdaL6E
Yes, when I get back to nyc after a 4 hr drive post-gig, I craft :) what else is there to do at… https://t.co/NjTmxHnlFR
RT @mpressrecords: We caught @rachaelsage writing new #holiday #music and we can't wait to hear it!! https://t.co/tcNrw8dLxS
For those unable to make it to the show at @clubpassim tonight, they'll be live streaming the gig at 8PM here --> https://t.co/zuQnbgbTdp
En route to my EP release show w/ @KDFiddler at @clubpassim TONIGHT! Proceeds from “The Tide” benefit @ARCrelief -… https://t.co/IDKoTvyK5G
Last year we released an EP via @NoiseTrade to support the victims of the Pulse shooting. DL & donate here >… https://t.co/xtx9gHosJ7
Always happy to wear your designs! :) so colorful & unique! #wearableart #purplepassion #gigwear xo https://t.co/i10OzpMlyp
More #downtown #visualvibes :) Breathtakingly beautiful day...always good to be home, however… https://t.co/3PbX8SAbuh
So much beauty in my #neighborhood :) Everyone's in good spirits on this gorgeous summery day!… https://t.co/3hpvrQYjuZ
Happy Sunday! This is the look of someone who's been in studio-mode for a wk & is ready for a… https://t.co/CLjKnm6w7a
Working on new #holidaymusic :) #tchatchkesandlatkes #christmasinjune #joytotheworld… https://t.co/DxXReIZRUq
RT @nowthisnews: This 12-year-old created her own clothing line to silence the haters https://t.co/KNPnOObB1a
New toys!!! #FBF to some recent studio excitement :) #moog #madness #synthesizer #synthpop… https://t.co/PjuCx19fTJ
This is addictive :) and makes me happy to be off the road a bit...#friendship #kindredspirits… https://t.co/59bnJUgZOr
More friendship, more love, more blessings, not enough photo dividers :) #nationalbestfriendday… https://t.co/ancvXbYegB
Apparently it's #nationalbestfriendday! I have a lot of incredible friends I adore but these… https://t.co/iJR5tziT5i
In honor of #LGBT Pride Month, check out this video from last year’s #Parade in #NYC featuring “I Don’t Believe It”! https://t.co/hHBEYy8FkA
Such an honor to be part of this event & to help fundraise for #LGBTQ orgs at #TheBitterEnd during #PrideMonth! Lov… https://t.co/ru5wzGfWfg
RT @TheSoundLabUK: Check out all these great acoustic tracks tonight from 6pm only on https://t.co/qtRwY56HYA #newmusic https://t.co/7uH67IBbH0
@mvsalonnyc I think it may be lol...except for dried flowers on my cover of "Haunted By You" ;)
in case anyone's ever wondered what it looks like when I take my hair out after a gig & put my… https://t.co/F2mDe23ERs
We're getting close to my EP release show at @clubpassim on 6/13. Help celebrate “The Tide” with me & @KDFiddler -… https://t.co/Bkiwo7EE0T
Just a few mins away from sharing the stage w/ some amazing artists at #thebitterend in #NYC!… https://t.co/pD48rcihzJ
Tonight at @BitterEndJamNYC. A #Pride benefit concert sponsored by @NewYorkSWCircle w Tony Winner @theebillyporter… https://t.co/PDvIcIqxOZ
Enjoyed @coldplay's uplifting/universal pop & #chrismartin left it all out there...eager to hear #LiamGallagher! #OneLoveManchester    ❤
Perfect song choice...#DontDreamItsOver #CrowdedHouse @MileyCyrus @ArianaGrande well done #Manchester xo
@imogenheap what a moving, emotional performance of #hideandseek at the concert for #manchester xo & respect
Missing the #UK already...Sending so much love to #London today & grateful for how you always… https://t.co/9X8vPLmCAE
Just back from the UK & saddened by the news I heard upon landing, re: #LondonBridge :( Praying all my friends in London are safe!! xo
@jaeleesmall My pleasure :) enjoyed your set! Xo
Lovely last gig of the mini-tour tonight in #ladywell #southlondon brockleymax festival! Thanks… https://t.co/xUII7H3Vup
Vibey vibes @LadywellTavern in #brockleymax :) about to go on in 5 mins, c'mon down #southlondon! https://t.co/HIvdWfxWsp
Prepping for my set at @BrockleyMax at @LadywellTavern in #London tonight at 7:30! No cover! Get more info here ->… https://t.co/fWe7dac2Ea
Aww, thank you @TroubadourLDN! Excited to play songs from my new EP #TheTide & to serenade my favorite city ;) ❤ https://t.co/OWONLORWp6
All dolled up for tonight's gig @TroubadourLDN! En route & excited to serenade you w/… https://t.co/R1YfAMwjh0
Are you ready to sing with me #London? I’m headlining a show tomorrow night at The @TroubadourLDN at 9pm! Tix -->… https://t.co/X9wSUSHTSN
Tonight's the night #Southampton! Can't wait to serenade you at my fave local venue, The Art… https://t.co/aLMhQb3nlb
That moment after the tour guide tells he likes how you wore red & black to match his uniform ;)… https://t.co/3posRb3QYN
Reflecting w/ gratitude & respect on the brave individuals who've given their lives to ensure our precious freedoms… https://t.co/kYGqQTDoBn
RT @EverTheHardWay: Thank a Veteran today. Remember what #MemorialDay is really for. https://t.co/FLN8Rx2H1l
RT @_MealsOnWheels: #MealsOnWheels honors military service every day by supporting 500, 000 #veterans across the U.S. #MemorialDay… https://t.co/sLBpydFPub
#musicmonday! Back in #London but still buzzing from yesterday's excitement @leestock :) Enjoy… https://t.co/KLMmquzuEo
Good afternoon #Sudbury! Thanks for your picturesque beauty & for chilling us out before we head… https://t.co/fj0JzHw06x
@andymacmusic & I made lots of young friends today @leestock amidst idyllic weather & the nicest… https://t.co/97QNo5pPPo
These little cuties stole my heart today :) @leestock #cherubs #festivalvibes #festivalmakeup… https://t.co/ev1mE1xL8e
Wonderful day @leestock! Rain held off 'til just after our set...crowd was fabulous & sang… https://t.co/IJ7j1wlxA7
#RIP #GregAllman & xo & condolences to his family ...What a legacy of great music you have left us! #respect #classic #influential #legend
RT @ArianaGrande: https://t.co/c03xrX3iIv
RT @ArianaGrande: https://t.co/mkxhN8oaTI
Mazel Tov to my amazing bandmate @andymacmusic on his UK debut :) Fun set tonight in #London… https://t.co/HsWBnpuA1A
RT @symptomaticpres: Ace #livemusic pop double bill TONITE @FinboroughArms w/@vkturqoise & @rachaelsage. Doors 7:30pm x @TimeOutLondon… https://t.co/B4IuqVxujl
RT @TBrittonT: Recommended tonight @rachaelsage at @FinboroughArms, #London supporting @vkturqoise. Details https://t.co/ollycx39G7 #LoveLondon
Always happy to be back in the #UK w/ @mpressmeredith :) #iloveengland #londonrocks… https://t.co/Li09lluNug
I can't wait to play the SOLD OUT @LeeStock Music Festival at @melfordhallin Suffolk this Sunday! More info here ->… https://t.co/BVUvlp71Tc
En route to the #UK w/ this guy! #character #yinyang #sequins #tourlife https://t.co/tokVIlJ3ER
@ZsaZsa60 Thank you! And duly noted re the vinyl...I'm considering doing vinyl for my next album too so good to have that feedback! :)
@MelindaOrtner Excited to hear you!! And wow, full band...I'm duo - I'll do my best to rock it out lol! #keyboard #ladies #werk :) 💜
@petrawriter Thank you Petra!! Xo
RT @mpressrecords: #TBT - @rachaelsage​'s "I Don't Believe It" premiered one year ago today on @popmatters! Full video - >… https://t.co/TMWEmW6aIM
#TBT "Haunted By You" recently turned 5 years old! Comment your favorite track off the album and I will send 1 luck… https://t.co/NQATdDnRL7
Getting ready to head back to the UK to play @TroubadourLDN on 6/1 w. @MelindaOrtner. See ya'll there! Tix ->… https://t.co/aeklcHyeCi
RT @Mariska: My heart is broken for Manchester. Wishing and praying and working for love, peace, healing, unity, and change.
RT @MENnewsdesk: @elliegoulding Please RT our fundraiser to support families after the Manchester Arena terror attack https://t.co/4IGf25Qa7R
RT @RTELateLateShow: We had the pleasure of welcoming the late Sir Roger Moore to the show in October. The true definition of a gentlema… https://t.co/LPulqZH0M1
RT @respektor: Children should be able to hear music in peace... long live the dreams their hearts. #manchester I love you... keep strong... ❤️
RT @Tuesdayschldrn: Our thoughts are with those impacted by the attack in Manchester last night. Wishing strength and resilience for all those affected
Wayyyy too many cups of tea today in the studio & now I can't sleep...so much for getting on… https://t.co/baCIeku0R8
RT @TheJHF: We rise up to be a part of the solution — to end this violence forever. #IgniteChange #JoyfulRevolution https://t.co/4ePFBydKic
Thanks @andymacmusic for your brilliant playing & for perpetually impressing me w/ more #skillz!… https://t.co/KGTdKfH79e
RT @toni_jadex: Share! #Manchester https://t.co/bzrOVAddHH
RT @kurtisstaceyKS: #manchester #roomformanchester Spread the word.. https://t.co/dJ1zyxLRsQ
RT @CastTheNetMedia: The Holiday Inn Express that the safe children from Manchester Arena are - Swan Street, Manchester, M4 5JY.… https://t.co/jC3TKK6D1R
RT @shawnmondes_: Keep retweeting until everyone is found from the Manchester attack #prayersforManchester #prayforsafety https://t.co/HxdUJhJ7Wd
Just heard horrible, gut-wrentching news re: #Manchester :( sending so much love to the #UK & all those affected by this vicious cowardice
My happiest place!! :) #studiovibes #multiinstrumentalist #producer #recordingaddict https://t.co/0hc9U3mt0B
Makin' records! #studiovibes w/ @jshyloski & @andymacmusic :) @carriagehousest https://t.co/ex0Yp4ugT9
Once in a while I meet a true kindred spirit & @glouisetweets is 1 of them! We're playing… https://t.co/Od6Cb27mAH
it's always a distinct rush realizing you've just finished writing your next albums-worth of songs; yep, I still th… https://t.co/wtmQ7p9NWL
See you tomorrow at @JalopyBrooklyn w. @glouisetweets! Get a free copy of "The Tide" with your adv. tix purchase! -… https://t.co/w3md5NdL2i
RT @Cosmopolitan: .@marylambertsing survived abuse and attempted suicide. Now she wants to show others their worth.… https://t.co/GORvcFSxdq
RT @billboard: "Chris Cornell was one of the benchmark vocalists of our generation...devastating loss." https://t.co/yBH9RVQOuR https://t.co/Cn7cQSIZwK
#RIP #chriscornell...one of my very favorites, so incredibly sad :( love & condolences to his family & fans everywhere. #blackholesun xox
#TBT to the @RockwoodNYC gig when I played "Umru Meine"! I'll be playing it again live this Sat at @JalopyBrooklyn… https://t.co/bOJWjLbnGI
Today is #IDAHOT, #InternationalDayAgainstHomophobiaTransphobiaandBiphobia. Love & solidarity w/ my #LGBTQ community around the globe! 💪💜Xo
I'm so excited to be playing at @JalopyBrooklyn this Sat w/ @glouisetweets to celebrate my new EP "The Tide"! Tix -… https://t.co/jEhf0gyRrs
Headed back to London soon to play the @TroubadourLDN on 6/1 at 9PM. My first headlining gig there! Tix ->… https://t.co/82EwHFMqxx
RT @TheJHF: #MondayMotivation https://t.co/V1ExrKydxX
RT @glouisetweets: coming up May 19th: My birthday show at @JalopyBrooklyn - with a set by the lovely @rachaelsage. Get tix here: https://t.co/JBaIJvfAEk
We’re only a few days away from my EP release show in #Brooklyn at@JalopyBrooklyn w. the amazing @glouisetweets! -… https://t.co/QBBQJTCFUS
Just in case you've ever wondered, #davidhydepierce is a lovely, down to earth human :) Such a… https://t.co/On3jyrh6H2
Look who showed up @ tonight's performance folksbiene w/ yours truly & the mega-talented… https://t.co/Y5Iydg6D7n
Thanks #Easton #MD for an amazing night!! Beautiful audience & always love playing… https://t.co/N9lCXz4GeK
#HappyMothersDay! Apparently I look a little like mine :) Thanks Mom for your creative… https://t.co/ig82OrFasN
RT @AvalonTheatre: Not to late to catch @NalaniSarina and @rachaelsage in the #slr tickets available at the door https://t.co/tvDMouGmip
Happy #nationalhummusday! Come celebrate our fave food holiday w/ us tonight @… https://t.co/UWmGmqYh0Y
Excited to be back in #Easton tonight at The @StoltzListening Room​ w. @NalaniSarina​! Doors at 7:30! Tix ->… https://t.co/VcwZGWw2Ei
Beautiful night in #Fairfield @ftcpresents supporting an Aussie legend! Honored to share the… https://t.co/bifPE2FC6z
longest day ever's nearing an end! Appt uptown early this am, rhrsl afternoon in Battery Park, gig in CT & train back home. #sleepwhenimdead
RT @AvalonTheatre: Appearing in Easton this Sat, 8p with the lovely @rachaelsage. @NalaniSarina. 40 seats left. https://t.co/QTqf1ksUra https://t.co/LiPPIpVAnv
Deep couch for a deep soul...Hearing the incomparable #paulkelly warm up = a rare treat to say… https://t.co/pbL7TLgfY6
Can't wait to play this benefit concert for the @LGBTCenterNYC & The TLDEF sponsored by The @NewYorkSWCircle on 6/5… https://t.co/foBa1mblhE
@mpressmeredith @mpressrecords That's my most hippy song ever :) good choice! And yeah that video is very compelling isn't it? :)
Today = the 21st BDay of my 1st CD #morbidromantic; fittingly I just sang a new version of #sistersong for it's 20th anniversary, in 2018 :)
RT @mpressrecords: #TBT @rachaelsage's "Morbid Romantic" is 21 today and can finally drink! What's your favorite song from the album? https://t.co/xI4mBDW50E
NEW GIG ALERT! I'll be supporting @paulkelly & Charlie Owen TOMORROW NIGHT in Fairfield, CT at @FTCPresents! Tix ->… https://t.co/TBbllIRFnF
RT @symptomaticpres: Quality double header of pop on Sat 27 May @TheCellarFA starring @vkturqoise & @rachaelsage Tix… https://t.co/TGsWtHe3qF
Excited for "Our Leading Ladies" at the @folksbiene w/ Broadway's @TovahwithaV & David Hyde Pierce this Sun at 6:30… https://t.co/ZeYFvGyY0V
@LennyKravitz killing it as always, w/ the beautiful @gailanndorsey!! @rockhall
@JourneyOfficial being inducted into @RockAndRollHall-getting #varklempt! Ive always loved #StevePerry & their hits were my piano lessons :)
Enjoying performances @RockAndRollHall induction #ELO @joancbaez w/ @Indigo_Girls & @M_CCarpenter #YES hit songs sure were longer then :)
#throwbacktuesday to the #nycbspringgala last wk, where I met this lovely #sab_nyc student :)… https://t.co/ehCql4Iokj
RT @AvalonTheatre: Saturday night in #thestoltzlisteningroom. @NalaniSarina @rachaelsage. Great entertainment. https://t.co/LiPPIpVAnv
Are you ready for me Easton? I’ll be there this Sat. to play at The @StoltzListening Room w/ @NalaniSarina! Tix ->… https://t.co/CwhIL32kkN
Thanks everyone who came out to my EP Release last night @RockwoodNYC! Great to get the band… https://t.co/GTRw5dQDyI
RT @BlondieOfficial: Our brand new album is finally here - check out Pollinator, now streaming on @Spotify https://t.co/aol4ClYj1r
Hey Brooklyn, I can’t wait to celebrate the release of my new EP “The Tide" w/ you at @JalopyBrooklyn on 5/20! Tix… https://t.co/512gl0BhUV
Looking fwd to debuting a guitar version of my fave howardjonesofficial song *tonight*… https://t.co/dY9vgiHA3C
Tonight's the night!! I'm playing w/ these amazing humans @RockwoodNYC for my EP Release! 6:30… https://t.co/WiRiFjIG2d
RT @RockwoodNYC: Tonight at #Rockwood 2: @rachaelsage, @DeniBonet, @ClaraLofaro, @alecberlin
Tomorrow is the night NYC! Grab your tix now for my EP release show at @RockwoodNYC & get a free song DL! 7PM sharp… https://t.co/9KjKO1bJJN
#FBF to the time I played at @UnionChapelUK supporting the talented @howardjones! See the full live set vid here! >… https://t.co/zLmOSoaclx
RT @IWMag: #IWNews this week @TheDollyrots @kellydollyrot @luisdollyrot @RachaelSage @cindyleeb @essencelive @RiotFest https://t.co/71A6a4pANw
RT @DianaKrall: Diana Krall’s new album #TurnUpTheQuiet is available now at Amazon. https://t.co/SxByP1ZIvf
Grab your tickets today for my EP release show this Sun. at @RockwoodNYC & get a free DL of a track from "The Tide"… https://t.co/s7P56q4M9Q
RT @folksbiene: .@BroadwayCom #OurLeadingLadies news:@HelloDollyBway star #DavidHydePierce joins @TovahwithaV for #MothersDay gala… https://t.co/fS5ewdRMCA
Get a free DL of a track from my new EP "The Tide" when you purchase advanced tix for Sunday's show! Set's at 7PM!… https://t.co/TccSJeuX3c
Almost time for my EP Release show at @RockwoodNYC! Come on out to help celebrate “The Tide” & support @ARCrelief!… https://t.co/UCjDkN3aZb
RT @HeadlinerHub: We descended on @harpendenhalls recently to check out US songstress @rachaelsage & '80s icon @howardjones #WINNER https://t.co/arJzebvgKn
@smoemeth I love my tuchus! There's a big difference btwnn hating your body & simply being savvy to well-fitting at… https://t.co/s3I1Hvv1LN
Every time a (perfectly beautiful and often rail-thin) woman I love tells me she "feels fat", I think an angel dies. #alwaysmoreworktobedone
A friendly reminder to all #Bostonians. I’m playing an EP Release show at @clubpassim on 6/13. Grab your tix here!… https://t.co/WktSfSJKzr
RT @johnnyorlando: NYC SOLD OUT ❤️ https://t.co/3fQALBkltX
now that I've toured w/ @howardjones his songs follow me everywhere #CVS plays #newsong constantly & #nooneistoblame's in film #waitress :)
The very best thing about being #offtheroad for a hot minute is catching up w/ friends!… https://t.co/sMDMhc1pVM
RT @LawandOrderSVU1: Do all the good you can and make as little fuss about it as possible.
RT @Section101Tweet: Catch the super-rad @rachaelsage on May 7th in NYC at @RockwoodNYC. Tix on sale now: https://t.co/460V2hnKcH https://t.co/SyqoTeG5z4
After a lovely rehearsal at folksbiene, this is a spot I like to come to think, write &… https://t.co/6S3H5Tng6H
#TBT Still grateful for the positive reception on Spring tour in UK & Ireland! Thanks to @ScottishSun & @bvmmagazine https://t.co/c6dlasYIGQ
RT @folksbiene: .@YiddisheMame must kibitz with each #OurLeadingLadies honoree (May14 https://t.co/dGDtzBTFPd).Here it's… https://t.co/wMkLU96chI
EXTENSION: You have until 4/28 to submit! Audio DLs -> Try Try Try - https://t.co/otrzDkFe0p; I Don’t Believe It -… https://t.co/Eo1jk2dS9N
#NYC! Grab your tix for my EP release show at @RockwoodNYC on 5/7. Proceeds from "The Tide" to benefit @ARCrelief!… https://t.co/PoQDPZLatE
@mpressmeredith Wow, seriously!!!
REMINDER: You have until tomorrow to submit! Audio DL > Try Try Try - https://t.co/otrzDkFe0p; I Don’t Believe It -… https://t.co/jS4bEedZYk
RT @BirchStRadio: Have you heard the @rachaelsage & @TheJudyCollins cover of @Neilyoung "Helpless"? Stay tuned!… https://t.co/tBmjjhvbhB
Hey Brooklyn! I'm headed your way on 5/20 for my EP release show at the @JalopyBrooklyn Theatre w/ @glouisetweets!… https://t.co/wDurT5wiKG
RT @mpressrecords: In honor of the 10th annual #RecordStoreDay, We're celebrating by offering 25% off everything on… https://t.co/07UknIK4Ul
Happy Earth Day! Let's all think about ways we can help cherish and protect this beautiful… https://t.co/JwNh5gkf4h
When you meet your even more colorful (and #Miro-inspired) #doppelgänger! She's a metalsmith &… https://t.co/L7SuxrDRPP
#Easton, mark your cal for 5/13! I'll be playing at The @StoltzListening Room, @AvalonTheatre w/ @NalaniSarina -… https://t.co/UWVQfVShx2
RT @ImeldaOfficial: Hurray! My album is out today all over the place. This is me rubbing a curtain in celebration & glee. Hope you ❤️ i… https://t.co/5DkW309HC1
RT @TheJHF: Remember: It's not your fault. #SAAM https://t.co/cc08ufxhai
RT @howardjones: 7:30pm tonight BBC Four set your VHS recorders. https://t.co/8BHLIJuZZo
RT @glouisetweets: Exactly one month from today I'll be celebrating my bday in NYC by playing a double bill concert with @rachaelsage… https://t.co/rJkrYhDaWP
Let's get dancing! #InternationalDanceDay #DanceToWin Try Try Try - https://t.co/otrzDkFe0p I Don’t Believe It -… https://t.co/VAjt5GOxVu
#FBF, I can't believe it's been 7 yrs since I released my 9th album "Delancey Street"! Which track is your favorite… https://t.co/yp0WANZuVU
"RIP RS, who died of gummy-vitamin poisoning." #nowillpower #sugarholic #cryforhelp...bring back the gross-tasting vitamins!
Did you know I also moonlight as a graphic designer? Last eve I was up til 6 drawing/scanning eyeball logos #lifesneverboring #whoneedssleep
RT @midweekmusic: Finally @dublincityfm @rachaelsage #MMM Disarm Distrust - Rachael Sage - EP The Tide https://t.co/M7jdgJh1i5 Thanks for tuning in.
Loved playing for #SessionsInTheHouse! Check out my performance of the title track from my new EP "The Tide"! >… https://t.co/yCifnmFZyy
love @LisaLoeb's VO voice so much, it's just so...soothing :) don't drive but if I did yes I'd want that car! #sensual #female #voiceovers
A very Happy Easter to all observing today :) ...and happy chocolate, peeps, jellybeans, spring… https://t.co/CUydt9TdTl
Just wrote 3rd song in 3 mos inspired by an episode of @nbcsvu. Who says watching TV dulls creativity? Now for a walk on this gorgeous day!
RT @maddieziegler: I'm so proud to finally share @TheBookofHenry trailer with you! @jaedenlieberher @jacobtremblay #naomiwatts… https://t.co/euQj3hR796
Happy #InternationalGuitarMonth you guys! Check out some of my favorite #guitars that are now being displayed in th… https://t.co/PY3z32kTxJ
Tomorrow is the day #Wilmington! I’ll be performing at @WCLatTheQueen at 7:30PM w the stunning @NalaniSarina! Tix -… https://t.co/Te25fvcmK0
RT @LiveINWilm: Tomorrow night The Ladybug Festival presents @rachaelsage and @NalaniSarina @WCLatTheQueen #inWilm… https://t.co/0Uw3LXZjHW
Hello friends! I’ll be back in the #Boston/#Cambridge area at @clubpassim on 6/13 to celebrate my new EP “The Tide”… https://t.co/LrL4qXE35R
Hello friends! I’ll be back in the #Boston/#Cambridge area at @clubpassim on 6/6 to celebrate my new EP “The Tide”!… https://t.co/x3nauyrhRj
Happy to share that "Choreographic" is nominated for an #IAP award! Congrats to the other nominees including our fr… https://t.co/1e5lG5HXke
Wishing everyone observing a happy, peaceful #Passover! :) I'm looking forward to spending mine… https://t.co/KFJLvD29uI
RT @Tuesdayschldrn: Excited to be in the DR today for #HelpingHeals! We are excited to be here to help and meet new people #USATODAY https://t.co/PTgKpvSwTF
Sitting in #Dublin airport listening to #Peteracetera's #hardformetosayimsorry & recalling my gymnastics routine to this song. #mynextcover?
RT @WorkmansDublin: We're delighted to present the fantastic EOIN GLACKIN tonight with very special guest RACHAEL SAGE Doors 8pm | Tic… https://t.co/jc9dB7jukT
Hey NY! I’ll be at @RockwoodNYC Stage 2 on 5/7 w/ @DeniBonet! Show starts at 7 sharp! EP to benefit @ARCrelief!… https://t.co/fSntG66VfT
So proud of my friend & label-mate @aftdk7 for creating such a beautiful debut solo album that… https://t.co/ze0WVocKRB
Lovely time at today's #choreographic #workshop w/ students from St. Mary's Holy Faith in… https://t.co/lh9PeKoSwy
Hey ya'll! Quick reminder to my #Dublin friends that I'll be at @WorkmansDublinthis Saturday w/ @eoinglackin at 8PM… https://t.co/fHySCjMToP
#TBT to the @UnionChapelUK show w/ @howardjones! Check out these incredible photos by @amandarosephoto from the gig… https://t.co/nuFrmxdThR
So looking fwd to sharing the stage with the brilliant @eoinglackin!! Such a great a songwriter & charisma for days… https://t.co/BKIHotzZij
RT @ImeldaOfficial: 'I wanted to write an honest album. For me, there's no point otherwise…' Pre-order LIFE. LOVE. FLESH. BLOOD… https://t.co/8m9tCAIUSq
Such a pleasure playing at the legendary #Whelans tonight!!Fantastic room & respectful #pindrop… https://t.co/Di3dnQpc2w
Great to see you, albeit briefly!! Always a pleasure serenading you :) xo https://t.co/AKEqJRKQAd
@midweekmusic Actually I was born there but only lived there for a day lol! Never trust Wikipedia :) I live in the… https://t.co/sbyVAFTDJy
So much fun on #DublinCityFM today! Thanks to everyone who tuned in :) Looking fwd to tonight's… https://t.co/t2yGSkXAfd
Met a kindred spirit today in #Dublin :) #ladyinred #bluehairedgirl #paintingoftheday https://t.co/ly5Jvh2jqt
@Legere Love this image! :) Xo
I'm so excited to play at @WCLatTheQueen in Wilmington w/ the talented @NalaniSarina, presented by @ladybugfest!… https://t.co/Oz1BLLGAGw
Just chillin' in my favorite park in the world :) #ststephensgreen. Can you guess what song I… https://t.co/34T2eoHUVl
@mpressmeredith Well, you didn't find it in London and Bosch did, so don't exaggerate your gifts :)
@winchestertoday Thanks so much!! :) So appreciate the positive response along this tour & feeling very encouraged/grateful! Xo
@diggerf1 I alwaya share! I was raised right ;)
They switched my room in our hotel b/c of the noisy construction above me, and rewarded my… https://t.co/CBQ8ayxH3t
What is it about a musician's rare off day on tour that incites a hotel to deafening construction? Maybe G-d's telling me to take a walk...
Bye bye #Belfast! That was too quick...but #Dublin awaits :) #travelday #schlep #tourlife #Ireland https://t.co/jQ9N3SORTJ
Lovely gig tonight at #fealtys in #CountyDown w/ #stephenmacartney :) super vibey pub & exactly… https://t.co/IVLCYNBsa7
#RIP #IkutaroKakehashi & thank you for sparking so many of our young musical minds w/ your genius #Roland inventions!! :) #grateful #respect
It's April Fool’s Day but this is NOT a joke guys! I’m supporting @nickgestation in #Dublin at @whelanslive! Tix -… https://t.co/qQ1ELvckkr
RT @EvanescenceNY: Evanescence - Thoughtless (Live) @PauloEV_ @Delinescence @FamilyEv13 @AmyLeeEV @evanescence @Evlyrics__ https://t.co/l1aFPNFivS
@michaelfeehily1 Thank you!! Loved serenading you xo
howardjonesofficial took this photo & called it "revenge of the hangers" :) #dressingroom… https://t.co/wyTxV4mEGx
RT @howardjones: Thankyou Lancaster. @LancasterGrand Wonderful way to conclude the tour in your company. Thanks to @rachaelsage for… https://t.co/rioPMb2bbR
Beautiful last show @howardjones! Such an honor to support u on this tour & all your songs = happily swimming in my… https://t.co/Hz9IyyJS2G
RT @bespokeredmayne: On this #NationalKindnessDay please watch #EddieRedmayne's moving appeal for the starving in East Africa—and give.… https://t.co/kI4gHbpoZU
@realgonekev @howardjones Great meeting you too! Such a lovely audience, thank you for listening so beautifully! :)
@diggerf1 Ireland!! https://t.co/tz1FqN1erD :)
RT @mpressmeredith: Lighting guy @LancasterGrand is having fun tonight during @rachaelsage's set :) https://t.co/S8iz6T1GYh
Ended an amazing UK run w the incredible @howardjones tonight. It's been a great adventure & I want to thank everyo… https://t.co/w327YymbIq
I’m so excited to play at @FealtysBar Back Bar Sessions in Bangor, County Down tomorrow! No cover, 10PM ’till late!… https://t.co/5q92SEf2OP
@IainMarley Aww, thank you for spreading the word & the lovely hyperbole ;) xo
I’m so excited to play at @FealtysBars Back Bar Sessions in Bangor County, UK tomorrow! No cover, 10PM ’till late!… https://t.co/e9MK68u8Lr
Look who's following us around the #UK? #jojosiwa remember when you played me your new song from… https://t.co/zuJEKS07ta
Yay! Lovely to see you & Maisie! :) https://t.co/23nPGVnOP1
@agraham999 Great meeting you too! :) Yes, love @peterhimmelman, he's the best...Genius songwriter & all around supermensch. #wave! Xo
#Manchester #Salford we're ready for you! #preshow #vibes :) howardjonesofficial @howardjones… https://t.co/vxkX62Lc7f
Ready to rock #BBC #RadioManchester live in just a few mins! Tune in at 2:30pm hear us!… https://t.co/BLI1w9e3Uu
Second to last show tonight w/ uber-talented #HowardJones in #Manchester #Salford #UK at… https://t.co/7UudkaZcNe
only 2 more shows supporting #HowardJones...this one really flew by! It's been an honor & a… https://t.co/zgiIdg7voz
@jonnybros89 thanks so much! You were a terrific audience & we can't wait to.come back! Xo
Hey Lancaster, I'm headed your way to support synth genius @howardjones on 3/31 at Lancaster Grand Theatre! Tix ->… https://t.co/XqBi9Kj8A9
Apparently our hotel in #miltonkeynes thinks I need to relax more :) #notyouraverage… https://t.co/YaKVHVZyCj
Thank you #London & #UnionChapel for an amazing evening last night w/ the brilliant… https://t.co/3mmCbq9K8H
#HowardJones was on fire tonight at #UnionChapel! ambiance was over the top & lighting was… https://t.co/y21bvNZ1IR
So happy you could be here tonight! Xo https://t.co/nnDjMN24rV
RT @DawsonBreed: Watching @rachaelsage @UnionChapelUK fabulous https://t.co/1RmS1GMEGS
Yay so glad you could be there!! Xo https://t.co/IHnGghgCv7
There's no question...#UnionChapel is the. best. sounding. venue. ever!!!! Thank you brilliant… https://t.co/ROiLj0qwt9
Come out to @RockwoodNYC on 5/7 for my EP Release Party! Net proceeds from "The Tide" EP to benefit @AmericanRefuge… https://t.co/5Z51CNxEpC
RT @howardjones: THANKYOU Glasgow. Brilliant night! See you in November. https://t.co/XTqnUXb21L
Today our fearless #tourmacher @mpressmeredith powerdrove from #Glasgow > #London. Someone just earned a lifetime supply of dark chocolate!!
RT @folksbiene: .@YiddisheMame is kvelling from allstar lineup at @Folksbiene May14 #OurLeadingLadies Concert hosted by… https://t.co/pKd1uMS2A4
Finally had a chance to upload all these images from the incredible @BethHart's #FireOnTheFloor tour! Check 'em out… https://t.co/mm061T5yuj
RT @FifthElementPR: Good morning Twitter! Although it's Monday we are feeling good as because @rachaelsage is playing @UnionChapelUK tomorrow! #mondaymotivation
Early morning radio antics in #Glasgow, right before we played "Home" live :) #ThePulse… https://t.co/qBekvkEDAG
I certainly do!! :) 💓 https://t.co/V5JpjyHk5A
RT @TheJHF: The National Sexual Assault Hotline has free, confidential, secure support available. Call 1-800-656-HOPE to speak to someone.
RT @OranMorGlasgow: TONIGHT: @howardjones Doors 7pm @rachaelsage 7:30-8:00 @howardjones 8:20-10:20 The show is SOLD OUT
Everyone who knows me knows I live on spinach, hummus, avocados & nuts. When's avocado day? :) #popeye #vegetarian… https://t.co/RY9OBCooFp
RT @LondonConcert: 🎤 @rachaelsage & @howardjones, Mar 28, Buy a ticket: 🎫 → https://t.co/p72Yaf6Yjn https://t.co/uGzZ3ePKTi
#sheepencounters #sheepwhisperer #prelude #highway #adventures https://t.co/4cQ65l75MG
And sometimes we commune with nature :) #thesecretlanguageof #sheep #peeing #uk https://t.co/BKyk7YeW6O
@avie_89 Yep. Business card :)
@avie_89 Nope, he gave me a card ;)
RT @WorkmansDublin: The Workman’s Club presents EOIN GLACKIN Saturday 8th April with special guest RACHAEL SAGE Tickets €10:… https://t.co/eMDyS9uxa5
Just made a friend sitting on a bench in #Glasgow whose name is, apparently, "Donald MacDonald of DunDonald". #ilovescotland #accents #swoon
It's just too bad #Glasgow isn't an attractive city at all :) Glorious early summer eve here, … https://t.co/hXpwBfC8o4
#Cumbria!! #baaaahhhh #sheep #citygirlsgonewild #travelday #UK https://t.co/I0a0fRCZTO
Hey #London! I'll be there supporting the talented @howardjones on 3/28 at @UnionChapelUK. Tix are available now! >… https://t.co/93aPrFsCRM
Omg our pre show music is #Vanessacarlton...someone I actually DO sound like lol. Even mom thinks its me on the radio when she hears her :)
Hey #Glasgow! I'm headed your way with the marvelous @howardjones on 3/26 at the @OranMorGlasgow for a SOLD OUT sho… https://t.co/LQG6VA3brt
RT @MAGNETMagazine: Happy birthday Nick Lowe (@yeproc): Read our review of great LP: https://t.co/qvDCPEsw6k https://t.co/XEfbQqxDNt
RT @howardjones: THANKYOU Stockton Really enjoyed playing for you last night. North East rocks. https://t.co/AcRIE6X8kJ
Today's hotel view definitely does not suck :) excited to play tonight in #WhitleyBay!… https://t.co/CamyBLqEy2
Thanks so much @nickgestation! Looking fwd :) 💓 https://t.co/2EtqCU5NTp
RT @thisistotalmk: With her @StablesMK date nearing, @rachaelsage goes On Track with Total MK and answers our questions:… https://t.co/EhhBEDdDMR
@IainMarley Thank you, so glad you enjoyed! I retested my guitar and it's fine so must've been something I jogged o… https://t.co/xt3aNZXjqd
@IainMarley Ha! Glad that resonated...
RT @WorldVisionUSA: 1, 000 children die daily from unclean water, but you and your friends can help change that together!… https://t.co/w0eXMUqa7t
RT @FifthElementPR: Thank you @R2Magazine for this amazing Insight feature on @rachaelsage! Definitely a #thursdaytreat for us all 🍬 https://t.co/ViuPcAes6V
Excited to be playing in Dublin on 4/8 w. the wonderful @eoinglackin at @WorkmansDublin! Get your tix here! xo >… https://t.co/Xy7NBRFBz5
Beautiful venue tonight in #stocktonontees! I'm sure gonna miss hearing #HowardJones soundcheck… https://t.co/flqh5GZp7T
RT @howardjones: THANKYOU Southport After yesterdays events in London makes me want to cherish everyone and respect the dignity of l… https://t.co/xjX4tCUnJG
Beautiful show last night @howardjones. Grateful to be in the company of your compassionate self & your lovely audi… https://t.co/asxhI8WWle
@diggerf1 Thank you!! So glad you enjoyed :) xo
Hey #Glasgow! I'm headed your way with the marvelous @howardjones on 3/24 at @OranMorGlasgow for a SOLD OUT show! H… https://t.co/cUUL8BUyWu
Loving tonight's venue! :) so beautiful & acoustics are amazing.… https://t.co/NXJ1BwXniN
RT @BaebleMusic: .@The_Cranberries Arrive With New Song 'Why' https://t.co/xugc86UHE4 https://t.co/I1PhZ8HLkp
If we're late to tonight's soundcheck, it may be because we got held… https://t.co/j0SItngqwu
RT @MarnieMarns: @rachaelsage BTW, it inspired this... https://t.co/cPiZLYuSDF
can't believe we're halfway through the #HowardJones tour! time to… https://t.co/btgcPGP09j
Good fun today at bbcradiolondon w/ the charming #RobertElms! He… https://t.co/aXevVUs1uS
Tune in this morning to @BBCRadioLondon w @RobertElms to hear me perform LIVE w @KDFiddler12:35 PM GMT/8:35 AM EST! https://t.co/d4rhV9chre
@MarnieMarns That's another album lol! Don't confuse me ;) 💕
@matt2611 Thank you!! :) Lovely audience...xo
Wow, that's very humbling. You are so very welcome! Xo & light to you Suzanna! https://t.co/ceYni6c7Uy
Advertising here is just so much more...persuasive :) #gentlenudge… https://t.co/1yrXmhuClE
I can’t believe it’s been 16 yrs since I released "Painting of a Painting"! Get it on iTunes for your #MusicMonday!… https://t.co/lRqIxkjVar
Gorgeous venue last night in #Newark #UK! Wonderful audience at… https://t.co/YjoFVPw5lt
Tonight #HowardJones told me something that resonated through every… https://t.co/LB0hsjmAKL
Showtime!! Silver lame is on & we're ready to rock-pop :) #Newark… https://t.co/UqDBzmltZK
had a blast last night at #thepicturedrome in #yorkshire #uk w/… https://t.co/iqFznzzz1x
Enjoyed meeting you too!! Love this pic & hope to serenade you both again before too long :) xo https://t.co/nFw66hBhT8
#RIP #ChuckBerry. my Dad & saw him in St. Louis a few yrs ago & it was mindblowingly brilliant; his talented kids blew us away too #grateful
Hope it's ok I peelef this off the production room wall ;) #lookmom… https://t.co/J4NDw7wv2O
Listening to @kdfiddler warming up in dressing-room next door &… https://t.co/fEj1nSqmR2
Just a little traffic en route to tonight's gig w/… https://t.co/8v37zGIa0n
I’m looking forward to playing a double release party w. my friend @aftdk7 at @RockwoodNYC on 5/7! Tix on sale now!… https://t.co/yIb7OoAv4y
@spiritvoices75 I am! Keep an eye on https://t.co/JE1mahivOs but I'll def be playing a show or two in the area in early April!
It's definitely Spring in the #UK! I think I could rock this flower dress but alas, 'twas… https://t.co/OZ9LVzQWyo
@realgonekev Great meeting you too!! Thanks for the encouragement...And so glad you enjoyed :) 💕
Having such a blast supporting the uber talented @howardjones! Tomorrow night we’ll be in Holmfirth at… https://t.co/V0LLkvEqtT
Exciting radio news! My song "Home" just broke the Top 10 on the AC Chart alongside @Sia & @BrunoMars, at #9! -… https://t.co/Dyq1TSsIw4
RT @eoinglackin: The Workman's Club. Saturday April 8th. Special guest @rachaelsage - Tickets on sale now from… https://t.co/V5a5ZcrVGA
#TBT to #SXSW #Grammy party w/ the incomparable #KevinKillen! Missing SX for the 1st time in 11… https://t.co/W8nVjd4B2k
RT @howardjones: So enjoying this tour and getting to know even more motorway service stations! @rachaelsage hope you get through th… https://t.co/R9fp66NyYL
@howardjones I'm here!! A little fried lol but nothing a good night's sleep won't fix ;) See you soon w/ bells on, … https://t.co/Z9eXPWaH7e
Reading the extraordinary maddieziegler's new #memoir & #varklempt to find several of my songs… https://t.co/kD8AmDnkYA
Yay my flight's actually leaving on time! On days like today I truly appreciate the hardworking… https://t.co/LputJSvKxa
whirlwind 48 hrs!! Brighton>NYC>London & gigs w/ 2 of my faves @howardjones & @BethHart! Headed back to #UK post-snow :) #sleepwhenImdeadnow
Thank you #NYC friends for an absolutely beautiful night @townhallnyc w/ brilliant blues-goddess… https://t.co/PFsuDneydF
My beautiful, sweet sister came to support me tonight @townhallnyc w/ the incredible @BethHart, … https://t.co/xKzdLTH85g
Today is the day #NYC! See ya'll out at @thetownhall at 7:30 where I’ll be supporting the very talented @BethHart!… https://t.co/Ag4nmvHS1C
A very happy #purim to all observing! love this holiday so much & fondly recall dressing up as… https://t.co/bWR6jflGq4
beautiful moody day in #Brighton #UK :) Love this city so much & can't wait for tonight's show… https://t.co/WW4EPdSxni
Wishing all those observing a happy #Holi! A Hindu festival in India & Nepal celebrating… https://t.co/OFAEunwLWO
Just realized another perk of flying back to #NYC from #UK to play #townhall in 24 hrs is I'll be able to catch up on @SHO_Homeland #addict!
Delighted to discover @howardjones = quite an accomplished comedian on top of being a master #pop songsmith :)… https://t.co/G6RYvruwg9
prettiest theatre ever! #Winchester #UK's blowing our minds w/ its beauty :) #cherubim… https://t.co/QreUqPK9wV
I’m coming back Brighton! Only this time to support the wonderful @howardjones at @TOMvenue on 3/12 for a #soldout… https://t.co/ZdFBMhVh3n
RT @howardjones: Porthcawl set list https://t.co/7MVApUkfvr
As usual I'm a pale ghost of myself under the hot lights :) nonetheless, thank you #Harpenden &… https://t.co/IgAFrr9UiQ
been meeting so many lovely people so far on tour w/ the incredible howardjonesofficial! No… https://t.co/b7Q7kyPXOB
My office today for some #BBC #ISDN #radio interviews! Gotta love… https://t.co/RTPP5zoH3y
I think we know where tonight's afterparty will be :) #pubnames of… https://t.co/xRmQT5isUc
@marktebbutt1 Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed! A pleasure and very memorable night for this New Yorker to suppo… https://t.co/z88NiicPJ5
@UBlasphemist aww, thank you! Lovely playing for you & an over the top honor to open for #howardjones!! ;)
Hey ya’ll! Check out this great review of #Choreographic from our friends at Luxury Experience! https://t.co/VL6JizfiOa
RT @howardjones: Set list from Sturminster Newton ...of course it will be different tonight in Porthcawl. On our way to the land of… https://t.co/qsd07RA3oC
#sheep in #Wales! :) #citygirlsgonewild #tourlife https://t.co/UwcvWn7aOQ
Fun night w/ lovely audience in #sturminsternewton supporting the… https://t.co/eZF3nJYA6A
The older I get the less tolerance I have for condescension, cynicism & negativity in general. Anyone else feel this way? Just curious ;)
@howardjones @ExchangeDorset thanks for being so welcoming to a jet-lagged but happy New Yorker! so honored to be supporting this tour :) xo
@howardjones is about to play #nooneistoblame and I'm already losing my geshtalt :) #varklempt #pinchme
Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all the strong, beautiful, and amazing women in my life! xo https://t.co/GZH1SLzkEZ
#backstagevibes at 1st gig w/ #HowardJones in #sturminsternewton!… https://t.co/KnsttGuyLo
hotel lobby is playing #CaroleKing's #naturalwoman as we head off to the 1st gig of the @howardjones tour...#signs :)
@_SylviaFountain @nickeyradio @HarpendenHalls Thank you! Lovely chatting & really appreciate the support! :)
RT @ZHA_News: @BBCTwo celebrate #IWD2017 with rebroadcast of #ZahaHadid 'Who Dares Wins' 23:15 tonight. #WomenInArchitecture https://t.co/9FOQgWga94
watching most fascinating BBC doc on pioneering genius architect #zahahadid; oh how Ive missed #UK tellie! #inspiration #innovation #vision
All settled in to #London hotel & practicing my solo set for the 1st gig w/ #HowardJones… https://t.co/mR9SVxVGyP
@TheRobbMurphy @AngryBabyMusic Will do! Just watched bunch of your videos btw...Love your music too :) #fanfest!
@TheRobbMurphy @AngryBabyMusic Hi! Thanks for checking out my tubes :) 💕yes looking for some shows in Ireland March… https://t.co/fSTo6RvFL9
RT @LawandOrderSVU1: Tomorrow is #daywithoutawoman march! NO MORE. #BePart @womensmarch #NoMoreWeek
@TownHallNYC w. @BethHart is rescheduled for 3/13 at 7:00! Previously purchased tix will be honored! Tix available… https://t.co/vpn97LKjtr
RT @mpressrecords: May 7 at @RockwoodNYC we're celebrating the release of "The Tide", the new EP from @rachaelsage & the debut solo al… https://t.co/Agj9Is16kn
Goodbye #NYC, hello #UK! Off for some new adventures w/ @mpressmeredith & meeting up midway w/… https://t.co/tPIgRPAdTr
@dearthealdc Yay! Hope it works out ;)
@dearthealdc tour is already booked, it takes months to line up shows, alas. But def sign up for my email list at… https://t.co/FUItS6FTG8
@DanceMomReacts All my shows are listed here: https://t.co/vKWBAggQ8m. All over! Hope you can come ;)
@dearthealdc Yay! Please come up to the merch table and say hi after the show if you do!! :) Xo
@AngryBabyMusic @TheRobbMurphy Thank you @AngryBabyMusic! Hello Robb & would love to connect!! you can/see hear my… https://t.co/UGdW1cnlsk
Headed to the UK in support of synth-pop genius @howardjones! Kicking off in #SturminsterNewton at @ExchangeDorset!… https://t.co/8uxqMxijL7
Ill be in #Ireland April 1-7 & am looking to book some gigs around radio promo; ideas welcome-hoping to see more of this gorgeous country! 💕
So many beautiful moments the last few wks touring w/ @BethHart! Catch me w/ her 1 more time at… https://t.co/Zp1crImj0w
Just unpacked from tour w/ the amazing @BethHart & repacked for next tour w/ the brilliant @howardjones #whirlwind #pinchme #UKbound #nomad
RT @GigsBrighton: Only 6 days left! @rachaelsage & @howardjones in Hove on Mar 12. Grab the tix! 👉 → https://t.co/F3BlgaSrpm https://t.co/ETyR5ZEUl7
Headed to #Teaneck #NJ to play our last gig of this tour w/ the incomparable #jamesmastro… https://t.co/Wc65VYbINA
RT @LawandOrderSVU1: Today join with the #NoMore campaign using the hashtag #NoMoreWeek. Rt and be part of this! @NOMOREorg
RT @LawandOrderSVU1: Today start the #NoMoreWeek . Together we can end violence domestic and sexual assault. Be part. https://t.co/AtWk4lAfhb
RT @BBCR2MusicBot: Now Playing Rachael Sage - Home (Where I Am Now) @rachaelsage https://t.co/7sa6Z9FvI9
early load-in to #thekentstage in #Kent #OH :) guitarbarnj & I can't wait to share this… https://t.co/hO87osQjm8
Tonight is my final night with the wonderful @BethHart. I hope to see you out at @kentstage in #OH for a #SOLDOUT s… https://t.co/a7e0N1TLyy
@CharityMapleSop Thanks :) Love your name & see you're quite the accomplished artiste yourself! 🌹🎶🎙📣
Tonight's venue is so stunning & the piano was such an unexpected treat :) I love #thespire!!!… https://t.co/uLZkycrLLe
I'm so excited for a DOUBLE RELEASE PARTY at @RockwoodNYC on 5/7 w my friend & label mate @aftdk7! Tix available no… https://t.co/QXIQPrpsQK
My friends at @casiomusicgear sent me a beautiful new axe, woohoo ;) what color should I paint… https://t.co/M9SNaFZZe7
Whats going on #Plymouth, MA? I’m supporting the soulful @lucykaplansky at the @SpireCenter on 3/3! Tix available -… https://t.co/VA9rPNQ8SK
It’s almost time for my @mexicalilive show w/ @phoebelegere in #Teaneck #NJ benefitting Palisades Parks Conservancy… https://t.co/wn9zNWClMf
RT @LeightonMedia: Please #share & #retweet Phoebe @Legere & @rachaelsage's flyer for our #concert this Sunday at 7 PM at #Teaneck, NJ… https://t.co/C1PFy2gUPf
Dressing room was huge tonight in #Buffalo w/ @BethHart & guitarbarnj caught me practicing on my… https://t.co/rjt9E0ZFQq
Making friends backstage in #Buffalo!! Lovely contemporary dance students...wish we could… https://t.co/3u8Q6MUhzD
RT @ubcfa: It's Beth Hart day in Buffalo! Show starts at 7:30 with special guest Rachael Sage. Tickets:… https://t.co/N9UH8yComN
Hello #Buffalo! While the rest of the sequins enjoyed buffalo wings I dreamed of ice-cream :)… https://t.co/M35OXb5Ycl
Aww thank you @TreeRol! The multi-talented @alysongreenfiel directed this gem :) #teamwerk! Xo https://t.co/6UaSnK7LXi
En Route to #Buffalo to perform at @ubcfa with the fabulously talented @BethHart! Get your tix today >… https://t.co/XFAQEFSQgG
RT @phil_torres: Nature dropped some glitter all over this beetle and evolution was like "yeah ok let's do this" https://t.co/T4q5CpCY4A
When @BethHart gives you a hug, you really feel it :) We're past the halfway point on this… https://t.co/uYzSyiwbUK
view from the stage :) #TheEgg in #Albany #NY is an absolutely… https://t.co/2BXvfSJ6Ep
Headed to #Albany to play at #theegg w/ beautiful #bluesgoddess… https://t.co/qERLIxUri9
Our office for the evening w/ the brilliant @BethHart :) Tonight's… https://t.co/3i6euMdQBm
Such a pleasure to share the stage every night w/ #jamesmastro… https://t.co/ox9vZmVIFJ
Part 2: #tourosynogogue #newport #RI #almostthere #tourlife https://t.co/d8sJe0mkOw
#shabbatshalom #tourosynogogue #newport #RI #Sephardic #Jewish #historic #varklempt #tourlife https://t.co/scvTt5Dfgf
RT @DitchtheLabel: Amazing day with our friends at @Lynx coming up with the latest, cutting edge technology to combat bullying 🙌🏼… https://t.co/fBwNFKf0MZ
Check it out! My song "Home" feat. the talented @mattnakoa has moved up to the #15 spot on the @FMQB AC radio chart… https://t.co/B7UzkGYbRD
Um...this is a #tourlife first!! Someone left their boxers in my hotel room. #oops… https://t.co/DlpysfLxyt
All set for a rare appearance in Providence tonight at @TheVillageRI for "The Tide" EP release party w @CardboardoX! https://t.co/Wr4HKLRWj6
Aww, quoting me will get you everywhere lol. *Blush* :) https://t.co/VgENyzLCOa
I'm headed your way #Boston! Tonight at 8pm at @The_Wilbur w/ the amazing @BethHart! Only a couple tickets left -… https://t.co/3CfHyyBmTS
#TBT to NYC's #FashionsNightOut w. @daveeggar when we played a live set at @LorisDiran's boutique party on 9/8/11! https://t.co/8WzI1zv8zX
Wow-powerful, sensitive group routine tonight by #ALDC. So mature & compelling! congrats ladies & well done @abbyleemiller @giaabella xo
Gorgeous solo as always @KalaniHilliker! You make perfection look so effortless and loved tonight's choreography! :) #aldc #dancemoms Xo
watching re-airing of #dancemoms! @b_rumfallo that was my fave solo of yours ever! Flawless technique & soulful musicality :) well done! Xo
thanks to @bigissuenorth for this very thoughtful Q&A :) a very cool pub that also helps employ the homeless. enjoy! https://t.co/H3IYFkkM8z
Thanks to @bigissuenorth for the great interview, the #AniDiFranco memories + upcoming @howardjones tour! https://t.co/TdBD64ucFp
RT @BethHart: Next Week: Albany, NY - Feb 26 at The Egg https://t.co/K736X6cF9O
Doors are open & we're ready to rock @spaceatwestbury w/ @BethHart in mere minutes :) woohoo! https://t.co/xLOOgZ6tIp
Thanks #collingswood #nj for a beautiful evening! Having so much fun on tour w/ @BethHart who… https://t.co/lCes7eCrkE
#overheardbackstage "nothing says rock 'n roll like couscous!" #jamesmastro @GuitarBarNJ
Thanks so much @DanielleBoise! Love your images & appreciate the thoughtful support, alongside the amazing… https://t.co/aXmymlYGmn
I'm so happy to share some amazing news with you all! My song "Home" – featuring the super talented @mattnakoa – hi… https://t.co/6kTZrWyw92
@BethHart we're sending you love & healing vibes, amazing lady! not surprising you'd note the kindness of those around you, in a hospital xo
RT @Baeblemusic: .@BethHart is going to blow your mind in the session we unleash tomorrow. https://t.co/6ZdRa2Gh8y
Thnx to all who tuned in 2 our livestream after tonights show at @TownHallNYC was cancelled. #ICYMI here's the link: https://t.co/EQxeXAXAU9
Well guys, since I can't play at Town Hall tonight, we'll be LIVE on Facebook between 6:15-6:30 to play some tunes for you! See ya soon! xo
I'm so sorry to announce that tonight's show w. @BethHart at Town Hall is cancelled. I sincerely apologize, please… https://t.co/NGjp4VQEQL
Good am #NYC! Good to be back in you on a day just like any day...except I actually ate breakfast & am playing @TownHallNYC w/ @BethHart! Xo
Thanks so much @tgerbasi for this thoughtful preview of our show at @TownHallNYC! :) https://t.co/UBr5qik8HW
Hey NJ! I’ll be in Collingswood 2/18 (yep, Sat!) at the @ScottishRite1 w/ the brilliantly talented @BethHart! Tix… https://t.co/3JKRTkHKEd
RT @LawandOrderSVU1: All New #SVU tonight! Retweet if you'll be watching! https://t.co/FzbujP2X2c
Ooh loved the group number on tonight's @DanceMoms! Anyone know what music was? Haunting & beautiful :) #welldone ladies! #aldc @lifetimetv
Enjoyed the encore performance of ellianawalmsley_ dancing to my song #itwouldbeenough tonight, … https://t.co/MP7VSuYAHf
RT @_Glasgow_Rock_: Tix are slipping away! @rachaelsage & @howardjones in Glasgow on Mar 26. Hurry up! → https://t.co/3kPl10FGBn https://t.co/7MntxWhLBZ
I'm looking forward playing for our #NYC #mishpuchah at @TownHallNYC with @BethHart this Thursday 2/16 at 7:30pm! -… https://t.co/O8S6VEWPf1
#oopsididitagain...unintentionally grifted a washcloth from a hotel (doubling as a glasses case). At least I left a nice tip :) :( #tourlife
Happy V-day Ya'll, hope you have a love filled day! Enjoy a colorable print from my "Valentine's Day Coloring Book"… https://t.co/5MTb7EkVZ7
Look what guitarbarnj's wearing at gig #2 on the @BethHart tour! Thanks @Anironnie626 :)… https://t.co/U6gKuLB6cA
Thanks so much @DanielleBoise! :) Such a fun show last night & grateful for the memory! https://t.co/KLp7lZhRNR
Happy #MusicMonday! Have you check out my new EP, "The Tide"? It’s available for you to download on iTunes!… https://t.co/MCZEFbPq2Q
RT @katyperry: Our ability to accessorize is what separates us from the animals... have fun decorating! Photo's by @oliviab33… https://t.co/N3JYdoGW1J
My favorite voice *and* my favorite dress of the evening :) @CynthiaEriVo https://t.co/rkeKmS4RJ6
RT @beccaroro: The world is not worthy of #cynthiaerivo and #JohnLegend singing together #GRAMMYs
1 of my favorite moments: always beautiful @johnlegend w/ #CynthiaErivo = perfection. #Grammys....& now time to practice for tomorrow's gig!
@BrunoMars!! So effortless & flawless. He was amazing the year @mpressrecords attended too when @sethglier was nominated :) #solid #grammys
I loved @ladygaga & @Metallica! Great voices, great musicianship, high energy & stage diving! Pure fun & she is just superhuman :) #grammys
Love @aliciakeys so much...she is just such a light! (Her sparkly jumpsuit's pretty spectacular too :) #divas in #sequins
Enjoyed @katyperry's #Grammy performance, she's such a smart pop star! surprise choreography was so original & very moving ending #welldone!
It's a #Grammy miracle...Ran across guitarbarnj's high school nickname at the rest stop! :) https://t.co/ZWka0TyaFM
Enjoying @TheJudyCollins on the #Grammys livestream! Listening from the tourvan never sounded so good :) #Suzanne #LeonardCohen
RT @BethHart: Hanging with some new friends! https://t.co/f1QjHKU4gd
RT @coslive: In honor of #DavidBowie's two early #GRAMMYs, revisit our review of his excellent Blackstar:… https://t.co/5KuNwiMdjj
Sad to leave this one but alas, he's #folkalliance-bound & I'm off to #Baltimore :)… https://t.co/ZKGBhk812K
Look who dropped by our show tonight at @centerstageatl! @aftdk7 @mpressrecords #labelmates… https://t.co/nV4D24dJcj
fun 1st show w/ the amazing @BethHart - thanks #Atlanta! lovely crowd & beautiful venue :) So… https://t.co/YafbwaHIHx
My poor #hellokitty watch died, so @mpressmeredith helped me adopt #mylittlepony just in time… https://t.co/4huVexvCMd
Today is the day #Atlanta! The first stop on the @BethHart tour will be @CenterStageAtl at 8PM! Get your tix here -… https://t.co/NLRnPxMSKl
Late night hotel rehearsal for our 1st show tomorrow w/ @BethHart!… https://t.co/k659V3GWj8
RT @manzottimichele: Rachael Sage tra danza e melodia d’autore https://t.co/9WLTpzS0I5 special interview live album review #ilpopolodelblues @rachaelsage video
Wow, thanks so much for your support @Abby_Lee_Miller!! Xo & glad you're enjoying the new tunes :) https://t.co/89FjiGF6Z1
Check out my brand new EP "The Tide", available now on iTunes: https://t.co/bBqy01gEOK (photo: @BernsteinBill)! Enj… https://t.co/4uHUyDdusM
RT @eoinglackin: Tickets on sale now for @WorkmansDublin April 8th via https://t.co/i06csqaRMb - Special guest @rachaelsage 🖖🤘Yuss… https://t.co/AAWvDi7QZp
#jamesmastro braved elements today to make our final rehearsal… https://t.co/jaa7H3Ybg8
RT @WorkmansDublin: April 8th @eoinglackin returns to The Workman's Club main stage with very special guest @rachaelsage Tickets on sal… https://t.co/WDAh1ExZS5
RT @LawandOrderSVU1: #SVU400 and counting..
RT @fanmariska90: Tonight!! An all new SVU! It's extra special because we celebrate #SVU400 episodes!!! Cheers to the best squad I kn… https://t.co/pCl5dd3VL9
Thanks for tuning in to hear my song "It Would Be Enough" last night, performed by @Ellianawalmsley; Get it iTunes… https://t.co/j4MNm7SbT8
RT @DitchtheLabel: The 5 things you NEED to know about slut shaming: https://t.co/fhw4tFXQ5b https://t.co/gW3TVgXNi7
This Saturday I’m kicking off my run with blues rocker @BethHart in #Atlanta! Tickets are still available here -… https://t.co/VuOJwWPm0x
Well that sure was lovely! Thank you ellianawalmsley_ for… https://t.co/z11H4TARSs
Catching up on @DanceMoms & can't wait to see everyone's dances tonight, especially Elliana's solo to "It Would Be Enough"! #anticipation
Yay! Great to see you - so excited for everyone to hear your beautiful new album & super proud of you as always! :) https://t.co/NYyMf9l7oO
Surprise! Tune in to the @lifetimetv's hit show @DanceMoms TONIGHT at 9/8C to hear my song "It Would Be Enough"! https://t.co/SJxIIOB3D2
RT @howardjones: Looking forward to the piano tour in March. Been reading your song choices..inspiring me to add more songs to the s… https://t.co/NME9D9VKoQ
RT @FifthElementPR: Enter @Sixtyplusurfers ✨Competition✨ to win a @rachaelsage goodie bag whilst she tours the USA with @BethHart! https://t.co/NXJP5cV02r
Attention #NJ friends! I'll be playing with the fabulous @phoebelegere at @mexicalilive in Teaneck, NJ. on March 5!… https://t.co/Or4h3zRcoh
RT @Adele: Lady you SMASHED it! Totally nailed it 👌🏻 https://t.co/ONE1HRg5us
RT @chatters79: My latest @CroydonRadio podcast with @FinlayMorton @dukegarwood @elizacarthy @EwanMacpherson @rachaelsage… https://t.co/b1BS4luEP3
RT @HillaryClinton: I'm one of 100 million #SuperBowl fans that just went #Gaga for the Lady, & her message to all of us. https://t.co/8AoNqjwr1b
These will be colored in by bedtime :) guess what colors!… https://t.co/qTZBJLyemV
Working on multiple projects tonight...this is one of them :)… https://t.co/YqKdrp8Kr6
Late night #wearableart-making :) #valentines #skirt #vampire… https://t.co/D2M1giqe0b
@Julie_Nathanson thx! I'm releasing a 20th anniv. remake of Sistersong next yr...I see ur quite the vox talent yourself. Collab perhaps? :)
Aww, thank you!! Wow, we need to catch you up...that was a while ago ;) xo https://t.co/b0QWviPMVZ
If you haven’t had the chance to watch my new music video for “Try Try Try", well what are you waiting for!? Video… https://t.co/Uay6T8Ugzl
Beautiful songs, wit, fine art video/music all wrapped in her… https://t.co/r8osc7EutM
#FBF to @folkalliance '15 w/ @sethglier! If you're going this year, stop by the @mpressrecords room! Full schedule… https://t.co/JcqdxAcsJv
Happy Birthday #shakira! I've always been a fan...love your unique voice, infectious songs, … https://t.co/RVigCcuxLh
It’s almost time to hit the road with the soulful @BethHart! Kicking it off in #ATL on 2/11 at @CenterStageAtl!… https://t.co/XLSst4udU3
Can't wait to join the brilliant @BethHart in #Atlanta, where my mama's from...so many relatives there! https://t.co/mgPlj69YNd
RT @DanceMoms: "The Thinner the Air, the Harder to Breathe" #DanceMoms https://t.co/ILWIR3MvIW
@RogueCitizen1 thanks Mitch!! :) Xo
New tour-hair by @Marco_NYC :) #feelingrefreshed #magentahairdontcare #fucia #matchymatchy https://t.co/0HWcVZn1oC
#ICYMI I partnered w/ anti-bullying group @DitchtheLabel & released a free EP called “Home"! Download it today! >… https://t.co/aavC9YmpYO
Here's my "Try Try Try" #moodboard for #MotivationMonday! Can you figure out which image goes with what scene? -… https://t.co/kjgOKkMooZ
RT @DitchtheLabel: This x 1, 000, 000 https://t.co/w0868lAwlS
After reunion w/ @WardieWilliams I had honor of riding downtown train full of & NY'ers & brilliant signage #MuslimBanprotest #BatteryPark
See you soon #Atlanta - Tickets are available here! > https://t.co/yWKJAXeSsy https://t.co/pfl3iLgc05
Have you seen my new video for #TryTryTry? Check it out here - https://t.co/401ZBwAqR6 - and subscribe to my YT cha… https://t.co/lJe0e3KjPb
Hey ya'll! Just getting ready for my tour with @BethHart! We're kicking it off in ATL on 2/11! Get your Tix here >… https://t.co/GoaRtmkJIG
Want to stay updated w/ new music, tour dates, exclusive news, & more?! I'll be sending an email soon so join today… https://t.co/JWnV46iB8X
Happy Birthday to my favorite actress on television, who also happens to be as inspiring and compassionate off scre… https://t.co/qK61XzEaKX
@mpressrecords representing!! @jojogentry @mpressmeredith #womensmarchnyc #teammpress… https://t.co/J0epgrGtlq
Here we go! #teammpress #takeastand #womensmarch #womensmarchnyc #grandcentral #herstory https://t.co/arf3SXM4NL
Go @kdfiddler go! #solidarity #teammpress #womensmarchnyc #takeastand https://t.co/NY64Efz1ub
Couldn't help myself...found more cardboard, had to make another! I'll sleep in on Sunday :)… https://t.co/PtcGdIyQzV
Late-night sign making! Got home from work at 2am & gave myself an hr to work with the 1 piece… https://t.co/85EdXRGnV1
RT @blueofthebay: We're ready. #WomensMarchOnWashington https://t.co/stqLdGwlc1
I agree! :) She used to work for my label @mpressrecords too. Fierce sign & talented musician!! https://t.co/4ig7KTyi7h
RT @RussellBoast: Tomorrow we walk with our kids, so our kids and their kids kids can be free of discrimination!#womensmarchlosangeles https://t.co/n5TW0EHr4R
RT @nicolelickteig: Hell yeah I'm marching tomorrow & you should join me!!! #WomensMarchOnWashington https://t.co/7BnvIgxTGb
RT @lenadunham: To the women & those who love them marching tomorrow- get sleep, eat breakfast, stay warm, hold hands, block creeps, be proud
RT @Madixchambers: https://t.co/t2HLuqibXS
RT @WomensMarchLV: We honor those that have fought for us. That includes the woman that won 3, 000, 000 more votes! @HillaryClinton… https://t.co/tZbBr0SAo6
RT @nycwomensmarch: OK GUYS, IMPORTANT: we've updated our map slightly. Best place to enter march is 47th and 3rd ave. Pass it on.… https://t.co/uSazee0dSQ
RT @nytimes: The Women's March on Washington is expected to be the largest inauguration-related demonstration in U.S. history… https://t.co/tn4Hk3lpJt
RT @ACLU: Protesting? Know your rights. https://t.co/hKwDEREBjq https://t.co/0oWz2r44cB
RT @JamieFord: Trump plans to stop funding for the National Endowment for the Arts. The NEA budget is $148 million. Trump's inauguration cost $200 million.
RT @SpicyAng1: .@DebHarkness Our signs. Feminism + Environmentalism #WomensMarch https://t.co/7PLYt1lqox
RT @oliviawilde: Stop telling me to "get over it". Get UNDER it. He works for US. The democratic process is constant. Stay informed, stay engaged, speak up.
RT @HarveyFierstein: ‘It’s the Only Fair of Its Kind’: Outsider Art Fair Opens Its 25th Edition in New York | ARTnews https://t.co/NDcyGZKAJc via @ARTnewsmag
RT @msdebbieallen: Women of the world, we stand united. 😘 @womensmarchla #womensmarchla https://t.co/XxAsc7wOxg
RT @AskDrRuth: For Holocaust Remembrance Day I've taken part in this picture posting project https://t.co/pqTYF8apKt
Check out these great behind the scenes pics from the making of my “Try Try Try” music video! Watch it here! >… https://t.co/qdmIhR9FR3
Thank you so much to everyone who came out last night to @RockwoodNYC! #ICYMI - here's "Sistersong" with the oh so… https://t.co/qN18jbYqJp
RT @Anironnie626: Loving my @rachaelsage art duvet cover from jglenn1182 & @chianti_fish #RachaelSage #Art… https://t.co/b36puPUPJr
RT @TiinaTeal: @rachaelsage kicking a** at Rockwood Music Hall/NYC! Love seeing her on guitar! https://t.co/Hnfw0nuuwJ
RT @BionicWiggly: @rachaelsage That's what sisters should be!!! @ Rockwood Music Hall https://t.co/wOfAqMia4H
RT @BethHart: The US tour kicks off in a few weeks. Support on most #USA dates @rachaelsage #Nashville @RandallBramblet #Germany @LyricDubee #TourTuesday
Woohoo, can't wait!! :) https://t.co/Up6XxGELUd
Getting prepped for my #NYC #gig tonight w/ @NalaniSarina at @RockwoodNYC! Show's at 7PM & tix are available here >… https://t.co/tFs6sW0VRz
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." -… https://t.co/zxya1BwGh4
#NYC, you have till 5pm to RT to enter to win a ticket for you and you BFF for tomorrow's gig at @RockwoodNYC stage… https://t.co/k21qLJmR5z
Happy BDay @msdebbieallen! Your character on Fame raised us to believe sweat pays off & to be our very best :)… https://t.co/ojG0L59N2V
Great rehearsal w/ @AndyMacMusic & #jamesmastro for our @RockwoodNYC show on Tues...this is gonna be so fun!! @GuitarBarNJ @NalaniSarina
Thanks! There's room enough for everyone's fabulousness ;) I never had confidence in my voice until I was in my 20s… https://t.co/zVqh5FWeC5
RT @nbcsvu: Eighteen years of kicking ass and taking names. #SVU 📷: @TVGuideMagazine https://t.co/pQQj6S6200
Indeed they do! :) Thanks for the follow & for being one of the most intelligent, idealistic shows on TV! https://t.co/pWengfV8sl
I'm recording my new song about #oliviabenson next week :) can't wait to share...your show's long been my fave & al… https://t.co/MQMnmvUB5T
Every time I watch the fierce actresses on @LawandOrderSVU1 I always wanna know who cuts/colors their hair. #perfectshow #perfectlycoiffed
RT @NewYorkConcert: 🎤 NALANI & SARINA & @rachaelsage, Jan 17, Buy a ticket: 🎫 https://t.co/D5m9Ks2lzo https://t.co/NVidDlb9hN
RT @TroyEdwards_: https://t.co/g21bKeso8n New and #fabulous talents of @rachaelsage! #makeupandhair #mazeltov #trytrytry
RT @BlurtMagazine: Honored to be able to unveil new @RachaelSage video today: “Try Try Try” via stellar indie @mpressrecords https://t.co/KnK3GxkiLV Salute!
RT @mpressrecords: #TBT to all of 2016! Enjoy our recap of last year's MPress highlights with @rachaelsage, @sethglier, @AFTMusic, and… https://t.co/cjbo9Pd0vH
RT @NalaniSarina: A shot from last month's @SofarNYC show ✨ FIVE MORE DAYS until @RockwoodNYC (stage 2) w/ @rachaelsage! Get tix now… https://t.co/0iTBjwQBmF
Thanks so much @BlurtMagazine for premiering my new video for "Try Try Try" starring @AbigailHSimon & @LawsonMarty1… https://t.co/mqJQBXAxIu
@fvinci Mazel Tov on your distinguished social presence this eve ;) I'm designing artwork for a new ep & you're my mental break. Thank you!
Im so excited to be playing w. #Grammy-nominated @BethHart on her upcoming U.S. album release tour! More info here… https://t.co/CVmtDKS8Kw
Attention #NYC! Re-tweet the image to enter to win a ticket for you and your bff to attend the @RockwoodNYC gig w.… https://t.co/3EB2NqVyst
T-minus 8 days until my @RockwoodNYC gig on 1/17 with @NalaniSarina. Show is at 7pm and tix are on sale now! -… https://t.co/wcn0PBJn0T
My first #boomerang :) how'd I do? #winterwonderland #snow #citygirlgonecountry https://t.co/1mew4pik17
RT @DitchtheLabel: Thank you for your courage, bravery and desire to make the world a better place. Meryl Streep, we love you. https://t.co/JZRkJYAm4c
RT @folksbiene: .@NYTimes re: Jan 29 @MJHnews @Folksbiene event: "Celebrities to Gather for Reading of #ElieWiesel’s ‘Night’"… https://t.co/X1BfVUYk6m
Snowwwwwww!! #citygirlgonecountry #happysunday :) xo https://t.co/jLxdKvetKj
Someone's been refining his look for our upcoming gig @RockwoodNYC on Jan 17th :) #jamesmastro… https://t.co/AAxey0XeRm
@jojogentry happy birthday #mojojojo!!! Xoxo & enjoy your day :) #thankyourmama #shedidgood #gratefulforyou #virtualballoons @mpressrecords
Thanks for spreading the word @DonDiPaolo25 :) Happy New Year! Xo https://t.co/nigMEAa5u4
Get ready #NYC, we're only a couple weeks away from my first gig of the year at@RockwoodNYC w. @NalaniSarina - Tix… https://t.co/PbTi7YaynF
RT @NalaniSarina: 2 weeks from today we'll be back at @RockwoodNYC with @rachaelsage at 7pm! #dontmissit Photo: @TresMemDotTV https://t.co/KzFQIMiLCC
RT @mpressrecords: Oh Snap #NYC! @rachaelsage is playing at @RockwoodNYC on 1/17 w. the uber talented @NalaniSarina! Show at 7PM. Tix… https://t.co/AQVQf5JdT6
Happy New Year!! #unfiltered #fireworks #2017 #outwithabang #homeawayfromhome @carriagehousest https://t.co/kjRdfXSYi3
It was hard to pick a fav but the winner of #uglysweaters4RS is @jbswanson911 for her @isDARTHVADER sweater! Than… https://t.co/odG2CHGNGn
@pecuIiarly thank you!! Happy New Year to you too! :) Xo
Happy New Year @howardjones!! I already know what my 2017 highlight will be...meeting/supporting you in March! Xo, … https://t.co/8cS8V9aYCF
"Every single New Years I promise there'll be no more tears / But I can only take what I get /… https://t.co/Hzn0bsm5yU
Love this!! #character #sisterhood ;) https://t.co/WXz5vGgEjE
RT @KalaniHilliker: RT if ur watching #DanceMoms ❤❤❤
RT @ArianaGrande: https://t.co/FL1tOHAZvN
"If you're not afraid of dead people, you're not afraid of us!" @dancemomsholly @dancemoms #zinger
Some props from my #tchatchkesandlatkes show were feeling lonely :) #becauserhinestones… https://t.co/mrxDlOrZvd
Just lit #menorah w/ my dear friend @DonDiPaolo25 - it was his 1st time :) honored! #HappyHanukkah #FirstTimeForEverything #festivaloflight
RT @margaretcho: My god. Rest in paradise @GeorgeMichael--an icon, an ally, a legend. https://t.co/MfxPVFG0B2
I may be off the road but didn't want my #travelmenorah to feel neglected :) Happy 3rd night of… https://t.co/59hIv9uVt4
Not sure, I just wrote it! Guess I'd better get busy ;) https://t.co/Qv7NUWoLsm
@koeberg29 @LawandOrderSVU1 @Mariska I'll play it at my next NYC show Jan 17th at @RockwoodNYC & try to live stream it! Xo
@avie_89 that's what I just said lol...
It finally happened! After watching wayyyy 2 many episodes of @LawandOrderSVU1 I wrote a song called "Olivia". Than… https://t.co/24nRNTp4XW
RT @wosradio: #Music #Genre #Song @rachaelsage - Hanukkah In The Village- On Our #Podcast https://t.co/cZzG8OztK3 Episode 548
Happy 2nd night of #Chanukah! #lego #multicolor #menorah #Hanukah #HanukkahInTheVillage… https://t.co/FXoKierh9J
Someday my upstairs neighbor will send me into shock by NOT having a deafening party on a holiday. Alas someday's not now #whatwouldJesusdo
My #menorah! A big shocker, I know :) #hanukkah #inthevillage #chanukah on the #lowereastside https://t.co/vkwfnj6B2p
To all of those observing, a very #happyhanukah! xo #hanukkah #chanukah #festivaloflights #menorah https://t.co/NpStPJM8wu
Watching @PBS's #Shakespeare special...@JohnLithgow, #JudyDench, @AlisonMoyet (!). Amazing :)
whenever I resume my post-tour #vampirehours, late-night #drawing naturally ensues :) #compassion https://t.co/dYoUCT97Ii
#TBT to earlier this year at @RockwoodNYC playing “Try Try Try”. If you didn’t get the chance to come I’ll be back… https://t.co/DhkGxbLCcK
Less than a month 'til my 1st show w/ my super-talented friends nalanisarina at @RockwoodNYC :)… https://t.co/zwt0nqmL8B
RT @BethHart: The talented @rachaelsage will be joining us on the upcoming #USA #FireOnTheFloor tour in FEB/MAR 2017 More info at… https://t.co/9t0N8BXpyC
RT @respektor: It might be the only plan for times like these. Amount of doubt&sadness we all feel is astounding. Working on trans… https://t.co/JsOlwfTEM5
Ha!! I take full responsibility :) xo https://t.co/sq0yUK2igA
Was offline all day & am just hearing about the violence in #Berlin :( sending prayers...so many friends there, love this beautiful city xo
Share a photo of your Ugly (yet beautifully crafted) Holiday sweater using #UglySweaters4RS for a chance to win a… https://t.co/9x3DCymjci
upside of addiction to @Showtime's #TheAffair is it forces me to get my work done by 10pm :) is it next wk yet? #diehard #brendanfraser fan
Great documentary on @Showtime about #towerrecords :) So many amazing memories playing there early in my #NYC days! #feelingnostalgic
RT @Tuesdayschldrn: Looking for ways to give back this holiday season? Donate your usable clothing & household goods! Visit… https://t.co/gojkbkbMem
There's a first for everything #tistheseason #coldweatherblues #joytotheworld #jewscancaroletoo https://t.co/ge0AQZHS9G
Working on holiday ditties for my mini-set @AndyMacMusic's annual charity event at #cafevivaldi tmrw! #joytotheworld #merryyiddishchristmas
See my lyric video for "Hanukkah in the Village" here! > https://t.co/HYZvTjcUku @hellokitty @WholeFoods #Hanukkah… https://t.co/Tte3de22k1
RT @bryandunn: #FF Tomorrow is @AndyMacMusic's annual benefit w/me, @alecgross, @rachaelsage, @Warrenmalone5, & @Radigan. info: https://t.co/G7ZbIu3VGL
Why not? @alexxcalise I'm game if you are! Love what you do ;) #LetsmakeItHappen xo https://t.co/x2bBPTU4pP
Have you heard my original seasonal song "#Hanukkah In The Village"? Check out the lyric video here >… https://t.co/U3NitnDUBz
RT @Allyn621: @Abby_Lee_Miller Spotify made a playlist of top songs for 2016 . Most are from the show. I just ❤️@carliedeboer @alexxcalise @rachaelsage
Had such a lovely time at the folksbiene golden gala last night, honoring the great… https://t.co/DdXLmLu1lT
RT @Tuesdayschldrn: Our thoughts are with those impacted by the attacks in Istanbul this weekend. We hope that, in time, you find strength and resilience
I’m beyond excited that my first show of the #NewYear will be in #NYC! 1/17 at @RockwoodNYC w/ @NalaniSarina. Tix >… https://t.co/0uUzYhHxFl
'bye for now #Arizona! Humbled by your beauty & always a pleasure to tour here :) #homewardbound… https://t.co/EALvvhrFLH
My heart goes out to all those affected by the deadly explosions in #Turkey. Sending love to #Istanbul & hoping my friends there are safe Xo
Let me save you the trouble: don't bother trying chocolate hummus. Sometimes 2 fave things just don't mix well #oy #afterparty #goneawry
RT @MarnieMarns: Phoenix, head out to Fiddler's Dream to hear some great music by @rachaelsage!!! https://t.co/5ZXKxZeNg5
Hey #Phoenix! Headed into your neighborhood & prepping for a completely #unplugged show tonight at @fdreammusic Cof… https://t.co/MDZq7O33gy
Hey #SanDiego! I'm in your area and I'm playing at @LestatsBlog House tonight at 9PM! Tickets… https://t.co/5BZEBbp8Da
RT @cygnemusic: @rachaelsage + @cygnemusic = caensagi @ Lestat's West Music Venue. https://t.co/9FvhoGbL6r
Get Ready Arizona because I'm headed your way! The first stop is tomorrow night in Phoenix @ Fiddler's Dream Coffee… https://t.co/gy8oWRjwh0
Hey #SanDiego! I'm in your area & I'm playing at @LestatsBlog Coffee House tonight at 9PM! Tickets are $10 at the d… https://t.co/rUL78JbJfV
RT @Tuesdayschldrn: As we honor those who lost their lives 75 years ago, we are inspired by America's strength & resilience… https://t.co/GWFOPoaNEC
Caught up today w/ my brilliant & accomplished writer friend davidlaurell - what a supermensch… https://t.co/5AlTpi9WET
Shalom #losangeles! You're always so good to me and it's always hard to leave :)… https://t.co/ErSSZT50oS
overdue reunion w/ my dear friend (and early believer in my music), @Jencurlygirl :)… https://t.co/z16pcOZAml
...also #overheardinthetourvan: "you can't change the hashtag at the end of the tour!" #choreographictour
#overheardinthetourvan: "you schlep, you shine." #tourtalk #carkibitz #tourlife
#thegrapevine #california #whereiamnow :) https://t.co/4FCwdKcEC9
Congrats to @TheJudyCollins & #AriHest on their Grammy nomination for "Silver Skies Blue"!! So exciting & well-deserved!
RT @GagaMagazineUK: WATCH: Lady Gaga perform A-YO and John Wayne at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in Paris - https://t.co/dRRSSoubXX
Tonight is the night #SanFrancisco! Come on out to @DoloresParkCafe @ 7:00 - All ages are welcome! See you there! x… https://t.co/ouiVXI41B3
@justicehoney yes! :) hope to see you there!! Xo
Thank you #LA for being such a lovely audience & thehotelcafe for the gorgeous sound, vibes &… https://t.co/oOIEVk3cx1
@TourWonk @smoemeth I'm packed appropriately I looked up weather before I packed ;) plenty of layers and a coat. Xo
Catching up on FB w/ all my #BayArea friends I didn't realize lived in #Oakland. Sending xo to all those affected by the fire, so tragic :(
#FBF to a earlier this wk when @LaurenOBrien1 & I attended the premiere of @#thebounceback w/… https://t.co/gjaXScLM07
Congrats @NiaSioux !! So proud of you xo https://t.co/dkLphzkGwq
Hey #SanDiego, I’m headed your way to perform at Lestat's on 12/8! Come on out for a great night of music!… https://t.co/2B3xnO8TGL
Making my way over to LA to play at @thehotelcafe this Saturday @ 8pm. Hoping to see some of my amazing #LA friends… https://t.co/Kr9s0nGfQY
@shemarmoore congrats on @BounceBackFilm-thoroughly enjoyed & loved how much time u took for the q&a, supermensch that u are! :) #indiegogo
RT @folksbiene: #GivingTuesday UPDATE! Check out our FUNdraiser! Don't forget to #GiveYiddish! https://t.co/2DBgVxuErp
Get ready #California bc I'm headed your way and playing multiple shows in your area! #GimmeSomethingToDanceAbout… https://t.co/K5gwjv7Y0a
RT @folksbiene: #GivingTuesday: consider supporting @Folksbiene.Your gift helps us give back for generations to come.… https://t.co/KKJpZYtrhc
It's #GivingTuesday & here's my song “Happiness” at #Bedstock to support @mymusicrx! Check out the full video ->… https://t.co/aJXIwFa3cb
We just got unpacked & now I'm getting ready to re-pack for the rest of my Fall Tour staring in CA in just a few da… https://t.co/VVwVDeCemJ
RT @Rock_Birmingham: 🎵 @rachaelsage & @howardjones coming to Bromsgrove on Mar 17. Grab the tickets! 👉 https://t.co/LSOLNRnI7E https://t.co/kbedd3IWgq
RT @LiverpoolShows: Only 4 months left! @rachaelsage & @howardjones in Southport on Mar 22. Grab the tix! 👉 https://t.co/WJzxse64uG https://t.co/vBQVRGcaZa
RT @PopGlasgow: Tix are slipping away! @rachaelsage & @howardjones in Glasgow on Mar 26. Hurry up! https://t.co/ZXW0xMl8Ak https://t.co/JEACS5L8EZ
RT @GigsBrighton: Tix are slipping away! @rachaelsage & @howardjones in Hove on Mar 12. Hurry up! https://t.co/Q6ZMoZRs6g https://t.co/PSc0kzAE0W
Post-tour #painting, "decompression"... #phase1 #glitter comes next :) #goodtobehome #NYC… https://t.co/3JC4MFwF2l
RT @BT: Both blown away & terrified in equal measure. Audio forensics just changed forever. Photoshop for the human voice. https://t.co/uySclnwVWx
My dad always makes sure I can still do cartwheels on the holidays :) #prideandjoy #onceagymnast… https://t.co/mvQL4KTNxi
Welcome home bubulah! You've had quite a journey landing in Paris by mistake but I had faith :)… https://t.co/OaywLir6eb
Just back from 5+ wks touring Italy, UK & Germany & feeling very #grateful for all the amazing… https://t.co/X5yawkaGqt
Thanks so much @musicweek! :) https://t.co/ffOA8lM4Os
RT @ProtestPics: "I'm Muslim and people call me terrorist. Do you trust me? If yes, hug me." This is so powerful. https://t.co/w7ap3ss8QQ
RT @MyDaughtersArmy: Ellen receives Presidential Medal of Freedom. https://t.co/sxEvWlJafe
We’re making our way back to the states for a couple days of much needed R&R before I head to the West Coast! 1st s… https://t.co/DUP7zsFUoB
Wow, thank you @IMABuzz!! #varklempt :) https://t.co/2UB4D0yMLm
Having a blast in #Germany and loved answering the 10 questions from @amicella_de last week! Check them out here -> https://t.co/nYC19L4zM1
En route to #Cologne #köln for my #birthday gig tonight at… https://t.co/8NH5HMmlvl
RT @mpressmeredith: Wow, ART-Stalker in Berlin managed to recreate CB's Gallery without even trying. #vibeorama #choreographictour /… https://t.co/93rXfZxU7I
I always wish for the same thing every b-day & it doesn't involve romance, music or career. Can u guess what it is? #birthdaychallenge :)
Our venue's playing excellent pre-show music! #crowdedhouse & #INXS are pumping us up...lookout #Berlin, #glitterfrau is ready for you! Xk
It's really too bad everything's closed here on Sunday :( I was so… https://t.co/3a1QbSeFFj
Happened upon a marzipan-making class near tonight's venue in… https://t.co/PL1yRkwwfz
Can't wait to serenade one of my favorite cities tonight! #berlin, … https://t.co/9yX0C81J0U
I'm not much of a breakfast person but it went late so I grabbed… https://t.co/ijSCbREOCv
RT @WallsendConcert: Tix are slipping away! @rachaelsage & @howardjones in Whitley Bay on Mar 24. Hurry up! https://t.co/BiibfVUX6k https://t.co/2t4umAPdfs
RT @yokoono: Tell yourself you are courageous and you will be. When I need courage I repeat to myself, "yoko, you can do it, you can do it" like a mantra
@mnziegler_1213 @RalphLauren @kenzieziegler @maddieziegler congrats! Hardest working kids in showbiz & equally down to earth :) woohoo! Xo
Tomorrow night I’ll be in #Berlin at @artstalker at 7:30! Get tix in adv. for €6.00 & €3.00 for students! -… https://t.co/EJmr3U9A8x
Quick trip #Braunschweig for radio promo & now headed back to… https://t.co/Je2CrEfi1t
Such a lovely, enthusiastic crowd tonight in #potsdam!! Thank you… https://t.co/g6RPqWWvg8
Thanks so much @readersdigestUK for this thoughtful write-up about my participation with @DitchtheLabel! -… https://t.co/JXNsFXZtSu
My last stop in #Germany will be this Monday 11/21 at #Barinton in Cologne at 8. I look forward to seeing all your… https://t.co/NbknmgqKIJ
That moment when you sit down to read the local mag in your hotel… https://t.co/1HDFH4mhgR
RT @substandardnerd: The very marvellous @rachaelsage and @KDFiddler live at @BohoCamden now. https://t.co/RrNcenC7e7
RT @FifthElementPR: Front page mention for @rachaelsage who "hits all the right notes" in the @boltonpost #sundaysongbook #home https://t.co/kLb5g2Iqtm
RT @pshepaca: We'd like to say a massive thank you to @rachaelsage for performing as part of our #AntiBullyingWeek launch! Come b… https://t.co/cOK7jfq9XU
RT @PopAndTalk: Join #TalkAboutPopMusic and @rachaelsage to Support Anti Bullying Week: https://t.co/RLk9jWQrIp #AntiBullyingWeek @FifthElementPR #musicblog
@ColvinLouise @howardjones thank you! Beyond honored & excited... it's gonna be a long winter - ha! Xo
RT @DitchtheLabel: “I was very badly bullied in an all-girl grammar school": @rachaelsage on her experiences with bullying:… https://t.co/FrhC9qNUN9
I'm so excited to share w/ you that I'll be supporting @howardjones on his Spring 17' UK Tour! #dreamcometrue! Tix… https://t.co/yO6aY1iZ60
Loved meeting you to @zacharytrigg!! Good luck with all your creative endeavors :) xo https://t.co/Bgny8dKIQ8
Beautiful artwork on display at #ferndownupperschool today in the… https://t.co/RhvRUrucVM
RT @WomensVoicesNow: SHARE- Thanks to @bustle for creating this list of org.s working on #womensrights issues! Don't forget small… https://t.co/2kEy89ESCZ
Lovely time performing for @pshepaca today!! Thanks so much for the hospitality & for your positive message :)… https://t.co/zWzNkcnwa1
RT @pshepaca: @rachaelsage is in the building and we are ready for our Rewards Assembly - celebrating #AntiBullyingWeek @PSHEedBH https://t.co/OBvbVVRMrX
RT @bullyinguk: Please share our top tip for #antibullyingweek2016 https://t.co/lD3FCclNr9 https://t.co/VTjX7j3Nst
RT @DitchtheLabel: More than anything, the world needs equal love right now. Watch our new #AntiBullyingWeek video with @boohoo -… https://t.co/AEb3CssbQi
RT @bullyinguk: A call to action: Who is with us? RT and show your support https://t.co/FaEdT9E41u #antibullyingweek2016… https://t.co/uyFU2ZxEpY
@cherriedcorr where are you based! Lmk where you'd like to see me play! Xo
Can't wait to play in #Berlin again at @artstalker! Tix are available & are only €6.00 in adv. so get them today!… https://t.co/dqosTNxRyO
Good morning #London :) #notyouraverage #sidewalksale Onward to… https://t.co/4dCyoiiySC
Back in Camden and getting ready to perform at the @camdenacoustic Club at @BohoCamden tonight at 6:30! NO COVER! https://t.co/Yl1LkrcQ06
Congrats to all the winners at last night's @IMABuzz including @AFTMusic! :) Honored to have been nominated along w/ so many of my peers! Xo
RT @IMABuzz: Congrats to A Fragile Tomorrow for winning Cover Song for "One Way Ticket (feat. Joan Baez)" in The 15th IMAs! #IMABuzz
Look what I found in HMV on Bond St. in London! It's official, #Choreographic is now available to all of my beautif… https://t.co/gz54pjNh2r
Beautiful...thank you @DiageoLiam for these heartfelt, wise words of support. We all need them right now!! Xo https://t.co/6XQ1Wr6dzb
RT @DJLeroyWilson: @rachaelsage we got there in the end. Great show https://t.co/wbyeppmXsu
Hey Germany! I'll be kicking off my mini DE tour in #Berlin on Nov. 18 @ Nikolaisaal Potsdam for the The Voice In C… https://t.co/R29LsvJIh0
During my #UKtour we had schools compete to interpret my song "I Don't Believe It" with dance! I present to you the… https://t.co/SMXnt0wfvO
RT @PasteMagazine: Judy Collins on how she started writing her own songs because of #LeonardCohen: https://t.co/5e84BEn0R9 #RIPLeonard https://t.co/EexqP8VWmg
RT @USATODAY: "Winning the electoral college does not absolve Trump of the grave sins he committed against millions of Americans." https://t.co/5EubhL3mn0
Thanks so much for inviting me - loved meeting Maisie & all the fabulous students at @OaksBolton! :) https://t.co/9LhsLSgjfO
RT @SethMacFarlane: Some didn't like Bush. Some didn't like Obama. But this is different. Forget dislike. Many are genuinely fearful now. This is new.
RT @HillaryClinton: "To all the little girls watching...never doubt that you are valuable and powerful & deserving of every chance & opportunity in the world."
#breakfastofchampions at today's #choreographicworkshop #kosherstyle… https://t.co/LaIFAqaldZ
Fell asleep listening to this last night (I bought it last wk in London). #RIP #LeonardCohen… https://t.co/pGnWmQ9vgv
When your night off in #London turns into a cowriting session w/ the incomparable #JamesMastro :) #PostElectionStressDisorder #newsong
Hey again #Camden! Come on out this Sunday to @BohoCamden for their 'Camden Acoustic club' night! I'm on at 6:30pm!… https://t.co/UwhVYPOY9f
I'll miss this beautiful lady... #hotelart #Cardiff #Wales #tourlife #londonbound https://t.co/J4cl7EwHxV
Yesterday we did a #choreographic workshop w/ these beautiful students from #danceunity in… https://t.co/M0wNEYHjC1
Thanks for the thoughtful review @WoNoMagazine :) https://t.co/q0pJ4pfOka
Thanks lovely hotel in #Wales for the comfort cookies & hot cocoa tonight after a very long day.… https://t.co/G8nWEDnXPi
RT @jessetyler: I'm taking tonight to grieve for minorities, women, immigrants, muslims & the LGBTQ community but tomorrow I'm waking up ready to fight.
Hey guys! I'm thrilled to finally give y'all a #SneakPeek of my upcoming video for "Try Try Try"! Full Video >… https://t.co/Rl1NnohxaL
RT @GeorgeTakei: 6) This country has seen wars and grave injustices, slavery and even civil war in its past. Yet we found our way through. We will now, too.
RT @GeorgeTakei: 4) We must stand up defiantly to any dark or divisive acts, and look out for the most vulnerable among us. It is more important than ever.
RT @GeorgeTakei: 7) Hold your loved ones close. Tell them that it is in times of sadness and in the toughest of days where we often find our true mettle.
RT @GeorgeTakei: 5) Within our hearts we know the society we wish to live in. No one can take that vision from us. We are each of us keepers of that promise.
RT @GeorgeTakei: 3) In times like these we must reaffirm the values we cherish and have fought for: equality, justice, the care of our planet.
RT @GeorgeTakei: 2) Many of you are, like me, in a state of shock. This does not feel like the America you love and honor. We are in unchartered waters.
RT @GeorgeTakei: 1) I am addressing this to all who voted to defeat Donald Trump and what he represents. We may not have prevailed, but we must not despair.
RT @SarahKSilverman: "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart." Anne Frank https://t.co/40lgFTgJeJ
I've never been a drinker and usually I craft when I'm this upset. @mpressmeredith what's the #UK equivalent of @Blick_Art? #oyvey #gluegun
RT @AnneWheaton: Turn anger, sadness, or frustration into something good. Volunteer in your community, help those in need, share your kind and caring heart.
Nightmare came true & in shock. In few hrs I have to teach a group of UK kids about self-expression & anti-bullying. This will be hard :(
I'm Thrilled to have been invited to play at the @camdenacoustic Club at @BohoCamden on November 13! #OnTour… https://t.co/BXSFhiaFec
Thanks to @mmusicmag for premiering my new video "Home (Where I Am Now)! See the full video & Interview here >… https://t.co/Bbf12TJB5g
Happy Election Day (hopefully!)...so strange to be away for this... Sending xo & sanity from London! :) #homesick… https://t.co/Qe0bhtvSje
The #UK really knows how to sell an "extracurricular" :) love this… https://t.co/BnvjphTwyT
Such a lovely time performing at #woodchurchhighschool this am in… https://t.co/Agb1O4yKWo
Had so much fun playing for @OaksBolton!! :) https://t.co/BFyQVNczAF
This is the best!! :) https://t.co/q3fQoQWpjw
Loved meeting you Maisie & so happy I got to perform for your school! Xo https://t.co/dTfEn6mt4d
Thanks @IMABuzz! I actually already thought that would be a great idea lol...but I know @mpressmeredith needs an ed… https://t.co/2ZGnad10yO
Had a great time taking w/ @mmusicmag! Check out the interview and the #premier of my video "Home (Where I Am Now)" https://t.co/BNHQ0dJhxW
RT @Mike12767: @rachaelsage performing Happiness @OaksBolton https://t.co/FJhjXSLOJD
RT @jlttmusic: Check out our announcement of @rachaelsage work with @DitchtheLabel: https://t.co/XzpREM8wHQ #AntiBullyingWeek #NewMusicAlert
RT @pshepaca: We are so excited to have Lifetime's Dance Mum - @rachaelsage perform next week as part of our #antibullyingweek la… https://t.co/foz6AR0Zc2
RT @DebraMessing: https://t.co/nYoqUwj3dD
I'll be playing in #Aldershot on Nov. 11 at @PrincesHall w/ @KDFiddler! Tix are £7.00 so grab them today! >… https://t.co/Aip0MXPmAt
So Excited to be in #London tonight at @LibraryThe! I can’t wait to see the other amazing artists! No cover must RS… https://t.co/NQrsDUXh5Q
RT @mpressmeredith: The lighting @DogandWhistle is a bit challenging, but what a vibe in here /@rachaelsage https://t.co/4dJAgzXGFO
Headed to #Germany in a couple weeks with @kdfiddler ! Hope to see you at one of the shows! #ChoreographicTour… https://t.co/0QUwBsW2bS
Enjoying 18 yr old #EthanSmith here at #thedogandwhistle in… https://t.co/T8TwE0Tr1J
Thanks so much for your amazing support, @TBrittonT !! :) https://t.co/L9Uig7SdWr
Hey #Hertford, @KDFiddler & I are in your neighborhood tonight and playing at @DogandWhistle at 10PM with Ethan Smi… https://t.co/i2ZW6evGYX
Had a great interview w/ @DitchtheLabel, one of the largest anti-bullying non-profits in the world! Read it here! -… https://t.co/aFoc4zJRuC
@StL_Steve @RockTheVote @tommoorephoto correct!! :)
RT @JaneElizIreland: Rachael Sage Choreographs A New Album https://t.co/hnmnCXmWr5 via @HuffPostUKEnt @janeelizireland @rachaelsage
Hey friends! Are you on my email list? I'm sharing some *very* exciting news soon so please sign up if not, at https://t.co/JE1mahivOs :) xo
So much fun last night at #TheBedford in #London!! My new favorite… https://t.co/ocTAz4Sklz
When I was a budding young actress, I was cast in this @RockTheVote #PSA created by @tommoorephoto. Can you guess w… https://t.co/DfOqSHDEmp
Can't wait - excited to be part of this fantastic lineup! :) https://t.co/s3BtSGwk1k
An honor to collaborate with @DitchtheLabel on this, for an issue so close to my heart! Xo https://t.co/qlEczuaWvz
RT @Pressparty: Rachael Sage teams up with anti-bullying charity ‘Ditch The Label’ for Anti-bullying Week 2016 #PressRelease… https://t.co/R0XK6kG2xi
#happyhalloween #happydiwali #London #mask #outonthetown :) https://t.co/F3Liyeacoc
Happy Halloween!!!! #boo #halloween #ghost #bats #vampire #eyeballs… https://t.co/cpu8MpzZtO
Happy Halloween everyone!! xo #MorbidRomantic #Skull #Halloween https://t.co/FjYFJ0wMje
Getting ready to play at @tvwnextlevel in Llandudno soon! They'll be livestreaming, tune in! https://t.co/fMbLGHeatD
Kudos to window dressers at #Selfridges :) Some very creative… https://t.co/HO4CeKf8Dr
Loving this 2 page spread in @HeadlinerMag! Thanks so much for the kind words! #Choreographic #Headliner… https://t.co/ZCyqycgp4y
Gorgeous, slightly gloomy day in #kensingtonpark! Bonus: everyone… https://t.co/DbMDe9sOaC
@Adamandymusic nice meeting you in Camden ;) keep in touch & lmk if you're playing in London soon, I'll try to come, were here for a bit! Xo
I came to this shop in #Camden when I was little, w/ my mom & amazed… https://t.co/mTrTmdzRR9
#FBF to this 4 star review! Thank you so much @MaverickMag - (UK) #Choreographic #UkTour #ChoreographicTour https://t.co/q9hkbRMVYy
@KDFiddler & I are so excited to be playing at @TheBedfordPub on 11/1. No Cover, great food, and always amazing mus… https://t.co/PP3Ms20oD0
RT @mpressmeredith: .@rachaelsage & @KDFiddler at the vibey @UndersoloCamden in #London right now! https://t.co/0MySZYugAg
RT @StephenFoz: The excellent @rachaelsage is guesting on my @BBCSuffolk 2nite at 6-15. She'll b playing live in studio. @HartMedia https://t.co/s1wlucRRvC
RT @TonyFisherLive: Don't miss the amazing @rachaelsage live on @BBCEssex today at 2, all the way from America. @HartMedia https://t.co/CT94hCsPEm
Lovely day for some chess w/ #paddingtonbear, and perhaps a few… https://t.co/cMrUwu8D3x
RT @heatherspindle: "Give me something to #dream about" @rachaelsage https://t.co/x7xp94MPOF
@KDFiddler and I had the chance to talk w/ Alan Robson on @nightowls & played “Try Try Try”! Starts at 46 min! Enjoy https://t.co/4s6xMC3k5X
I’m so excited to be playing at @O2Islington this Friday w/ @afteralicemusic & @lewmurphymusic! Get tix today!… https://t.co/L5cNWnSdKD
So excited to perform at #TheNextLevel this Sunday! See y'all soon :) https://t.co/6HZyBz06c2
Thanks so much @Maverick_mag for the kind words about my album!! #blush ;) https://t.co/jcQKk5BKwe
RT @jameshoggarth: On @RadioHumberside with me right now - your song suggestions for the cyclist's songbook and I'll be chatting to the lovely @rachaelsage
Early morning on the radio in #Bolton! Lovely chat w/ Rob @boltonfm :) #choreographictour… https://t.co/Aql94ryjWA
Hey @jojogentry I think I've found our new label headquarters in #Hull! Whatchathink?? :)… https://t.co/rT5RdV2K6G
It's radio week! Another fun #BBC stint in #Hull #UK today w/ @kdfiddler...look for streaming… https://t.co/dQAfPCjWx7
Almost time #London friends! Hope to see you all out at @undersolocamden at 7:30 this Wed. for a great night of mus… https://t.co/NrpGc02xfc
Lovely meeting you too! Enjoyed your songs & your cover of Ring Of Fire was killing :) Thanks for the hospitality &… https://t.co/qVS0WPAZuI
Overheard in the #tourvan: "Why are UK clouds so much prettier?" #questionoftheday… https://t.co/Ua2C7EJkrs
Thanks #NewcastleStudentRadio for having us on air! Lovely station...brought me back to my own… https://t.co/X54879Ss3G
So much fun performing live on the air tonight at #MetroRadio in #Newcastle w/ @kdfiddler! I do… https://t.co/HsXVbEDrK7
RT @mnziegler_1213: #VIDEO Maddie perfoming 'Alive" in Washington DC last night https://t.co/RYw1kKslxL
RT @mpressrecords: @rachaelsage is back in the #UK with NEW dates added! Follow her on Twitter for updates! #Choreographic #OnTour https://t.co/G9CA8uMJ6x
#LGBTQ youth are bullied at higher rates. Let's show them they're not alone & stand against bullying by going purpl… https://t.co/9wmGIo2J8s
RT @mpressrecords: #LGBTCenterAwarenessDay - Get the @NoiseTrade sampler featuring tracks by @rachaelsage, @sethglier, & @AFTMusic >… https://t.co/o1XAp4qpMo
Such a joy performing last night at #teatrodelsale w/ @kdfiddler! #ilovefirenze #iloveflorence… https://t.co/8ZQ5nD8p6B
Thanks so much to @JewishTelegraph for their awesome shout out to me and the #Choreographic UK Tour! #OnTour https://t.co/p5QVDG5GV4
RT @Pinstripepigeon: Launching our EP on Sat @DarkRoomPreston supported by award winning singer songwriter @rachaelsage. Cannot wait! https://t.co/Ne6ZBIc5B7
Yes, woohoo me too! Thanks for us having us! :) Xo https://t.co/7cZX29TNr1
Tonight is the night #Italy! Me and @KDFiddler are looking forward to seeing all of our #Florence friends at… https://t.co/QTDsAGYKCu
Stopped in #Paris to pick up some newspapers :) #connections #layover #Florence bound! #tourlife https://t.co/S6yUyM2LMc
We'd like to officially welcome the newest member of #TheSequins!He plays a mean kazoo :)… https://t.co/WkNHBtKIAL
@KarinNotKaren not until March, alas! Miss you too :) xo
last chai @thinkcoffeenyc before venturing abroad & saddened by blank walls that only last night… https://t.co/vbJGSGzUVa
@justicehoney Julia you should sign up for my email list on my website...then you'll get double the "proof" lol ;)
I’m back at it with @KDFiddler in #London! If you’re in #Islington come on out to @O2Islington on 10/28. w/… https://t.co/nUFBmAJ5Sa
RT @FifthElementPR: It's our girl @rachaelsage in the @JewishTelegraph #fridaynight #DanceMoms #dance #choreographic #UKtour https://t.co/bqIZ8M4n0i
Looking forward to seeing my #Florence friends on 10/18 @teatrodelsale with @KDFiddler! Time - TBD #OnTour… https://t.co/HTW74Tppl6
Tomorrow is the last day to go check out my artwork hanging in @ThinkCoffeeNYC @ 1 Bleecker St. Take lots of pictur… https://t.co/sbFs4RYqrV
RT @symptomaticpres: Top #livemusic Oct 28 @O2Islington 2 w/@afteralicemusic @lewmurphymusic @rachaelsage @JunieOfficialUK @DollieDemi x… https://t.co/H30sup6r7M
RT @WHFC911: Kickin' things off with tunes from new @rachaelsage solo @rhettmiller @MayerHawthorne and more on #CrossroadsWHFC
Overheard in temple today: "Did you hear Janet Jackson's pregnant at 50? See - a Yom Kippur miracle sweetheart, there's still hope for you!"
Oct. 11 marks #NationalComingOutDay - Remember, always be YOU because YOU are #loved! #LGBTQ #LGTB #LOVEalwaysWINS https://t.co/9xAqKnk0CQ
Has anyone had the chance to check out my art at @ThinkCoffeeNYC (1 Bleecker St.)? If not you better hurry, it's on… https://t.co/t11P0qhLnS
When I'm off the road I try to really enjoy my neighborhood :) #whereami #nyc #feelinggreen… https://t.co/tjnhr4s47f
It's #internationaldayofthegirl, a celebration of #girls all over the world, their potential, … https://t.co/YAa6j9a2Hr
RT @obyezeks: As long as there's even ONE VOICE that STAYS DEMANDING for RESCUE of OUR #Girls, THE UNIVERSE WILL REECHO ON!#YOU!!! https://t.co/Rm5w0zvfNE
RT @DanceProms: Huge thanks to all who entered our #MyDanceTeacher competition with @rachaelsage! Congrats to our winner, @scarlett529!
Thanks so much for this thoughtful interview @PopAndTalk! :) https://t.co/0AiJF6X9Ml
Don’t miss me too much #London because I’m coming back! Oct 28 I’ll be at the @O2Islington w/ @afteralicemusic &… https://t.co/VOXhbBKRCb
Don’t miss me too much #London because I’m coming back! Oct 28 I’ll be at the @O2music Academy Islington w/… https://t.co/PsJxVRbJxx
RT @DitchtheLabel: Today for #WorldMentalHealthDay we remember Robin Williams with this amazing quote https://t.co/FciLTMzgGS
RT @DitchtheLabel: 6 common myths about eating disorders debunked - on our blog now! #WorldMentalHealthDay https://t.co/6wrRkYRwcs https://t.co/tHhL5gBV2y
Every day in my neighborhood for 5 yrs I'v walked by a store w/ this desk in it & every time I… https://t.co/TwtYlYJhgJ
RT @justintim_pa: Thanks for hurting me: you made me stronger. . Thanks for lying to me: You made me smarter.
So much fun last night @natchieart in #Dumbo #Brooklyn! I keep fantasizing I'll reopen my gigbag… https://t.co/JfFmgwDKuE
Enjoying @JudithLight's @NY1 interview; what a beautifully connected artist/activist. #inspired by her command of both craft & #tikkunolam!
Thanks @qn_lanazione for this great preview of my show on Oct 18 at @teatrodesale in Florence! https://t.co/VnKaP8q6up
Who needs donuts when you hsve glittery pumpkins? :) #halloween #crafting #phase1 https://t.co/TjoLntHWjm
Thanks so much!! Appreciate the support & glad you like "Home" :) https://t.co/qsJdmFV5kZ
Tonight Is the night #Brooklyn! Head out to @NatchieArt Nights at 8 to catch my set w/ @KDFiddler! Make sure you st… https://t.co/kNQUcM7Svl
RT @Maverick_mag: @rachaelsage CHOREOGRAPHIC review in the latest issue of Maverick! Find the link to subscribe here: https://t.co/2qxOGzPGzf
Turned on TV for 1st time in a month to find #tearsforfears live at the #iHeartFestival :) I've always loved them so much...nice surprise!
RT @BBCR2MusicBot: Now Playing Rachael Sage - Home (Where I Am Now) @rachaelsage https://t.co/7sa6Z9FvI9
It's the UK's #NationalPoetryDay and since I've been touring there and will be back again in a… https://t.co/EztRg7557d
It's the UK's #NationalPoetryDay and I thought it would be fun to participate! For more of my poetry -- >… https://t.co/0h3K3xOqBJ
October is National #BullyingPreventionMonth, so I wanted to share my story with you! #LoveAlwaysWins -… https://t.co/nhtJ4LxVA2
Thanks so much Erin!! Glad you enjoy my music :) xo https://t.co/eVrUh6gN2Y
Come on out this Friday to @NatchieArt in #Brooklyn. This is my only NYC fall show w/ @KDFiddler! Tix are limited!… https://t.co/R4cMQ5Sn6s
RT @symptomaticpres: Looking forward to Oct 28 @O2Islington 2 w/@afteralicemusic #LewisMurphy @rachaelsage #Junie @DollieDemi Tix… https://t.co/3I8hjBviGV
@SoundGirlsOrg Thank you so much! https://t.co/setebYb1SH
Now that I’m back from the UK and recharged, I’m ready for Friday at Brooklyn’s @NatchieArt Nights w/ @KDFiddler! C… https://t.co/NwgwgMQ3xQ
Happy Jewish New Year!!#shanahtovah #shanatovah #shanahtova #applesandhoney #sweetyear #cleanslate https://t.co/c7yWlJU4vE
RT @DanceProms: Today is your last chance to apply for our competition to win £500, tix to #danceproms & a session with @rachaelsage https://t.co/pxOIW3bkme
After stunning my audience singing a full-blown Italian aria I just woke up. #jetlag! What do you do #indreams you can't (yet) in #reallife?
Shoutout to our fabulous tour manager aka "tour mistress of the darkness" @mpressmeredith some… https://t.co/DPFfGK5DUJ
This #roshhashana I've never been more grateful to be a musician & connecting w/ amazing… https://t.co/IpF6FlzkuF
After a long day of travel, finally back in #NYC....missing the #UK & all our new friends already!! #homesweethome https://t.co/yQtGFQpzED
#shanatovah from the #milehighshul!! https://t.co/K9uyQMaKyF
@JaneElizIreland lovely chatting! If you need to send followup questions, feel free!! :)
Such a pleasure playing for the #kinderlach in #Birmingham! Excited to see what all these kids… https://t.co/RyAYSGspZ3
Back home for a short time before I head back to the UK and will be playing on Oct 7 at #NatchieNights in Brooklyn, … https://t.co/EEnLtJzZQU
Happy Birthday maddieziegler!! Love you & hope to see you again soon :) #FBF to our Ireland… https://t.co/5k2MgC7LON
#UK schools are very purple! Enjoyed performing at several more the last few days...such… https://t.co/JJweP6lh6a
You're the best @amandarosephoto :) thanks for being brave! If it makes you feel better I was in shock too - ha! Xo https://t.co/fxWixEkM32
RT @AKWmusic: What a treat @rachaelsage & supreme violinist Kelly performing @discovery_2 @229thevenue @mpressmeredith @HartMedia https://t.co/PsOGbaE1iH
RT @AKWmusic: Such a treat 2 have @rachaelsage & Kelly back @discovery_2 @229thevenue singing songs off album 'Choreographic' https://t.co/6szklzG83x
RT @substandardnerd: Great night in @229thevenue seeing favourites @rachaelsage with @KDFiddler and new discoveries with @Discovery_2. https://t.co/P9vztZ9sXR
RT @Madonna: In Memory of this remarkable Human Being, Shimon Peres. You were a symbol of Peace not only for Israel but for the.… https://t.co/MGS6C3Js63
It almost time London! See you all tonight at @229thevenue! #London #onTour #Choreographic https://t.co/CURU99W33X
Thanks for the great review of "Try Try Try" @musicriot! #Choreographic #UKTour https://t.co/NoVKL4e7yw https://t.co/tIsWzOHN8d
RT @eventim_uk: We found out @rachaelsage favourite party trick - it involves a fork! Find out more in our 5 min interview https://t.co/CB30ab8grl 💃
Headed to #Ealing #UK for another #Choreographic workshop! (This pic is from #TwickenhamAcademy… https://t.co/h1rmERN7EY
Come see me tonight in Brighton at @greyspub! 9PM! (We're on 9:30) #choreographictour… https://t.co/nIoleDjnAW
Ahh, #Brighton! So happy to be in you :) You are one beautiful city!! #homeawayfromhome #UK… https://t.co/6jfGIaZNZd
RT @DanceProms: Ready to be #amazed and #energised? #DanceProms is a month away! Tip: it will sell out: https://t.co/67njwx80PF https://t.co/kslEYsBWDQ
Making friends along the tour :) Headed to #Twickenham today for some school workshops then… https://t.co/9AZIJUPpc0
This is the most beautiful thing I've seen/heard in a long time. It's so good now I can't sleep my mind is so blown. https://t.co/gQxIjdL2Eu
Headed back to London with @KDFiddler on 9/29 to @229thevenue as part of the Discovery 2 Showcase w/ @_AmyOdell &… https://t.co/AhURqOIw6m
Someone in my London audience tonight dubbed me "Mrs. Glitterboots". I am oddly ok with being married off to sparkly footwear :)
post-gig quality time w/ 2 of my best listeners! :) #ilovemyjob #choreographictour #London #UK https://t.co/SbzIpCgKdY
Thank you #offthecuff #london for listening so beautifully!! #vibes #smoke #discoball… https://t.co/Ljpz3QJn9L
Amazing time in #London @ #offthecuff! Some special guests in the audience cheering us on… https://t.co/3JEvZkUok6
Will try to stream our set for the #ConcertAcrossAmerica to #EndGunViolence starting around 2:15pm EST! https://t.co/ZZ7gNzfAuG
Thanks @BaxterMonique!! Xo from across the pond! :) https://t.co/T7fd6Qc1VJ
Pleasure sharing stage today w/ @peteravesmusic! Fantastic songwriter, brilliant lyricist :) #makingfriends #highllamas #ilovelondon #uk
Tonight I'm playing a very important show at @offthecuffldn as part of the @AcrossConcert To End Gun Violence w/… https://t.co/tIXKsGnDwz
Hey #London friends! @kdfiddler I will play a special gig tonight as part of… https://t.co/wyFj83Yz4n
So happy you could make it!! Lovely to see some familiar faces & thank you for listening so beautifully :) xo https://t.co/Noby1OtvTI
Aww, we had a blast & you're so welcome - thanks for capturing "Loreena" :) @KDFiddler you sound so great! https://t.co/VnajKS92iK
Not sure why it took me quite this long but tonight I debuted sequins on my eyes :) (I ran out… https://t.co/mhXhpCQDkK
Yay!! We loved serenading you...photos to come! Xo https://t.co/I0XPMVXbfp
Thank you #Norwich! Great seeing some old friends & making some new ones too ;) #UK… https://t.co/MT1O4xRXf7
Happy #worldballetday! These are the same pointe shoes I'm holding in my #choreographic album… https://t.co/M4hnGwB1xE
Happy #worldballetday! This is me performing in New York City Ballet 's "Circus Polka" at SPAC… https://t.co/F71mb8CYtO
Had a great time in London last night! Tonight we’re in Norwich at @EatonParkCafe @ 8pm. Hope to see you there!… https://t.co/cct9NpuoNR
RT @BicycleShopCafe: Tonight at Eaton Park Cafe there's music from @rachaelsage Free Entry / Starts 7:30pm https://t.co/X77lajKqjD
Reat to see you too!! :) xo https://t.co/D1fTeT5ahJ
Over the top fun tonight @troubadourldn - lovely audience & sound was impeccable (kudos to… https://t.co/cPNUinwuG9
Ready to rock @troubadourldn w/ the amazing @kdfiddler! We're on at 9pm, still time to get here… https://t.co/66HSembi6l
@troubadourldn #vibes #jimi https://t.co/iGNqLUcHbW
Who’s coming out tonight to the legendary listening room @troubadourlondon?! Set is at 9:00! w/ @KDFiddler #London… https://t.co/VQLj8XpBrS
RT @140musicpromo: #nowplaying Rachael Sage @rachaelsage I Don't Believe It https://t.co/SLVMqxd2SZ See her live #London Thurs 29/9 @ @discovery_2 @229thevenue
Applying black liquid liner when you're severely myopic is an exercise in self-trust &… https://t.co/yMgdn5aFRl
Love Raul Midon! Best show I've ever seen at the Triple A Summit, hands down...#genius & utterly unique! https://t.co/lbO9ZZ3ckr
Otherwise known as #autumn today is also "the 1st day the UK becomes freezing at night in ones hotel rm & England has no working heaters" :)
Goodnight #Corsham (aka land of @jamiecullum); an honor to debut my #glitterboots in you tonight… https://t.co/4PDUTw1vBx
Next week come see me in Brighton at @greyspub! 8:30PM! #TourLife #ChoreograpicTour #Brighton https://t.co/284cxihFrJ
Thanks for the awesome mention of me in the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald about my show at @groundedCAFE tonight! - https://t.co/orJy6X5lgx
RT @TBrittonT: Tomorrow @rachaelsage supporting The Two Romans at @TroubadourLDN, #London. Tickets https://t.co/hsWYSOXqq3 #LoveLondon
Gearing up to do my 1st #choreographic workshop w/ some students in #Bristol :) excited & nervous!! #wishmeluck
Happy International Peace Day! Spread the love! xo #InternationalPeaceDay #LoveAlwaysWins #Peace https://t.co/kMhZtbmoYG
Sunday, I'm playing at @offthecuffldn w/ @peteravesmusic as part of the @AcrossConcert To End Gun Violence! See you… https://t.co/O1ec6Is8mw
RT @KinkyBootsBway: Register NOW – and get a FREE #KinkyBoots "YEAH, I'M VOTING" button – at https://t.co/07r3uGrcol! ✨🇺🇸✨… https://t.co/FhFgPXNRps
RT @TBrittonT: Recommended tomorrow Day 1 of @rachaelsage ‘Choreographic Tour’ at @groundedCAFE, #Corsham. Tkts https://t.co/BcScgimb3h #livemusic
RT @DonaldShier: #InBrightonLive @greyspub #Gig #89 Tue 27 Sept #RachaelSage (#USA) #TheGoulds + #BenEakins 2016… https://t.co/rpzDrtwXaN
Happy birthday @Abby_Lee_Miller! Xo to you from the UK & hope you have a fabulous, glittery day! https://t.co/A2x7kgdjKL
Amazing how time expands to fit ur needs down 2 the minute-packed by 6, ran errands til 7 & now my last chai b4 730 pickup! @ThinkCoffeeNYC
Yay! Looking fwd to serenading you...thank you! ;) https://t.co/IhJ5VmM6RF
Big suitcase: check, guitar: check, carry-on: check...& a special read for my tour manager :)… https://t.co/gtRSgZKADg
In case you ever wondered what my packing process looked like :) I'm about half-packed here… https://t.co/HzqJLH80x6
Hello #London! I’m so excited to be playing at the legendary listening room @TroubadourLDN on Sept 23! https://t.co/DcCEUupghT
Sometimes you see a blinking house on #bowery :) #lornasimpson #thenewmuseum #iloveny https://t.co/Y7yEZmnvTk
RT @nycallday247: The best Lower East Side art galleries | https://t.co/A42AcYn7BQ via @TimeOutNewYork @HowardHalle #LES #NYC #art #gallery
watching #Elektra on @pbs #TheMet so good & timely as ever #Strauss #opera #timeless "the gods do not tolerate joy that speaks too loudly"
It's all happening in #littleitaly tonight :) #wcbsfm #feastofsangennaro #ilovemyneighborhood!!… https://t.co/wqZpk2TTnT
Heading to the UK next week on tour & will also be doing special private workshops at dance schools along the way! https://t.co/jX6nt6z10K
Such a lovely set by @Shane_Alexander @RockwoodNYC! now of course my obnoxious neighbor's having a party w/deafening techno music #yinyang
@JaneElizIreland hope we can connect!! Lmk if you wanna come to any show(s) ot just grab tea! Xo
Kicking off my UK dates in #Corsham on Sept 22! Hope to see all my beautiful #UK friends along the #tour!! https://t.co/Dy1CcwE3eO
Hey y'all! Checkout my newest design on @printalloverme :) https://t.co/wUyaNVvKjm
Yes my dear! Go to https://t.co/JE1mahivOs and click Store. Then click Wearable Art. Dresses, skirts & more! Xo https://t.co/mgacaMU58c
view from my "office" today :) been sitting here all day having conf calls...why don't I do this… https://t.co/d6aRvtbveG
Honored to have my friend & world class #ballerina @AbigailHSimon model my dress tonight :) More… https://t.co/z2Exwqaj8P
The beautiful (and unusually bedecked) hughsings tearing it up tonight at my art opening… https://t.co/FtSsZH1dfT
You looked fabulous in it! Xo https://t.co/qGBHPOB3Iq
I’m so excited for my Think Gallery Art Reception tonight! Can't wait to see my #NYC friends! @ThinkCoffeeNYC https://t.co/mGoqMSbzME
@pollypaulusma so sorry to hear about your dad. Sending so much love your way xoxo
So this is what I'm doing tonight :) Been listening to glenhansard's rhapsodically beautiful… https://t.co/ldUZnfcucc
Kicking off my UK dates in Corsham on 9/22, & will be hitting London, Brighton, Bristol & more! Any song requests?! https://t.co/JyxKmgng6r
In another life I think I was a florist :) I thought these lavender roses needed a little… https://t.co/ZFL8p9Hibr
@avie_89 honestly I'm just crazy busy gearing up for an art show and uk tour but you will soon!!!
RT @MilesHigh: Any fans of the show Dance Moms? MHP artist @rachaelsage hung out with the fab moms at her show this past June! https://t.co/Ev8o5im8e1
So excited for this showcase & to share the stage w/ these fabulous artists!! :) Xo https://t.co/UTNnXd3GMN
Check out this live video of me & The #Sequins performing "French Doors" @ @RockwoodNYC. Enjoy! xo - https://t.co/IEZ9rS99bL
RT @NatchieArt: NBD just Natchie and Moma hanging out next to each other in the Kyoto Loft Store!!! Waahhh… https://t.co/hsoDS312N1 https://t.co/5zo1hnAsYQ
Just hung my 3rd art show @thinkcoffeenyc :) New paintings, jackets, jeans...& even a hat. Come… https://t.co/aCxNkcJPIZ
Hey, my @daytrotter session is now live! Check it out here --> https://t.co/J7nvwSSbY0 #nowplaying https://t.co/ytVwIUvvmo
Thank you so much! We had a blast recording in your gorgeous studio & your engineer was fantastic :) xo https://t.co/HIWTGSbN6y
Detail from final painting I just finished for my @thinkcoffeenyc art show...better stop & let… https://t.co/x1PGT6sp2S
Not quite done yet - I think it may need a few sequins :) Almost finished prepping my art show… https://t.co/9wWcgLNiKT
RT @DanceProms: Our new comp is offering UK dance groups the chance to win amazing prizes including a session @rachaelsage. Enter at https://t.co/pxOIW3bkme
Am I done yet? :) #phase2 #embroidery #fabricpaint #buttons #sequins ...come check out this… https://t.co/4kRIt4vHgr
Reading my #1fave #elviscostello's new book & getting excited to head back across the pond in a… https://t.co/JhWo0XHeKz
Such a brilliant video! Loved this song... https://t.co/4OAPtYSc5i
Such a fun night w/ @antigonerising @jamminjava! Love these ladies so much & an honor to share… https://t.co/uWeBQRtvmM
Today is National Stand Up to Cancer Day. Sending love & healing energy to everyone currently fighting #SU2C https://t.co/sdoNZv0lZQ
We're almost there...excited to soundcheck & be reunited w/ the amazing ladies of @antigonerising!! https://t.co/594U3w69Jx
Who's coming out tonight to @jamminjava to check out my set and to see @antigonerising?! Stop by & say "Hello"! https://t.co/IxgiqKpG7m
My beautiful, soulful friend @jackiegseaman who co-chaired last night's @tuesdayschldrn event… https://t.co/3PvpsVk9lp
Thank you @kdfiddler & wardiewilliams for accompanying me do beautifully tonight @tuesdayschldrn… https://t.co/LEr4OHYLQV
Poignant evening serenading the @tuesdayschldrn family & an unexpected pleasure meeting… https://t.co/2jUjfA1Mc5
I am vegetarian! :) https://t.co/yS2A5wwm8B
#koshergirlgonewild True or False: I ate shellfish for the first time on The Cape! #tbt https://t.co/P8XWCpt4Kj
New lyric video out for my song "Loreena"! See the full video here --> https://t.co/2rBAPLLEfq https://t.co/DlFYjrErPa
Can't wait to share the stage w/ these amazing ladies & play your beautiful venue!! https://t.co/IhZmILWirD
Aww, love this! Pleasure sharing the stage together in such a gorgeous setting! Xo https://t.co/U6adWiTHwp
Tonight is the @Tuesdayschldrn 15th Anniversary Roots of Resilience Gala. I'll be performing a new song, "The Tide"! https://t.co/GUgd2yTLoy
phase2! #daytime #decoupage don't worry, I've got the windows open :) #onlyslightlytoxic https://t.co/MTKV5GigEw
UK dancers, check out this cool contest to win a visit from me & tix to Dance Proms! Xo https://t.co/AQ6aoPiC8O
Never enough glitter!! #basecoat #priming the #decoupage #inmykitchen :) https://t.co/qKqkQxvNEj
The moment where you learn your #1fave style icon just had a special #nyfw show next door to your apt & you just missed it :( #oy #guesswho
I'm having an art exhibit at @ThinkCoffeeNYC's Think Gallery Art in NYC. Fashion inspired art, wine, and giveaways! https://t.co/6NjoFtWEVD
What are all my Westchester friends up to this Sat? Come out to Yonkers Riverfest, last summer fest of the season! https://t.co/2yQJZfZcEZ
Almost done decorating #wearableart pieces for my art opening @thinkcoffeenyc during #nyfw on… https://t.co/B1NopiZKi6
Sometimes I write not-so-random words on jeans I haven't worn in a decade :) #wearableart… https://t.co/0CElkgfKbe
RT @xoBetseyJohnson: I created the most colorful new collection! I can't wait to show U! Stay Tuned Kiddos! #NYFW @Macys 👧🏼✌🏻️❤️💛💚💙XoX💋💋 https://t.co/83mbY9M1Kp
Such a pleasure! What a lovely setting & a great lineup & staff :) thanks for having me!! https://t.co/wDcaRkOZJN
tied up in studio tonight w/o tv but can't wait to catch up later on #dancemoms :) always inspired by the girls' amazing artistry & talent!
Just a few days away from the show on 9/9 w/ @antigonerising at @jamminjava! Get tix today - https://t.co/qjUH7H7qqh https://t.co/NfODd89x8l
RT @ISTDdance: RT:Win £500, a session w/ @rachaelsage & 2 @DanceProms tickets! Enter the comp with @Tornado_Prod & @danceteachersOL https://t.co/UAWWcHmFZ6
RT @yourordinaryman: .@hellenkampemma & @Dance10Jenna, that was beautiful. The story was emotional, the choreography was perfect, you made me shed a tear #SYTYCD
Loving all the performances so much tonight on #SYTYCD! Always humbled by the outrageous talent & enjoy the positive mentoring :) #obsessed
Thanks so much for the support!! :) https://t.co/y29foikoSu
Wishing all my Hindu friends around the world a very happy #GaneshChaturthi! Many blessings and… https://t.co/k0lIp4TqTL
RT @DDNational: Sand artist #SudarsanPattnaik's message on #GaneshChaturthi https://t.co/bkCdf71DAP
RT @britishmuseum: The Hindu celebration of #GaneshChaturthi takes place today https://t.co/pqJ6YqUvIo https://t.co/BJoEbiYbyZ
@smoemeth @britishmuseum #disco #Ganesh  :) https://t.co/XTnsWUZkHf
It's only a few days until the @Tuesdayschldrn 15th Anniversary Roots of Resilience Gala! https://t.co/epW6wp1d5Q
RT @DanceProms: Win £500, a session w/ @RachaelSage, & 2 #danceproms tickets! Enter our comp with @Tornado_Prod & @DanceTeachersOL: https://t.co/pxOIW3bkme
I always felt like my red shoe piece (on back to the of "smashing the serene" cd) from 1998 was… https://t.co/YZ2phZWErt
RT @LouiseGoffin: "The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it." - Chinese Proverb
Hello #CT friends! I'm playing today in #Stamford @ The Arboretum w/ @kdfiddler & the lovely… https://t.co/OpW7j1FRBP
haven't done a men's jacket since decorating @daveeggar's for our #edinburghfringe show "sequins… https://t.co/tgrtYAFvS3
Same project...#phase2! #magentaombre #tiles (goddess bless my dustbuster :) https://t.co/ihAQjfaAmK
Just listening to glenhansard & glitterizing some seashells :) #mixedmedia #phase1… https://t.co/adXn9baIBY
#crackiswack #KeithHaring canoe! #thethinker (#unfiltered photo: @kdfiddler :) We wish we'd gone… https://t.co/F6HTiNocwS
#bandphoto #sequins #innature https://t.co/YDVx21AL4E
Such a fun day at #campkinderland in #Tolland #MA!! @kdfiddler rocked it & we were honored to be… https://t.co/UIoOSAeozJ
RT @mpressmeredith: .@rachaelsage & @KDFiddler playing at the Kinderland Music & Arts Festival in beautiful rural Massachusetts :) https://t.co/m4rwfe5MEo
Someones feeling the #klezmer! :) we may be recruiting a clarinetist after this gig :)… https://t.co/CqwC707qkM
The fabulous #IsleOfKlezbos featuring my friend @klezbigal on the drums :) We're up next!… https://t.co/IKKVPvER6c
RT @MyPrideBlog: Every day LGBTQ teens around the world commit suicide. #StandUpToBullying
Happy Birthday to the sweet, hard working, ubertalented & generally adorable kaci.king!! Love &… https://t.co/hkJwEoXsSq
#phase2...getting excited to share all these #wearableart pieces alongside my paintings at my… https://t.co/mF8Cxf9mom
Spent the day up in #Harlem reconnecting with a #soulmate & when I emerged the sky had this to… https://t.co/SD1EuTfYMT
Check out this great new lyric video for my song "Loreena". What do ya'll think? https://t.co/612f5cuJNJ https://t.co/vmaX9fUl2o
RT @penta0301:  https://t.co/rCSrThEMJ6 Learn all the words to @rachaelsage's latest single, "Loreena" with this lyric video https://t.co/hpkEdUZA1V
So looking fwd to this show!! :) https://t.co/Ig3f0g6NGW
Yes, I sure did! :) Thanks for the kind words! https://t.co/IQtDhpOH3I
This was gonna be a plain, "grownup" jacket Mom would approve of for temple...but the #sharpie… https://t.co/1GWGaxAyAB
@smoemeth lol that's my idea of a "break"; got 1 "area" done & felt I deserved a reward! back to it now w/ @iloveshelmusic on the stereo ;)
Starting a new jacket :) #funwithsharpies #phase1 #wearableart https://t.co/190X65isiX
"stormy weather" ...beautiful choice for a rainy eve in #Brooklyn :) #michaellattimore https://t.co/m7C0gmm5m4
Overheard in the tourvan: "oops we've glitterized the vehicle!" @smoemeth #birthday #giftwrap #katespaperie
There's a long & sordid tradition of me making #birthday art for my beloved #mishupuchah… https://t.co/egoQk4qzg2
Hey #Brooklyn! Tonight is the night! See you at @strong_place @ 9:30! https://t.co/pzeVaOPKHD
Thanks so much @Sixtyplusurfers for your support! https://t.co/HuIdb2GfQL
Thank you @liminophone for playing so beautifully on my new songs - sandwiched between shows w/… https://t.co/VYN0aspDNZ
Hey #NY! Come on out 9/10 for one last #summer festival date! I play at 2pm! See you there! https://t.co/XzwS6o3esg
RT @DANCEonFOX: RETWEET if you loved @maddieziegler & @traviswall's performance on #SYTYCD250! https://t.co/6nGwt1W1Gl
Thrilled to be supporting @Tuesdayschldrn & their 15th Anniversary Roots of Resilience Gala https://t.co/lgSTs5YXFO https://t.co/WTcnO2oV2h
Nice piece by the always astute Jim Nelson on @Shane_Alexander's new record :) Congrats! https://t.co/1Etzo7NKfm
Ok now I can go to sleep! couldn't just leave a blank canvas lying around, burning a hole in my… https://t.co/PpdPOqiCqt
Here's another piece I'm working on, "the kiss" :) Can you find the guitar? #whereswaldo #popart… https://t.co/SWFdMSC0fK
Revisited a painting I started last week & made some tweaks :) #fresheyes #inprocess… https://t.co/3kUV2AcuSo
Thanks so much for spinning #TryTryTry! ;) https://t.co/535T9bG87f
Making friends in the train station :) #citybirds #boston #itsthelittlethings https://t.co/cdDflyW1Oo
An outing to a farm near the #houseconcert I'm playing yielded a surprise visit w/ my… https://t.co/Y9k1W6FIcW
Happy National #WomensEqualityDay! xo > https://t.co/ve0IcKnfN1 @Spotify#nowplaying #SHEroes #Equality https://t.co/36YQLZu1Nx
"upside down fear" (I'll be rhinestoning the rest, once my special glue arrives; sounds… https://t.co/fRWUZmDJMo
Headed to #MA for on a musical adventure, then back in CT to finish some new tunes w/ lovely… https://t.co/ob8crGCpd1
Come on out to @CampKinderland in Tolland, MA this Labor Day weekend to see some great performances! I play at 3! xo https://t.co/MFnanMEQTK
Missing my Wurly but it was good to be reunited briefly :) I'll always be indebted to John Lee… https://t.co/pA1HzEukZM
Long, beautiful day making music w/ 2 of the finest humans I know, @WardieWilliams & @WalterParks @carriagehousest...#feelinglucky #naptime!
The great walterparks doing his swampy thang :) #multiinstrumentalist #bass #guitar… https://t.co/jCbpbfRtOX
See the full video for "I Don't Believe It" here > https://t.co/B2DN0jB7Pa https://t.co/sib92LQV7j
Have you heard my track "Try Try Try" on your local radio station yet?! Download it here! > https://t.co/6VomF749nn https://t.co/wHqYCrB4Ga
There is no better wakeup call on earth than wardiewilliams :) @carriagehousest #thetide… https://t.co/EXqtt802un
Aww, that made my morning ;) Can't wait to visit in person soon...back in the UKon a few weeks!! Xo https://t.co/7pC40OuNEw
Every time they dance together I weep...how's this kind of maturity poss in a child? Reminds me of #katherinehealey https://t.co/UwwDANv0CF
Some serious vibe happening out here @carriagehousest! :) wardiewilliams you don't mind… https://t.co/RLYhCTS6jE
Is there a certain age when I can expect to NOT want to wear children's clothing in my size? :)… https://t.co/OioNQNh1Z4
Headed to the country for a couple days to make some new music that'll hopefully sound like this… https://t.co/hyy9vA4dXX
Haha true...but what's life without struggle?? https://t.co/a8Xm7oDsY3
What'd I ever do without an ipad? Belated apologies to various partners, peers, friends for being imposs 2 reach "B.I." #phonesdeadsowhat :)
Happy to be in my favorite place when it's raining and I have no umbrella :) #nosarcasm… https://t.co/SkB6EcU756
Excited to finally be seeing #thegoldenbride @folksbiene w/ @smoemeth :) Nothing like a little #Yiddish #opera to spice up your weekend!
@SLightFLight lol thank you for telling me I'm done lol...otherwise you know I'd fill that space with rhinestones! ;)
It's become an annual tradition for me to do an art show @thinkcoffeenyc every Fall :)… https://t.co/adb3sXTRnI
Just starting this one...some wild, heavy rain (with the sun also out) is the soundtrack at the… https://t.co/fhSwhhSdQZ
Hmm...am I done yet? :) #fear of #negativespace https://t.co/7mJkOS23MZ
My kind of #shabbatshalom :) nothing relaxes me more than #watercoloring by #candlelight… https://t.co/btuJlhCilV
Do I really have to give away this guitar lol?? Sigh...I mean, I'm so excited to give away this guitar lol! :) https://t.co/uuCmSLSjv3
What a conveniently inspiring tree :) #irvingplace #matchymatchy #feelingpink https://t.co/l754LN3mJ8
Guess who's on @Snapchat! Follow me for exclusive behind the scenes content! #follow4follow #snapchat https://t.co/FeDFu84wAK
Detail of a new #fashion-inspired piece: "tutu"...this will be #watercolored by tomorrow!… https://t.co/vE6Hg865Kr
Quite a scene happening tonight at my local art store! #oilpainting lessons & #burlesque models… https://t.co/zAZqwtd4Ma
No joke: 1 of most beautiful, brilliant men in NYC (let's call him "Steve") recognized me from behind, blocks away #grateful to my #tuchus
I don't generally wear shorts...but these were so beautifully #ungapatchked & matched my tights… https://t.co/oFn8ajDa9Y
“Love's gonna wait for you to climb back up that hill Life is a state of celebrating your free will” https://t.co/HUYurDsUGf
Absolutely! Please email radio@mpressrecords.com & we'll make it happen - thanks!! :) https://t.co/bV5nmRZ9Nq
@smoemeth bc I hadn't run out of rhinestones yet lol!
Thanks so much for the support - honored to be in some very fine co. here! :) https://t.co/EywFPyJ8NS
Found a pack of #googlyeyes :) #because #webelongtogether #nowicansleep https://t.co/chkzDcYPGv
Listening to hozier & #latenightdoodling :) #b&w #outline #lineart https://t.co/xfXZ84jIvP
phase 2...#decoupage #inprocess #latenightcrafting #pinkglitter #knowyoureweird :) https://t.co/GcZ3GwH7zw
Headed over to #TheBitterEnd to see the fantastically talented @NalaniSarina @ 8pm ! :) Come meet me there!!
Yes bubulah...lets kibitz after 1230 :) https://t.co/nLhEEP3m4q
Is it a bad idea to drink iced coffee at 1am when you're having brunch w/ your ex in the morning? #sleepwhenImdead #oops #vampirediaries
Thank you @myadriene for your powerful voice & beautiful, soulful (& very funny!) presence ;)… https://t.co/y6OLioNZbx
Letting "phase 1" dry while I head to @rockwoodmusicall to hear the amazingly fierce @myadriene… https://t.co/6mzLwWkQXU
Well u didn't *have* 2 lol...u suggested gig dates ;) but glad they have what u need & Ill do my best 2 amuse u!! Xo https://t.co/FJYpJzbJu6
Hey #Brooklyn! I'll be at @strong_place in Cobble Hill Sept. 1 & would love to see all your beautiful faces there! https://t.co/6dYwdTREZN
This is the "before" photo :) this time next wk everything on (and above) the piano will be… https://t.co/6TOPz3m4tR
Figuring out what clothes to wear I don't mind getting paint all over b4 I get ready to paint is its own conundrum ;) #shmatte #searching
Unbelievable pjharveyofficial show last night at #terminal5 #nyc!! Incredible musicianship, … https://t.co/xmUxvAN7oI
In case anyone's wondering what gets a label excited: a hardworking artist submitting 30+ demos per abum :) @sethglier @mpressrecords #kvell
Check out the @EOPresents YouTube Channel to see my live performance from April 9! #folk #concert #Georgia https://t.co/OHRBY7ZrJ1
Honored to be in such fine co.! Adore your venue & all these amazing artists are among my regular listening :) https://t.co/Jrk7EZgWrp
Good a.m. #NYC! While I'll certainly miss the wildlife of #CO including this furry friend...it's… https://t.co/wJMIh0gDq8
enjoyed @RickieLeeJones's interview just now on #q....she's always been 1 of my absolute favorite recording artists & live performers :)
Finally home, listening to news re: security chaos @ JFK - grateful @mpressmeredith had us fly into Newark #oytothevey those poor travelers!
Just met "Steve" (not real name), fbi-guy who's very music passionate & offered gig @ field office #reallife #criminalminds #dreamscometrue
Too much love is never enough!! #soulful #mensches #mishpucha #Boulder #reunion https://t.co/hi6z7ZGQay
Such a lovely time last night in #Nederland #CO w/ the delightful gabriellelouisemusic! Enjoy… https://t.co/gLo3ENwciO
In mere hrs now, I'm flying back to #NYC where the incomparable @PJHarveyUK will blow our minds! @LaurenOBrien1 you ready?? #anticipation :)
Thanks so much Lisa! :) Glad you're enjoying! Xo https://t.co/C81dzdJySy
Thank you so much for the support! :) https://t.co/AL8vAUNgmM
About to go live from Nederland, CO! https://t.co/ZZ7gNzxbme
I think we just found the site of our annual @mpressrecords retreat :) my kind of #menagerie… https://t.co/jhwQT29vFm
The fellow running the carousel was a musical mensch from Flatbush, BK! ;) #ridingthepeacock… https://t.co/5cjqLzBT7n
Yes, @mpressmeredith & I just rode the peacock & the moose on the #carouselofhappiness! Video to… https://t.co/P7VPW2gM6C
Another big highlight for me this year at #FMQB #tripleaconference was @thewindthewave! Gorgeous… https://t.co/khVKmHTrvo
'bye #Boulder! Thanks to my ubertalented bandmates @andymacmusic & @kdfiddler for rockin' the… https://t.co/ogGOk9pD6A
I've made so many new friends at the #FMQB #triplearadioconference! A highlight was… https://t.co/OIBEtyyS7Y
Anyone going to Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center tonight? I’m supporting Gabrielle Louise at 8pm! See ya there! https://t.co/5rCh5oiXM5
@TheRealCurve I already do follow you! :) Looking fwd to hearing more...yes dm me please!
RT @RockCellarMag: Have YOU pre-ordered Bruce @springsteen's new autobiography yet? https://t.co/LNDDDD1E4N
Feeling just a little homesick tonight; #Boulder has a lot, but it doesn't have this guy :)… https://t.co/NEojyIpxPq
It's not easy to make a hit song you've heard a zillion times sound fresh but passengermusic did… https://t.co/t081QnCqWq
I'm working on it! :) stay tuned but hopefully in the Fall! https://t.co/44zqh8zCki
Hey friends! I will be in #Nederland, #CO this Sat supporting Gabrielle Louise at the Wild Bear Ecology Center! xo https://t.co/Woq2k3qeDB
Thank you passengermusic for serenading us so soulfully today :) Such a treat hearing your… https://t.co/KBnxuXHDNX
So @mattnakoa you have a doppleganger in #Boulder whose name is Cobi :) (it's his hair mostly)… https://t.co/9fqjWBj1II
Fabulous surprise to see my dear friend, the incomparable @everettbnyc on percussion at the… https://t.co/mYp82lQtTu
Woohoo! New music from @Hozier @WynonnaMusic @TheGrahamNash & @DeclanMcKenna in our #FMQB #tripleaconference dropbags :) #hanukkahinaugust
#kellysbirthday part 5: "the final frontier"!! #eatcake #makeawish #ace #productiverehearsal :) xo https://t.co/6QrzwGs6dc
#kellysbirthday part 4: "tchatchke time" featuring the emergency bowtie! https://t.co/EKnIGOxGgC
#kellysbirthday part 3: "pack a pint" & keychain tchatchks! https://t.co/l6EZdJ0cbq
#kellysbirthday part 2 :) "you can never be too prepared!" @kdfiddler @andymacmusic https://t.co/BgzEcjySiU
#kellysbirthday part 1 :) "the root-beer and the tortoise"! @kdfiddler @andymacmusic https://t.co/5yWRtpTR2V
Time for rehearsal @kdfiddler!! #birthday #mishpucha #sequinsatwork #bandmates… https://t.co/g0nZ0tTvXy
More #streetperformer excitement in #Boulder - love it!! Reminds me of #Edinburgh #Fringe in the… https://t.co/nEIMMlEDQb
I love #Boulder!! How wild is this?? #one #U2 #upsidedown #streetpiano https://t.co/XWR5D9pRE1
Hotel rm rehearsal w/ #thesequins - check! :) "keyboards on pilllows & whiskers on kittens..."… https://t.co/mnM8ki9va7
Talking a friend thru heartbreak is so...heartbreaking :( on the upside I may've actually said something helpful #morbidromantic #sexyyenta
Wow thank you so much! :) https://t.co/i9gSBpuGYD
Happy B-Day to one of the most irrepressible, thoughtful, socially conscious, hilarious, … https://t.co/harenABdYr
Watching men's gymnastics & enjoying the expressive commentary; my 3 favorite descriptives in only a few mins: #fabulous #gorgeous #elegant
Nothing's more romantic than 2 brides stepping on a glass in spiked heels...esp when one's… https://t.co/tyG17AwvCG
Thanks so much for the support!! :) https://t.co/6bNSlqRVMD
Headed to #Boulder via #LA & a guy who looks a lot like Tom Petty's behind me. Real or perk of outdated glasses prescription? #itsallablur
Coolest. Wedding cake. Ever. One of the bride's mother's designed it ;) #edibleart #delicious… https://t.co/LATPHBvzAX
Fabulous music tonight at my dear friend @jamieblakesher's wedding :) loved electronica combined… https://t.co/eOZblFElcP
Wonder what music my 2 talented artiste friends will have tonight at their wedding? :) last… https://t.co/QKsovQ3W8y
Apparently it's #nationalsistersday! good thing I just happen to have the sweetest sister in the… https://t.co/5jHYIF6fqr
Hello #jetlag! today was my 1 day in foreseeable future to sleep in, alas; upside= being only 1 in LA walking for miles ;) #glitterneakers
RT @ScoutingMusic: What Musicians Should Carry at all Times https://t.co/1OBKPNhpJs https://t.co/rswAznL3Ly
@dglasermusic nice to properly "meet" you (off Facebook) at #falconridge & thanks for your cd...Please reach out if you're ever in NYC! :)
@Anironnie626 it's actually "fought" not "fall" ;) but your lyric is more interesting! Xo
All checked into hotel in LA & ready to attend wedding of dear lifelong friend w/ mom. It's her 1st lesbian wedding :) #shouldbeinteresting
Only half hr til senseless mishugas of 2 screaming toddlers kicking my seat for 6 hrs comes to a blessed end #iblametheparents #planekvetch
Happened upon these soulful mensches yesterday up at camp theburrenbar :) #davidglaser… https://t.co/lvXe2wDJUc
Happy #friendshipday kaci.king! You may double as my dance doppelgänger but I cherish our… https://t.co/KEPgtUofYn
xo to my buddy & partner in musical adventure @kdfiddler! Happy #friendshipday… https://t.co/J4ROKgNLzD
Some serious #mishpucha in this selfie :) tommoorephoto @LaurenOBrien1 @mpressmeredith… https://t.co/mdxvH9NllK
Not enough xoxoxoxo's in the universe for this human :) #friendshipday #mishpucha… https://t.co/9QE4rdrYe3
It's #friendshipday weekend & I'll be sharing lots of #mishpuchah photos, starting w/ my video… https://t.co/vDkep89boG
Name this track! https://t.co/3GQQbM1OtD
That moment when you've undressed for bed & notice you have a mild sunburn in the shape of your large pointed heart necklace ;) #falconridge
Hard tearing myself away from #falconridgefolkfestival so soon...1.5 days wasn't enough! Alas, … https://t.co/3ZBGDN62C8
The always elegant #mirastanley eating her "Egyptian bowl" like the top model she is @ #falconridge https://t.co/2SXnW8wFvF
@NiaSioux @mnzrainbow @jordanmatter how fabulous!! Love these vibrant colors on you - you look fierce! Xo
Morning #lamentations at #falconridge @mpressmeredith @mpressrecords https://t.co/NNOvUbGsFH
Quick rehearsal (& equally importantly wardrobe-kibitz) w/ the great @WardieWilliams-check! Ready for our power-set @falconridgefest woohoo!
RT @mpressmeredith: Lo, for I have successfully delivered @rachaelsage unto Falcon Ridge. #frff2016 https://t.co/olwkr9NQb3
Yay #falconridge! :) #citygirlinthecountry #oy https://t.co/aSLRqdymiq
@roseshell I did 2 new songs! "Disarm Distrust" which we just released on @mpressrecords' "Songs For Orlando" & the other's "The Tide" :) xo
Happy bday to “Ballads & Burlesque”! Only 2 days left of #SageSummer. Get all of my albums 50% off! Use: SAGESUMMER! https://t.co/wRfaOByctO
RT @SmarterDancer: Let this utterly gorgeous video remind you that ballet is amazing https://t.co/zd6KiAVTj7 via @HuffPostArts
That moment you realize you're packing for 3 very different trips in a row (& have to figure out how you'll get all your gear there too) #oy
Who is going to @falconridgefest and will be at the Showcase on Friday afternoon?! #livemusic #folkfest https://t.co/MO1VcSZAER
Thanks for the visit @aftdk7! We were long overdue for chai & an impromptu urban photoshoot :)… https://t.co/BFAFUNQB0w
I always wonder who lives here :) #doorwaysofnyc #KeithHaring #bleeckerstreet w/ @aftdk7… https://t.co/j5kn1Pecad
Happy #NationalColoringBookDay! Have you colored in my "Choreographic" Coloring Book yet?! https://t.co/PRyx7U4olw https://t.co/MOQOUvCLQN
RT @RockwoodNYC: Tonight's @mpressrecords Presents: @rachaelsage & Friends features @sethglier, @mattnakoa, & @MichelleCitrin! https://t.co/grmYkyWHdA
RT @mpressrecords: Tomorrow is the night! @rachaelsage & Friends: A Benefit for Orlando at @RockwoodNYC 8:15pm https://t.co/FyVZQy8jfq https://t.co/IJeLpX7Ppk
Hope to see all my #NYC friends at @RockwoodNYC Stage 3 tomorrow 8:15 https://t.co/2sXAdB8R3V #orlandostrong #LBGT https://t.co/PhYDa5oxBy
Turned on @TeenChoiceFOX just in time for #StoptheViolence segment...had me weeping - so powerful & moving #ComeTogether #EnoughIsEnough
Yay! Congrats @maddieziegler!! You're such an inspiration to all who see you dance & a lovely, sweet person too! Xo https://t.co/s72GBMmfdN
Happy belated #nationaldanceday! Somehow we missed this memo but we were dancing yesterday so we… https://t.co/Gcw8hZXhgA
@avie_89 thanks! I just haven't had time to get into it yet lol...but it's on my list! Maybe in Aug when I have more time I can delve in :)
perfect spot in my entranceway for #magenta #glitter #violin from yesterday's #videoshoot :)… https://t.co/xGCnDcrTew
Special #sundayshoutout to @TroyEdwards_ for bringing the glamour to #ttytrytry! #makeupmagic https://t.co/1XtLuAAyn0
Thank you @aftdk7 @guitarbarnj & @annettelchen for being so fabulous & talented!! #trytrytry… https://t.co/lRkDceGrQc
Almost time for RS & Friends: A Benefit for Orlando at @RockwoodNYC. Get your tix here > https://t.co/qZtt6jkZgn https://t.co/9YtFhsb65w
Incredible work today @AbigailHSimon & mardnc! So inspired by your beautiful artistry &… https://t.co/iTMGia7bXi
On location w/ the incomparable tommoorephoto shooting the video for #trytrytry! #itsawrap #day1… https://t.co/nXupXKFzak
"Give a woman lipstick and she'll conquer the world!" HAPPY #NationalLipstickDay Y'all! xo #makeup #lipstick https://t.co/BR7z8fVk4Z
Today was so busy! Observed dance rehearsal for my video, picked up new (!) silver sparkle… https://t.co/cf84NGQ7zl
2nd rehearsal w/ these gorgeous artists @AbigailHSimon mardnc & choreographer @sarahogleby & I… https://t.co/2n5uzFnRYi
Check out my new song "Disarm Distrust"! @GLBTCenterFL. Thanks @daveeggar! #donate #LBGT https://t.co/FLacjBb2Ty https://t.co/VM4QlLFmHj
2 of the most beautiful dancers I've ever seen just happen to be in my video :) #inspired… https://t.co/5EK8hfqyfS
Hangin' w/ beautiful, talented @AbigailHSimon @capezio getting costumes for #trytrytry video!… https://t.co/bQMeKtrc0E
I've seen this a handful of times now in a variety of contexts & I always love it! :) sometimes… https://t.co/iLRuYTuMmY
Hey! I'm so eager to share my brand new song "Disarm Distrust" via @mpressrecords #Orlando benefit sampler. Enjoy! https://t.co/0wFCASPFJ8
#titlethis: "red, white, rue" / "hope to die" / "anemic" / "political discord" / "internal… https://t.co/CeRFC20l7Q
Amidst some very dramatic storm I accompanied the wonderful @susanblond to a "Midsummer Night's… https://t.co/Mtm1AdNgyd
Wow!! They sang The Supremes? Well, at least I have my tix early for #CarnegieHall :) https://t.co/9nfmoR2ss9
Aww, well I think it's clearly your song Don! :) Love this & thank you!! Xo https://t.co/oHcKScxM3B
Thank you Katharine for listening so beautifully - great to meet you too! :) Xo https://t.co/RCahgzhmS9
How have we never been here before?! theburrenbar #irishpub #feelingourselves @kdfiddler can't… https://t.co/rRLX004mWU
RT @RockTheVote: "CityKids Speak on Liberty" by @KeithHaringFdn is now on display at our #TruthToPower exhibit, 990 Spring Garden St. https://t.co/d66R5q1bfG
Found some exciting new repertoire options backstage theburrenbar...whatchathink? @kdfiddler… https://t.co/pT7W3z6eAY
Thanks Greg!! :) Always appreciate your thoughtful support! Xo https://t.co/dxxvuQPF2R
Thanks Lisa! I agree - I get varklempt every time - she's extraordinary & it's always a thrill! Xo https://t.co/89BnaGKfmI
RT @mackzmusicinc: Only two hours left to vote #TeenChoice #ChoiceMuser❗️https://t.co/x1Lpr5Aftm https://t.co/7MlAlFcWgJ
RT @TeenChoiceFOX: It's time to sound off if you want to vote @mackzmusicinc for #ChoiceMuser! Retweet to vote now! #TeenChoice https://t.co/ISY6vxzuBl
RT @TeenChoiceFOX: .@maddieziegler's got the moves! Tap the retweet button now to vote for #ChoiceDancer! #TeenChoice https://t.co/AMHfdjiUDr
RT @TeenChoiceFOX: Retweet to vote if @KalaniHilliker's performances give you all the feels! #ChoiceDancer #TeenChoice https://t.co/galR4sUfiJ
Hey #Somerville! Who's coming out tonight for the show at @burrenmusic?! See you at 9 in The Back Room! xo
I'm so fortunate to do what I love & be surrounded by talented, inspiring peers like… https://t.co/3enXb0ru07
Late night stroll past the @steinwayandsons store...how am I supposed to sleep now? :)… https://t.co/A7vwWVQu5A
Who should I expect to see tonight at The Ladybug Music Fest in Wilmington, DE?! Set at 6:20pm, all ages welcome! https://t.co/cxYnUTWTOX
Who should I expect to see tonight at The Ladybug Music Fest in Wilmington, DE?! 5-10pm and all ages welcome! xo ://ow.ly/4nkg302tRYK
RT @Tuesdayschldrn: Come out & see @rachaelsage take the stage at our gala as she debuts her original song for Tuesday’s Children. https://t.co/QarjOnOcE7
RT @maddieziegler: Thank you! https://t.co/aHfk5oqU8W
Painting during #soyouthinkyoucandance :) #multimediamonday #upsidedownheart #watercolors… https://t.co/4QGw26n0zp
"connections" #latenightpainting #linedrawing #watercolors #popart https://t.co/JGNc4ztM0M
Hope everyone had a great weekend! #kindredspirits #summersunday #feelingcolorful https://t.co/PsqfdndSBN
Lately I've been coming here to write b/c nothing helps me think more clearly than fake seagulls… https://t.co/3oNvUN2UXG
"heartfelt chaos" #inprocess #popart #drawing #blackandwhite https://t.co/Z962VRp8P1
Yes @kdfiddler tore it up tonight w/ the wildly positive & charismatic @michaelfranti! So much… https://t.co/lnkoKsZQhL
Excited to hear the amazing @kdfiddler momentarily on this great stage w/ @michaelfranti!… https://t.co/H4aapqS8MD
RT @mackzmusicinc: 💔 #PrayForNice https://t.co/ysYecrVQTe
#ICYMI #FBF to when Kaci King, @KDFiddler, and myself performed then took over @fox32news in #Chicago! https://t.co/zf68MWuzH3
A wonderful article about #Choreographic from @RockCellarMag Thanks a bunch! xo https://t.co/LWULM8zsDD
Excited about the release of #Cashout's debut EP "Scam. Sin. Fear" on 7/15/16! Get ready to move your feet...fast! https://t.co/LUIb1GYxYb
Congrats @realniasioux on a fantastic debut tonight in #tripoflove! :) Grateful I could be there… https://t.co/bTWsNofBs6
So excited to see the fabulously talented @realniasioux tonight in #tripoflove, w/ my very own… https://t.co/V7xFmzqKKo
I will be in the #Boston area Sun 7/24 at @burrenmusicfor their Back Room #Acoustic #Music Series in #Somerville! xo https://t.co/hpEkodIdbW
...en route to meet Mom in #TimesSquare (I gave him 5). #ilovenyc https://t.co/E6nval4jvn
Loved #soyouthinkyoucandance tonight! cried like a baby & like the judges @ the last routine...glad it wasn't just me! #varklempt #inspired
Thanks for spreading the word!! :) Xo https://t.co/Ryg76IbzRI
@PureLove1818 thst would be fabulous!! Xo
@vulture @Sia We're excited to see @maddieziegler join the judging panel tonight on @DANCEonFOX #SYTYCD https://t.co/BRIC3PPO3S
Rachael Sage & Friends - A Benefit For Orlando to help The GLBT Community Center of Central Florida 8/2 @RockwoodNYC https://t.co/TR7M8WPGUx
There's literally nothing I enjoy than watching gymnastics. Ok, maybe it's a tie w/… https://t.co/T5JUyf7GEA
Can't think of any song more relevant right now than this one. #blowininthewind #BobDylan… https://t.co/wV2bKlG7Pc
Anybody recognize this man? Hint: his name rhymes with "tefillin" :) amazing concert in… https://t.co/LEKm97IRqU
#FBF to one year ago when my music video for "Coloring Book" was released! https://t.co/4USgBAPLMG #nowplaying https://t.co/4IdYRPwez6
#TBT to when Kaci King, @KDFiddler , & myself performed for @fox32news Chicago! Check out the video, ENJOY! - https://t.co/efFi8HARio
beautiful session w/ @daveeggar @jshyloski @andymacmusic @carriagehousest recording "Disarm… https://t.co/v8ri7vRKkx
The closest I've ever come to having a pet :) @carriagehousest #menagerie #homeawayfromhome… https://t.co/RAnVUu1fUp
Wonderful day indeed, so grateful to you & the fabulously talented @AndyMacMusic for your musical magic! Xo https://t.co/Nr1sxIlnGj
Check out my story, 'The Power of Chutzpah' with @onMogul #IAmAMogul What keeps you moving? #Chutzpah https://t.co/BviIk1VDYR
Nice to be reunited w/ my favorite piano on earth :) @carriagehousest @steinwayandsons… https://t.co/A9O1H322o0
Hope everyone's enjoying the holiday weekend! It may rain later so good to be prepared :)… https://t.co/QNqI0tEsTc
Happy #independenceday to all our friends across the country! How are you celebrating #july4th today? 🇺🇸 https://t.co/ml6RBRBG6A
A few one-of-a-kind watercolor paintings for some @pledgemusic #Choreographic orders :)… https://t.co/8TE5wYV3Xq
Thanks so much @gregsapphyre! :) glad you're enjoying! xo https://t.co/OSOR6Tw0uZ
#RIP #EliWiesel, a soulful, compassionate, insightful, gifted human & witness whose memory is… https://t.co/GyKAsO21mk
Phase 1 complete! #bedtime #vampire #crafting #lovejacket #wearableart https://t.co/yUIVWiszdM
Just a little #latenightcrafting :) #wearableart #independenceweekend https://t.co/ZEuEBfr2Eo
We had such an awesome time during NY Pride week! Check it out and let’s see your pics! https://t.co/dji1jqbOcX #nyprideweek #pride
Holiday weekend treat upcoming: tune in to my FB page at 7:30 pm Eastern tonight for my Bowery Electric set with The Sequins!
Check out @mpressrecords 'Summer BBQ Playlist' to get you ready for July 4! What are your favorite Summer Songs? https://t.co/cAhqqs1FgF
Amazing day recording new song for #Orlando w/ the incredibly soulful @daveeggar &… https://t.co/of6m8kaJRR
Tomorrow is my only #NYC show of the summer! Looking forward to a great show w/ @WardieWilliams & @AndyMacMusic! https://t.co/W1ClXBiIGk
Can't wait to take the stage at @boweryelectric on Friday! https://t.co/wZdu0Qk0N2 https://t.co/ZyyPIN8KS0
Honored to perform in this year's Emerging Artist Showcase at @falconridgefest! Tickets: https://t.co/o4jFwdmZqF https://t.co/YBdwylGjso
Got chills last night from this brilliant solo by the amazing @lyrishung @indigo_girls's… https://t.co/tofs9Qx3rQ
Thank you so much! :) Xo https://t.co/diwfPnzUyJ
Big chart news: "Try Try Try" is now at No. 11 on the #FMQB #AdultContemporary chart! Thank you… https://t.co/UFzQGBduvt
#LyricalInspiration Can you name which song this line is from? What's your favorite lyric from #Choreographic? https://t.co/dFLXZ5XHwA
Beautiful ladies!! Thank you #AmyJordan @victorydancenyc for the invite to my fave fierce… https://t.co/u6J4GVIgeX
Weathering storm as colorfully as I can w/ @LaurenOBrien1 & #AmyJordan @victorydancenyc… https://t.co/dlnvkaMH72
Hey #NYC! Got #Friday plans? I'm playing @boweryelectric. Don't miss it! https://t.co/wZdu0Qk0N2 https://t.co/CFIuOBc65S
Thanks @music_existence for this beautifully written review of #Choreographic! #bloglove https://t.co/m8NA7n7tqo
Thank you so much @JuliiIglesias! I hope to play a show in Argentina someday...it's a dream! xo https://t.co/CfGpFJ1wGM
Today we celebrated #love #diversity #equality & of course, #featherboas! #makingfriends #nycpride https://t.co/2PkGlpr4NW
What really pulls this look together for me is the matching bag :) #winning #pridefashion #nyc… https://t.co/W3f465pjzD
It's important to protect your skin from 90 degree sun! #andthewinneris #justbeingpractical… https://t.co/1DJaUyzuIo
Post-march love from #Malik! :) #girlisfierce #happypride #nyc https://t.co/MN7p3fq8aF
added a little extra makeup today but still way more toned down than I was in the "early… https://t.co/DF86KAEz9K
Wishing my beloved #nyc & an over-the-top #happypride! Biggest march in history #kvell xo & see… https://t.co/SpysYEB5jX
Walked past talented beautiful #CynthiaNixon w/ her adorable redheaded son & wanted to tell her I'm her biggest fan but I behaved :) #nyc
Happy Pride!! We miss our UK friends :) xo https://t.co/AdjkKNfu5Q
One week until my only #NYC show of the summer! See you soon, @boweryelectric! https://t.co/GGg8rB93Et
RT @AvalonTheatre: @ThisIsRachelB & @rachaelsage. Two great acts this weekend. #discovereveedeaston #mdinfocus… https://t.co/TbIF6PLe5K
Thanks so much for the support!! :) https://t.co/9WwOHXJ6YM
The @NYCPride March happens this weekend! Revisit my 2010 #pride festivities in #Dublin on this #FBF. Enjoy! https://t.co/I41kJs6rpc
Less than 8 hours until showtime at @AvalonTheatre! See you soon, #Easton! #WhatToDoTonight https://t.co/wxtCdnkvCe https://t.co/LW0HaWmXfr
Some seriously committed #performanceart is happening on my block!! #panoramanyc #absurdist… https://t.co/XHOilTWy0i
Fun night seeing wildly talented @amyschumer w/ my fave soulful fashionista & ebulliance… https://t.co/hYTKs5LAjO
Light always abounds when I'm en route to see @LaurenOBrien1! #overdue #girlsnight #comedybound… https://t.co/xaKq9KiLqW
The big show is tomorrow night at @AvalonTheatre! See you soon, #Easton! https://t.co/t8xVmneKBv https://t.co/2x5ApTIAwK
#PlaylistAlert: "Try Try Try" is on the 'stache media Caffeinated Library playlist! Go get your study on: https://t.co/G9JvcuCSgC
#ICYMI @thomasstudio won my #Choreographic dance contest last week! Finalist video playlist: https://t.co/YPg7ddxRqR https://t.co/PoA9vfp908
Still reeling from #AmericanBalletTheatre's rhapsodic production of #romeoandjuliet! Thanks… https://t.co/bJZiMMKYi9
Who am I going to see at @AvalonTheatre on Friday? Can't wait to play the @StoltzListening room! https://t.co/wxtCdnkvCe
No. 13 at the @FMQB #AdultContemporary chart! Thanks to everyone who's been calling in to request "Try Try Try"! https://t.co/BZrhW0Iy4S
RT @AvalonTheatre: This is Rachael Sage. She plays The Stoltz Listening Room this Friday at 8pm. Here's what the experts say about... https://t.co/qHxaUfANlY
Excited to see #americanballetheatre w/ the lovely @AbigailHSimon!! #anticipation #lincolncenter… https://t.co/SOdWLINV3s
RT @AvalonTheatre: Check out the familiar yet unique arrangements and lyrics from the ultra talented @rachaelsage. Check it. 6/24 https://t.co/Zzw57F3vs2
#ShowAnnouncement @JHarper_Music and I co-headline the idyllic @BartlettArbor Sept 4th! https://t.co/qS0H811gda https://t.co/wNUpGGAoqo
Thanks so much for sharing!! https://t.co/7KGnqdgM0r
Can't wait to play @StoltzListening on Friday! See you soon, #Easton! #MD #AvalonTheatre #WhatToDoThisWeekend https://t.co/jiEQLdsG08
RT @realniasioux: 🎶🎶🎶🎶 https://t.co/fZztNjsaeO
Thanks so much for sharing the #choreographerscut of #idontbelieveit :) love your site & glad you enjoyed the video! https://t.co/GmNvILfOcH
RT @OfficialBPeters: Check out @Playbill's exclusive music video "Broadway for Orlando" at https://t.co/IBr8OmBsxW! #loveislove https://t.co/jxutXfiUlX
Overheard @ dinner: "you should do a song like @Beyonce!" Last yr, same meal: "honey, do a song like @taylorswift13!" #tradition #fathersday
RT @folksbiene: Papa's Day #FiddlerOnTheRoof Sng-A-Long in effect with Rosalind Harris & Neva Smalls from '71 film + @RachaelSage! https://t.co/GmHrgwskOg
Such a pleasure meeting these ladies who starred in the original film of fiddlerontheroof!… https://t.co/bYxFlnsWiV
Lovely post-Fiddler dinner w/ Dad down in #batterypark :) #daddysgirl #happyfathersday @ Museum… https://t.co/2XvEWnQl7E
Hangin' backstage, making new friends & prepping for #fiddler folksbiene #RosalindHarris… https://t.co/DlxpkNans7
Interesting ad lol...#metronorth #feelingparanoid #sage #advertising https://t.co/vpQEuKsRuw
Working on something new, and starting w/ the bridge #peace #acceptance #love #orlandostrong❤️💛💚💙💜 https://t.co/F3kvnuiVeB
Thanks @Anironnie626! Been a long time @marcmaron, always #kvelling for you...remember the old days at Crunch :) https://t.co/V5Y1jw1Xmd
Hangin' w/ my ubertalented new friend & fellow @sabauditiontour alum @AbigailHSimon! Thanks… https://t.co/2O2UWmQPfy
Thanks for the thoughtful review of #Choreographic! :) https://t.co/J8FQRraDws
Excited to be part of this, with such luminary performers! :) #anticipation #backtomyroots #FathersDay https://t.co/I6M8gx6hMc
So excited to be in a #singAlong production of #FiddlerOnTheRoof, produced by @folksbiene! Sunday at @MJHnews: https://t.co/gmrbcXANT3
My @BigBlendMag interview is happening this afternoon! Tune it at 2:45pm EST for the live feed: https://t.co/Gsta96zXYD
1 week until #Easton #MD! I'm playing the @AvalonTheatre's #StoltzListeningRoom. See you there! https://t.co/L38xZZMrKL
Start off your #NewMusicFriday with this playlist of new music from @carolinemusic, featuring "Try Try Try"! https://t.co/50Ci8vz3yd
Congrats!! Wish I could be there to cheer you on...and also good to know for future (hint hint) they're all ages! Xo https://t.co/gYVbC2Djme
Hello friends! I'm doing a live interview on @BigBlendMag tomorrow. Tune in at 2:45pm EST to listen! https://t.co/Gsta96Rznd
#TBT To when I revisited my alma mater last summer! #Stanford https://t.co/nX8BEl78Oz
#ICYMI The "I Don't Believe It" video perfectly captures the dance spirit of #Choreographic! https://t.co/c98x2dT9TX https://t.co/rJjHmK6ctu
@avie_89 thanks for the heads up...must be a glitch - we'll try to get that fixed! :)
"Try Try Try" is No. 16 on the #FMQB #AdultContemporary radio chart. So grateful for all of the fan support! https://t.co/lG1ncnBSyL
Glad that it brought you some joy! That's what I aim for! https://t.co/O7YuFYkyiL
I'm on @Genius now! Click the link to learn more about the meanings behind my songs: https://t.co/joSsHDdKDm
#NYC, #London, #Wales, #SanFran, #LosAngeles, #IN, #Chicago, #MI, #Buffalo...thanks for letting… https://t.co/FbBcXw6mhk
RT @SaraEMusic: #soundcheck at @BabevilleNY with tcvco for the @rachaelsage show. Come on down! #buffalo… https://t.co/7ZZqTGadGK
So I heard @howardjones is also playing in #Buffalo! H., if you feel like meeting your #1 fan from NYC, swing by #The9thWard :) #afterparty
Looking fwd to hearing you! :) https://t.co/B499HQTkn4
Had a great chat w/ @ReviewFix about my musical influences and the dance concept behind #Choreographic! https://t.co/4goT6l3BGQ
Hello #Buffalo! Can't wait to play @BabevilleNY tonight! See you at 8pm! https://t.co/CRSNCDuQyf
So apparently #austinburg #OH has a serious car alarm problem; been going off every hr on the hr since 6am. gonna be a #dirtychaiday #oyvey
Bringing the #Choreographic tour to @BabevilleNY tomorrow! Local fave @SaraEMusic will be opening for me. https://t.co/zs6Noz2l5Z
Thanks so much for coming up with such a beautiful dance! https://t.co/kKjPidXJhB
The winner of my #Choreographic dance contest is @thomasstudio! Watch all 3 finalist vids: https://t.co/YPg7ddxRqR https://t.co/NYNmOWyLdQ
Thank you @sevenstepsup & @maryfahlmusic for a beautiful haven of music & reflection in… https://t.co/bl8Q6H1lpc
RT @rachel_is_here: Canada has had 8 mass shootings in 20 years. The US has had 7 since Monday.
RT @GoodDayChicago: Award-winning artist @rachaelsage performs 'I Don't Believe It' with Kaci King https://t.co/ylxucCgpZW
Processing...#love to #orlando https://t.co/c2ktg06v82
Woke up to news of shooting in FL via friend's text telling me "be careful out there"...Unbelievable. Love to #Orlando & #lgbt community :(
Fabulous night @annarborark w/ my lovely & talented friend @maryfahlmusic! Thanks #annarbor #mi… https://t.co/kaLJ0ywB40
RT @DM_Hilliker: Love the song of solo of @maddieziegler song by @rachaelsage https://t.co/OXh5NnXbLk
RT @BostonGlobe: A look at Christina Grimmie’s life and career #RIPChristina https://t.co/O9Ie69RHFu https://t.co/7SuH7j5bDH
Honored to be nominated among such a talented group of women! :) https://t.co/DCfi0ObLbK
Thanks so much @JohnieRains!! :) glad you enjoyed! Xo https://t.co/tZj7KwdBni
.@KDFiddler and I are heading to #SpringLake w/ @MaryFahlMusic to play a show at @sevenstepsup. See you tomorrow! https://t.co/n9TNYYpCeU
Two shows in #Michigan w/ @MaryFahlMusic this weekend! First up, @annarborark in #AnnArbor, tomorrow at 7:30pm. https://t.co/ZJufqcNr8V
Very sweet #Choreographic review from @skopemag! Love it! https://t.co/sOns3mM4MT
#FBF "Vertigo" is from my album Chandelier, which came out 8 years ago! Thrilled that @dancemoms embraced the song! https://t.co/XOIsxNIMzn
RT @mpressrecords: .@rachaelsage's #Chandelier turns 8 years old today! It features "Vertigo", which was featured… https://t.co/Tl1rXDVjMC
I'll announce the winner of the #Choreographic dance contest on Monday. Check out the 3 finalists here: https://t.co/E63XGjFkno
Loving this dramatic dance interpretation of "Try Try Try" & "It Would Be Enough" from School of Dance And Music! https://t.co/ZfmjmMNXc4
Many are told: "don't quit your day job". We humbly call his clip "don't start your day job".… https://t.co/9QarMFrl8W
RT @KDFiddler: It was a huge honor and a pleasure to perform with the beautiful @rachaelsage and kaci.king… https://t.co/h8AaIncADQ
Doing a #Choreographic CD giveaway with @PopEntCom! #FreebieFriday https://t.co/YW2j9mLxTB https://t.co/q9ptWdQDfy
Thanks so much for your thoughtful review and for spreading the word about the video @MAGNETMagazine! https://t.co/GV9nFD7WUa
So looking fwd to playing your beautiful venue again! :) https://t.co/ETAp9cRo7O
Thank you so much for having us! :) You were such gracious hosts & we had a blast! https://t.co/pCpSTWg6xp
RT @fox32news: Award-winning artist @rachaelsage performs 'I Don't Believe It' with Kaci King https://t.co/hSMFKj9zxi
Now that I've done my morning show on @GoodDayChicago, it's time to get ready for tonight's performance at @uncommongrd! See you at 8pm!
Woohoo, @kdfiddler rocked our 1st TV appearance together this a.m.! #sequinsforever #tourlife… https://t.co/Gv2VlDBTk4
"Happiness", from my performance on @GoodDayChicago this morning! https://t.co/4uAtiEmvZ4
Well...THAT was fun! :) Thans @gooddaychicago for hosting us this am, we had a blast!… https://t.co/3tafwODy69
Didn't catch my performance on @GoodDayChicago this morning? Watch "I Don't Believe It" right here! #balletpop https://t.co/wANXPWQ21m
And don't forget to enter the @EdgeMediaNet giveaway for a signed copy of #Choreographic! https://t.co/Rk1j49b2f1
Lovely review of #Choreographic from the folks at @EdgeMediaNet! https://t.co/cypima8cts
Live on @GoodDayChicago in 3 minutes! Can't wait! https://t.co/H2f10r7uuM
Going live on @GoodDayChicago in 5 minutes! Live stream here at 9:45am Central https://t.co/H2f10r7uuM
sweet dreams #Chicago! Looking forward to serenading you in the a.m. w/ kaci.king & @kdfiddler… https://t.co/43euxEkHtk
Making friends w/ friends-of- kaci.king today #ascensiondance en route to #chicago #kinderlachen… https://t.co/MRXv9QO9yE
Steve at #ascensionstudios in #Dyre #IN pushing my envelope w/ some punishing barre work… https://t.co/qiZMUvVVCy
Wow!! "Try Try Try" is No. 17 at #AdultContemporary radio! Thanks everyone for supporting the song! https://t.co/OmR5I8RXJ5
And be sure to come on out for my show at @uncommongrd tomorrow night! It's going to be a busy day in #Chicago! https://t.co/p6OF36iyfY
Thrilled to be on @GoodDayChicago tomorrow! Tune in at 9:45am CST to watch me perform "I Don't Believe It" w/ #KaciKing & @KDFiddler!
#Choreographic dance contest finalist 2/3: @thomasstudio w/ a mesmerizing dance routine to "It Would Be Enough"! https://t.co/45kG7BP3g5
Had the pleasure of chatting @WomensVoicesNow about creative freedom and my artistic mentors! https://t.co/6rZMruYjyW
Thank you #losangeles! Off to #Chicago at an ungodly hr to rehearse w/ kaci.king for our… https://t.co/vuMhVC7XMP
Yes, @Abby_Lee_Miller borrowed my mascara this evening. What a long, strange eve it's been :)… https://t.co/xerLE5tLII
Such a fun night w/ these beautiful ladies! So grateful for this amazing musical journey back to… https://t.co/7zbDROOapx
What a treat to serenade @Abby_Lee_Miller tonight thehotelcafe for my #choreographic #cdrelease!… https://t.co/9obfLQPjEp
So glad you could be there!! Xo https://t.co/ehtYPacQcC
You are the best @gmartello22! Love you & happy birthday! Xo https://t.co/dmBFgO1mdi
Performing on @GoodDayChicago on Thurs, 9:45am. Dancer Kaci King, from the "I Don't Believe It" video, will join me! https://t.co/anW6Rlonby
.@SaraEMusic just joined the lineup for my show at @BabevilleNY next week! Can't wait! #Buffalo #singersongwriter https://t.co/yPmJA7XSFN
Just 9 hours until tonight's show at @thehotelcafe! See you soon, #LosAngeles! https://t.co/k1mF2DCzW1 https://t.co/ixUAOMqcm4
Here's my full two-song @ThisIsASides set, along with my delightful conversation with Jon Chattman. https://t.co/12R5jG5L3m
It was a pleasure to perform "Try Try Try" for @ThisIsASides!! Now, on to tonight's show at @thehotelcafe! #LA https://t.co/lY731TFOlS
Hello #LosAngeles! Playing @thehotelcafe tomorrow night! #whattodotonight #livemusic #tourlife #artpop #balletpop https://t.co/NRlX01NME7
1st of 3 contest entries, #SpotlightDanceAcademy interprets "Heaven (Is A Grocery Clerk)" w/ an intricate dance: https://t.co/W4yflCPZQB
Thanks to all who entered the #Choreographic dance video contest! The entries were amazing! I'll announce the winner on Monday, June 13th.
The is a man out there who would actually wear this. I think we need to meet :) #peacock… https://t.co/uC3UdPnSrw
Beautiful detail at the great #ACT in #sanfrancisco #theatergeek (my fave college acting teacher… https://t.co/BLD31LsPqS
Quick, @mpressmeredith @kdfiddler @andymacmusic #cupcaketime & old movies in the lobby lol.… https://t.co/ORgA7M5M72
Best. #donotdisturb. Ever. Though I just re-dyed my hair & have hot pink all over my hands so… https://t.co/lpI6chsCfC
Yay! Love @RasputinRecords :) thanks for supporting #indiemusic!! https://t.co/d81NODy3YC
Playing @HotelUtah tomorrow night. Great vibes ahead! https://t.co/oWGgclrWNP https://t.co/jHbiFsIXJw
Watching @NY1 & reflecting on the greatness of the one and only #MuhammadAli #RIP #LegendsNeverDie #alifewellived #humbled
Thank you @JHarper_Music ! Glad you're enjoying :) xo https://t.co/XNY1IcRAEI
Heading to #California this weekend. First up, @HotelUtah in #SanFrancisco! https://t.co/oWGgclrWNP https://t.co/zDWAnAD8NL
Many thanks to Troy Michaels of @IWMag for this lovely review! Your eloquence never fails to amaze me! https://t.co/y753eRj45L
Woohoo! #Choreographic is featured on the @iTunes #NewMusic list! Get the album here: https://t.co/Vdq0dSsfgg https://t.co/ojjOa6Ceoo
Reunion w/ our brilliant friend & spectacular soundman Meic at the #howthelightgetsin festival… https://t.co/ij9AlI53u6
Hey #SanFrancisco! Can't wait to see you all at @HotelUtah on Sunday! Showtime is at 8pm. https://t.co/vJrLliHzns
Happy Birthday to my mega-talented cellist @WardieWilliams! https://t.co/dCEpxUkjEW
And a big happy birthday to this amazing writer, Gregg Shapiro! Keep up the great work! https://t.co/ZZ9FLipruu
Hello #Chicago! I'm playing @uncommongrd in #Edgewater next week. See you there! https://t.co/Rx1BoISrk2
RT @mpressmeredith: .@rachaelsage & @KDFiddler rocking the vibey Stage at the How The Light Gets I.... https://t.co/nDROnsFdHr https://t.co/uPUsUo3CvD
Being compared to @eltonofficial is never a bad thing. Thanks for the review, @outsmarthouston! https://t.co/wwtzFmeI4a
"Try Try Try", the 3rd clip from my #OneonOne session at @CityWineryNYC! Watch here: https://t.co/nOL6JyaM8L https://t.co/dqnLtBCRkv
Some more #Choreographic CD giveaways, courtesy of @ElmoreMagazine! Enter to win a signed copy: https://t.co/FScSxYGJEC
Not your average tent :) payched to be back at #howthelightgetsin fest!! Playing in just 2 hrs… https://t.co/jWN1JB4wf7
Just a little larger-than-life night-chess at #paddington after a long day of #choreographic… https://t.co/lW340AK8Lr
So exciting!! Can't wait :) xo https://t.co/qVkNIZc2Hh
#ICYMI I released the "I Don't Believe It" music video one week ago. I hope it inspires you to move and dance! https://t.co/NS5a3q95Bg
Giving away signed copies of #Choreographic, courtesy of @spillmagazine! #balletpop #giveaway #freemusic https://t.co/BEOAPBvI9O
Congrats to the amazing @maddieziegler on her new role w/ #SYTYCD! Lucky kids to have her as a mentor :) #kvell https://t.co/MNiXyWpLio
Great vibes at @CityWineryNYC's wine cellar! Watch the full video at https://t.co/SH66GfDvYW. https://t.co/ZnWuIKAIyX
#ShowAnnouncement Playing @boweryelectric on July 1st w/ @NobleGiants, Circadian Clock, & Sister Helen. #NYC #LES https://t.co/IhNvtcShQT
1st night sleeping on my "prototype" :) look familiar? I'll let you know if my dreams are any… https://t.co/OMokmD4u1I
Thanks so much!! Appreciate the support & love your magazine :) https://t.co/xBLMWVz3kH
I'm in the running for a slot at @Summerfest! Show the love and vote! https://t.co/Pr3GTtbULz
RT @Beekeeper_Music: long time no bloggy. new songs up by @garbage and @rachaelsage over at the beekeeper https://t.co/7PGQpKTHuB
#FreebieFriday Doing a #Choreographic CD #giveaway w/ @EdgeMediaNet! https://t.co/Rk1j49b2f1
#NewMusicFriday Check out this live session I did at @CityWineryNYC last week! https://t.co/3wNkuxLFmE
Can't wait! June 7th, @thehotelcafe. https://t.co/wQ6aBgNHj5
Just one week until I play at @HTLGIFestival, in beautiful #HayOnWye, #England. Can't wait! https://t.co/Qw5FJl42KT
Wow! "Try Try Try" is No. 38 at #AdultContemporary radio! Thanks to everyone who's been requesting the song! https://t.co/uIcSksTkIH
RT @JoshMPlant: Welcome to TOP 40 @rachaelsage! "Try Try Try" jumped 12 spots to #38! #wow #top40 #musicnews https://t.co/Sgwi1E7SnU
#VideoPremiere: Head over to @PopMatters to watch my new video, "I Don't Believe It!" https://t.co/yTWHSRXyBO
Who saw me on @DanceMoms last night? So happy to be in the #MaddieZiegler goodbye episode! https://t.co/R6Nq7rHvw4 https://t.co/lELcOGDVWR
A pleasure! I wanna take Yiddish lessons now...well, not right now, but soon! #inspired :) https://t.co/3ByAuZKmo3
My video for "I Don't Believe It" is coming tomorrow! Can't wait for you all to see it! Photo credit: @jshyloski https://t.co/ROXya5qVxq
@ZsaZsa60 Glad you like it! I spent a lot of time working on those arrangements. I'm quite pleased with them!
Got nominated for “Best Licensed Music in a TV Show” at the @syncsummit #WomenInSyncAwards! Click here to vote: https://t.co/RhjxBZ9TR7
#Choreographic getting some love in #NevadaCity #CA! Thanks @radiokvmr for the add! ! #collegeradio #radiolove
#Choreographic is on the @KEOLLaGrande #playlist! Thanks for the add! #collegeradio #radiolove #LaGrande #OR #EOU
@avie_89 sure, you could! :)
Thanks @kaosolympia for adding #Choreographic! Glad you like the album! #collegeradio #radiolove #olympia
A thrill performing in this glorious venue tonight at #lincolncenter as part of a chorus… https://t.co/98ydAGPL6v
Look who we bumped into at the afterparty for @folksbeine gala w/ #MandyPatinkin tonight?… https://t.co/Pr3ELhOtnA
@avie_89 its also available overseas; my distribution is international via Caroline/Universal. Maybe that would've been cheaper for you :)
Some very sweet words from @ElmoreMagazine about #Choreographic! #feelingthelove https://t.co/jAHD6g3zuS
Last day of the #Choreographic dance video contest! Get your choreography together, and show me what you’ve got! https://t.co/51ChcF6M5d
Wishing you a #happymonday courtesy of my favorite food! #avocadoholic #youareloved #littleitaly… https://t.co/lfU1Fvno11
The groove to @Madonna's @BBMAs cover of #nothingcompares2u sounds like @howardjones' #nooneistoblame #notabadthing :)
Wow, thanks @LeviKreis! Thanks for the shout-out & glad you dig the new album! Let's sing together on my next! :) xo https://t.co/CzR8VAGmHc
Powerful, restrained performance by @KeshaRose & @BenFolds (and an excellent violinist!) of @bobdylan's #itaintmebabe #timeless @BBMAs
Wow beautiful performance by @LukasGraham on @BBMAs ...shades of #DonMcLean & #christophercross #therealdeal #inthezone #ilovegreatpopsongs!
Always a thrill to hear @justin_tranter's hit tunes on my TV :) #ubiquitous #pop #earworm #kvell @BBMAs
Haunted By You came out four years ago! Here’s “Invisible Light”, one of my favorite songs from the album. https://t.co/TROagV0M9S
This wk's been full of excitement & inspiration! My new album #choreographic came out, I… https://t.co/ecVbgysF6u
Played a super vibey birthday party tonight downtown featuring hip-hop dancers, poets and...moi!… https://t.co/SxkzSzFBn4
@MikePRyanMusic thank you!! :) Xo
Thank you so much @MDMusicLog ! Really appreciate your thoughtful support :) https://t.co/BmXW56MxnZ
Overheard at dinner: "is there fly fishing in #Tomsk?" #Siggys @smoemeth @KDFiddler #tourplans
A please chatting, thanks so much!! :) https://t.co/t3ttyiFDFH
Wow, "Try Try Try" is at No. 50 now! Thanks so much for listening! #radiolove https://t.co/C7zRSKoErX
Happy album release day! So excited to share #Choreographic with you all! #NewMusicFriday https://t.co/Vdq0dSsfgg https://t.co/VD4IxLA4xz
The fabulous @michellecitrin & her stellar band tearing it up tonight at #thebitterend! Love… https://t.co/is3LkseRe0
Thank you!! :) Xo https://t.co/0Q3ele6NJK
@justicehoney actually the show is listed on the site :) https://t.co/k1mF2DCzW1
Well check on that (@smoemeth :) ...it should be on the site but yes either way! https://t.co/gdfdZiyBPH
So, this happened :) just making some new friends, no biggie. #MandyPatinkin #yiddishkeit… https://t.co/CTD06TWitH
Thanks to #RateTheTracks for the kind words about "Try, Try, Try"! #Choreographic comes out tomorrow! https://t.co/OoQTNORBsX
@avie_89 I was just teasing :) but I guess my humor was #farkacht
Choreographic comes out tomorrow, so my @PledgeMusic pre-sale ends today! Get these VIP exclusives before you can’t: https://t.co/vynkq8NG5G
Hanging w/ my mom's best friend, because she's brilliant, fabulous & fierce :) #lynnschusterman… https://t.co/HtHMkww6Nf
A beautiful visit w/ my #Nashville bestie & the biggest heart I know stevenraimo / @PureLove1818… https://t.co/OFCOouXXVl
Can't wait to share my new album & all my exclusive goodies w/ my @PledgeMusic supporters! Xo :) https://t.co/QOGRGSDZk0
A very thoughtful #Choreographic review from @MagnetMagazine! Thanks for the kind words! https://t.co/UUyZIH0oAU
Tonight's late-night design project :) locksmith gave me some spare keys #becauseIasked… https://t.co/HiuKGyODCR
@avie_89 hopefully the fall...easy there, we have a lot of kids on this feed lol ;)
Last week of my #Choreographic dance contest! Enter by May 23rd to win a dance scholarship for your studio: https://t.co/51ChcFomWL
Announcing some new #Choreographic tour dates! Go to https://t.co/vKWBAggQ8m to get tickets. https://t.co/Z4YnuHgR9C
Fun rehearsal @ #museumofjewishheritage today :) singing in #Yiddish (!) w/ mandypatinkin… https://t.co/GghVX5mVKZ
Here’s the art for the #Choreographic 7-inch picture discs! They’re going to be beautiful! https://t.co/Y55q8oNYAo https://t.co/5I7Wc5tMup
#MusicMonday Added some new tunes to my “Give Me To Something To Dance About” playlist! https://t.co/2CvnOCofFe https://t.co/DEUd2lOlPE
Just premiered the acoustic version of "Loreena" over at @mmusicmag! #MusicMonday https://t.co/y9eEo4Rv0b
Whatchathink? Too intense for your morning tea or just perky enough? #mugart… https://t.co/MP2TYZXTlu
And...here's the back :) #fabricpainting #menswear #wearableart #blackandwhite https://t.co/efvcLhWur3
Late night #crafting after a beautiful day @ #musesinthevineyard in #NJ. leave it b&w or add… https://t.co/4QOTLMtBl9
This kind of #glamour just can't be taught. #itfactor #suavacito wardiewilliams #glamfolk https://t.co/2cgsdZLyN1
Excited to play in #NJ today at 4:45pm!! Full band show, woohoo :) https://t.co/WcxFGeQZMP
Morning walk in #soho & encountered this #KeithHaring inspired creation. Wild! #happysaturday… https://t.co/JA3OA8cmKD
Screw flowers...someone very thoughtful gifted me a bouquet of #sharpies!!! #firstforeverything… https://t.co/rQs0Jdudrc
This is what I look like after @kdfiddler's gotten me a little tipsy & my eyeliner's expired :)… https://t.co/MJzml6LE6w
Thanks so much! Xo my website-team ;) #teamwerk https://t.co/64uui1WvMR
Thank you for being there @JoshMPlant !! Wow had no idea how colorful the stage was, ha! https://t.co/B1cykIpcoH
Showtime at @RockwoodNYC! #TGIF #LES #artpop #newmusic https://t.co/Csz5jfK2DT
Tonight's the big night! Playing @RockwoodNYC w/ my Sequins! (@KDFiddler @AndyMacMusic @wardiewilliams) https://t.co/ptgS0vEZRq
Heading to #Columbia #NJ tomorrow for @vineyardmuses! My set’s at 4:45. https://t.co/WcxFGezoof
Had a wonderful time chatting with @ArtieMartello on the Mostly Folk Podcast. Enjoy! https://t.co/ABHkRhW2Nr
@mpressmeredith you gest, but I actually did start that record in High School! "Stone" (college slowed us down :) https://t.co/DbalstZEqQ
@MyMDanceMoms @andrewjnemr @RockwoodNYC Glad you like it!
Rehearsing w/ @andrewjnemr for the #Choreographic release show at @RockwoodNYC tomorrow! https://t.co/vjL87NebAW https://t.co/XEvWjCggxs
En route to a '70's themed party! #feelingnostalgic yet still #feelingmyself :) maybe it's the… https://t.co/rtlKjJz67D
RT @dustin_schoof: .@vineyardmuses returns this weekend w/ headliners Susan Werner & @rachaelsage. DETAILS: https://t.co/yyqSYJ5B6b https://t.co/oVcp4FTWrZ
Thanks @wfuv for playing my new song "Home" on the #SundaySupper!
We’re filming my #Choreographic release party on Friday. Come be part of the magic! #NYC https://t.co/3bhKeoQIBk https://t.co/of1DmUMj9z
Today marks 20 years since I released my 1st album Morbid Romantic, co-produced w/ the über… https://t.co/YH3PjFNhyz
#ShowAnnouncement: I’m playing at the 9th Ward at @BabevilleNY in #Buffalo #NY on June 14th. https://t.co/yPmJA7XSFN https://t.co/WzxAOpXDa6
Giving away an acoustic EP w/ each ticket to my #Choreographic CD release show. See you at @rockwoodNY on Friday! https://t.co/vjL87MWAcm
Fun day! Rehearsal w/ #thesequins followed by signing preordered CDs at @mpressrecords for… https://t.co/jiZsmLstqH
#MusicMonday New songs in my Give Me Something to Dance About playlist. Happy dancing! https://t.co/2CvnOC6EgE https://t.co/I55BLQ729p
Which is your favorite of my #Choreographic t-shirts? Get them over at @PledgeMusic: https://t.co/2uXZiVYt8N https://t.co/b6dNAQbklM
Me & my beautiful mom :) #mothersday #happymothersday #matchymatchy https://t.co/DdbFHPYL5m
As I head from glorious #grandcentral to see my Mom, who supports me in so many ways, I'm… https://t.co/VdhFg6BbMO
Thank you #Binghamton & cybercafewest for a beautiful show last night!! What a fun night w/… https://t.co/Sh1qywk6cC
hang time w/ Andy thewarholmuseum in #Pittsburgh :) #fifteenminutes #iconic #popart #visual… https://t.co/a37qBkL8QM
Rolling into #Binghamton for my show at @cybercafewest tonight! #ChoreographicTour #TourLife https://t.co/2nloCpzTYx
These beautiful #ALDC students came to my 1st All Ages show tonight in #Pittsburgh! #grateful… https://t.co/n8WPvRFykQ
Chatted with @RealChrisKocher about #Choreographic ahead of my show at @cybercafewest in #Binghamton tomorrow: https://t.co/x36Iqlojmg
Wish so too! Hopefully in LA we can connect! Lmk if any of your friends/family want to be #VIP tonight! :) xo https://t.co/DDaLaS3KDW
RT @HughShows: @rachaelsage returns to PGH 2NITE w/ @SunHound1 supporting https://t.co/5Evfqal9IJ https://t.co/p6soJcJMJY
The #ChoreographicTour hits #Pittsburgh tonight! See you all at @1stunitarianpgh! https://t.co/r9H3qXOS1F
After tonight's superfun show in #Rochester, one of us started spontaneously mixing drinks: a)… https://t.co/pjP5qsVbHO
Can’t wait to play @1stunitarianpgh in #Pittsburgh tomorrow, home of #AndyWarhol, #ALDC, and #lyricaldance! https://t.co/3TsKRSb3js
Thanks @Bandsintown for sharing my tour adventures! Fun creating this diary :) https://t.co/nszvxP9Ykv
Thanks for spreading the word @Section101Tweet :) excited to serenade you May 13th @RockwoodNYC! https://t.co/d6nxYXUoVQ
I’ve received some really inspired videos for my dance contest. Enter by May 23rd to win $500 for your dance studio! https://t.co/51ChcFomWL
Hello #Rochester! Can’t wait to play @lovincupROC tonight! https://t.co/lnfS6rdNhA
Goodbye colorful #Columbus #OH! Loved this mural in High St. tha makes me wanna eat candy for… https://t.co/VsDQXnMimg
RT @afterellen: Go behind-the-scenes on @rachaelsage's new music video https://t.co/z019X809m9 https://t.co/0FlEMvJhTu
Two days until @1stUnitarianpgh in #Pittsburgh #PA, home to #ALDC! Can't wait ! #lyricaldance #AllAges https://t.co/gHXl291xwJ
In anticipation of #Choreographic, I put together a #Spotify playlist of my favorite danceable songs! https://t.co/2CvnOC6EgE
Had a great chat with @SLBloodhound about starting and running an indie label from the ground up! https://t.co/bXoID3bY0X
The #ChoreographicTour hits @lovincupROC tomorrow, w/ local support from @nickyoungmusic! https://t.co/BCzwXDMBXd
I'm pressing special 7-inch picture discs for #Choreographic! Get them at my @PledgeMusic pre-order: https://t.co/GEYX7Pwrer
Hello #Columbus #OH! Can't wait to see you all tonight at Ethel's. Showtime is at 8pm. https://t.co/N4bUgwAQ90
Ahh, when there's an unexpected babbling brook at your #hamptoninn :) #somewhereinpennsylvania… https://t.co/dW0N3ZQMJu
Lovely to meet the brilliantly talented & charming @Alancumming at #Judycollins' #Sondheim… https://t.co/KlV8KWtijb
Lovely eve in #NYC w/ @thejudycollins singing #Sondheim...perfect inspiration before I head back… https://t.co/uhw0qKmfiK
Hello #Rochester! Excited to announce that local #singersongwriter @nickyoungmusic will be opening on May 5th! https://t.co/mRCOHPOtL4
#ICYMI "I've Been Waiting" premiered last week on @TheDeliMagazine! #NewMusic https://t.co/0iHF8rVJet
I'm gonna to be driving to my gig in OH when tonight's final episode of #dancemoms w/ @maddieziegler & @mackzmusicinc airs. #bittersweet :(
A vlog of my recent #Southeast tour adventures. #Choreographic tour hits Ethel's in #Columbus #OH tomorrow! https://t.co/WB6oStH4Se
...and, here's the back! ;) is it finished or not? Should I do the rest of the back or leave it… https://t.co/73WclCLh2d
Working on some new #wearableart for an upcoming charity event :) #mentalyoga #feelingartsy… https://t.co/CmYJcplLPv
Already starting to get some entries for my #Choreographic dance video contest! Let's see what you've got, dancers! https://t.co/51ChcF6M5d
How do you like these #Choreographic art prints? You can get them at my @PledgeMusic presale https://t.co/vynkq8NG5G https://t.co/voPI9IM3GD
Enjoyed our merch display tonight @bethelwoods :) so much fun singing @neilyoung's #helpless at… https://t.co/yMWRqMOmox
The pink is spectacular!! Love them both but that's my pick...fingers crossed! #sequins #magenta #tutu #everything! https://t.co/qpvzxhTCCo
We got a flat so thankfully #bethelwoods offered some wheels...#upside #psychedelic #woodstock https://t.co/CQr52jouQc
Found this gem in an alley in my neighborhood :) #colorismyreligion #streetart #mural #nyc https://t.co/xMXdGs4eEM
Hitting @lovincupROC w/ @KDFiddler in a week! Who will I see there? #Rochester #NY https://t.co/zAlwHuYFnw
@zieglerperf I feel blessed that she's danced to my music so many times! https://t.co/xcxxLcbK2c
@IsabellaticaRD She's VERY amazing! I love it when she dances to my music on @dancemoms. https://t.co/xcxxLcbK2c
@RespiroDance Maddie is amazing! I'm so grateful that she's dance to my music so many times! https://t.co/xcxxLcbK2c
@TheEllenShow Happy #InternationalDanceDay to you too! Love your show! https://t.co/EG3At8hrcl
@pointe_magazine @nationalballet I'm celebrating w/ a dance video contest for dance studios! https://t.co/51ChcF6M5d https://t.co/5Hcd5eFoHI
@TeamMaddieMx @maddieziegler She's amazing, isn't she? Thrilled that she's danced to so many of my songs. https://t.co/xcxxLcbK2c
@instagram Love these photos! Really takes me back to days at the #SchoolOfAmericanBallet.
@SmarterDancer @DWCentral I was fortunate enough to attend the #SchoolOfAmericanBallet. Thanks for sharing this history!
@OB2ce Love this! Happy #InternationalDanceDay! https://t.co/iGf90uI5lw
Celebrate #InternationalDanceDay w/ my #Choreographic dance competition! #lyricaldance https://t.co/51ChcFomWL https://t.co/hWv0j5Onav
Celebrating #InternationalDanceDay with this lovely animation by @sirdanpaul! What's your favorite dance style? https://t.co/5BJMnM8N5m
Going #BTS of "I Don't Believe It" with @FemaleFirst_UK on #InternationalDanceDay! https://t.co/0vOn76W0gL https://t.co/KNRCfmqbQ3
Thanks for sharing!! https://t.co/PiGIWG79nS
Love this!! Now if I can just get one made with my blue Gretsch on it. https://t.co/vkq2WukB62
Glad you like it! Thanks for sharing!! https://t.co/ENSr10ng2W
#NewMusicFriday "I've Been Waiting" just premiered at @TheDeliMagazine! https://t.co/f4xV46mi9I https://t.co/7RJI9ceXzJ
Heard you were right on my block! Next time come visit @mpressrecords - you were literally across the street ;) xo https://t.co/ycd4x5QMFE
Thanks @PopWrapped for your support! :) Can't wait to share the full video...#anticipation https://t.co/YTarrbkdYH
Woohoo! So much fun :) https://t.co/OWjMYDf5ez
A #BTS look at my new video "I Don't Believe It", courtesy of @PopWrapped! https://t.co/Fb2gMut7wq
My #ChoreographicTour head to #Rochester #NY next week. I've got @KDFiddler with me, tearing it up on the fiddle! https://t.co/umATKc970x
Want some hand-written lyrics from yours truly? You can get that with your #Choreographic pre-order at @PledgeMusic! https://t.co/vynkq8w4H6
So excited to play #ColumbusOhio in a week! #ChoreographicTour #SingerSongwriter #TourLife https://t.co/impjshNJHE
#ICYMI My new song "Loreena" premiered a couple weeks back. Love how the celtic-esque arrangement turned out! https://t.co/YV3EM4NZpF
@ArwaM wow! I love peacocks and have these shoes and live right there lol. Maybe I was sleepwalking?? #doppleganger!
Hello #NYC! Can't wait to share my new #Choreographic songs with you at @RockwoodNYC, May 13th! #Hometown https://t.co/u4n4bWOo2n
Hey @KVNA, thanks for adding "Try Try Try"! Glad you like the song! #radiolove #singersongwriter
Want to hang out with me at one of my shows? I've got #meetandgreet packages available at my @PledgeMusic pre-sale! https://t.co/vynkq8NG5G
RT @wniabbr: Rachael Sage - Loreena https://t.co/lOaboSPgZb #nowplaying #listenlive
I look forward to seeing you there! https://t.co/Fqw0oYHDmk
RT @TheCircusLifeDC: Don't miss last week's episode with @rachaelsage, @KDFiddler, @keystothecucina, and @uditbanerjea! Listen now here: https://t.co/9pF2Mgfv3s
Many thanks to @KLMJFM for spinning "Try Try Try"! I'm feeling the love! #radiolove #singersongwriter
Wow, "Try Try Try" has moved up to #72, right alongside @coldwarkids and @alessiacara! #grateful… https://t.co/YceCVHs2fE
Thanks for spreading the word! :) https://t.co/ruPsBhGRqq
Happy 10th birthday to #TheBlisteringSun! What's your favorite song from the album? https://t.co/D7a24rpRJ4
It's a hat day! :) #happyspring #happysunday #feelingpurple https://t.co/RyqcwFrrWi
Messaging is so important! Never been in this establishment but they had me at #oy :)… https://t.co/H6i9Fw6CRo
So glad I'm off tonight & able to watch #SNL tribute!! Amazing...and what a talented group of women he surrounded himself with #RIPPrince
RT @kayla_bear31: Among Prince's qualities: he supported women endlessly. #SNL
Emotional tribute to #Prince tonight by @ #bradcole & co. tonight @RockwoodNYC #jagoda… https://t.co/hGaU2dcqst
Happy birthday to #thebard! His plays have enriched my life so much & I've enjoyed playing many… https://t.co/DpHnnX9wxf
Personalized #Passover card! Hey ruchkikruchki can you translate for me? ;) xo #handmade… https://t.co/MxDAqtgfGl
Mom is a world traveler & brought back@#matzo from #Ukraine! Kinda puts our packaging to shame!… https://t.co/fHEhY9WSTA
Just two weeks until the #ChoreographicTour comes to @cybercafewest in #Binghamton #NY! See you there! #tourlife https://t.co/u38WxYPFSu
One week until I get to play one of my fave @Neilyoung songs at #TheLastWaltzLive at @BethelWoods! https://t.co/OkDDdvBRZt
#Pittsburgh, I'll see you in two weeks! The #Choreographic tour is coming to @1stUnitarianpgh. https://t.co/k0rQvkcTLD
Glad you like it! Thanks so much! https://t.co/SNZrVvCg2L
#ICYMI I premiered "Try Try Try" a couple weeks back. What's your favorite #Choreographic song so far? https://t.co/iWEjHkyxI6
Two weeks until my #Choreographic release part at @RockwoodNYC! #NYC #homecoming https://t.co/JQ01DqQo0y https://t.co/DExe8ElhbF
Aww, when I think of that word you immediately come to mind @jennybrucenyc!! #takesonetoknowone :) https://t.co/LvFroQFRnR
Thanks @Divaliley! So appreciate the support @TheRealCurve!! :) https://t.co/ykXLWleXYx
#LastMinute show announcement: I'm playing @lovincupROC on May 5th, accompanied by @KDFiddler of #LeftOnRed fame! https://t.co/T44UkCZH2x
Woo hoo! @glidemag just premiered "Heaven (Is A Grocery Clerk)"! Enjoy! #songpremiere #newmusic https://t.co/bSz0kiNvoS
Heading down to #Columbus #OH in two weeks! See you there! https://t.co/ATMRgCL3vI https://t.co/1l3OyvGc3M
Post-tour #vampirecleaning in the wee hrs listening to the very sweet sounds of #GabrielleLouise :)
Gearing up for my fave holiday #passover & eating the last of my #hametz! #makeway for #matzo… https://t.co/nDvRHzpcc1
"Heaven (Is A Grocery Clerk)” premieres tomorrow on @glidemag! Till then, enjoy this clip. https://t.co/5d0BrasEsK
Thanks @BreeNoble! I so enjoyed our interview...and yes this is a biggie for me! :) https://t.co/9DTIhaoKso
Yay, thanks so much! Enjoy the music!! Xo https://t.co/KxgLcMd1nc
Came home to vote :) #rockthevote #nyc #democracyspring https://t.co/Sw1zwjm7wN
RT @SXSWTopNews: Elmore Magazine | MPress Records Looks Back On A Successful 10th Anniversary SXSW Showcase! https://t.co/UB49XPzgLr via @rachaelsage
I'll get on that! Gotta stock up first-hah! :) https://t.co/VbEQyfOQui
Touching down briefly in #NYC & happy to see the #MitzvahTank is out & about spreading #Passover cheer & #matzah! :)
I refashioned some pants for @Candooblog . Check out the glittery results! #DIY #refashion https://t.co/nqGm5CmSLf
Last month's #MPressFest #SXSW2016 was so much fun! @ElmoreMagazine did a full recap of the event, with video! https://t.co/nkFT7ptEek
Thanks so much!! Psyched to play your beautiful room soon! Xo https://t.co/FA7oGRXxbH
What?! "Try Try Try" debuted at #97 alongside #GwenStefani & #EllieGoulding! #excited #grateful https://t.co/kxeWkmms9q
What?! "Try Try Try" debuted at #97 on the @FMQB chart alongside #GwenStefani & #EllieGoulding! #excited #grateful https://t.co/EJP0EFehJE
My episode on @thecircuslifedc is streaming now! Tune in to the podcast for my in-studio performance and interview. https://t.co/BmYhLUD4BO
RT @wosradio: #Strategies from multi-talented #artist @rachaelsage! #Interview #Podcast https://t.co/tqNq12IRgA #Music #Business https://t.co/j99fQwfgLJ
Our fancy new #merch sign also doubles as a #greenroom :) #privateeyes #gatheringplace #tourlife… https://t.co/SUKXzbCMc9
https://t.co/JE1mahivOs has gone violet for #Choreographic! Let me know what you think of the new color scheme. #ColorCoordination
@QueerQommunity @TheRealCurve Thanks!!
Had a great chat w/ @BreeNoble about building an indie fanbase. Enjoy! https://t.co/2rcf8gGK7j
About to go live on Voice Of America *worldwide*! Stream it here: https://t.co/CBVKRRQpOi https://t.co/k69niTmFmf
Thanks @mpressmeredith for catching this clip of soundcheck! @lyrishung at #werk...our 1st gig… https://t.co/DvoPufwRY5
Free ep giveaway tonight to our most colorful audience member :) #colorismyreligion… https://t.co/5Z5xDu0fsd
Woohoo, headed to #philly to play worldcafelive tonight w/ @lyrishung @ @jharper_music for my… https://t.co/vazjBEWIzA
So great to see cousin Amy last night in #DC! Looking fwd to more reunions tonight in #Philly… https://t.co/H6kpYpoH2E
Woohoo! #excited!! Xo https://t.co/MCsqqQUfvo
Aww :) #varklempt! Xo https://t.co/CdbTMRabI3
Heading to #Philly tomorrow! See you at @worldcafelive! https://t.co/uu80XQLOBk
Today I met the loveliest family in #Nashville whose daughters choreographed gorgeous dances to… https://t.co/4oj81GeMFv
Excited for our show, woohoo! #Philly here we come :) https://t.co/JuvGvZnWVC
I love playing house concerts for my fans! You can book your very own house show when you pre-order #Choreographic: https://t.co/vynkq8w4H6
More good-times today @ #NashvilleSchoolofDanceandMusic ...Check out @kdfiddler's tap skillsz!… https://t.co/nThALNnajB
RT @p_a_r_k_e_r: @rachaelsage right now. #trytrytry #bluebirdcafe #rachaelsage #intheround @ The Bluebird Cafe https://t.co/tNRTOJvZBg
RT @p_a_r_k_e_r: @rachaelsage #jeffcohen @aliciawitty #boots right now. No zoom, very tight "in the round"... @… https://t.co/TP1wHFUUAe
RT @mpressmeredith: .@rachaelsage setting up at The Bluebird in #nashville! #Choreographictour https://t.co/HwDSYkzZTG
Sad to be leaving #Nashville so soon but amazing night @ #thebluebirdcafe! Thank you #jeffcohen… https://t.co/lHiQ2LKSsd
Next generation of talent at #NashvilleSchoolofDanceandMusic! #jazz #precocious #danceclass… https://t.co/UJiwz7EzHx
.@mpressrecords is celebrating #RecordStoreDay with 25% off everything, including my whole catalog! https://t.co/fnez2tnjrD
Playing @cornerstorearts tomorrow! I've got copies of #Choreographic, so you can get it before its May 20th release! https://t.co/qdU742rxzq
a pleasure to share the stage tonight @bluebirdcafetn w/ the beautiful & fiercely talented… https://t.co/6hsMfOcu7E
How about some #NewMusic? @TheRealCurve just debuted my new song "Loreena." #Choreographic is coming May 20th! https://t.co/f6n1rSBnZd
So excited for tonight's #InTheRound show at @BlueBirdCafeTN! Show is #soldout, but there are a few walk-up tix available at the door.
RT @theMarketHP: #tbt 💙🎶🎤 @rachaelsage Thanks for capturing the moment 📷@gmartello22 #nela #highlandpark https://t.co/P6794YhSNy
Ooh, pretty new merch sign tonight in #Awendaw #SC ;) love this community & a pleasure to share… https://t.co/5oUSXrZmRk
My new pants made quite a splash today @starbucks. Really, someone literally spilled their drink… https://t.co/1apdSjKmjL
Time for a #BarnJam at @AwendawGreen! Love these outdoor shows! #awendaw #charleston #NC https://t.co/R1WBpxU9mJ
The #Southern tour has been very kind to us to far! Check out this lovely violin my generous… https://t.co/f6ITq75Ity
Woohoo! Can't wait :) xo https://t.co/X8YJxFpOLX
RT @JoshMPlant: No matter how much I "Try Try Try, I can't get enough of @rachaelsage's latest hit! https://t.co/ieIn7peba4
Hello #Greenville! I'm playing @CoffeeUndergrnd tonight. See you there! https://t.co/0u1IhurozU https://t.co/2FXG3wUMp9
Thanks! Which song? https://t.co/tQ0z0bZH5K
Want a birthday phone call from yours truly? You can get one bundled with my #Choreographic album at @PledgeMusic! https://t.co/vynkq8NG5G
One week until the #ChoreographicTour hits #Annapolis #MD! See you at #49West! https://t.co/4F8aBXkQKw https://t.co/QvWIj0K4Pb
RT @JoshMPlant: Rachael Sage Returns With A New Album And National Tour https://t.co/YbpWoAh1wN
"Renaissance woman." I like it! Thanks for the glowing words! https://t.co/pCVA8igebQ
Thanks for sharing! https://t.co/rO1ccMO2T8
Happy #nationalsiblingday! I'll happily embrace any excuse to effuse over my thoughtful, sweet, … https://t.co/fnlALMTsKP
Thanks so much to our new friend #TomGarland for these fun shots from last night's gig… https://t.co/OLGSHNtNq5
Wonderful night @eopresents #redclaytheatre! Thank you @maryfahlmusic for inviting me & can't… https://t.co/V3C066b4zK
So I think I met a cousin tonight...distant, but seems pretty solid we're related :) pays to… https://t.co/FVTprvvSkQ
Super excited too!! https://t.co/VbRX7wWdlp
Looking FWD! C'mon out #Atlanta area friends! Xo https://t.co/sM1fqeGTjS
Can't wait to make my debut at #redclaytheatre tonight in #Deluth #GA! 8pm w/ the brilliant… https://t.co/8Cjm7gM5I2
So much fun tonight in #Charlotte tonight w/ the lovely @maryfahlmusic! (Can you find… https://t.co/ro1MMtWjrI
Thank you!! Amazing audience :) xo https://t.co/MDAuLfsRhB
@tomgfromnc @theeveningmuse Looking forward to it!
#Choreographic tour starts today! I'm starting off with two shows alongside one of my all-time… https://t.co/RuPswzHHOC
RT @IWMag: #IWNews @rachaelsage New Album, US Tour & Song Premiere! @mpressrecords https://t.co/fD2lqppDCJ
Interesting approach to "the customer is always right" lol. Store manager may have a future as a… https://t.co/ho7wS3iQsm
"Yes sir, I packed my luggage myself...you really can't tell?" #airport #randomcheck… https://t.co/adpZkdD7c6
Hello friends! May 4th show in Columbus has been moved to Ethel's Stage Left Lounge (@ShortNorthStage) See you soon! https://t.co/chNDweRw5d
One week until #Nashville! See you all at @BluebirdCafeTN. https://t.co/oLclsVYjH3
First #Choreographic single is now live at @Baeblemusic! #TryTryTry #NewMusic https://t.co/d3d9Q1hwM7 https://t.co/cdAV0uN9Mr
RT @Baeblemusic: Baeble First Play: @rachaelsage and the Triumph of Dance https://t.co/6xYLkQecfb https://t.co/s5WKd22qR7
Thank you @joshmplant for the lovely invite to see #madamabutterfly @metopera! #classiest… https://t.co/y9S4TBig7r
Here's a #sneakpeek of "Try Try Try" from my upcoming album #Choreographic! Premieres tomorrow at @Baeblemusic. https://t.co/exM3OISrSa
One week until #BarnJam at @awendawgreen w/ @AFTMusic and @DanielleHowle! #Awendaw #TourLife https://t.co/lXV7LcuzVb
Fabulous! Well-deserved fun time for 3 of the hardest working, most talented young ladies in showbiz ;) xo https://t.co/it1FYvUkqr
Can't wait!! Thanks for inviting me! :) https://t.co/nSfLSgZKDT
Today was a great day! saw 1st cut of my video & a beautiful dance to another song from my new… https://t.co/18j1kclyaN
One week until I share the stage with Danielle Howle at #CoffeeUnderground in #Greenville #SC.… https://t.co/RkvhW1XWSK
Can't wait! See you soon! https://t.co/s1dBZTeYRZ
Aww, thank you!! Enjoy & see you soon! Xo https://t.co/v8AkGhypHt
Thx for the shout-out, @WindyCityTimes1! Playing @uncommongrd on June 9th. #Chicago https://t.co/FbqiXQaYWq
@colewhittle loving seeing you do your thing on the #iHeartAwards w/ @DNCE :) congrats on all your success, woohoo! Xo
RT @DNCE: CBTO CURRENTLY #11! https://t.co/UHhENCxsvK
More magic from last night's party at @andymacmusic's in #Brooklyn! can you name this tune… https://t.co/kfkoWEzC2f
Birthday/housewarming party fun w/ @andymacmusic & co :) #ilovemytalentedfriends #brooklyn #desire https://t.co/GQKobu2h1L
It's no accident! I love their pillows best!! :) https://t.co/ZpNmBvBmYH
As noted earlier, exciting collaboration in the works :) Enjoy the final result! #AprilFools #Frost #onecandream https://t.co/26BYoGecK3
#FBF: A vlog from this year's #SXSW. Good times all around! https://t.co/OXGd5o9a6N
Super excited b/c 1of my favorite Olympic skaters just reached out to ask if she could do a routine to the instrumental of my song #Frost!
One week until I open for the incomparable @MaryFahlMusic at @theeveningmuse in #Charlotte #NC! https://t.co/VyMAXNSyrD
Two weeks until #MusicCity! I love these @BluebirdCafeTN #InTheRound shows. Sharing the stage w/ @jeffcohenmusic https://t.co/CDb4KawWuK
Two weeks until I play the #BarnJam at Awendaw Green! These outdoor shows are so much fun! https://t.co/LV18ciJ0zY https://t.co/nMFP3wzxFO
I'm taking 1 lucky fan along with me to the #NYC Ballet! Offer available thru my #Choreographic pre-sale: https://t.co/vynkq8w4H6
Enjoyed a dynamic performance by the delightful & accomplished @ShainaTaub @JoesPub Happy to be intro'd to her work! https://t.co/WGVD1ULZn7
Live in #Atlanta or #Savannah? Check out #Fanswell to book a #houseconcert on 4/10 or 4/11 https://t.co/4eS2MyO8lE https://t.co/BoMXViG6y2
Happy Birthday to my dear friend (who also happens to be my amazingly talented bandmate)… https://t.co/FuI6apTI2V
.@LisaLoeb 's voiceovers are so soothing you forget she's kibitzing about diapers & paper towels. #gatewaydrug to my #realitybitessoundtrack
Wishing everyone observing a #happyeaster & all a #happyspring :) #everythingscominguproses #pastellove https://t.co/CS28NHea5Q
The local boxing club seems to be enjoying #Spring (and reminding me I need to exercise :)… https://t.co/wBCGWjygXm
@avie_89 sometimes! I drew the pointe shoes on my new shirt but I worked with a very talented designer on the text layout :) #collaboration
Printing up new T-shirts!! Tell me your fave & shirt size so I can make sure we have enough… https://t.co/Q9HZuKxeVn
RT @BirchStRadio: "If you play with fire you're gonna get burned" @rachaelsage "Wax" #NowPlaying on https://t.co/SifacJqX6h. New album Choreographic out May20
The most soulful vehicle I've ever seen is parked on my block :) #keithharingfoundation… https://t.co/lswvNzaqPg
Heading down to #Duluth in a couple weeks to play alongside one of my all-time favorites, @MaryFahlMusic! https://t.co/TPOwBug5js
Thrilled to have been invited to the dress rehearsal of the Broadway show #waitress w/ music by… https://t.co/qN8OH8ayCU
RT @AngryBabyMusic: If I did #throwbackthursday posts, today's would be about the amazing @rachaelsage plus a bit of @RugbyTheatre... https://t.co/7lnaJRZO9r
#ChoreographicTour starts in just a couple weeks! First up, @theeveningmuse w/ @MaryFahlMusic! #tourlife https://t.co/pLkt8sxRMZ
@avie_89 Glad you like it! Purple is the color scheme this time around.
A #SXSW greeting for all my #pledgers! https://t.co/NoS2CoP0i3
@degigdotcom @mpressrecords @SohoAustin @sxsw thanks so much for capturing that! :)
RT @degigdotcom: We just posted a video of @rachaelsage from @mpressrecords showcase @SohoAustin @SXSW. Check it out! https://t.co/nRhFi89a6n
Look what arrived @mpressrecords just in time for my #choreographic tour! #newmusic #newalbum… https://t.co/sgiehuKJ36
#happypurim! :) #bookofesther #hamentashen #hamen #noisemakers https://t.co/s8BMzzyyNN
Want to get a guitar decorated by yours truly? Head over to the #Choreographic presale! https://t.co/vynkq8NG5G https://t.co/whvjq2keqo
Announcing #ChoreographicTour, in support of my new album! Tix on sale now: https://t.co/tz1FqN1erD https://t.co/7YQBD2g4k4
Good one! We covered it :) https://t.co/gfbmMi1mYR
@avie_89 it's not a fundraiser actually, just a Preorder :)
I got it in Camden in London :) I'll get you one next time! Xo https://t.co/EWuiZMGyUj
And....#itsawrap! :) fun day shooting an #EPK for my new album #Choreographic w/ brilliant… https://t.co/PvYd6zJc9f
Shooting an #EPK today for #choreographic! Suggested interview questions? seize your chance to be a journalist :) https://t.co/4Pl39mzPKH
Another brilliant @maddieziegler moment! So grateful that she's danced to my songs on @dancemoms. #Sia #CheapThrills https://t.co/ghJ3RaGiDy
RT @mattnakoa: #SXSW at #soholounge for @mpressrecords !!! https://t.co/DojwjeKx0U
RT @mattnakoa: @kschoicemusic kicked it in the teeth at #SXSW - thanks @mpressrecords for an incredible day! https://t.co/LGmHnPYCty
Ok...that's enough for tonight! #nightdrawing #lineart #arttherapy post-#sxsw recovery :) #popart https://t.co/UYRNAN83bG
Ibeen a while since I drew directly on a wall but I just couldn't help myself :) #inprocess… https://t.co/VbcIt4gnJg
beautiful performance last night by @ahest & #judycollinsofficial Lovely church-acoustics &… https://t.co/kmVqtgm6ON
So great to see my friend russellwalden in #Austin tonight, accompanying Judy Collins & Ari Hest… https://t.co/mcZomiiNWE
Yay! Excited to see the lovely @thejudycollins & the super-talented @arihest in just a few… https://t.co/XqSXeA4DK5
RT @therepubliq: DAY 4 #therepubliqfest CONTINUES // @OilcanHarrys / 4P @KristenFordBand + 5P Stood With Ghosts + 6P @rachaelsage / https://t.co/q8XUX5RP5A
RT @KarinNotKaren: @rachaelsage thanks for an awesome time! I had a great time listening to you. #seesaw #sxsw2016 https://t.co/KyafzPr1ca
RT @KarinNotKaren: @rachaelsage any band that starts by saying Shabbat Shalom has my… https://t.co/Lc7ktgJnc4
Horsing around with cellist extraordinaire Ward Williams. @handlebaraustin, it's been fun! @… https://t.co/7gaOig8SVz
What a lovely #Texas afternoon! Love it up here on the @handlebaraustin rooftop. @ HandleBar Austin https://t.co/rwCpR3CUqY
RT @mpressrecords: Last chance to see @rachaelsage at #SXSW2016! https://t.co/rnlwu80mfA
My last 2 #SXSW shows are coming up this afternoon! 1pm at @HandleBarAustin and 6pm at @OilcanHarrys. See you soon! https://t.co/g89KwIHrvB
RT @mpressmeredith: #austin: 2 more chances to see @rachaelsage & The Sequins! 1pm Deep Eddy Vodka Stage @HandleBarAustin & 6pm therepubliq fest @OilcanHarrys!
An honor to present @kschoice23 at 10th Anniversary #mpressfest today! Look Mom, we're not a… https://t.co/m0O543zX6P
The brilliantly talented @mattnakoa got everyone to sing along today at #mpressfest :) #kvell!… https://t.co/tUKek57pVd
whirlwind day of great music & #community @mpressrecords' #mpressfest #sxsw2016!… https://t.co/sL1nvnYsSU
RT @Anironnie626: Very honored to see @rachaelsage rocking a t-shirt design/print of mine at #SXSW 💜💀 https://t.co/nkorvQvrP7
Having fun getting into a little bit of "Trouble" at #MPressFest. A good party deserves a… https://t.co/mu7OFJwICa
Hanging' w/ musical #mishpuchah @mpressmeredith at the #grammy party :) #tourwives #naras… https://t.co/d0kUlmMruK
a glimpse of our jazzier side :) #jazzhands #jazzpop #improv #sxsw2016 #hotelrehearsal… https://t.co/S6bGbACWiX
Rehearsing #Idontbelieveit (mostly unplugged) for 1st time w/ #TheSequins! #chamberpop… https://t.co/tNBfJmNOGh
Incredible #keynote from @tonuspomus! "You can be lucky once, you can be lucky twice, but the… https://t.co/vUt7ekFF9G
RT @wosradio: #Colored #MusicVideo @rachaelsage -Coloring Book- #Pop #Rock #Folk On Our #Vlog https://t.co/W2bBbXk4vG https://t.co/XzD9Ax8Fqs
Good morning #Austin! Thrilled to discover the #gospel #funk stylings of #TheRelatives!!… https://t.co/5AyNnG3kIZ
Excited to hear #TonyVisconti in just a few mins :) woohoo! #sxsw2016 #anticipation #production… https://t.co/s39PU8uCZR
Can't wait to perform alongside my @mpressrecords tomorrow! See you all at @SohoAustin! https://t.co/u1mtSppfNH https://t.co/k9HAX9TXTe
RT @MusicGorilla: "I believe musicians have a duty, a responsibility to reach out, to share your love or pain with others." James Taylor
RT @anrgirl: Success without a cause is a wasted effort. So you hit the big time - fame and fortune. What are you going to do for others? #payitforward
fun hotel rehearsal w/ #TheSequins!! :) debuting lots of new material Fri, 2:30pm @ #mpressfest… https://t.co/O637wWruNP
RT @HarlequinDance: Meet 11 year old dancer Kaci King: You'll see her in a new @rachaelsage video about self-confidence in April https://t.co/DsqHiZJ2Rx
Beautiful time at last night's #sxsw2016 kickoff party! Amazing memories of performing at it… https://t.co/VWoBNwdSgT
Lovely lunch #SXSW2016 w/ beautiful & talented #gabriellelouise :) Such a light & kindred spirit #ilovemytalentedfriends #feelinginspired
@MusicGorilla @BurnsidesTavern thanks for having me!! Xo ;)
RT @MusicGorilla: @rachaelsage must've been here....😃🎉💃 #sxsw2016 #boasareawesome @burnsidestavern @ Burnside's… https://t.co/UR4T0K4h6N
RT @mpressrecords: "You know what happens when you get in trouble? You end up lonely on the streets..." @rachaelsage #sxsw #isms
And we're off! First show os #SXSW2016, bright and early at the @musicgorilla showcase at… https://t.co/QWrY1HwcT4
First show of #SXSW2016 in exactly two hours! See you at the @MusicGorilla showcase at @BurnsidesTavern!
RT @JoshMPlant: Wow! Great piece about Kaci King, 11, and her dancing featured in @rachaelsage's forthcoming music video: https://t.co/XvqgxS3LxL
No idea what's happening here but my ipad took this selfie w/o my consent while waiting in the… https://t.co/MjDSt8111e
Oh #Austin, I'd missed your oversized guitars! yes #biggerisbetter when it comes to impacting at… https://t.co/ZZJppCOEvF
This is my favorite #urbanmural I've ever seen (and not just b/c it's across the street from… https://t.co/N3geLRouJy
RT @ElmoreMagazine: Free digital sampler from @mpressrecords celebrating 10 yrs at @sxsw! Featuring @sethglier @rachaelsage @mattnakoa https://t.co/UYk4umeSxE
RT @mpressrecords: The @rachaelsage #Choreographic presale starts today! Head over to @PledgeMusic for all sorts of exclusive goodies: https://t.co/lEtKockaVD
RT @140musicpromo: #SXSW @sxsw is on our festival bucket list 😃🎵 If you're going this year definitely check out @rachaelsage #SXSW2016 https://t.co/IHoUGJ7WXv
Here are just some the exclusives in the #Choreographic presale: signed original art, a trip to the #NYCballet, and #VIP concert packages!
#Pleased to announce the #Choreographic album #presale over at @PledgeMusic! https://t.co/V4xHTcQQxh
@nygiant150 Aw, thanks!
Can't wait to share some new songs at #SXSW2016! Which show will I see you at? More info: https://t.co/vKWBAggQ8m
Heading out to #Austin for #SXSW2016! #ICYMI, just confirmed my 6pm time slot for @therepubliq fest on Saturday. https://t.co/FvNEON78tu
It's been a beautiful weekend in #NYC & I've been #springcleaning w/ the #windowsopen :)… https://t.co/XxqhP4M52g
RT @jphoe: That means a lot. Thank you @rachaelsage! Also, I watch the Notebook before I write every album. #rituals https://t.co/XzV38OO3gF
What's it about @jphoe permits my brain to focus when no other music can? #ADD doesn't stand a chance AND I get to cry :) #bonus #catharsis
Enjoying the "headless vase@" my mom gave me :) w/ her hands on her hips she makes even the most… https://t.co/8attKmElL3
still finding feathers jn my bag & buzzing from #videoshoot memories w/ kaci.king. What a happy, … https://t.co/TDeOEOpsGa
#MPressFest #SXSW2016 is just a week away! Can't wait to see you all there! https://t.co/nvxFVwF2pD https://t.co/0mTKR2LF2X
Thanks! Glad you like it. https://t.co/TbdGvszLEa
RT @AtlanticExtra: #NowPlaying Rachael Sage - Coloring Book On Atlantic Radio Extra
A beautiful mural in a yoga store is *almost* compelling enough to get me off my tuchus & into… https://t.co/7TS68sJzUE
RT @IWMag: #IWNews Acclaimed Artist @RachaelSage Announces New Album ‘Choreographic’ due May 20 via @mpressrecords https://t.co/1T3Af0oWXr
RT @artistconnect1: Ep 288 features my brand new interview with @rachaelsage Listen at https://t.co/Ycoy2yPwjn & catch her on tour! https://t.co/QObih0QKRM
Dropped by @artistconnect1 for a great chat with Matt Kacar! https://t.co/f1PEdQCalj
There is nothing that I can't glitter-ize and decoupage. Exhibit A: drumhead. #TBT #glitter… https://t.co/QuWW93R7ID
Enjoying rare #Broadway outing to the @rtc_nyc 's beautiful production of #shelovesme :)… https://t.co/GtNOityxuH
RT @AFTMusic: Johnson City, TN - We're coming through town one week from today to play Capone's! It'll be the… https://t.co/eKCGNZXkbM
Can't wait to see you all at #SXSW2016 next week! I have 4 shows, 3/16 - 3/19 https://t.co/RtBNLOw38U
RT @TheGRAMMYs: Our creative community has lost a gifted artist. We remember Sir George Martin. https://t.co/HuqWMIXae2
#RIP @GeorgeMartin, whose mad genius made me want to make records long before I got that 4-track for my Bat Mitzvah #fifthbeatle #grateful
RT @LivEchonews: Sir George Martin: Tributes and updates here after death of 'Fifth Beatle': https://t.co/xw0GKB9Yc4 #GeorgeMartin https://t.co/zstbnzq0PA
RT @ringostarrmusic: God bless George Martin peace and love to Judy and his family love Ringo and Barbara George will be missed xxx 😎✌️🌟💖☮
RT @ringostarrmusic: Thank you for all your love and kindness George peace and love xx😎✌️🌟💖 https://t.co/um2hRFB7qF
Congrats to @owendanoff on his stellar performance tonight on @The_VoiceUSA! We're all rooting for you @mpressrecords :) #therealdeal #kvell
RT @AFTMusic: Can't wait for @mpressrecords Fest at SXSW this year with @kschoicemusic @sethglier @rachaelsage… https://t.co/n6kbP1tMWU
Happy International Women's Day!! smile emoticon xo #equality #progress… https://t.co/NkStKNfh9m
Just added @MusicGorilla Showcase to my #SXSW2016 schedule! Wednesday Mar. 16 at @BurnsidesTavern. https://t.co/CKVmphKUqt
That time when the legendary @susanblond swings by your #musicvideo set :) #memorymonday… https://t.co/xmf1smPkKc
Such an honor to work w/ beautiful #ballroomdance champion Jeremy on my #musicvideo!… https://t.co/zAqWgvk15x
RT @maddieziegler: Beyond thrilled and honored to be joining the So You Think You Can Dance family!! 🤗@DANCEonFOX
How cool is this? Go @maddieziegler go! #unstoppable #mazeltov #SYTYCD xo https://t.co/SXTuwfxNUR
Can't wait for @mpressrecords family reunion @ #MPressFestSXSW! Until then, here's a taste: https://t.co/8qdYXbr3nQ https://t.co/mDExKdutg2
Hey y'all! Some new potential T-Shirt designs in the works :) lemme know what you like best!… https://t.co/hXfuem4va4
Driving up to #Binghamton for the #OffTheWall Art Reception! See you at @PhelpsMansion, 6pm! https://t.co/FyHwUDWVRR
Big fan of @ilovelucius, and I'm in love with the new album! #GoodGrief https://t.co/fUyKTTrw41
lovely Mipa bringing the #ballet on day 2 of the #musicvideo! My @sabauditiontour days were… https://t.co/BpnhSjfqZ6
This woman worked her tuchus off on my #video & I'm in awe of her talent! #choreographic… https://t.co/iFkzbwiT6x
RT @TroyEdwards_: New music from the #incredible @rachaelsage! #thankyou for allowing me to be a part of your… https://t.co/qfjktQ1hgw
It's called "Hey Nah"! :) https://t.co/DPrGeHfNoe
photobombing the photographer :) #feelingfancy #videoshoot #choreographic https://t.co/lkcUkVctot
Exciting day shooting 1st video for my album #choreographic! #dreamscometrue #tapdancing… https://t.co/Fl5RnvpkO6
RT @womeninmusicorg: .@MPressRecords founder @RachaelSage is always a glittery good time! See her on March 18th! https://t.co/d3C1nC8VN1 https://t.co/JKtqZlutuU
First day of filming a #musicvideo for #Choreographic! Can't wait to share it with you all! #lyricaldance
Making memories w/ our #musicvideo leading lady :) thrilled to collaborate w/ such a focused, … https://t.co/lCRoS5MAuL
Exciting day rehearsing w/ kaci.king & nicktheclark for the 1st video from my forthcoming album… https://t.co/TPzA9qCpup
Exciting day rehearsing w/ kaci.king @ nicktheclark for the 1st video from my forthcoming album… https://t.co/TPzA9qCpup
@avie_89 Glad you like it!
Announcing... Choreographic! My dance-inspired new album is coming May 20th: https://t.co/4J69ahzhHU https://t.co/PuzFKny7M4
RT @ImMusicMag: Acclaimed Artist @rachaelsage Announces New Album ‘Choreographic’ Due May 20: https://t.co/oCPV2c2hj5 #rachaelsage #choreographic
RT @IWMag: #IWNews Acclaimed Artist @rachaelsage Announces New Album ‘Choreographic’ Due May 20 @mpressrecords @thinkpresspr https://t.co/GlLHUHQRHm
RT @MarnieMarns: Oh heck yeah, @rachaelsage is back with new #Music!! Rachael Sage Announces New Album CHOREOGRAPHI https://t.co/0IlpoKJAwU
RT @womeninmusicorg: Thrilled to announce we’re sponsoring the @MPressRecords #MPressFest at #SXSW, March 18th! https://t.co/d3C1nC8VN1 https://t.co/sKUI9SgHoe
Some serious #FlashbackFriday! https://t.co/hf369xgQxI
#FirstFriday at @PhelpsMansion next week! #FreeShow! https://t.co/1hKZInbB1k https://t.co/zUr77TnBI3
Who's excited for #SXSW2016? Here's a #tbt to last year's #MPressFest. See you on the 18th! https://t.co/SL62xMdMk3 https://t.co/oaDLtO1Mod
@artistconnect1 pleasure kibitzing!! :) thanks so much for a great interview!
#WayBackWednesday: The original 1995 demo of "Big Star, " complete w/ homemade music video! https://t.co/wZqds3jqzm
Hello #Austin! My label @mpressrecords is coming to #SXSW with our 10th annual #MPressFest! https://t.co/SL62xMdMk3 https://t.co/IBQzwwtFTB
@UndercurrentsMO @mpressrecords yes I know lol...but I didn't wanna show the whole thing bc your email was on the front! Mazel Tov! :)
Amazing to see a new generation discover #TracyChapman's music! "Fast Car" has always been a favorite of mine. https://t.co/ryltS8q2yP
Congrats to our winning entry in @mpressrecords' #coloringcontest at #FAI2016! We'll be… https://t.co/ULszBq7nEt
Happy Birthday @slightflight!! Missing you & grateful you're in my life :) xoxox https://t.co/s83s9slE43
How much do I love @kdfiddler?! #feelinggrateful #bandbonding #sequin #FAI2016 #wedidit! https://t.co/TWYQ5Cz18A
@TourWonk @mpressrecords hah! Now I can tear down our room decor lol. Let the restoration begin! #whoneedssleep when you have #folkmusic :)
RT @jtandalli: Our new album Real Midnight, produced by @JoeHenryMusic is out today! You can have a listen on @NPR #firstlisten https://t.co/CkqAkD8Eqt
Thanks to all who participated in @mpressrecords art contest fai2016! Our winner will be… https://t.co/0MW3XpPQh7
Enjoying the beautiful musings of @bethelsteele in the @mpressrecords rm @ #FAI2016… https://t.co/ch0DVyhwqJ
RT @mpressmeredith: Afternoon showcasing with @rachaelsage & @KDFiddler in the Access Orange Room #FAI2016 https://t.co/sKPAeECvAD
Inspiring keynote from @thejudycollins!! Grateful to be in the room, graced by her talent, humor… https://t.co/2e6K9WZPU4
So excited to hear the amazing #JudyCollins in mere moments, at #FAI2016! Perfect purple… https://t.co/qMCb20T2RI
.@meganslankard was fantastic as usual last night at @mpressrecords's Room 542 at #FolkAlliance! https://t.co/NhnwqjD3Nk
RT @TourWonk: The fearless leader of @mpressrecords the one and only @rachaelsage . https://t.co/wlxQ0hzP7s
RT @mpressrecords: We're going to be live on #Periscope with @rachaelsage performing at Folk Alliance #fai2016 at midnight CST. Tune in!
Love this version "Helpless" by @Neilyoung & #CrazyHorse! Had the pleasure of recording this song w/ @TheJudyCollins https://t.co/wOpq75J7ZL
Beautiful set from #emilybarker tonight in @mpressrecords room! #FAI2016 @ Kansas City, Missouri https://t.co/6WnG6WaMUj
The amazing #billkirchen tearing it up in our @mpressrecords room tonight! He write this song w/… https://t.co/hHu82NlQ8l
RT @mpressrecords: On #periscope? Tune in at midnight CST tonight for a @rachaelsage performance from Folk Alliance! #fai2016
Calling all artistic-types @folkalliance (that's everyone!) #livedrawing #contest every night in… https://t.co/vJnnrWEgpV
RT @KsChoiceMusic: Trailer for our upcoming US Tour - check it out ---> https://t.co/cVR4QPjwhC #music #tour
So excited to kick off #FolkAlliance2016! @mpressrecords will be hosting events at Room 542. See you soon! https://t.co/otbPasG658
In spite of my neighborhood's best efforts otherwise, we did in fact make it to the airport &… https://t.co/guUpWxhOtI
Nothing like mastering your album while the @TheGRAMMYs are on :) #multitasking @jshyloski #wedontplanthesethings #motivation
Enjoyed the #BBKingtribute on @TheGRAMMYs...especially the always-amazing @TheBonnieRaitt! :)
@mpressmeredith but I want it!! :) she is so great at capturing male swagger...yet also channeling #Cher & #LizaMinnelli #amiwrong?
RT @mpressmeredith: No, @rachaelsage, we can't fit that robotic keyboard stand in the overhead on planes. #Grammys2016
Loving @ladygaga on the @TheGRAMMYs!! She can do no wrong by me - what a talent & a courageous performer :) I think #DavidBowie's smiling!
RT @AFTMusic: So ready to head out on tour with our friends and @mpressrecords labelmates, @kschoicemusic!… https://t.co/zotROanC6F
Heading to #FolkAlliance on Wednesday! See you all in #KansasCity! https://t.co/kQwLmK3WrP
Happy Valentine's Day to my uber-talented, creative, oh-so-thoughtful sweetheart @slightflight… https://t.co/SRimWYK7VY
Happy #valentinesday! I made a #coloringbook to help celebrate :) xo https://t.co/CfVfjFM3qL https://t.co/vrzbp2pVAF
so cold boschguitar's hand was shaking but I still love this photo :) #impression of #friendship… https://t.co/u4YH2IUXwc
#FashionFriday: #NYFW is upon us! Which new collection are most excited for?
#TBT That time @SethGlier was nominated for a #Grammy, and we went to the ceremony together. So much fun! https://t.co/YcabSEjgAu
.@folkalliance is next week! Can't wait to see you all in #KansasCityMO! #FAI2016 https://t.co/BwEspo6M6n
siren woke me up & then I saw an alert that @AGreatBigWorld were streaming live #beshert :) hello great songwriting-nice to hear you again!!
On this chilly #NYC day, thinking about the balmy #LA where I filmed "Wax". Here are some warm vibes for you all! https://t.co/UqD4OkuvC6
A month until the Off the Wall Art reception at the @PhelpsMansion in #BinghamtonNY! #Free night of music + art. https://t.co/DXDY8PdfFm
RT @CrimMinds_CBS: 17 Profound #CriminalMinds Quotes That Will Inspire You: https://t.co/9eWhyXcEzl #MotivationMonday https://t.co/ihuTIYbnHy
I'm at jury duty & am not allowed to share details of the case I haven't been assigned yet so stop asking me! #feelingthepressure #civicduty
RT @mpressmeredith: I think @rachaelsage has a purse made out of the same material as Lady's Gaga's suit. #superbowl50
RT @mpressmeredith: So this happened. Brought @rachaelsage down to Charleston to see @AFTMusic. bc as.... https://t.co/CLFPG3CUFf https://t.co/TqiUzFlhxy
#trueorfalse: a) someone hacked my acct or b) I flew to #Charleston to see @aftmusic w/… https://t.co/WfZFVmQ8cr
I love this "mural", but is it just me or does this describe the inverse of a #Passover #seder?… https://t.co/p7BTnfpFss
I loved the first @thelumineers album, and this new single doesn't disappoint. Can't wait to hear more! https://t.co/mLrRaOJPUu
@TimeOutNewYork @newmuseum One of many great things about living in the #EastVillage! Love this place!
#TBT vlog from last month's @NAMMShow. Good times were had! https://t.co/9Thu5Twcn0
RT @RollingStone: 57 years ago today marks "the day the music died." Inside the last days of Buddy Holly https://t.co/A8Q1vZyug0 https://t.co/4gNcOcEgDQ
@alisonjardine beautiful! :)
RT @alisonjardine: Fragile' - 60"x50" oil on linen, wooden case, found vase & branch #painting https://t.co/uos6o89qil #art . .
RT @ilovelucius: All newly-announced tour dates are available for presale now! See you all on the road this spring. #GoodGrief https://t.co/svN9lBWs5I
RT @CitizenLA: K’s Choice to play @theVIPERroom - Mar 21 | watch > https://t.co/n2OhzmtUBx | @mpressrecords https://t.co/4dX3Syfrgh
Available here! https://t.co/FPR02qO7Di
#ValentinesDay is less than two weeks away. I think a #BlueRoses tank top for your special someone is a great idea! https://t.co/7K9cXaJUeL
Made this piece for my Dad today :) should i color it in or leave it black & white?… https://t.co/KC56LuZVPb
@avie_89 nope :) its a set of rings my sister gave me 20 years ago that say love & joy. So that's what I'm engaged to!
Love this new video! So creative! #genius https://t.co/NAm57viwPu
.@folkalliance 2016 starts in two weeks! Can't wait to see you all there! https://t.co/x1kPghH7Ii https://t.co/3pzCC3nqXj
Incredible performance by the #Grammy nominated @AndraDayMusic on #stephencolbert! Heading over to iTunes...wow :)
Finishing a recording of my favorite @carole_king song (can you guess which?) by #shabbat… https://t.co/EuJ4Fxj8Yf
#FlashyFriday: The weekend's almost here! Need some sartorial inspiration before you got out… https://t.co/uoXpLSIXjn
@HaySoappops I've played Scotland quite a few times. No solid plans at the moment, but might come back later this year.
Ahh, #LAfashion I admire your #chutzpah :) apparently #rhianna designed these socks. I think i… https://t.co/5GLzeF1Om0
@carpetwheel nope not til Spring...but it was a nice visit & fun time @NAMMShow :)
#TBT Began my relationship w/ @DanceMoms 2 years ago when @maddieziegler danced to "Birthday". Enjoy this throwback! https://t.co/2IYuPVzqSo
Did you know @Adele's face fits on any album? Thx Team @mpressrecords for the mashup! #AnyAlbumAdele #InternetHumor https://t.co/kPBKtldQhf
A cheery song to help you get over your #humpday: https://t.co/RU0EfPNlbu #WildflowerWednesday
RT @sethglier: Excited to share the talk I gave @TEDxVail in Colorado about what my nonverbal brother Jamie taught me about music: https://t.co/D8JeKWmfuQ
@revaminkoff aww, thank you! Xo
Just hangin' out on the tramp at aldcstudiola with 2 of my fave dancers ;) great to see you… https://t.co/KOGOR1tAoY
Lovely visit to #aldcla! A treat to see @maddieziegler & watch her & her amazing peers taking… https://t.co/miq0qRtzS9
Yum yum yum! Some amazing @BrillSkyBakery treats, sent over by an über fan. #ilovemyjob #sugaroverload https://t.co/glf2t4YC32
@coslive @FleetwoodMac @ilovelucius Oo, I want to go! Looks amazing! #fangirl
A little bittersweet that I missed the storm but at least I have @slightflight's painting… https://t.co/bRjQgt2cxB
#NYC's #Bowery gets renamed in honor of #DavidBowie. I love it! #LES #lovemyneighborhood https://t.co/jMwR7mxfTk
#MatchingMonday: Sometimes, your outfit matches your hotel furniture, and you feel a certain… https://t.co/fuh86W0dDD
Good morning @nammshow! :) #namm2016 #anaheim #caffeinated https://t.co/QA8yiYw5r2
Impromptu reunion w/ the talented & stylish @walterparks @nammshow @casiomusicgear :) https://t.co/f1AGNqeABi
RT @jus10h: #rachaelsage @rachaelsage #casio #casiomusicgear @casiomusicgear #namm #namm2016 #nammshow… https://t.co/8HYxrqVuQP
This just happened! An enchanting colorful bird kissed me & landed on my shoulder :)… https://t.co/IulZPf5WLa
@gracepix Nov 21! :) #Scorpio!
RT @j9hanson: Home improvement project in full swing today w/ 14 @rachaelsage albums in shuffle mode on my iPod.
RT @mpressmeredith: Thanks to @casiomusicgear for hosting @rachaelsage at #namm2016! https://t.co/ukA1Nsf1Au
So much fun performing today @casiomusicgear casio_us! #matchymatchy #ilovemytalentedfriends… https://t.co/S1FBHkvBxm
Ran into this guy @casiomusicgear :) @stevepostell #guitarmacher #studiomensch #namm2016 @nammshow https://t.co/WPqnh9QFrD
RT @mpressmeredith: At #namm2016? Come by the @CasioMusicGear booth (5900) at 11:30 for a special performance by @rachaelsage! https://t.co/EjkF202bhe
#NAMM2016 30 minutes until my performance at the #Casio booth, #5900. See you there! @NAMMShow
A lot of big news afoot! New tour, new fests, and.... a NEW ALBUM. Read on in this month's newsletter! https://t.co/pXnd7D6E2J
Hello #NAMM2016 friends! I'm performing at the Casio booth (#5900), 11:30am tomorrow. Can't wait!
So, I heard that there's a storm happening back in #NYC? I picked a great time to take a trip… https://t.co/cUAVqMdSNJ
Quite a luminary 1st panel I'm attending this afternoon @nammshow :) Love being here & soaking… https://t.co/6pfRBcVWnn
RT @KsChoiceMusic: Have you snagged tickets for our US Tour yet? Get after it: https://t.co/wgzuWjVjT2 #SF #LA #SantaFe #SEATAC #PDX #SLC #Austin #JohnsonCity
I'm glad you connect with the music! That's what I aim for. :D https://t.co/Y5deA8DUIk
#TBT Snuggling with a #BBC bear during last summer's UK tour. Go hug someone today! #NationalHugDay https://t.co/9deQI8GjwH
@metadedepessoa Glad you like the lyrics! Is "Barbed Wire" your favorite song from Blue Roses?
#WCW: "Game Changer", by my pals @denatauriello, will be featured on @americanidol tonight! Way… https://t.co/zYX6M6Vs3u
@carpetwheel No dates confirmed yet, but I think I'll hit the West Coast soon enough.
So much love for the new @ilovelucius song, #Madness! Way to go! https://t.co/qEBnXNeHG5
@NME @lorde I definitely have it too! happy to be in such fine co...always interesting to learn more about it. #colorismyreligion :)
Happy #MLKDay! Martin Luther King Jr. was full of so much wisdom and goodwill for humanity. I… https://t.co/N1vSzbsLw9
Heading down to #NAMM2016 this week! Enjoy this recap of last year's shenanigans: https://t.co/wQI9HV4ta1
finally getting some real winter weather but on the upside, #earmuffs exist! :) #feelingprepared… https://t.co/BLAJZnw2bp
@djsaucylady @PerformerMag thanks so much...glad you enjoyed it! ;) best to you!!
#FBF One year ago, I was sporting this stylish bit of footwear. It was an eye-opening experience… https://t.co/OAtShHmBac
Can't tell you how happy I am that my MPress labelmates @KsChoiceMusic & @AFTMusic are touring the US this March! https://t.co/KPLLKMvbVs
#ICYMI #BrynnRumfallo dancing to my song "Chandelier" in last week's @DanceMoms! https://t.co/TY1jbz9W8V
Overwhelmed w/ #gratitude...loveliest gift I've ever received at a gig, sent directly to… https://t.co/7Bncd8OK4T
Onstage at @pianosnyc! Did I deck the stage in boas and glitter? Well, of course! https://t.co/aD27OrCccd
RT @PerformerMag: How @rachaelsage Turns Gender Bias Into Creative Fuel For Audio Production. Read more at https://t.co/fROQbO8Wez https://t.co/NuIWxqO4as
Six hours till showtime! See you soon, @PianosNYC! https://t.co/8IUQUG1sBF
Thanks to @PerformerMag for sharing my experiences overcoming gender bias in music production! https://t.co/Du9hJY6e89
I've never felt so 1 w/ a pair of glasses :) Thanks @selimaoptique! #jadore #girlswithglasses… https://t.co/3QawkJrv2Y
So excited to play tmrw w/ #thesequins @pianosnyc, 7pm sharp! Cello/drums, /keys & my blue… https://t.co/pdq8Wc5d1P
Playing @PianosNYC at 7pm tomorrow. See you there, #NYC! https://t.co/VY1hveHCSM
Just a couple days until my show at @PianosNYC! Playing alongside @TheRiflery, @NewSchematics, @AFTMusic. https://t.co/c4mLZnpNbY
#RIP #davidbowie A voice in every sense of the word A painting in every fibre of his… https://t.co/Zs9s2EP9bT
Enjoying the vibrant & compelling #Motley exhibit #TheWhitney before hunkering down to work :)… https://t.co/QPmHiBATAs
Thrilled that I get to share the stage with these talented boys next week! I'm playing at… https://t.co/taWMOPgA1e
@AngryBabyMusic @therevue thanks so much for the support! :) excited to share the new album soon!!
RT @AngryBabyMusic: Time for Part 2 of @therevue's Top 50 anticipated #albums - my favourite is @rachaelsage #Choreographic Rachael... https://t.co/Za7YNOwTYW
@Freshfacesbrynn gorgeous dance last night on @dancemoms ! Loved your interpretation of #chandelier (aka #coronation). Congrats! Xo #ALDC
RT @BeckyYeePhoto: @rachaelsage @mpressrecords #2016 is a good year https://t.co/V3NNCyy5DW
Thanks @therevue for putting me on your Most Anticipated Albums of 2016 list! https://t.co/NeoyBdR8qm
Had a great time Team MPress at our New Year's Kick-Off party last night! Exciting things to… https://t.co/Ih2j8irPoj
So proud of @sethglier! He's speaking and performing at @TEDxVail in #Colorado on Friday! https://t.co/upBCkkoEXD
@minisiamaddie Oh right, I forgot! Looking forward to that!
Great watching @Freshfacesbrynn dance to my song "Chandelier" last night! Little sad @maddieziegler is gone, but pretty excited for Brynn!
@DanceMomsFR thank you! :) happy new year & hope you're well! Xo
@shkoda1414 @DanceMoms It was @Freshfacesbrynn! And she did such a good job!
@Allyn621 @Freshfacesbrynn thanks! I saw the dance when it surfaced on youtube a while ago & was blown away :) lovely performance Brynn! Xo
RT @MarnieMarns: Hearing the #Music of @rachaelsage on @DanceMoms never gets old!! Don't forget, new eps tonight with Rachael's beautiful song #Chandelier!
#grandcentral's one of my favorite places & has been since I was 5. #highceilings #possibility… https://t.co/BMJRIQnWPk
New @DanceMoms on tonight! Who do you think will dance to "Chandelier"? https://t.co/sDbd5ktImS
late-night omelettes w/ chef @slightflight :) (thanks nicktheclark for the #prosecco!) can you… https://t.co/0j9DIYjPX7
Prrrrr.... #catlady #urbanjungle #LES @meowparlour #rescuecats https://t.co/9AChGGhQAg
Thinking of @andymacmusic at the @meowparlour bakery...all his flavors seem to be in season :) @… https://t.co/ia4po9d0Nz
Happy Freakin' New Year!! Woohoooo #fireworks #singedhair @slightflight https://t.co/6xGfbFNVYI
Getting the warm fuzzies as I watch all of these @mpressrecords videos! So much love for all of… https://t.co/YXNmxGCwq8
#TBT: A medley of "Bravedancing" and "Hit Song' from last year's #BlueRoses album release concert! https://t.co/NPBEfqUREs
Happy New Year everyone!! xoxo https://t.co/LVZQnDUfgZ
RT @LeightonMedia: I love these 2 magical & musical women! Phoebe @Legere & @RachaelSage at @ThinkCoffee. We saved the music industry. https://t.co/1w1HISFFVV
Last week to take advantage of @mpressrecords's holiday sale! 25% off my music at https://t.co/C2Lpp4MRxR https://t.co/sKxQ2JznQL
My song "Chandelier" will be on @dancemoms next week! So excited for the new season! https://t.co/YuoS73kGkK
@radiocblue @vancegilbert @amyspeace @MarkErelli honored to bein such fine company! #varklempt :) xo
RT @radiocblue: Prior Radio Crystal Blue Artists Of The Year include: @vancegilbert @amyspeace Aztec Two Step, Tom Principato, @MarkErelli @rachaelsage
Last week of the @mpressrecords holiday sale! Use the RSHOLIDAY discount code to get 25% off my… https://t.co/sAQlJkziR5
exciting creative powwow w/ my fabulous #video director nicktheclark who gifted me the perfect… https://t.co/KntGHcKwDh
@MarnieMarns lol...you know who has boots like this? @AFTMusic! :) thanks for thinking of me, nonetheless!
RT @AngryBabyMusic: Looking for a great #XmasPlaylist? Check out @therevue with our favourites @BethFordMusic and @rachaelsage Beth... https://t.co/3wH4a93D17
@avie_89 aww, thank you!! :) xo
Thinking of @kdfiddler's admirable obsession w/ #maple :) (I made this by mistake as a kid in CT, … https://t.co/YR0UXvbzNp
psyched to see @MotherStruck w/ @alysongreenfiel! No better way for 2 artsy Jewesses to celebrate post-#Christmakkah than #NYC #theater :)
@MarnieMarns @PinkEyeRonnie omg that's outrageous!! Thanks for sharing...wild :) xo
RT @MarnieMarns: @PinkEyeRonnie @rachaelsage I'll just leave this right here... Happy weekend Lovlies!! https://t.co/nKKh8wEtzW via youtube #Symphony9
#FBF: Just posted this live video of "English Tea" from my #BlueRoses album release show. Enjoy! https://t.co/ZIM0MP03Pn
For all who celebrate...a very #MerryChristmas :) xo & light, peace & joy! https://t.co/MZeqH5r4A7
#TBT: "Barbed Wire" live, from my #BlueRoses album release show at @lprnyc! https://t.co/zxVFCC3g3Y
Spend the day at @mpressrecords brainstorming 2016 w/ @melbatoastrox after months away touring &… https://t.co/ECeMx7ff8a
Three weeks until my show at @PianosNYC! So happy to be on the bill alongside my MPress labelmates @AFTMusic. https://t.co/HOLVVxuBPu
Only two weeks left of the MPress holiday sale! Use the RSHOLIDAY discount code to get 25% off my music and merch: https://t.co/xIyB7ADLmi
This wk I'm working on imagery for my forthcoming album #choreographic, collaborating w/ some… https://t.co/6JjTUFN6RM
It's been a great year, with some great music videos! Thanks to all of my lovely friends who… https://t.co/VyH9nDqoTs
Stopped by @bust_magazine #bustcraftacular to support my beautiful talented sister & her handmade… https://t.co/wyWr64R6C0
Taking the stage in #Rahway #NJ supporting the soulful & talented @maryfahlmusic in half hr!… https://t.co/h62kpBNBFg
Stopped by a photographer for a "style blog" on my way to get a chai. Hey, it was sunny - just… https://t.co/0sMF98sKgw
@sethacohen33 thanks for the follow! Twitter won't let me follow you b/c I've reached my "limit"...sorry! love Lynn, and all that you do :)
@justicehoney sure! Thanks for asking ;) just dm me the link, if you have a chance. Xo
One of the things I really miss when I'm on tour is lighting #shabbat candles :) #shabbatshalom… https://t.co/XbdmCCS9wg
Gathering wardrobe that matches my new hair for a photo session for my new album :)… https://t.co/yUWQZbnipB
Tomorrow night is my last show of 2015, and I can't think of a better person to share the stage… https://t.co/wez1InVBnc
Look who swung by this afternoon to sing some harmonies chez #mishugasstudios? :) thanks… https://t.co/u3iiQL94r4
#TBT: 1st time I've shared these gorgeous videos from last year's #BlueRoses album release show. Enjoy! https://t.co/3pPyOjI9uk
Going to hear @rufuswainwright w/ my Dad in an hr a block from my apt. @SubCulture_NYC. How fun is that? #excited #studiobreak #inspiration!
Playing this beautiful venue on Saturday! Can't wait to share the stage with @maryfahlmusic. Show… https://t.co/6nWL5OuGDp
Throwback photo with a beautifully sparkly guitar! Despite my love of glitter, I still haven't… https://t.co/JKcppU5cio
Glad you like the song! https://t.co/sySs2ryWhT
Thanks! Glad you like the song. :D https://t.co/XDLAUsLRBL
RT @BethFordMusic: Happy Holidays from Rachael Sage: If you’ve read my blog you’ll know its no secret that I’m a big […] https://t.co/jrjNIaD60n
Thanks @mmusicmag for sharing my menorah-filled "Hanukkah In The Village" lyric video! https://t.co/QLytXuBA6r
RT @vineyardmuses: Early Bird tix on sale now until the ball drops NYE! https://t.co/uFP0plg2As #MITV #WomenInMusic #musicfestival https://t.co/hrt2m5saRv
Another great #Hanukkah ends. But the holiday spirit doesn't have to end. Enjoy some "Hanukkah In The Village"! https://t.co/8ANmT9596A
@mpressmeredith ha!!!
...and there goes the #mitzvahtank signaling the end of #Hanukkah. #NYC, it's good to be back in you!! :)
Brilliant performance @captain_maybe tonight by @katerigg @lyrishung aka #slantyeyedmama in… https://t.co/hjFjOWZSQz
Happy #lastnight of #Hanukkah! Found my hand-decorated rhinestoned toaster-oven :) anyone… https://t.co/rJeErI2MjB
My talented colorist/artiste niece made me this pretty cupcake :) I think it may be my next… https://t.co/lfQWlpBN6N
RT @wfuv: On @mcrenshaw's "The Bottomless Pit" at 10, faves like @TonyJoeWhite and @rachaelsage. https://t.co/MJ8ZcU5tdR https://t.co/B0a4PL7FXE
RT @toriamos: To celebrate 100k followers, #Tori will #sign & #personalize a set of #LE & #UTP vinyl reissues for one lucky #EWF. RT to enter! 🎉🎹❤️
Missing my buddy @mattnakoa who rolls outta bed @carriagehousest & gives us this kind of "wake up… https://t.co/IdxZBRsjNB
Great day recording w/ the brilliantly talented & delightful @mattnakoa & trumpet w/ incredible super-mensch Russ Johnson! #feelinglucky!
RT @mpressmeredith: ICYMI: @rachaelsage has a lovely lyric video for her new song "Hanukkah In The Village"! Share the latkes! https://t.co/Gv0kbByfb8
Sign up for my street team by the end of #Hanukkah, and I'll send you a special bag of presents! #tchatchkes #gelt https://t.co/1kR64WEq3i
RT @AFTMusic: NYC! We're coming back to play Piano's on January 13th with our friend/labelmate @rachaelsage, @NewSchematics, @TheAfroNick, & @TheRiflery!
Last show of the year! Next Saturday at @UnionCountyPAC w/ @MaryFahlMusic. #singersongwriter #livemusic https://t.co/lBzlUK3NDe
RT @MarnieMarns: Yaaaaaaay!! Available @iTunes from @rachaelsage -- "Hanukkah In The Village" 😊🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕎✡💜 (LYRIC VIDEO) https://t.co/X9pYFdMVbE
@smoemeth it ate my prior sun, fri, sat, sun & mon lol in case that helps. I think we both deserve some serious latkes!! :) xo & #welldone
RT @PopMatters: #PREMIERE: @RachaelSage serves up a gorgeous new #Hanukkah song, "Hanukkah in the Village" https://t.co/0vdqbamxAf https://t.co/xtqqVg8P24
"Hanukkah In The Village" lyric video just premiered at @PopMatters! #HappyHanukkah https://t.co/RQ1QhkqdJ5
How is your holiday shopping going? Just so you know, all of my music and merch is on sale at the… https://t.co/pX8csxnSoe
RT @wosradio: @rachaelsage - Hanukkah In The Village- On Our #Podcast https://t.co/Bm7lIGkkEq #Hanukkah #Village
RT @MarnieMarns: Just chillin with @rachaelsage here @ZiaRecords #BlueRoses https://t.co/fWcubHKRhi
#HanukkahInTheVillage music video coming soon! Here's a sneak peek. #NYC #GreenwichVillage #LES… https://t.co/CcPk51lxhp
Thanks @thelatintimes for putting "Hanukkah In The Village" on your #HanukkahSongs list! https://t.co/t7EvJQPv1G
rockin' my #travelmenorah which of course, only takes birthday candles :) one must be adaptive in… https://t.co/EVfko8rJ95
Love this @KsChoiceMusic concert video! Way to go, Sarah & Gert! #MPressFamily #recordlabelfamily https://t.co/cC64b5fD9Y
"Hanukkah In The Village" is featured on @wosradio tomorrow! Listen in at 12pm or 8pm (EST). https://t.co/QYKwcdLJuY
Thanks @WRKF for playing "Hanukkah In The Village"! May you get plenty of gelt and gifts this year!
#HappyHanukkah! Join my street team during the holiday, get a free bag of tchatchkes! https://t.co/JE1mah0UpS https://t.co/T4rUmbUDXq
RT @wfuv: On "The Bottomless Pit" with @mcrenshaw at 10, friends and faves like @rachaelsage @AFTMusic and @GreggTurner1: https://t.co/5q1E0YI5PO
That moment when you bring your mom (who introduced you Judy Collins' music) backstage to @TheJudyCollins :) #whenworldscollide #strongwomen
Featured on @wfuv this weekend alongside @AFTMusic! The show is at 10pm EST on Saturday. https://t.co/KqbkaZVbbI
300 Kate Bushes dancing to #WutheringHeights in a field? Too good! https://t.co/9QCA8tNfk9
"Hanukkah In The Village" is a finalist in the 2015 Holiday Song Contest! Alright! https://t.co/KqbkaZVbbI
Love love love!!! @ilovelucius "Born Again Teen" is just too good! #NewMusicFriday https://t.co/1plZBs1CfB
#TBT: Can any of you guess the name of the #Willamsburg club where I filmed the "Wildflower" video? #Brooklyn https://t.co/0SVjba5UjW
Fun session tracking #woodwinds w/ the multitalented #MarianneOsiel… https://t.co/OzqVzEqHOQ
Thrilled to also share the stage with @TheRiflery, @TheAfroNick, and @NewSchematics. See you there! https://t.co/ZkqzPkDpDE
#ShowAnnouncement: Playing @PianosNYC w/ my labelmates @AFTMusic! Can't wait! https://t.co/9WuHqKrGZK https://t.co/nFX0pw2OjG
📷 My label @MPRessRecords has a holiday sale running until January 6th! Use the MPRESSHOLIDAY discount... https://t.co/0fYXSTmclK
Had a great chat with Rudie Humphrey of @americanaUK about my new single "Coloring Book"! https://t.co/BGGLaGek7Q
When I was 12 my most beloved teacher & impactful creative mentor… https://t.co/YHEYTjzwr9
Last day of the @mpressrecords Thxgiving sale! Get 50% off w/ GIVINGTHANKS discount code at https://t.co/C2Lpp4MRxR https://t.co/1lhnGWKUJl
Getting the family #menorah collection out for a surprise project :)… https://t.co/41ks3LEehK
It's #BlackFriday over at the @mpressrecords webstore! 50% off all my music and merch: https://t.co/xIyB7ADLmi https://t.co/gmlEfxEFIz
@BenYellowitz great to meet you too!! :) hope to reconnect when I'm next in London...and best of luck with your music xo
#grateful for love, friendship & music & the gift of living the artist's life! #happythanksgiving! https://t.co/V0P0ii2ZdJ
Ahh, #England...how I will miss your mod furniture in public spaces! Hate… https://t.co/5f8mVQ32c6
RT @AngryBabyMusic: Check out @rachaelsage #EnglishTea in the Arts & Ents section :) https://t.co/clVzEPlG6k
RT @breezedevon: #NewMusicFile VOTE: @callaghanmusic, @duranduran, @NewtonFaulkner, @NadiaForde, @rachaelsage, @sigmahq & @RitaOra https://t.co/pTJdJkHl2l
#London tonight! Can't wait to see you all at the @GreenNote!! https://t.co/I7rlm3FOQw
Detail from a painting @slightflight gave me, using watercolors… https://t.co/Obl5d5NcOC
Thanks so much for this great interview!! https://t.co/E0Kx7UXX9b
RT @JaneElizIreland: fantastic interview with @rachaelsage from @angrybabymusic! Sweeney Todd and Rachael Sage - https://t.co/dLxgcjeoUd via @Shareaholic
@TheTalkingOak ben, I'm at The Green Note tomorrow...maybe you can come?? https://t.co/rQC009Ttn5 for info :) xo
Last show of the tour tomorrow! 8pm at @GreenNote in #London. #EuroTour #UK #singersongwriter https://t.co/LqD988Vfis
Had such a great birthday on Saturday! Today is the last day of my… https://t.co/h4hNuEOBul
Goodbye #Dublin! ...and thanks #CeZar for the nostalgic sendoff :)… https://t.co/4y5eqRMvqq
RT @Debbilein96: @rachaelsage "Among all of God's creatures, there is only man who kill" this song, fit's our permanent situation too well :( #PrayForPeace
@JaneElizIreland @HuffPostUKEnt thanks for the support! :) xo
RT @JaneElizIreland: .@rachaelsage interviewRachael Sage's Coloring Book https://t.co/i5XHe1jMqk via @HuffPostUKEnt @janeelizireland
RT @folklore1: WED @GreenNote, @jesshallsongs accompanied by @Duotone + @rachaelsage (US) & @ViveLaRoseBand https://t.co/i8PDc0WLN3 https://t.co/clYmkz0qaF
RT @ChipDuckett: So loving @RachaelSage's beautiful new single Hanukkah in the Village. Perfect for kicking off the holidays in NYC! https://t.co/HIUcLKGdtP
Thank you @ChipDuckett! Xo https://t.co/JmeM8uQBqc
Hangin' in #Dublin w/ @slightflight! :) #adventures #birthdayweekend @… https://t.co/laQdtg24OG
Thank you everyone for your sweet birthday wishes yesterday! Made my wish… https://t.co/YgxYb8K2eh
1 of several highlights of my birthday was hearing this fellow on… https://t.co/mQl0rs6uZr
Thank you @slightflight! #nicetobeknown #ganesh #birthdayweekend… https://t.co/ECKEBb2Jn6
RT @KsChoiceMusic: Any of our fans on #Periscope? If so, you might want to go ahead & follow us so you don't miss our upcoming broadcast! #tease #cantwait
My #HauntedByYou vinyl LP came out three years ago today! What's your… https://t.co/U00jJoRMmR
You can get your copy of "Hanukkah In The Village" over at #iTunes! https://t.co/0LiS2Pgbhw https://t.co/KTGrPQ4A4x
Thrilled to share my new single "Hanukkah In The Village" with the world! Thx @YahooMusic for the premiere! https://t.co/ckxuBHrvEj
30 mins 'til showtime w/ @kdfiddler & @slightflight woohoo! #workmansclub… https://t.co/VxW9QmL19Y
Thanks so much #SunshineFM #Dublin & our fabulous interviewer #CarolDooley for your radio… https://t.co/wzl0J5Hv4b
RT @planetlondon: Check out hot US singer @RachaelSage who's in London performing gigs for a while & releasing exclusive UK tracks https://t.co/5iy2bicNCA
"Coloring Book" is out in the #UK tomorrow! @HuffPostUKEnt has the official video premiere: https://t.co/XZCI6M4nxB
The holidays are almost here! To celebrate, I'm releasing my new single "Hanukkah In The Village" on… https://t.co/ngveVYwCeu
Great photo of my ace fiddler Kelly Halloran (@kdfiddler) from our gig at Vin's Night-In back on… https://t.co/4IQpFJP5ur
RT @ApolloniaKotero: Rachael Sage - California (Official Music Video) https://t.co/qqquEKi9T8 via @YouTube Te Amo Paris <3
RT @wosradio: #Colored #MusicVideo @rachaelsage -Coloring Book- #Pop #Rock #Folk On Our #Vlog https://t.co/W2bBbXk4vG https://t.co/IDevuUAysv
The next show of my #EuroTour is on Thursday. Thrilled to be supporting eoinglackin at #WorkmansClub… https://t.co/msyo5jpyv5
Headed to #Dublin #Ireland on the next ferry from #London! :) So excited to be back in 1 of my… https://t.co/xjMXFYc7Ls
@Vins_Night_In @TheHospitalClub @stephensonrich @annapancaldi @thebasiemillers an honor! Thanks Vin - & hope to see/hear y'all again soon xo
RT @Vins_Night_In: Amazing night @TheHospitalClub THANKS to @stephensonrich @rachaelsage @annapancaldi @thebasiemillers Connor on sound and all at the club :)
RT @annapancaldi: @Vins_Night_In @TheHospitalClub @stephensonrich @rachaelsage @thebasiemillers THE best night! ❤️
RT @KJGuch: New post: #Eivor and #RachaelSage in @VanslagBorger: https://t.co/q93pYvaJi2 @RachaelSage @EivorP
RT @mpressrecords: Celebrating @sethglier & @rachaelsage's b-days this week w/ 25% off their music and merch! https://t.co/tnkMKROhfe https://t.co/jPPUs17zyu
RT @eoinglackin: Can't wait for @WorkmansDublin this Thurs night! Full band show w/ guest @rachaelsage. €8. Doors 8pm. Starts 8.30 :) https://t.co/uVrXp3w8rG
Thx @KJGuch for the great pics & kind words for my show last week w/ @EivorP! https://t.co/ktKhcYn6MO https://t.co/2lx0N579cW
manifesting the palette for my next album in the back of my #chignon today :) #pinkandpurple… https://t.co/8YJakxbKop
who needs breakfast when you can just candy-gaze? :) #lookdonttouch #chocoholic #candycolors… https://t.co/qT8iwHhSA9
a little unexpected opera at #coventgarden, under holiday lights & a disco ball :) #ilovelondon… https://t.co/2lAj3lAj8M
Just saw film #Brooklyn in #London...what a timely movie & absolutely wonderful cast, beautifully shot/directed! #dayoff #tourlife #inspired
A bit of kazoo to accompany your Sunday brunching, perhaps? Enjoy "Hey Nah" from my #MPressFest #CMJ2015 show! https://t.co/8RtGsLEu1K
Surrounded by so much beauty & color today at The National Gallery...so many masters, so much… https://t.co/bXgksIUjsF
Lovely birthday celebration with my beautiful, talented friend Jo Hart :) #mishpucha https://t.co/ifSIfjUucY
A great arrangement of "What If", courtesy of my #Sequins! Live from #MPressFest #CMJ2015 https://t.co/I5mtEaZ7pz
@nearwiIdheaven @barbmorrison twitter won't let me follow any more people even when I unfollow some. Sorry, my dear! But hi!!! Xo
My heart is with the people of Paris amidst this unfathomable tragedy. #solidaritywithparis #jetaimeparis #jetaimefrance
The more I think about how cool #Eivor's keyboardist's rig was in #Borger, the more excited I am to… https://t.co/K7gRlWY4yx
#FBF: My performance of "Happiness" at last month's @mpressrecords #CMJ2015 showcase. More to come this weekend! https://t.co/bGJiSz3mWf
Thanks @kdfiddler for capturing my spontaneous church organ debut :) #Borger #Netherlands… https://t.co/wTETY8GC9Z
Thank you so much @eivorp for your graciousness & for the musical inspiration! Enjoying your album &… https://t.co/CLhrYExsp2
#TBT Exhibiting my painting and music together at the #BlueRoses listening party last year. What fun! https://t.co/mdPcAeA3Je
Tonight is my last Dutch tour date, but I'll be playing some more European shows next week. Can't… https://t.co/8lVCYRuzO8
Thank you Marilyn for keeping us company tonight in #warmond :) Such great vibes & an amazing… https://t.co/MVZ8OtZ2Sf
Last night #NL tour date tomorrow! Opening for @EivorP at @vanslagborger! #Borger https://t.co/740riAXqUL
RT @mpressrecords: #ICYMI @rachaelsage sat down w/ #JohnnyCoppin with for a @BBCGlos session! If you didn't listen in over the weekend: https://t.co/FCUYxoXDkS
Trying some new makeup for tonight's show...liquid blue eyeliner & purple rhinestones :) #glamfolk… https://t.co/Omg9C3ncwx
noticing a lot of food and/or attire here in #Amsterdam that must seem like a better idea if one is… https://t.co/eaE8SHdLwN
No shortage of #fabulous last night at our gig in #Amsterdam!! This makes me miss my hot glue gun :)… https://t.co/T8H7OfqELy
#ICYMI My @BBCGlos session with #JohnnyCoppin aired over the weekend! Check it out here: https://t.co/bujXBfVu9h
Today is the beginning of the next leg of my European tour! I'm playing #Zaal100 in #Amsterdam… https://t.co/cbmzDfPfw6
Show tonight at @zaal100 in #Amsterdam! Show starts at 7:30pm. See you there! https://t.co/gCu0LICuaP
Just your average mall in #Amsterdam :) #architecture #cupulas #Ilovethenetherlands!! https://t.co/OImMkRCxAK
RT @BreeNoble: Eclectic #Podcast Episode 33 includes music by @Gogo11112014 @_Hello_Lady_ @RachaelSage https://t.co/zQq9rsG2W5
RT @AdamKukic1: Happy one-year anniversary to #WYEP's Coffeehouse Conversations - thnx 2 @rachaelsage/@kipynmartin/@ellispaulsongs 4 serving as guest DJs
RT @mpressmeredith: Got friends in Amsterdam? Send 'em out to Zaal 100 tonight to see @rachaelsage! https://t.co/YMAduOLfy2
Not quite ready for #Christmas yet (still mourning Halloween being over) but if it has to happen this… https://t.co/tAyl8iVJmy
Our hotel in #Amsterdam sure knows how to greet a New Yorker who just took the redeye! Not 1, not 2, … https://t.co/YbSLmpk57E
Sitting in #heathrowairport and a rep from the an unnamed "airport spa" just asked me if I would pose… https://t.co/38LllX8Zdd
Headed back overseas (after 72 hrs in NYC) where they know how to treat consumers, like adding… https://t.co/E66j3u8DEn
Still #kvelling over @aftmusic's amazing performance last wk @beacontheatre in #NYC. Enjoy Scene 1… https://t.co/TF8ve9xUAd
@beckyriz not me...our MPress artists A Fragile Tomorrow :) they did great!! Fun night - and glad you liked the pants!
RT @mpressrecords: #TBT: Label founder @rachaelsage puts on a great show at our #CMJ2015 #MPressFest, live from @CuttingRoomNYC! https://t.co/ePyYgSddOz
RT @mpressrecords: Happy Birthday to the theremin god @ARMENRA! Check out his appearance in @rachaelsage's "Wax" music video: https://t.co/vJGA1BEmiW
My pleasure!! So great to finally meet in person & great to see your impressive TM skillz in action :) https://t.co/EoVLZ20bdy
@charlesaaron99 thanks! Actually, my next cd's completely focused on balletic songs & will be called "Choreographic" :) #balletpop #excited
📷 A shot of @aftmusic at @beacontheatre last night! So thrilled that they’re opening for... https://t.co/OnK3Qb6egj
A shot of @aftmusic at @beacontheatre last night! So thrilled that they're opening for @indigo_girls… https://t.co/1SbSFGoCj6
RT @mpressrecords: Some more goodness from @aftmusic's show last night at #BeaconTheater. Amy and Emily of @indigo_girls… https://t.co/53mnD1n5Z7
What a great night thebeacontheatre!! @aftmusic killed it & here are 4 #happyshinypeople to prove it… https://t.co/a58NDcXiKo
Happy birthday @ARMENRA! It was a delight to have you be a part of my song "Wax": https://t.co/wdO2jPopqv
#TBT: Here's a recap of my performance at the #MPressFest showcase at #CMJ2015. Enjoy! https://t.co/YwOLLhr6RA
...here's the back! my longtime fave #folk duo certainly deserved a place on my newest #wearableart… https://t.co/lZYMJmNXBN
Not sure if these actually fit b/c I haven't tried them on in 10 yrs, but could't resist a blank… https://t.co/RihJcYnMZB
We met this little critter in #Wales...it's truly humbling the time/energy folks the world over spend… https://t.co/Lke1HCZ7yb
felt strange today to wake up & have no more interviews w/ friendly radio DJ's in #DE, like this… https://t.co/XWUezcjTTs
RT @mpressrecords: Wow, it's already been a year since @rachaelsage #BlueRoses came out? Happy Anniversary to Blue Roses! https://t.co/pQOz4QgoJ1
Today is the 1-year anniversary of #BlueRoses! Had so much fun making this record. What's your favorite song? https://t.co/PaEl5Cejcy
Opening for the amazing @EivorP at @vanslagborger in a week! This will be a great night! https://t.co/TCSPpdBpwr
RT @RadioDaydream: @rachaelsage is our record of the week here is her song Colouring Book! https://t.co/oz4NP8pFdD
RT @mpressrecords: .@AFTMusic live on @wbjb right now! https://t.co/lzqsGrG4Bd
Playing #DeOudeSchool in #Leiden next week. So excited to visit such a beautiful historic town! https://t.co/A8fYx5pH2k
an unexpected pleasure of our #Mainz hotel having all my fave #Chagall prints in the hallway :)… https://t.co/piQhCKFCjz
At our 1st radio interview this am we this impressive spread awaited us :) (I predictably had a… https://t.co/1P6bK2PlQt
One week till #Amsterdam! Stoked to play #zaal100 on Nov. 9th. #EuroTour #TourLife https://t.co/gCu0LICuaP
Such a lovely few days in #Dortmund including a peaceful Sunday on #AllSaintsDay :) onward to #Mainz… https://t.co/yL8s7Qsdr6
RT @BillMontei: #KennyG Plans To Hold One Note On The Sax For An Entire Flight #Seriously #annoying https://t.co/p9t1AH726i
Ate @ a delicious #koreanrestaurant in #Dortmund w/ @kdfiddler & @mpressmeredith tonight...isn't this… https://t.co/ezoKPUykcR
@smoemeth no, it's not!! :) #dislike #disagree lol
agh! twitter won't let me follow more folks til I have more followers-but I can follow you on instagram! come visit: https://t.co/oflYkwv6qT
The most romantic #Halloween card I've ever gotten, from @slightflight! #hedidgood :) xo https://t.co/UbAxu5P8pe
Doing radio interviews kinda makes me miss also being a (college) DJ! Maybe #siriusxm needs "Full… https://t.co/TtfRGXfsjP
Thank you @kdfiddler & @mpressmeredith for going dancing w/ me tonight! :) #discofairy loves you!… https://t.co/cz4wmoHtZM
Tonight we welcomed #HarryPotter & #discofairy into the band ;) I love gigging in #Halloween!!… https://t.co/cATr683KXf
Tonight's radio taping in Dortmund is open to the public! If you can get to Ewinger Schloss am Nollendorfplatz for 8 pm, come join us!
@kdfiddler @mpressmeredith in case you're wondering where I am...I found #tchatchke #nirvana (owned… https://t.co/48pjDGf9QF
RT @mpressrecords: #foryourconsideration: @rachaelsage's "Wax" music video is on the #Grammy ballot! https://t.co/IAW8DOv2XO
Greetings from #Dortmund #DE! Lovely radio interview this morning & now a break btwn my next, tonight… https://t.co/3guSjV9pcC
Happy B-day to my amazing, sweet, brilliant sister @EWeitzman! (whose vm is full, so presumably that means a fun birthday :) #missingyou! Xo
I think the main virtue of #artset is there's no mess to clean up :) maybe #icouldgetusedtothis...but… https://t.co/isbYJuTDi6
My 1st (sad but enthusiastic) attempt drawing w/ my fingers using the #artset app on my ipad :)… https://t.co/i0uuEoqlyx
@mpressmeredith & I encountered the perfect #Halloween house today en route to a meeting. Owned by an… https://t.co/GkRD6kmUBC
Today I met a lovely young woman who designed her own tattoos, including #freddiemercury on her arm &… https://t.co/k4uu60L9Nx
@Alba_Forever @KDFiddler no, not this time...sorry about that! Hopefully next fall :)
@Debbilein96 yep! ;) doing a radio promo tour, through Monday...no gigs though, alas!
Great meeting today w/ our fabulous radio team here in #Dortmund #DE #wideningthecircle #teamwork… https://t.co/UX2WGIvJjR
This exuberant painting was above our breakfast table today :) #tourlife #youartwhatyoueat #Oldenburg… https://t.co/U1pPk7OnP1
Tonight we ate in a #greekrestaurant that looked like a #Sukkah ;) Thanks #Oldenburg for some amazing… https://t.co/Y6Iwhva39m
Hey @kdfiddler & @mpressmeredith I think I found my #Halloween costume!? HA! #authentic #German #QVC… https://t.co/ZwyJ860l2s
RT @mpressrecords: #TBT: Check this clip of @KsChoiceMusic rocking our #CMJ2015 #MPressFest showcase! https://t.co/bVDg0s8AUj
Exciting afternoon making new friends & performing at #VintageGuitars in #Oldenburg #Germany #DE… https://t.co/gPHLsEeMwg
Just when I was feeling a bit lonely... #mishpuchah #mischpoke #klezmer #Berlin (#A&R @mpressmeredith… https://t.co/OtsRNl2LdN
I was doing so well 'til tonight's hotel happened to be across from THIS (!) #Halloween #gingerbread… https://t.co/Pc1Qlkhiig
Oh, if only it were that simple! (but it felt that way this am when cameras were rolling :)… https://t.co/48tmO9x1px
Cheers from #Berlin! Doing a radio promo tour in #Germany this wk, making friends & scouting… https://t.co/0Avr0U7nhq
RT @AFTMusic: #ICYMI @Popdose premiered our "Make Me Over" video on Friday! Watch HERE: https://t.co/OhRaoSLZ7b
@trickytaylors just deleted FB post...some kind of error, oops. Looking into it w/ team @mpressrecords & thanks so much for letting me know!
Thanks to #IanBurgess for taking these fab photos last night @ #theglobecardiff! #bluerosesdeluxetour… https://t.co/ldAZcUtyNM
@trickytaylors Not that I know of (!); I'm on a radio tour in Germany through next Mon. Where did you see that listed? Thanks!! Xo
Lounging pre-show w/ 1 if my favorite humans, Judy Collins' wildly talented musical director/pianist… https://t.co/3Xw89HCQoW
RT @mpressmeredith: .@rachaelsage & @KDFiddler wrapping up this UK run w/@TheJudyCollins @GlobeCardiff. Always a pleasure :) https://t.co/ZNTk5Mzc5z
Made made some beautiful new friends tonight in #Cardiff! #chaiaholics best #IndianFood in ages!!… https://t.co/VoyzvUVBlu
RT @sethglier: Such an amazing Tour with @crystalbowersox and crew. Feel blessed to be able to make music for a… https://t.co/aFQnRg4DsG
RT @carpetwheel: Preach https://t.co/8G0R3yOw4T
#VenueChange Tonight's show in #Cardiff w/ @TheJudyCollins has been moved from @thetramshed to @GlobeCardiff. https://t.co/OMJmHD6oz9
RT @barbmorrison: big congratulations to @rachaelsage ! her record is up for a #Grammy nomination & i produced a song on it ! https://t.co/zdpIBSgH8P
FOR YOUR GRAMMY CONSIDERATION: My album BLUE ROSES is up for multiple #Grammy Nominations this… https://t.co/Bwwf2PiTc9
Good a.m. #Malvern! Sad to be leaving such a pretty place, but onward to #Cardiff :) #takemetochurch… https://t.co/tNWp3aCFBA
I need to start leaving extra room in my suitcase when I come on these UK tours...Thinking of… https://t.co/7beGFLtGQA
RT @mpressmeredith: Tonight's #badiphonephoto of @rachaelsage & @KDFiddler - onstage in Malvern, UK https://t.co/IPe8b1XCS7
1 of my favorite things in life is listening to #JudyCollins soundcheck! Always such a treat & lesson… https://t.co/8slYG278hD
Hanging lights & getting ready for tonight's show in #Malvern #UK w/ @kdfiddler :) gorgeous… https://t.co/hKlaMsuMJz
RT @eoinglackin: Tickets on sale now for my Nov 19th @WorkmansDublin show on @TicketmasterIre. Full band. Special guest @rachaelsage https://t.co/DBZvMPxWxW
RT @HartMedia: Listening to the amazing @rachaelsage on @ForestFM right now. Tune in!
RT @CardiffConcerts: 🎤 @TheJudyCollins & @rachaelsage, Oct 26, Buy a ticket: 🎫 https://t.co/ByCEt5j2vI https://t.co/HvD99peMwJ
So excited to share the stage again tonight in #Malvern #UK w/the wonderful, talented & compassionate… https://t.co/QfBldD4C9k
Having so much fun w/ my musical right hand, @kdfiddler :) Great to be back in you, #England!… https://t.co/uCPXf7dpsF
Fun on-air this am at #BBCHereford&Worcester w/ @kdfiddler :) 7am rise to get there, but our fabulous… https://t.co/n57H5FFLUK
Just a little #shoeart in the bathroom at my hotel :) #Warholian #bathroomart #UK #nightoff… https://t.co/zPAZngWdyL
Doing some #BBC sessions during my #UK tour w/ @TheJudyCollins! Tune in at 2:15:45 to hear my chat w/ #NickCoffer. https://t.co/EJbVxg4dX0
Thx to @PureMzine for previewing my Nov. 19th show w/ @eoinglackin! See you in #Dublin! https://t.co/Cc2VA3cTlX
RT @mpressrecords: We made a special #Spotify playlist for #LGBT history month, featuring our own artists and some #LGBT faves. Enjoy! https://t.co/7rZY3UTLWj
Photo: In honor of #lgbthistory month, we made a special #Spotify playlist! Follow MPress Records on... https://t.co/GQOxifLVdI
RT @mpressmeredith: .@rachaelsage & @KDFiddler on stage at the Tivoli in Wimborne Minster, UK now! https://t.co/Jf0FEMsVTh
Just in case any of y'all wonder what I see from the back of the tour-van! #UK #greenery hopefully… https://t.co/cCxbjIrUgo
#TBT to last year, when "Birthday was featured on #InsideAmySchumer! What's your fave time my music was on TV? https://t.co/2eW9X58l4P
Thank you reemakumarijadeja for venturing all the way from #London to hear us at @albanarena tonight!… https://t.co/yJawRDIE3k
Tonight the lighting designer totally pandered to my new color palette! ;) #feelingspoiled… https://t.co/PyRQACaz2s
enjoying the #fauxwindow in my dressing room this evening in #StAlbans #UK #details #ilovemyjob… https://t.co/JufdfkXIyy
RT @aldcprobz: #Latetweet but Adele is back and I could not be more excited 😍☺️
First show of the tour! Playing @albanarena tonight with #JudyCollins & @kdfiddler. Can't wait to… https://t.co/c9NoHvbuWU
First show of the tour! Playing @albanarena tonight with #JudyCollins. Can't wait some new music from… https://t.co/c9NoHvbuWU
RT @rob_moro: Music | @eoinglackin with special guest @rachaelsage on 19 November at @WorkmansDublin . Tickets €8 from https://t.co/KqcWtHlEjo
RT @AFTMusic: The 2015 @CMJ Music Marathon may have come and gone, but you can still listen to @MPressRecords' CMJ Sampler! https://t.co/GceDHIjaNm
Congrats on the great new album, @ryanhommel! I'm loving #TheOpticalShop!
RT @TBrittonT: Recommended tomorrow @rachaelsage at @albanarena, #StAlbans supporting @TheJudyCollins. 7.30pm. £22.50adv. #SingerSongwriter
RT @IWMag: #IWNews @RachaelSage Announces European Tour, Hanukkah Single and More @MPress https://t.co/vPPkVN0uSp
@trickytaylors @NTCroome @worcesternews my hair's actually purple now lol...but I do sense a kindred spirit! :)
nothing like getting off a redeye to the #UK & being greeting by show-tunes ;) #fiddlerontheroof… https://t.co/yXgMp56SVm
more memories from #MPressFest at #CMJ2015 w/ @mattnakoa @mpressmeredith & @carriagehousest!… https://t.co/lmdwhKUtZU
making memories @mpressrecords #CMJ2015 #MPressFest showcase @cuttingroomnyc w/ @slightflight :) #Brahms https://t.co/1cHgnqe8t1
.@rachaelsage here, for #GoodDayNY! #GottaHearThis "Big Star" http://t.co/arGNh86LNo
Here's a very New-Yorky song for you, #GoodDayNY: "Big Star"! #GottaHearThis https://t.co/E0F0DMKm5g
Pre-Halloween #brunchwithfamily #pumpkinseasonishere #thebagelmarket #ParkSlope https://t.co/zn1Yms94gF
Encountered this colorful bunch from #London on my way out the door today :) #kindredspirits… https://t.co/7QjeHzMcV3
RT @mpressrecords: @rachaelsage sound-checking for tonight's show! #MPressFest #CMJ2015 https://t.co/6L1dfYUeV8
@mattnakoa tearing it up @ #MPressFest #CMJ2015 @cuttingroomnyc!! :) #kvell https://t.co/aeEISM88Uq
Tonight we're celebrating the release of #MakeMeOver! It's a pleasure to work with @aftmusic. So… https://t.co/XmMqUrjWhA
Onstage now at #MPressFest! #cmj2015 https://t.co/rWK41f868R
RT @spincyclenyc: TONIGHT! @rachaelsage @mattnakoa @KsChoiceMusic & @AFTMusic perform at @mpressrecords showcase @CuttingRoomNYC! http://t.co/CZkggWFG5k
#MPressFest is here! Celebrating #CMJ2015 with a showcase featuring some very talented ear friends. See you there! http://t.co/sXQUom1IPF
the irrepressible @kdfiddler taking it all in stride after our back-breaking rehearsal :)#TheSequins… https://t.co/5dbcBVuVQS
#acousticshmoustic! It's #CMJ: #pluginorgohome :) #Gretch #oldblue #wardwilliams & I'll be playing… https://t.co/G5QO3I60Sg
@andymacmusic perfecting #choreography for tomorrow's @mpressrecords #cmj2015 extravaganza ;) See… https://t.co/Y0AADQI49o
Can't wait to share the stage with some of my favorite musicians! Tomorrow is #MPressFest at #CMJ2015! http://t.co/pfjHetKNRU
Heading over across the pond next week for a #European tour! Check out http://t.co/vKWBAgyqZU for more info. http://t.co/NXDNQb7Ssr
just sang 13 lead vocals in 3 days...thanks #AndyZulla pushing me to my limits & still making me… https://t.co/KbATcKfTBi
@barbmorrison aww, thank you!! #varklempt :) xo
Thank you marconycstudio :) #feelingnew #purplehairdontcare #colorismyreligion https://t.co/9moeCEFVTn
Artist wristbands for #CMJ2015! Looking forward to seeing some great shows this week. 😁 #allaccess… https://t.co/zp32LlzQda
This was what I did today! :) #homerecording #homestudiolife #newalbum #leadvocals #mishugasstudios… https://t.co/aKhJ3AXM26
Thank you for spreading the word!! #MPress #family :) https://t.co/vTy4Tatz7c
@avie_89 It's a version of a #hamsa tracing own hand. Look it up in wikipedia :) shouldn't creep you out unless you're evil lol-It protects!
#ContestWinner: The winner of the #MPressFest ticket giveaway is @PoeticCarla! Thanks so much! See you on Friday! http://t.co/B6I8IoTUqS
RT @AFTMusic: It's release week! #MakeMeOver is out in 4 days AND we're heading to NYC - you can still pre-order the record here: http://t.co/bQTrWQGDgV
.@AFTMusic #MakeMeOver is streaming over at @popMatters! Love the way it came out! #execproducer #ILoveMyJob http://t.co/1mLASxfSK4
RT @mpressrecords: Get stoked for #MPressFest with this free sampler, featuring @rachaelsage @aftmusic @kschoicemusic @nattnakoa. http://t.co/kFDAw46y2l
@dandiedinmont thank you!! #ShabbatShalom to you too :) xo
As a lot of you know, #JohnLennon and #TheBeatles have a huge influence on the way I write and make… https://t.co/n6ePENmBbg
Photo: #FBF from the beginning of the #BlueRoses tour! This was at #MississippiPizza in #Portland #Oregon.... http://t.co/Nhua6FMif7
#FBF from the beginning of the #BlueRoses tour! This was at #MississippiPizza in #Portland #Oregon.… https://t.co/y3r1G70Z7x
RT @mistyonpointe: On October 14th, let’s challenge the conventions of classical ballet. @ABallerinasTale http://t.co/V6uqJRrsPJ
You can pre-order @AFTMusic #MakeMeOver here: https://t.co/0a5HslKntE http://t.co/4CYkWJZaZP
It was a pleasure to work on this record! So proud of these fine young musicians! https://t.co/rsYVBdsHwT
RT @dublinconcerts: .@eoinglackin w/ @rachaelsage at The Workman’s Club http://t.co/BnC3ZJ4XLX
#TicketGiveaway: You can still win tix to #MPressFest @ #CMJ2015! Retweet for a chance to win! Contest ends 10/12 http://t.co/FJnyPcA0Ar
Such a great night! https://t.co/oZGqw02wHY
RT @AFTMusic: What's better than an AFT concert? An AFT concert AT YOUR HOUSE -- check out our PledgeMusic page & make it happen! http://t.co/NA9ms90VOC
A glowing review of #BlueRosesDeluxe in der #Deustche for my German-speaking fans! http://t.co/ZVXX5DGvS5
And sometimes, we just get a bit mishugge :) #laughteristhebestsound #studiolife #AndyZulla… https://t.co/k0FARN13Rt
.@doNYC showing some love for #MPressFest! See you all at @CuttingRoomNYC on Oct. 16th. http://t.co/RejcBUNouP
Amazing day w/ #jackpetruzzelli @carriagehousest! So much talent & such a mensch...#inspired… https://t.co/n2FCpQINE8
RT @MickeyJoeHarte: Your good friend #Judycollins on tv3 #Ireland @rachaelsage just now. What a lady https://t.co/ja45U7SjMy
RT @KsChoiceMusic: We can't wait! @AFTMusic @CMJ @mpressrecords @CuttingRoomNYC @rachaelsage @mattnakoa
A meet and greet with fans a year ago at uncommongrd in #chicago. There's nothing I love more than… https://t.co/2hQ1vdNNN8
RT @AFTMusic: Count down to #MakeMeOver : 10 days! That means you still have time to head to our PledgeMusic page and pre-order! http://t.co/FKPG7YFqAy
RT @spincyclenyc: Excited for @Mpressrecords CMJ Fest w/@KsChoiceMusic @rachaelsage @mattnakoa & @AFTMusic A Fragile Tomorrow! http://t.co/CZkggWFG5k
It's a bit dark here in the studio...but of course I'm wearing blue for #blueshirtday2015… https://t.co/JqkZgnufRu
RT @mpressrecords: Congrats to our pal @TheJudyCollins! Her excellent album #StrangersAgain debuted at No. 77 on the #Billboard200: http://t.co/9NDklzi4Jw
Congrats to my friend and inspiration @TheJudyCollins for the stellar chart debut of #StrangersAgain! Love the new record so much!
#TicketGiveaway: Want a pair of free tix to #MPressFest @ #CMJ2015? Retweet for a chance to win! Contest ends 10/12 http://t.co/2P4Delxn3p
Hey #AndyZulla did I do this right? :) prepping for lead vocals this wk @ #mishugasstudios… https://t.co/gI3NvwYGCD
RT @AFTMusic: Don't forget if you're in NYC you can see us at @CMJ @MPressRecords Fest at @CuttingRoomNYC 10/16 w/ @KsChoiceMusic @rachaelsage @mattnakoa!
If you ever wanted to learn how to play #LonelyStreets, check out the current issue of @keyboardmag… https://t.co/suT8Unx9bv
@dandiedinmont you too!! :) xo
Proud of my boys! https://t.co/QyB4i23NYp
#FBF #JudyCollins performing at Oren Mor in #glasgow back in 2013. I opened for her, and as fate… https://t.co/PBZKeoX6Lt
#FBF Classic @KsChoiceMusic concert footage! Sooooo good in concert. https://t.co/SjevxrRJfO
Love this retrospective of @MaddieZiegler's dance career! A couple of the dances feature my songs! https://t.co/LuQOmha8Uh
Happy Birthday to you, @maddieziegler! Sending you much xo & light on your day & hope it's been a fabulous & inspiring one!!
#ShowAnnouncement: Playing w/ @MaryFahlMusic at @UnionCountyPAC on Dec. 19th! http://t.co/EOGyQtkZQu http://t.co/sRlgtmw3Jv
So proud of them! Can't wait for you all to hear the record. https://t.co/Iy0C1crBDT
Heard that #AvatarStudios is up for sale. :( Grateful to have recorded there! http://t.co/4B93qJiBGY
just discovered #slomo on my ipad & a cat that had been hiding at the same time :) #lookout… https://t.co/74vUFkuSjS
Love playing #houseconcerts! Last night's was so much fun...excited for tonight's in #Visalia #CA in… https://t.co/M8X03UIwRF
Less than 3 weeks till I get to play w/ 3 of my favorite artists at #MPressFest #CMJ2015! http://t.co/6VG0MYVExe http://t.co/f8gNx7qU0q
Missed most of #bloodredmoon tonight b/c I was working but at least I was singing about the moon in… https://t.co/6jkKiSKq7g
Good morning #Grapevine #CA! #perfectday #nofilterneeded (but doesn't hurt :) #BlueRosesTour https://t.co/IT4CGWF4oH
relaxing for a few before I take the stage @ #AdamsAvenueStreetFair in #SanDiego, 7:15 tonight! :)… https://t.co/oeRKjqMQIh
This painting is called "Target Swirl". Like many of my paintings, this came about in a rush of… https://t.co/kwUWSgB27W
not that I'm projecting or anything, but my #Rhodes misses @slightflight :) #studiomagic #newsong… https://t.co/ebLmTeMWyC
@minisiamaddie I really have no idea! It's almost always a surprise when they use my music...I guess we'll just have to wait and see :) xo
@shoot4themooon thanks for the support! Have a great weekend :) xo
@dandiedinmont you too dear! :) xo
I'm so lucky to have the chance to record w/ so many talented supermensches...like this guy!… https://t.co/XZWV9ZUywY
The third of my four original paintings available for sale! I called this one "Melisma", and you can… https://t.co/gHzyQTVD3T
@AI_Friedman Glad you like it! Had so much fun making it. :)
Flying out to #California today for a weekend of shows! #SanDiego #PleasantHill #BayArea #Visalia http://t.co/3D0lNWj6rm
Love the new @Sia single, "Alive"! Her vocal range is unreal.
@PinkEyeRonnie that's a bit of a tease encouraging pursuit out-of-print demo material :) ahh, the 90s! #mp3.com xo
#MaddieZiegler is such a multi-faceted performer! Love this short film she stars in: https://t.co/MxvTSs4phM
Amazing! I'm glad that my music means so much to you. :) https://t.co/h74dXyYrJh
Achtung German fans! I'm on the radio right now at #KulturRadio https://t.co/QsAtvllWwx
RT @mpressmeredith: Achtung @rachaelsage-fans in Deutschland: hört Ihr sie in 10 Minuten im rbb Kulturradio! http://t.co/z8yhKk2d95
RT @lotharjaenichen: New Singing/Songwriting from New York kulturradio vom rbb | THE VOICE 24.09.2015 19:30 http://t.co/RWGpGWm8iV @rachaelsage
I call this one "Flowermouth." Prints of this painting and three others are for sale at the MPress… https://t.co/8gMGRcN4pq
5 new shows announced! http://t.co/kJRaLqYyBY
Wishing all observing good #YomKippur! Off to services...thanks @ThinkCoffeeNYC for my last chai 'til tmrw sundown :) #easyfast #chagsameach
As many of you know, I love to paint as much as I love to make music. I've decided to share my… https://t.co/sruqGXe0Qs
What can I say? I read a lot, and I guess I've developed a decent vocabulary. https://t.co/Ue0bd0Z41y
Who's stoked for #DanceMoms Season 6? Until then, enjoy this compilation of my songs featured in Season 5: https://t.co/oJYAqkFyD5
@avie_89 sure! :)
RT @LisaLoeb: Great day at #visionexpo and fantastic @CFDA panel with the icons of eyewear design! hosted by @2020mag http://t.co/gHZrWopxFk
"once you hear it you want it everywhere so save it" #overheardinthestudio #AndyZulla #JamesMastro #carriagehousestudios
Another #CA #HouseConcert: #Visalia on Sept. 28th. Who's ready for a fun night? https://t.co/gcRVVYFIKD
#HouseConcert in #PleasantHill #CA coming up on Sept. 27th! Looking for to this intimate show! https://t.co/31A1Gy0hGH
@FootypixSports awesome! Lmk if she needs an acoustic opener; I'll be in UK w/ my fiddle player, supporting my new single. #justsaying :)
Video: #TBT: This past year I was fortunate to have more of my music featured by the colorful - & often... http://t.co/DA1sESmlsP
#TBT: All of my 5 songs from #DanceMoms Season 5, all in one place! Feel free to #pirouette along. https://t.co/oJYAqkX9uD
The incomparable glenhansard performing my favorite song from his beautiful new album last night… https://t.co/kqIQC3CfXX
RT @AmericanaFest: Congratulations to John Leventhal, Instrumentalist of the Year, presented by @rosannecash & @marcribotmusic! http://t.co/L7WDAIgidK
@Glen_Hansard lovely chatting @ThinkCoffeeNYC :) Tried to get tix to @HousingWorksBks after but soldout...enjoy & congrats on the new album!
RT @allmusic: Premiere: K's Choice doesn't waste time on their hard-rocking new album, 'The Phantom Cowboy' http://t.co/W3fOt2LqJQ http://t.co/OcIcBa1Ngv
Offering some unique goodies to my fans! Sign up for my e-mail list @ http://t.co/JE1mah0UpS, or miss out on the fun! http://t.co/7lRUeTwQdd
#Seattle has such a rich musical culture, and silverplattersrecords has been a stalwart of the scene… https://t.co/DCl8tYbYNJ
@avie_89 Not enough! I write so many songs, it's hard to make enough albums to contain them all.
Hey #DanceMoms fans! @DanceMomsFR and I chatted about my involvement with the show, and my #ballet history. http://t.co/UCwmVFvdbm
@DuncanRansom Love it! You know my catalog pretty well at this point, yes? Favorite song? Album?
RT @DuncanRansom: @rachaelsage hehe, collection mostly complete, just waiting on the Blue Roses deluxe edition and Haunted Acoustic EP http://t.co/BIqrHnED7K
@CherylKagan Thank you Cheryl! Xo & Happy New Year to you too! :)
made this last yr on a hotel pad in #Atlanta on tour...happy to be w/ family this yr for the holiday!… https://t.co/9tevza0n5w
Intense 24 hrs-gig in ME, did makeup for @afragiletomorrow video in Upstate NY, barely made last train home for #RoshHashanah #Igetaround :)
Shooting a new #musicvideo today w/ afragiletomorrow in #Walden #NY! @SeanKelly_26 @aftdk7… https://t.co/HmHd1of4BZ
a local linguistics lesson w/ Meredith "Tahh" Tarr @mpressmeredith :) #BoothBayHarborFest #NewEngland… https://t.co/4nThzeBoVq
@dandiedinmont Thanks! Looking forward to some apples and honey this weekend!
Last day to vote for the @IMABuzz #VoxPop awards! I'm nominated Adult Contemporary album, and 4 other categories http://t.co/DahXY6LPA5
Thinking of all those affected directly & indirectly by the profound loss of life of… https://t.co/vi7dd0MeAr
@avie_89 I understand completely! You have turquoise hair? I just re-dyed mine blue.
Playing a show in Boothbay Harbor, ME at 3:00 PM today at Harborfields Waterfront Cottages http://t.co/Zm66kMQdjV
peaceful, moody view behind me tonight at my #BoothBayHarborFest gig in #ME :) time to write some… https://t.co/YKm2X6g6Gu
@DuncanRansom @mpressrecords @TheJudyCollins Look forward to seeing you at the show! Here's the info: https://t.co/xiWZfsGQRz
RT @DuncanRansom: @mpressrecords @rachaelsage @TheJudyCollins Ooooh St. Albans is looking great!! looking forward to more info!! :D
Got some exciting tour dates lined up this fall, including a #UK tour with @TheJudyCollins! #BlueRosesDeluxe http://t.co/3qtnijNHR0
Performing in Boothbay Harbor, ME at 4:00 PM today at Rocktide Inn http://t.co/mSKjXTwek3
RT @SLightFLight: Hello NYC! Tonight we are at BB Kings in Time Square. 🎵 http://t.co/zIyL959PGQ
Just bought a bunch of #neon makeup at #rickysnyc for one of @mpressrecords upcoming videos...can you guess which act? :) hint: it's not me!
@minisiamaddie @maddieziegler I would love to, of course! Thanks for the encouragement - and #youneverknow :) xo
#CMJ just announced the lineup for the 2015 Music Marathon! Thrilled to be a part of it. http://t.co/lq9H0KJmRa http://t.co/fYoHJd8f9o
happened upon one of my favorite #Chagall paintings at #MOMA :) #colorist #dreamscape #spiritual… https://t.co/XJteT7mVeH
What a week! #AndyWarhol at #MOMA (where we also spotted #YokoOno!), @slightflight with… https://t.co/GyW3ERP5eT
New shows announced in Charlotte, NC - Duluth, GA http://t.co/kJRaLqYyBY
Heading up to @BBHarborFest #Maine tomorrow! Thanks @BBRegister for the great preview! http://t.co/WP3goUeEIy http://t.co/POOskd0QHk
Go @slightflight go! Enjoying 1 smash #BelindaCarlile hit after another at #BBKings #nyc tonight w/… https://t.co/oZ3Y8IJKcy
Go @SlightFlight go! Enjoying 1 smash #BelindaCarlile hit after another at #BBKings #nyc tonight w/… https://t.co/oZ3Y8IJKcy
Photo: I can’t believe its been a year! What a fun night this way, right @SethGlier? #memories #memorylane... http://t.co/iHxohGDThC
I can't believe its been a year! What a fun night this way, right @SethGlier? #memories #memorylane… https://t.co/WqGzExgAnx
Thanks for playing so beautifully!! What a treat - and we were so overdue :) Love all your parts! Xo https://t.co/cTYn42OaRt
This!! @daveeggar makes everything better. That is all ;) #cello #mensch #soulful #feelinginspired… https://t.co/gR1Qd8CJfJ
In case anyone wondered what the greenest, most #pesto-full dish was in #NYC, it's definitely this :)… https://t.co/7fKIbEjyRk
RT @FEHItalent: 🎶 If you're a singer, songwriter or a musician, we want to hear from you! Email jfabius@fortunityenterprises.com 🎶
much overdue catchup w/ this beauty! #laurenobrien's shana punim always finds the light :)… https://t.co/92SOrTX14k
love when #NYC is this quiet! listening to rough mixes & getting psyched for overdubs w/ @daveeggar!!… https://t.co/Lngb3GakIv
such a treat today visiting w/ my longtime #glasses guru, the beautiful & talented #Selima of… https://t.co/QMF0wCP45c
Happy B-Day to one of my favorite people, the incomparable #JohnnyMontagnese!! #mensch #storyteller… https://t.co/s9cDouP1Ol
File this one under #scenic! This is a shot from #BoothBayHarbor in #Maine, where I'll be playing two… https://t.co/FDn3YZ3tCk
File this one under #scenic! This is a shot from #BoothBayHarbor in #Maine, where I'll be playing two… https://t.co/gDQyLwSgV8
File this one under #scenic! This is a shot from #BoothBayHarbor in #Maine, where I'll be playing two… https://t.co/FDn3YZ3tCk
@DuncanRansom I'm feeling the love! You can get the New Destination EP here: https://t.co/gps6zKAESG
#TBT: September's already here! Savoring the last bit of warm weather. Here's a slice of summer fun from last year: https://t.co/89Q2JnaLrj
went to get a coffee & got this instead! :) #streetart #joeyramone #Ilovemyneighborhood #Bowery #NYC https://t.co/GuqlwS9TX1
Happy Birthday #stevepostell! Wish I could be helping you celebrate but least I could do was make you… https://t.co/QQ18nmfbUw
Performing at @adams_avenue Street Fair in #SanDiego on Sept. 26th! My set is at 7:15pm at the @Starbucks stage. http://t.co/ccZ1EcvdUI
Heading over to sunny #SanDiego at the end of the month for the @adamsavebusines Street Fair! I'm… https://t.co/n7n9qHPF2C
@mpressmeredith don't be sad! I crashed their date just dropping her off. But next yr let @andymacmusic plan; he sure knows the hip spot! :)
#crackingunderpressure @kdfiddler #itsjusttoomuch #idrinkbeernow https://t.co/LYb6dKlQdH
bet you didn't know we were this competitive, huh? well, we are!! #pingpong #tantrum… https://t.co/6SwSORNg6q
Happy Birthday @mpressmeredith #pingpong w/ #TheSequins :) @kdfiddler @andymacmusic @rachaelsage… https://t.co/xb0OqfjoCN
What's your favorite #indierecordstore? When I'm in #california, I love to shop at @amoebamusic and… https://t.co/wRyUAJrHoj
exactly the mural I needed to see before an important meeting in #dumbo #brooklyn today :) curly-cues… https://t.co/zO0g1P1fIi
RT @spincyclenyc: Oct. 16, see @RachaelSage @mattnakoa @kschoicemusic & A Fragile Tomorrow @AFTMusic live @CuttingRoomNYC! Tix just $10 http://t.co/CZkggWFG5k
I'm honored to be performing at #GiftsOfLove on September 20th. This event is an auction/luncheon… https://t.co/WMO5uGYJVs
been while since I had time for #latenightcrafting :) my 1st crack at a silver #glitter… https://t.co/cy6sBsz0rJ
inspired by a visit to a children's store :) fun with #felt! #crafting #newpallette #matchymatchy… https://t.co/h76fu3DsFL
yes, my fave glasses (pictured here) have officially bit the dust; on the upside I just ordered a new… https://t.co/4OKowzFHrm
my #bff made it challenging to leave the studio environment & enjoy this gorgeous day!… https://t.co/JCdRwIysBU
RT @NewReleasesNow: #NewMusic Rachael Sage 'Blue Roses (Deluxe Edition)' out now!! http://t.co/aWWX9a68Nd @rachaelsage @mpressrecords #PopRock #SingerSongwriter
@avie_89 no, it's not sold out...sorry about that confusion! it's just not available yet directly via @mpressrecords; only in stores yet! Xo
So much fun today making music with 2 of the most talented humans I know! @kdfiddler #AndyZulla… https://t.co/QAKmVKkHi1
This is a big day for me. The #BlueRoses Deluxe Edition is out in record stores across the country!… https://t.co/NGMIdhdRfp
#FBF to jamming w/ @AFTMusic in the South in 2013. Thrilled to be putting out their new album on @mpressrecords! https://t.co/RE3bCRjQcV
RT @PledgeMusic: Watch @AFTMusic and @joancbaez honor Richard and Mimi Fariña's legacy in their rendition of "One Way Ticket" http://t.co/HJOOfLPBvK
@ARStylez Thanks! I loved the opportunity to share what I've learned over the years. Glad you found it helpful!
#TBT On tour in London back in 2010. That's the year that I released Delancey Street (named after the… https://t.co/JJRjUIyddC
Speaking of #houseparties, I'm available for house shows in #California between 9/27 and 10/4 http://t.co/hUPG9Y4iQ0
@MarcusVincet Thanks for sharing!
@DuncanRansom That's a really special album for me. Glad you like it!
@ThatSopranoChic Real is what I aim for!
My pal @rainarose shared some great advice on throwing the perfect #singersongwriter #houseparty via @nodepression: http://t.co/RPPsUODzBx
marathon session w/ the always-brilliant #mikevisceglia!! he played his talented tuchus off on nearly… https://t.co/nlbQ88sDEQ
A couple weeks until I play @BBHarborFest in #BoothBayHarbor #Maine! Looking forward to the beautiful scenery! http://t.co/rLF14DB4kC
Happy belated #bday to one of my biggest influences, @ElvisCostello! His razor-sharp lyrics inspire me so much: https://t.co/MOi5U2gYV9
New shows announced in Boothbay Harbor, ME http://t.co/kJRaLqYyBY
Thanks to @JaneElizIreland and @HuffPostUK for this great profile ahead of my October #UK tour w/ @TheJudyCollins http://t.co/Mo3o6hPfsd
missing #NYC this wk recording in #CT & lamenting the end of summer (it's already chilly here), but… https://t.co/uuZ1ceQpyq
Honored for the #AdultContemporary Album nom @ @IMABuzz! Be sure to vote at the #VoxPop ballot http://t.co/DahXY6LPA5 http://t.co/xc8yzq4F5K
RT @JoDonnellyPR: @rachaelsage new single "Coloring Book" review and tour- all you need to know with @HuffPostUKEnt http://t.co/bQe7PUNabo
@imangelaparrish Thanks for the kind words! Glad that you like the music!
#MusicMonday: the deluxe edition of Blue Roses is set for physical release on Friday! Drop in to your… https://t.co/48OC6tmBwy
Good morning & happy sunday feeling #caffeinated & #creative :) @carriagehousest dougyowell… https://t.co/luhx2PaXhq
@Glen_Hansard @danieljohnston wow!! Would have loved to have seen/heard this...is there video? :) love you both so much & a great photo!
RT @Glen_Hansard: it's a good life.. Getting to sing a song with a true hero.. @danieljohnston in Austen TX.. http://t.co/3rR05oOTce
@jphoe hello my friend :) I covered your song (finally) in the studio today...I hope you like it!! 'twas an honor!! Xo
when @carriagehousest starts to look like the inside of my apt, things must be going well :) super… https://t.co/jvZ4QnmTc6
view from my acoustic guitar station...wish we were closer, but good thing dougyowell has better… https://t.co/5dSKxK4mwU
@DragonflyCinci great ideas...thank you!! Xo
@dandiedinmont you too dear! :)
#ShabbatShalom! Excited to head back into studio w/ my soulful friend dougyowell tomorrow & make… https://t.co/3Xy7lUYlom
#FBF: It's #FringeFest season over in #Edinburgh, so I thought I'd revisit my 2010 show: https://t.co/5fWFjoHjIe http://t.co/v3AJU3Plet
Thanks to @Sonicbids for giving me an opportunity to share some lessons I've learned in my #musicbusiness career: http://t.co/hzXZbFvYSy
@DragonflyCinci Thank you so much...and of course, please let me know if there's ever anything I can do to support-another benefit, etc. xo!
@riesinclair my dear, love your voice & what I've heard off your site; let's try to connect in LA schedules permitting. Dm me your email! :)
@tbhbandss_ @chloedancer3 I'd love that! (I also very much enjoyed meeting Chloe in person...such a sweet young woman & so down to earth :)
@riesinclair thanks for reaching out :) I'm not quite sure honestly...but in the meantime, please send me a link to hear your music!!
Thanks @nicktheclark for doing an amazing job on the video!
#TBT Another photo from the "Wax" video shoot, one year ago. Cool place, right? @MorYorkGallery http://t.co/MyVzwrK3Qp
#TBT A year ago I was in LA, making the "Wax" video at @MorYorkGallery. Love how it came out! https://t.co/UqD4OkuvC6 http://t.co/UjMFTnRrAl
@DuncanRansom The thrill of discovery! What's your favorite so far of my songs?
Thrilled to announce #MPressFest #CMJ2015! Featuring yours truly and a few of my fave artists! http://t.co/UBg2QVmVWM http://t.co/3dPDxBKx9H
@tbhbandss_ not sure! It's always a surprise, and I only ever find out before if something leaks early on YouTube :) xo
@MarnieMarns thanks Marnie!! You're a supermensch & such an amazing supporter!! Xo
My song "Barbed Wire" was on #DanceMoms last night, and now it's No. 30 on the #iTunes #SingerSongwriter chart! http://t.co/vWW9ymVDKT
My song "Barbed Wire" aired on dancemoms last night, and the track is now at No. 30 on the #iTunes… https://t.co/PBBIVIAwgA
Some truly amazing #FanArt! Thanks, Sydney! #BestFansEver #DanceMoms #MaddieZiegler https://t.co/56y5VI8hCI
.@nicktheclark did such a good job directing my Blue Roses EPK! If you like it, vote for it at @IMABuzz #VoxPop! http://t.co/zeHY7RoXwY
A hand-drawn animation, set to "Newspaper"! I love it! #FanArt #MaddieZiegler #DanceMoms https://t.co/56y5VI8hCI
such a lovely afternoon with katherinedepaul...and look who I got to visit with too!!#AuntieRachael… https://t.co/3bOKR7J5BP
The always incredible #JohnShannon of #TheShift blowing the roof off@@rockwoodnyc tonight w/ his… https://t.co/GubQVZtgit
so many glitter choices, so little time! can you guess which 2 I picked? #FACE my version of a coffee… https://t.co/7lalaiAIq1
#FBF: Dug out this video of @melissaferrick, @sethglier and I sharing the stage at #PrideAfterDark 2010 #MPressFam https://t.co/KlpX2xUqtB
#FanFriday: I'm booking house concerts in #California from Sept. 27th to Oct. 4th through @Fanswellfm! https://t.co/du3tTOs1A8
@dandiedinmont you too!! :)
RT @spincyclenyc: See @rachaelsage @MattNakoa @KsChoiceMusic & A Fragile Tomorrow @AFTMusic live @CuttingRoomNYC Oct. 16! http://t.co/CZkggWFG5k
Hey pals! Just sent out my August newsletter. If you want to get these each month, sign up @ http://t.co/JE1mahivOs http://t.co/vZyb3EgXfg
#TBT: I've had some amazing touring adventures this year. Check out this vlog, and relive my #UK festival dates! https://t.co/pnsKUKFdBh
Hey paks! Just sent out my August newsletter. If you want to get these each month, sign up @ http://t.co/JdOjmn27KT http://t.co/vZyb3EgXfg
@beauitfulchloe well done! This was my audition song as a teenager :) such a great piece...congrats! Xo
My mom bought this tiny piano for me when I first moved to #NYC, b/c my lease didn't allow a 'real'… https://t.co/t3iu6CPKIL
#ICYMI: #MaddieZiegler dancing to "Newspaper" on the #seasonfinale of #DanceMoms! Beautiful performance! http://t.co/KA7GqzW08O
@immortalxdwts @maddieziegler Glad you like it! "Happiness" has become a staple of my live setlist. It gets a great reaction!
@srbethea I love it too! Last night's dance was amazing!
exciting & productive 48 hrs recording 9 new songs w/ #TheSequins @carriagehousest! #grateful… https://t.co/iTaYODzNWX
Thank you @maddieziegler for bringing my song #Newspaper to life so beautifully tonight on #DanceMoms! Just watched, & was blown away!! Xo
RT @mpressrecords: #HappyBirthday to @rachaelsage's intrepid fiddler, Kelly Halloran (@kdfiddler)! Kelly brings an… https://t.co/CbnBUHX8vE
RT @shkoda1414: @rachaelsage the group! or maybe Maddie, she does it awesome!
Looking forward to seeing my song "Newspaper" danced to in #DanceMoms tonight! Who do you think will perform the dance?
@musicbykendallK @giaabella I appreciate the enthusiasm! Will you be watching #DanceMoms tonight?
Wow, this may be the coolest dress I've ever seen!! “@marieclaire: http://t.co/pwPrXGongV http://t.co/SjeoThvy4d
.@andymacmusic played his tuchus off today in the studio & this was song #3! #Idontbelieveit… https://t.co/yl78nCdXmT
Why didn't I ever think to craft between song takes before? #mixingmetaphors #mentalyoga #newsongs… https://t.co/OH3xyyArdS
Recording drums w/ the great Mr. @AndyMacMusic always inspires #crafting! #Loreena #newsongs… https://t.co/cHxrT1t0vR
New shows announced in Bristol, BST - Exeter, DEV http://t.co/kJRaLqYyBY
New shows announced in New York City, NY - San Diego, CA http://t.co/kJRaLqYyBY
My song "Newspaper" is going to be in tomorrow's @DanceMoms #seasonfinale! Here's what they did w/ "Barbed Wire": https://t.co/8ODvCT2bQt
@JoeMColella I actually just played Boston in June! Please sign up for my mailing list at http://t.co/JE1mahivOs to get future updates! :)
@EricStangel let's start a toy co. &/or clothing line called #blueforgirls"! swear this has nothing to do w/ my ongoing obsession w/ blue :)
@Abby_Lee_Miller Mazel Tov! would love to come visit the new LA facility when I'm back in LA in a few weeks :) xo
.@mpressmeredith & I just decided that #TheAvalon is the most "me" theater I've ever played :) What… https://t.co/llCTGDGWnm
Connected with some lovely folks at #RiseUpCoffee this a.m. who attended last night's gig @… https://t.co/A1qaastZn0
Can't wait to play this gorgeous piano at #TheAvalon in just a few mins :) #tonightsoffice #grateful… https://t.co/Rroq8CKp2s
@DanceMomsFR @ashleyjana yes! Dm me your email & We can work out details next week or the week after :) Thanks for reaching out! Xo
All ready for my debut T #TheAvalon in #Easton #MD in half hr, supporting #JudyCollins!… https://t.co/uADtPcqQD9
4 new shows announced! http://t.co/kJRaLqYyBY
Share my video "Coloring Book" (https://t.co/g0gFGC9fP2) and get the acoustic version of the track free! http://t.co/X1t94fbKa3 #TFAT
Get my song "Coloring Book Acoustic" for free in exchange for just one post: http://t.co/ED6RvsnuIE #TFAT
#FBF: @Team_Barrowman's outstanding merch-man at #SageGateshead back in June, with some delicious cupcakes! #UK #tour http://t.co/PRyLrMr6sU
#FBF: View of the river in #Newcastle during my #UKTour with @Team_Barrowman back in June. Such an adventure! http://t.co/EkZXc91JgC
More fun at #MishugasStudios today w/ my adoptive Irish sister @fionaharte1 :) Such a natural talent… https://t.co/GbiQycH0VB
#TBT: This week is the 12th anniversary of my album #PublicRecord! Join me on memory lane w/ "What If": https://t.co/GrEy9qTxAL
Heading down to #Easton #MD tomorrow to open for @TheJudyCollins at @AvalonTheatre! http://t.co/ecz4CwCDUr http://t.co/omHLOWKdZE
@ohshervin I agree! :) I just started working on a new record today...let me figure out what "color" it is is first lol. Xo
.@ohshervin's photo from New Destination EP is nominated for a @IMABuzz #VoxPop award! http://t.co/VM4f0tZ4P6 http://t.co/0Ilux7MB4S
Nobody sings the names of Jewish holidays with more commitment than @daveeggar :) (his cello tracks… https://t.co/kBarcISKeB
It's not every day I record vox w/ 3 of my best friends & best musicians on the planet! andymac lead… https://t.co/gXmlxP2NYe
managed to laugh my tuchus off & be productive this eve chez #mishugasstudios w/ the magnificent… https://t.co/DhbQZMPl8R
#AlbumAnniversary: Ballads and Burlesque turns 11 today! Enjoy this live clip of "Jane's Dimitri", circa 2004 https://t.co/ugRzQDyeyz
Whirlwind day w/ #AndyZulla sharing new tunes, laughing & arguably doing preproduction on my next… https://t.co/bOT6orRdJx
The amazing @mattnakoa working his magic on an early @rockwoodnyc crowd :) #soulfolk #neoclassic… https://t.co/o6740EIxtH
#MusicMonday: Get colorful with my new music video "Coloring Book!" https://t.co/g0gFGC9fP2
RT @AFTMusic: We are so excited to announce that we're going to Tel Aviv, Israel to open 2 shows for @KsChoiceMusic at the Barby Club September 1st & 2nd!
RT @highceilings: Thanks for coming out! “@fwiffo: . @highceilings is killing it. http://t.co/JfSMm3rquR
Listening to @NeilFinn & cleaning my apt in anticipation of sharing new tunes w/ my musical #soulmensch, #andyzulla! #dontwaketheneighbors
Delighted to be invited to a showcase of young musical & dramatic talent! #BroadwayForAll… https://t.co/fpK9QCaID2
Hope everyone's having a happy Sunday! finishing up some new tunes & #feelinggrateful for this… https://t.co/5UihyVVoTA
Enjoying playing piano tonight in the pink #neon glow from marconycstudio's beautiful piece on my… https://t.co/GdOp660ZOC
Just a little #Shabbat #crafting :) #wordoftheweek...& also a gentle reminder it's time to get my… https://t.co/9ffqc6MtyS
Wearing a crocheted necklace in my hair today :) #justbecause #whynot #wearableart #peacockcolors… https://t.co/hFSz58h9IG
#FBF A present to my fans to celebrate 17 years since "Smashing The Serene": the 1996 demo of "Sistersong"! http://t.co/HvDXvtOyc4
Another gig with @TheJudyCollins, 1 week from today! @avalontheatre in #Easton #MD. #FunFriday http://t.co/ecz4CwCDUr http://t.co/jrICiMiUZq
Final customized birthday art!! :) #latenightcrafting #laboroflove #sleepisoverrated https://t.co/nqH2CZoDqe
Customized birthday art #inprogress #blackandwhite #latenightcrafting https://t.co/izVyqGaEpY
Trying carrot yogurt for the first...and last time lol. Some foods just don't want to be "savory" #oy #toohealthyforme #betterasasoup :)
This week is the 17th anniversary of my album "Smashing the Serene"! I dug through the archive and… https://t.co/rMcOwyqORg
@BirchStRadio @TheJudyCollins @SOPACnow Glad you enjoyed the show!
@SOPACnow @TheJudyCollins @IMAbuzz Thanks for sharing!!
Woohoo - new haircut/color by @marcopimentel3! #popart #mermaidhair #refreshed #KeithHaring… https://t.co/ugQ7354T5O
My "Helpless" duet with @TheJudyCollins is nominated for Best Cover at @IMAbuzz! Vote here: http://t.co/6XRh6jyP5Q http://t.co/aFKVvKNsEg
fun reconnecting w/ in NYC w/ @mattnakoa, sharing ideas & working on brand new music! #ilovemytalentedfriends #inspiration #newmusictuesday
@avie_89 Thanks!!
#AlbumAnniversary: 17 years since I released my 2nd album, Smashing The Serene! Enjoy this clip of "Sistersong": https://t.co/GvCnsnrCW3
@OnTheRecordRox cool - thank you for reaching out! please email radio@mpressrecords.com & we'll coordinate! :)
Opening for @TheJudyCollins at @PayometPAC tonight. Looking forward to an amazing night! #blessed http://t.co/3W8HLVjnwA
RT @maddieziegler: You can vote #ElasticHeart for @MTV #VMAs Best Female Video here: http://t.co/1Ld7X2RfLD ✌🏽️
Thank you @ArmenRa for being the most gracious tea-host & sharing your glamorous boudoir, histoire &… https://t.co/A2LwwEhznq
#FBF: A photo of me around the time of "Painting of a Painting, " 2001. Can't believe that my hair was… https://t.co/8lbGgXL2EE
Another opening slot w/ @TheJudyCollins on Monday! @PayometPAC in #NorthTruro #MA. #blessed http://t.co/bNlJWA10Aj http://t.co/F00yK7XIVb
@DanceMomReacts @giaabella Aw, thanks!!
@thelukasiaks Consider it done!
RT @IMABuzz: @rachaelsage AND 14th @IMABuzz Cover Song & Long Form Music Video categories. Rachael Rocks!!
@acrokenz Thanks! I thought that the dance interpretation was really great and original.
@kenzie_love10 Thanks so much! Glad you like it.
Voting is still going on for the @IMABuzz #VoxPop category! "Blue Roses" is up for #AdultContemporary http://t.co/JidJiLRzsY
#ICYMI: The group dance from last night's #DanceMoms episode, choreographed to "Barbed Wire"! http://t.co/lTAYwdidoX http://t.co/1CqjbG8Dmu
RT @TeamMaddieMx: @giaabella: I loved tonight's group dance so much! .....And of course our beautiful music from @rachaelsage…// http://t.co/Oxq8HEzfm1
@giaabella thank you! :) loved the dance, & the girls were fantastic as always - congrats! Xo
@Guitarchick28 nice to meet you Kayley & lovely song :) I don't have anything to do w/ that process - it's up to the show! all the best! xo
@ErinMichalek thanks so much - glad you enjoyed :) I'm not near a TV - on the road traveling right now but will catch the rerun at midnight!
@mpressmeredith omg - ahhhhh why are you even telling me this? Sigh...
RT @_VictoriaManson: @rachaelsage Please RT! My sister is having a charity night in Glasgow. https://t.co/1eN8FaGirB <- Details here! http://t.co/gYfepbJWz7
"Barbed Wire" is on @DanceMoms tonight! Tune in at 9PM ESt to watch the beautifully choreographed dance. #DanceMoms
@smoemeth yes, I sure have, haven't I @slightflight? also saw the ocean & sea lions & a walked in a forest today. #gasp #almostoffthegrid :)
beautiful sunset in #middleofnowhere #CA :) #citygirl #outofmyelement #inspiration #colorismyreligion… https://t.co/SyT38dNf7X
Get a chance to win a Deluxe copy of Blue Roses if you tell me about your fav time my music was on @DanceMoms. #RachaelSageDanceMoms
"Barbed Wire" is on @DanceMoms tomorrow night! Can't wait for you all to see how they interpret my music this time! http://t.co/QOaYO0UXkv
How thoughtful of our amazing #houseconcert hosts in #Saratoga #CA to match their pool to my outfit… https://t.co/C0FVsPKH5X
Went to an eclectic art show last night in #SoMa #SanFrancisco & saw some very creative work w/… https://t.co/d8a4IySCPl
RT @DoloresParkCafe: Rachael Sage with Gregory Douglass FRIDAY, JULY 17, 2015 7:00PM 10:00PM A soulful vocalist and innovative... http://t.co/4pkWeRuL18
Thank you @mpressmeredith :) #besthotellobbyever! #chandeliers #rococo #moreismore #sanfrancisco https://t.co/KfH7Pyacrq
Another handsome gent on the #ColoringBook set. @AndyMacMusic in matching shirt and tie! #behindthescenes http://t.co/AVO39L0slt
@JaneElizIreland lovely to chat w/ you too, & thanks for getting me up in time to encourage me to explore San Diego a bit b4 my flight! :)
What's your fav time my music was on @DanceMoms? Tweet it with #RachaelSageDanceMoms to win a Deluxe copy of my album #BlueRoses!
"Barbed Wire" is going to be featured on @DanceMoms on Tuesday! http://t.co/YE9BgfYFMa
.@mattnakoa looking dapper on the #ColoringBook music video set! #behindthescenes https://t.co/g0gFGC9fP2 http://t.co/9scT9fX5TG
Hello #SanFrancisco! Can't wait to see you all at @DoloresParkCafe tonight. Show time is at 7pm.
Thinking of you @rebeccaloebe! :) #Lestats #SanDiego #CA #BlueRosesTour https://t.co/uT9kGy8vRC
Heading to #SanFrancisco tomorrow to play @DoloresParkCafe with @gregorydouglass. Sure to be a good time! http://t.co/AWHxWqrlYS
@justicehoney hi! Lovely to see you @ the show :) favor however-please hold on posting that song as it's brand new/unreleased. Thank you! Xo
Fun time sitting in w/ #StevePostell (out of frame), #PeterAdams & #dougpettibone last night @ #FEED… https://t.co/h3iWNEk1Je
If you were wondering how I got my paintings to the set of the #ColoringBook music video...... well, … https://t.co/rPJDOBffie
#TBT: recap of my UK tour with @Team_Barrowman last month. Many thanks to John! Gorgeous venues :D https://t.co/AH9QGlHu3X
@justicehoney Glad you liked the show! It was great to meet you.
@sonicblissmusic Aw, thanks so much! Glad you liked it.
Good morning #SanDiego! Tonight's show is at 9pm at #Lestats. See you there! http://t.co/TbPJDgXMzU http://t.co/KMSVe0ARxK
Heading to #SanDiego tomorrow to play @lestatsblog. Show time is at 7pm. Can't wait! XO Rachael https://t.co/qyWpmJthEz
Hello #LA! Can't wait to see you all at @ROOM5LA tonight! http://t.co/gaoaAABov2 http://t.co/MEK1la8iEJ
RT @Maddiez_fan143: @rachaelsage Your muse is up for #ChoiceDancer .It would mean the world for your support! #ChoiceDancer #TeenChoice 😄 http://t.co/wsCjwiu32M
Excited to return to #Room5 tomorrow @ 7pm to celebrate the release of "Blue Roses Deluxe"! I'll be… https://t.co/EceLLxYaLw
Another #behindthescenes photo from the "Coloring Book" video shoot. I love coordinating colors, even… https://t.co/qMXDcHWn0R
@DevlinMiles aww, thank you so much! :) glad you enjoyed - and hope you're having a great summer!! Xo
Hey friends! I just released my new music video "Coloring Book" last week, and I'll be sharing… https://t.co/Ps5lGIhLfm
My new music video "Coloring Book" is live on YouTube. You can watch it through the link in my… https://t.co/n7P9pwATpf
@PureLove1818 @mpressrecords thanks bubulah! Glad you're enjoying :) xo
My #WestCoast tour starts on Sunday! First stop is Soho Restaurant & Music Club (sohosb) in Santa… https://t.co/gnX56MS7vD
RT @lovelyvoices: New Rachael Sage video!!!! https://t.co/ANX6q4Y0zB Follow her @rachaelsage
RT @MarnieMarns: Look whose got a new video out!!! @rachaelsage's "Coloring Book" I love this video girl!!! xo #RachaelsMiniMe http://t.co/DYTo3uVF6C
RT @mpressmeredith: I shot & edited this little documentary thingie ... enjoy! https://t.co/MO1xHAnOqj
Here's a #behindthescenes look at the making of my new video "Coloring Book." Had so much fun making this video! http://t.co/BB7EthD8hg
My new video "Coloring Book" is live on YouTube! Enjoy! https://t.co/g0gFGC9fP2 http://t.co/jWQzbtg6kq
Had a great time at the "Coloring Book" video premiere party at @rockwoodnyc last night. Thanks to… https://t.co/LYlkhmscE0
"Coloring Book" video release tonight at @RockwoodNYC! Playing a full set & screening the vid! http://t.co/VYkdYrUTCA http://t.co/TP4EFuQvJl
"Coloring Book" video release tonight at @RockwoodNYC! Playing a full set & screening the vid! http://t.co/VYkdYrUTCA http://t.co/AbDmPWAlza
RT @RockwoodNYC: Tonight at #Rockwood 3: @Chrislindmusic at 7, @rachaelsage at 8:30, @CoyleGirelli & the Dukes at 10! Tix: http://t.co/a6tPulTRUz
@MarnieMarns thanks Marnie! The song isn't on Blue Roses tho...it'll be on the next album however :) glad you enjoyed it!! Xo
fun rehearsal for show tomorrow @rockwoodnyc! Can you guess which keys are mine & which are… https://t.co/5hf7aT56EW
Hometown show tomorrow! I'm hitting the stage at #Rockwood3 to celebrate the release of my new music… https://t.co/SDzRp6VMdq
RT @NewYorkConcert: 🎤 @rachaelsage, Jul 8, Buy a ticket: 🎫 http://t.co/X4G7IjaGRw
RT @BlaiseDahl: Freedom for all! #revolt Personal revolution is a #GoodLook #JimMorrison (December 8, 1943 – July 3, 1971) http://t.co/dRKt5lYxXb
Hope everyone's having a Happy Independence Day!...& eternal thanks to chaceamy for capturing my… https://t.co/TUWz9Wfyva
Thank you @mpressmeredith for getting me a hotel room that matched my outfit today! I imagine my… https://t.co/7z8bpZiq9o
@donnal @smoemeth certainly seems logical to me! But also likely b/c, like piercing one's ears, it's a societal/cultural norm (relatively :)
Brushing up on some practical skills at a rest-stop in #Wales :) https://t.co/luOOOV46LW
@dandiedinmont you too dear! :) xo
bye #London! it's been a productive week celebrating londonlgbtpride, writing #newsongs, & setting up… https://t.co/mVGSFPl4mx
Apparently I picked the right day to wear a polka-dot dress :) #lucky #ladybug #spiritinsect… https://t.co/thDA79kh9p
#mostdynamiccouple award goes to adamall_drag & #applederrieres (& not only for their excellent table… https://t.co/hE7bM1YLAX
@PinkEyeRonnie @rachelkann next time let's do a RachaelFest - collaborations & Hamsah cookies will abound! :) xo
@refrancoeur aww, thank you!! #varklempt! Xo
RT @rachelkann: Yay for Rach(a)eltacular! @PinkEyeRonnie @rachaelsage Thank youuuuuuu ❤️🌀💙🌀💜🌀💘🌈
magical lady!! #applederrieres = #glamour don't forget the Yiddish we've shared, bubulah! Xo your NYC… https://t.co/73XKwOaFTj
Yes, I'm gonna miss this spot! :) #namethatcanal #UK #homeawayfromhome #grateful https://t.co/ubsk4Jcw2Z
Less than two weeks until my #California tour! I'm getting very excited for some time at the beach.… https://t.co/vHORqJSaRG
Birthday girl! Love you reemakumarijadeja & #bonvoyage! #onlythebest #birthday #cupcakes #UK #mishpuchah https://t.co/cKd3bnwZWr
@THEBEAT979FM wow thanks for your support!! :) xo
RT @THEBEAT979FM: #NP English Tea - Rachael Sage #NightTimeWithTripleX cc @rachaelsage
@avie_89 no plans for Scotland yet...but keep an eye on my website, we keep adding shows! Xo
Lovely #bathroomart in #London :) #butterflies #tattoosIwillnever get :) https://t.co/Mk1zNQNI7d
4th of July in #Wales this year! I'm thrilled to be part of the @LlandeiloJazz line-up. #tourlife http://t.co/Bl1n3vYGgC
There's really nothing clever I can add to this :) #artlandroad #whereIamnow #London #UK https://t.co/ufDBpZRxkQ
@WomensRadio yes actually-looping in @mpressrecords so Andrew, our resident gig promoter/social media guru can post them! Thank you! Xo
RT @AdamAll_Drag: .@rachaelsage I've had your album Blue Roses on repeat in my car for two days. Cant get enough. So thrilled I got to meet you. ❤
@AdamAll_Drag oh my goodness-#varkempt :) thank you!! I loved your performances/voices too & would be thrilled to reconnect w/ you both! Xo
Hmm...I think I may need these! #superga #supergay #popart #London #KeithHaring & thinking of… https://t.co/4JetZ6zi3k
Everthing about this #signage works for me...ok, except sports, but that's a nitpick :) #symbiosis… https://t.co/hwD3nfMRr3
Met this magical creature today in #Camden #UK :) I asked her if she was an artist & she seemed… https://t.co/0MrFlOWIVd
@R_Siddall thanks Ruth! Such a fun celebration - glad you enjoyed!! Xo
Such a wonderful day londonlgbtpride! I also met my UK #doppelgänger :) l own this wig & dreamed that… https://t.co/kN3dfcsI90
@LlandeiloJazz @TheAngel_62 can't wait to perform at your beautiful festival, woohoo :) #anticipation #feelinggrateful
RT @LlandeiloJazz: Soulful musician @rachaelsage will be kicking off saturday night @theangel_62 #jazz #blues http://t.co/SkI9ruekEv
@MamaAppleD @LondonLGBTPride loved meeting you both & you beat me to it!! You are beyond glamorous & let's keep in touch, dammit! :) xo
RT @MamaAppleD: @rachaelsage you are amazing! Such a pleasure to meet you. You were beyond fabulous @LondonLGBTPride #chair #flowers http://t.co/W1Y8hRHbj6
RT @R_Siddall: The lovely @rachaelsage today at #PrideinLondon http://t.co/WwZP77D8O6
@Ashiningtruth so lovely to meet you!! I'm going to google-stalk you now haha...so I can write you a song :) xoxo
RT @Ashiningtruth: Saw @rachaelsage today at Gay Pride London. terrific performer, such artistry and passion. bravo
@carpetwheel it does indeed!! I mentioned exactly that, when I played it today at #LondonPride :) xo
RT @carpetwheel: "I've waited my whole life for the chance to become hopeful." -@rachaelsage This lyric has new meaning this morning. 💙💚💛❤️
RT @TBrittonT: Today noted @rachaelsage at @LondonLGBTPride - Women's Stage. 1.30pm. Gets crowded get there early. #BlueMondayLDN #LDN
@avie_89 well, that's very sweet! Hello & welcome :) xo
That moment when the star of #London's #PhantomoftheOpera tells you he really dug your set :)… https://t.co/P4QJgg11pJ
@dontthink123 @maddieziegler wow, I'm in England and haven't seen this yet...stunning images & can't wait to see the dance!! :)
RT @dontthink123: ♥ @maddieziegler AWEsome pics from Maddies Final Solo of Season 5 -"Someone Special" / 'Newspaper' by @rachaelsage ♥ http://t.co/YSLrvSPivq
Thank you #SCOTUS for recognizing the equality of all love! #lovewins http://t.co/8gT7avydo0
#FBF: Video recap of last month's performance at @TEDxStanford! https://t.co/YPxfRJCRl6
#TBT to @Cornbury 2013. So weird, so wonderful! https://t.co/DfjoHm9hvI
@ginnisaraswati lovely meeting you! Enjoy the rest of your time in NYC & #HappyPride! Xo
RT @ginnisaraswati: Caught up with the lovely @rachaelsage - y'all are gonna love her alter ego match making sexy Jewish yenta. http://t.co/HDD0QHZRa4
Heading back to the UK this weekend! Playing the Women's Stage at @LondonLGBTPride on Saturday. http://t.co/0IQRtnfQG3
RT @theDrop_alerts: #BlueRoses by @rachaelsage dropped in Spotify Beats https://t.co/w8HwIMBpsz
had some adventures yesterday @thehomedepot :) Thanks @mpressmeredith for capturing the mishugas! https://t.co/Ji4MAR07Si #ADD #feelinghandy
Heading out to the #WestCoast for a string of shows in July! #CaliforniaDreaming http://t.co/vKWBAggQ8m http://t.co/OSdeVkcS8M
I get to see the prettiest views from my windows, on tour! good morning #Boston #MA! #citygirl… https://t.co/eZprQIqrNi
Just went to #HomeDepot-an ADD person's nightmare-to buy my 1st ladder so I can paint a mural on my… https://t.co/cmZvMbiJEX
RT @MittRomney: Take down the #ConfederateFlag at the SC Capitol. To many, it is a symbol of racial hatred. Remove it now to honor #Charleston victims.
@bethelsteele @clubpassim @michellelewis @kristincifelli so great to see you!! You are pure love! Xoxox
@bkadkins @michellelewis @kristincifelli @concertwindow @clubpassim thanks Brian, happy you enjoyed! Honored to share stage w/ these ladies!
RT @bkadkins: Great song swap today by @rachaelsage, @michellelewis, and @kristincifelli via @concertwindow at @clubpassim. Lovely, thoughtful music.
Best food I've had in eons clubpassim & the strawberries also made it among the prettiest! Cheers to… https://t.co/pyTV6pEUCc
1of the most beautiful families I know came to clubpassim today...what a treat! :) #mishpuchah… https://t.co/EpPe9GSBCw
Can't make it to #ClubPassim this afternoon? Tune in to ConcertWindow at 3pm Eastern from anywhere! https://t.co/jbngGgFrQB
Three hours until my show at @clubpassim! See you soon, #Cambridge! #matinee #iloveweekends #singersongwriter http://t.co/R6fToIXV4u
Performing in Cambridge, MA at 3:00 PM today at Club Passim http://t.co/aDHTXP5DDE
Thanks @raindovemodel for lending your beautiful voice & bold perspective to @jagandco :) #inspiring… https://t.co/TDA4P9p6g1
Fun night performing as part of #RainbowFashionWeek! this little 1 stole my heart :) #Pride… https://t.co/kz5Vab35Il
Just a few hours until the @Rfashionweek #NewMediaMogulAward at @RefineryHotel! So excited to be performing! http://t.co/tv0F7Ku7hO
dry cleaner just insisted on giving me discount for being 'colorful & glamorous'. I said that's unnecessary but he wouldn't budge. #iloveny!
#FBF to performing at @ClubPassim in 2012: https://t.co/6YAQnCh673. I'm playing there tomorrow w/ @michellelewis and @kristincifelli
@substandardnerd @TroubadourLDN Thanks for sharing!
RT @substandardnerd: Uploaded a couple of videos of the marvellous @rachaelsage at @TroubadourLDN onTuesday. https://t.co/RFWYuoKuX5 https://t.co/ZKNsmA0Q6Z
RT @mpressrecords: Glowing review of #IfICouldChangeOneThing by @SethGlier in @glidemag! Check it out: http://t.co/lCjFlzIxHb
#TBT: That time when I met the legendary @georgetakei at #SeattlePride. Almost exactly a year ago… https://t.co/uw4K6btwCM
Performing at the @Rfashionweek #NewMediaMoguls Award tomorrow! See you at the @RefineryHotel! http://t.co/ewRi0i2QHM http://t.co/QX4NRWSHMn
Came home last night from 3 was in the UK & only just heard re: unfathomably tragic church shooting in #Charleston...weeping in disbelief :(
Here's a video clip of me playing "Performance Art" at #ClubPassim back in 2012. Enjoy the preview! https://t.co/6YAQnCh673
#WCW: Sharing the stage w/ @michellelewis & @kristincifelli at @clubpassim on Saturday! http://t.co/c8EmEZeK6X http://t.co/p67alCLnIe
@avie_89 Aw, thanks!
I'm always blown away by @jphoe's immense talent. Can't wait to hear his new album #Hideaway! Sept. 18th! http://t.co/dHqta2Ymx6
an honor & pleasure to tour the last 3 wks w/ @kdfiddler!! I'll miss my talented, charming, stylish, … https://t.co/Xw5VizTaV2
soundchecked & set to rock #TheTroubadour in #London w/ @kdfiddler in just a half hr! #IlovetheUK… https://t.co/h6Lq4cFo4J
RT @LlandeiloJazz: The lovely @rachaelsage will be joining us @TheAngel_62. Don't miss it! @LoveLlandeilo @ILOVEWALES @CarmsTourism http://t.co/4pyTdOcBQn
Woohoo, last show of the tour tonight at #TheTroubadour in #London! can't wait to share new songs in… https://t.co/sTphyUnpQr
Playing a show in London at 7:45 PM today at The Troubadour Club http://t.co/twLCkcvGJS
Goodnight #Oxford! a long, beautiful day beginning w/ this #BBC bear hug! See you tomorrow #London!… https://t.co/t387TlXf3D
Last night of the tour w/ the fabulous @team_barrowman!! So excited to play in #Oxford #UK W/… https://t.co/wUf94inb76
Last night of #UKtour tomorrow! Thrilled to play the historic @TroubadourLDN in #London! https://t.co/hig247a8SA
RT @BBCOxford: Live music with @hollysamos today with @rachaelsage listen again http://t.co/Xns7NYrxwt at 3pm http://t.co/43jzq072Qu
Setting up to go live on-air at @BBCOxford in a couple minutes! Tune in! http://t.co/3j9TnWqtqm
Tonight is my last show opening for @team_barrowman! It's been such a pleasure touring with him.… https://t.co/doUfsbvuOo
RT @Voluptuia: @rachaelsage listen again http://t.co/E5AWiCLDYZ
RT @HartMedia: Tune in to @BBCCambs at 8:20pm (5 minutes) to hear a live interview and session with our very own @rachaelsage #usedtobemygirl
RT @TBrittonT: Tomorrow night @rachaelsage at @NewTheatreOx supporting @team_barrowman. 7pm. See venue for tickets. #concert #oxford
RT @Voluptuia: Back in the saddle at 7pm with @rachaelsage @bill_wyman #Bernardhoskin from @acoustic_routes #whatisit #cosmicchord
Sometimes there's a red stag in your hotel lobby that happens to match your outfit :) #nobiggie… https://t.co/44V7o93WyY
Thanks to our new friend beverlyl from #Cambridge #UK for capturing this! too bad I wasn't enjoying… https://t.co/Hr6xU1LNzp
backstage w/ @team_barrowman's fabulous dancers & his beautiful mum, rockin' the #goldlame! :)… https://t.co/qPp9ldo0yF
Returning to @clubpassim next Saturday! Sharing the stage w/ @michellelewis & @kristincifelli http://t.co/c8EmEZwkYv http://t.co/OoHPJk8REE
Tonight's stunning theatre in #Guildford! This has truly been an honor & a pleasure supporting… https://t.co/hvcjp7IReQ
RT @cuveliere: RACHAEL SAGE Thank you for the autograph hope to see you again soon your video on YouTube are fabulous @rachaelsage http://t.co/7FjhvqTynb
hangin' backstage in #Cambridge w/ @team_barrowman's glamorous, talented mum :) #appledoesntfallfar… https://t.co/jktxIR4LBA
#BBC4 makes it hard to sleep...first a doc on #TheBangles, then #Blondie, then the great #OtisRedding. how's a gal 'sposed to get any rest?
@JoBarrowman sorry dear lol...guess I took NYC sarcasm a wee bit too far :)
Thank you John & Kate for entertaining us at intermission!! :) Lovely eve in #Cambridge #UK w/ the… https://t.co/dWfRyBgCvL
Looks like we're gonna have to swing by #Cambridge #CornExchange #UK in November...#ohmy… https://t.co/6tJYLti5Id
Last date of #UKtour is Tuesday, at @TroubadourLDN! I'll be back soon: @LondonLGBTPride Jun 27, @LlandeiloJazz Jul 4 http://t.co/8yJsmdoxuB
#FBF: Went back to my alma mater to perform at @TEDxStanford, so I took a walk down memory lane while I was there! https://t.co/nX8BEl78Oz
RT @CambridgeCornEx: Tonight's running times: @rachaelsage 7.15 - 7.40pm, @Team_Barrowman 8 - 9.05, 9.25 - 10.35. Doors 7pm. Tickets http://t.co/9pPUZ85y7G
Look at that architecture! This is the #CambridgeCornExchange in #Cambridge, #England. Taking the… https://t.co/ElSf80OWYB
@TBrittonT thanks Tim!! Looking fwd :) I believe I actually go on at 7:15! (At least, all the other shows so far have...) Xo
RT @TBrittonT: Recommended tomorrow @rachaelsage at @CambridgeCornEx supporting @Team_Barrowman. 7.30pm. See venue for tickets. #Concert #Cambridge
Heading out to #CA in July! I'll play @ROOM5LA on July 15th. Can't wait! http://t.co/gaoaAABov2 http://t.co/YsQgeeZfuN
#ICYMI: My song "Unbeauty" was featured on this week's @DanceMoms! #KalaniHilliker danced a great solo. https://t.co/TXPnPe2xnf
Video: #ICYMI: My song “Unbeauty” was featured on this week’s episode of Dance Moms! Kalani Hiliker... http://t.co/BtWq3u2U3O
@justicehoney @DanceMoms it was indeed!! I adore her and just saw it on youtube...beautiful! :)
RT @justicehoney: Sooooooo.. was that @rachaelsage. I heard Kalani dancing to on last night's @DanceMoms episode???
Couple of #UK radio dates this weekend! @Voluptuia on Sunday (8pm BST), and @BBCOxford on Monday (3pm BST).
@Domeyd thanks so much - I would love that too!! If you have any ideas re: specific venues, please send 'em to booking@mpressrecords.com xo
@barrowman_freak yes, I am! Doing all the rest of the shows :) woohoo, see gather! Xo
tonight I wore a tie for the very 1st time! thanks @kdfiddler for hookup :) #feelingmyself… https://t.co/bJfD5HHP0n
Just 4 dates left on my #UK Tour! It's been a great run with @Team_Barrowman! All dates are w/ John, except Jun 16 http://t.co/s8ReQhQLAS
@lydiazoeswift Aw, thanks!
@Eileenholmes13 @Team_Barrowman Glad you had a good time! And John is so great, isn't he?
@mgallagher1970 I'm glad that my music means a lot to you! Nothing makes me happier than connecting to people with my music.
@substandardnerd Appreciate it!
RT @PoeticCarla: @rachaelsage I adore "Mexico" and am quite partial to "Blue Light".
Today's the 7th anniversary of Chandelier! Still love the video for "Vertigo." What's your fave song from the album? https://t.co/XOIsxNIMzn
Another glorious room!! maybe it's time to pull out my red dress? @kdfiddler can't wait to take this… https://t.co/Ce4oHOFmd0
Tonight's show's at #DemotnfortHall in #Leicester, where #TheBeatles, #BuddyHolly & #PinkFloyd have… https://t.co/mEUy1pbLRt
On-air now at #HarboroughFM! http://t.co/qhNcHl45IQ
A very happy birthday to katherinedepaul!! The best I could do on a hotel rm pad :) Much love & hope… https://t.co/NlyW4TJ9Ul
I'm wrapping up my #UK tour with a show at @TroubadourLDN on Tuesday! Looking forward to this intimate show. :D http://t.co/jaFsWaLlWc
Very excited for a #UK radio date tomorrow! Tune in to #HarboroughFM at 9am BST/2pm EST. http://t.co/qhNcHl45IQ
@mgallagher1970 @hoytsherman wow that looks gorgeous! I'd love to...hopefully behind my next record! :)
only got the disco lighting during soundcheck @ #SageGateshead but it was still the highlight of the… https://t.co/N0yu7EBb1k
Gonna miss this guy!! Mick's #merchtable #afterparty w/ #thankyou #cupcakes #mishpuchah xo https://t.co/EvujpuHy4p
Just 2 hrs til showtime @ #SageGateshead, supporting @team_barrowman in #Gateshead #UK! So many of my… https://t.co/IdxtqvZi0U
RT @JourMajesty: It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It's what we do consistently. http://t.co/MwlV0Ta7uL
RT @glidemag: VIDEO PREMIERE: Watch up-and-coming singer-songwriter @sethglier​ perform his song "Electricity" in the studio: http://t.co/FI1a8wyze1
@lydiazoeswift thank you so much!! Glad you enjoyed :) xo
Today was magical! Happened into a beautiful gospel concert in a Starbucks (!) & drank tea/made… https://t.co/4EXmwVKa2E
having tea @ beautiful Persian restaurant #Shiraz in #Birmingham #UK & this is presentation, w/ a… https://t.co/sZeqjFXt8I
rare afternoon off to do some hotel handwashing...ah the joys of domesticity :) #ontheroad #tourlife… https://t.co/7uYQt69UIq
kindred spirit in #Birmingham :) I guess my mom's right...I do still@dress like I'm 12. Or is this 12… https://t.co/BBxZItRYOR
@PinkEyeRonnie wow!! Amazing...thanks so much for sharing this :)
RT @JohnnyMunkeh: OMG @rachaelsage dedicated a song to me (I progressed from bein a doll to a puppet. By Oxford I might get Monkey) http://t.co/9pap2oketI
is it just me or does it look like I decorated this Indian restaurant? the #UK truly is my… https://t.co/5AeKKrI3NE
Two weeks until I share the stage with @michellelewis and @kristincifelli at @clubpassim! Too excited! #tourlife http://t.co/hxxhNgnkzw
my fave venue so far - glorious symphony hall in #Birmingham #UK tonight, supporting #JohnBarrowman!… https://t.co/TOBQ3uYLQB
this wk went by so quickly! #FBF to our 1st gig in #Cardiff w/ @team_barrowman where I met these 2… https://t.co/Ads9wgYY1k
@smoemeth yep I heard it too and thought the exact same thing! Oy...
@Doric_Dame @Team_Barrowman thanks so much!! We had a ball serenading you & are so happy you enjoyed :) xo
view from my hotel room in #Birmingham #UK (thanks @mpressmeredith :) #feelinggrateful & wishing I… https://t.co/N3IWSwQjGS
@dandiedinmont @Team_Barrowman @Gavin_Barker Thanks so much!
RT @dandiedinmont: .@Team_Barrowman @Gavin_Barker Thank you for inviting @rachaelsage along on the #YRMU tour! Stephen and I think she is FABULOUS! :-)
Thank you @team_barrowman for this incredible opportunity & for being too fabulous for this planet!… https://t.co/yqv5r8JI9l
Thank you to my new friend Stella who came to see us in #Glasgow tonight, & who's been dancing… https://t.co/EQ8lirqICx
I'm live on #SunnyG in #Glasgow right now! Listen in! http://t.co/pSxz1jkTzm
The ceiling in our restaurant in #Glasgow is channeling #Matisse :) Loving this city already... https://t.co/JlhOD7RNOg
Lovely evening off in #Edinburgh! Great to see my friend #Lach & reminisce about our early… https://t.co/1O74nbBBQB
@jkc_92 So glad that you like! I'm feeling the love. :D
RT @michellelewis: #WomanCrushWednesday Can't wait to play @clubpassim 6/20 with these lovely ladies! @kristincifelli @rachaelsage #WCW http://t.co/7yz7b3uCpk
#WomanCrushWednesday: loving "Fishtails, " from the new @Indigo_Girls album! #OneLostDay :D https://t.co/py3teuwDCt
@BBCRadioScot @BBCJFCulture thanks so much for having us on!! :)
RT @BBCRadioScot: Listen in to @bbcjfculture interview and session w/ the lovely @rachaelsage - Available now http://t.co/DHGmCBAhkB http://t.co/ZyLtkb8Gvr
our new #bffs :) love these boys! #MickMcMenemy #AdrianDavies @team_barrowman's merch #machers! Xo https://t.co/xOtsCWFWxi
Tonight's office in #Edinburgh! couldn't be more excited to play the #EdinburghPlayhouse w/… https://t.co/N9n6xnMaZw
Less than 3 weeks until I share the stage with @michellelewis and @kristincifelli at @clubpassim! #singersongwriter http://t.co/hVwK4xQEeX
RT @BBCJFCulture: If you LOVE MUSIC tune in 2pm: @JaniceForsyth w/ a live session from @rachaelsage & review of @flo_tweet's new album http://t.co/VLtdwB4n39
Thinking of @JojoGentry at #JohnBarrowman shows :) yes, you heard it right: #Xanadu!! #thankmelater… https://t.co/q0ZlrXfzQu
@lisamzeus thank you!! Glad you enjoyed! Xo
@Lorramun @Team_Barrowman thanks so much!! We can't wait :) John is such a fabulous entertainer & mensch & tour's been a pleasure so far! Xo
Tomorrow's show is at @edinplayhouse! Haven't been there since I last played the #edfringe, can't wait!
Enjoying #GreenTomato #cafe in #Brighton w/ our talented friend @Aisling :) #lifeisshort… https://t.co/yhIgvZLoeL
Good morning #Brighton #UK! We'll miss you & your blustery beauty!! Heading to #Edinburgh, woohoo! Xo https://t.co/OZIcsz7spX
tonight's venue couldn't be any more beautiful even if it was covered in glitter & sequins! Thank you… https://t.co/digPVXUpCn
@scxdelariobrien oh wow, never knew it was on/never heard of that show! are you in the US or Europe/UK? :) and thank you!! xo
RT @scxdelariobrien: they played a #rachaelsage song on life unexpected and it just reminds me of @maddieziegler @DanceMoms @rachaelsage
@scxdelariobrien hi Emily! What is "life unexpected", and any idea what song it was? Cool!! :) xo
Such a memorable gal helping us w/ merch last night in #Cardiff! wonder what memories await in… https://t.co/7YxcuVsaMP
Good morning #Wales! #UK #onewithnature. #bluerosestour https://t.co/hLFDsMRAg2
Made some lovely friends tonight in #Cardiff including this kindred blue-haired spirit, a young… https://t.co/oC3f7mF6gD
@JoBarrowman @Team_Barrowman thank you so much! we're really thrilled to be joining the tour & it's a pleasure to support John!! Xo
@Dylan7394 @Team_Barrowman aww, thank you!! An honor to perform for you all, and we enjoyed every minute! Xo
@DayFour34 thank you...so glad you enjoyed!! Xo
Thank you #Cardiff & #JohnBarrowman for an inspiring night! holy smokes look who's playing this stage… https://t.co/tYUyJ9Lbuo
#BrightonDome is just too pretty! And I get to play there tomorrow! #grateful
RT @mpressrecords: .@rachaelsage plays @clubpassim on June 20th, alongside @michellelewis and @kristincifelli http://t.co/AwHq0I814v
@NicoleConn thank you Nicole!! :) you're such a mensch...and quite the prolific, hard working superwoman yourself! respect back atcha :) xo
Heading to #Cardiff tomorrow to play @MotorpointDiff. Have to say, I'm more than a bit excited! #ilovemyjob
good morning #howthelightgetsin #festival!! happy to be back for Day 2 of our adventure in #Hay… https://t.co/YHKW5GgKIt
such a lovely gig setting today! we xo the #howthelightgetsin #festival! great start to the #Wales… https://t.co/UgPwj51PO1
we all agree I just won the 'putting on making in a moving vehicle championships'! #somewhereinwhales… https://t.co/5XuIiM5V3V
quite the #viborama here at #howthelightgetsin #festival! gotta love a town whose expressed theme… https://t.co/1ttVi3k0Bg
we all agree I just won the 'putting on making in a moving vehicle championships'! #somewhereinWhales… https://t.co/5XuIiM5V3V
I'm playing two days at @HTLGIFestival, and day one is today! Ready for some music and inspiration :D
#UKTour starts tomorrow! First stop, @HTLGIFestival in #Hay. :D http://t.co/YxHhXqser7
just encountered the inspiring #MegRyan in my fave organic food shop; being tongue-tied worked in my favor-she was so friendly! I xo NYC :)
New performance announced in London at The Troubadour Club on June 16, 2015 http://t.co/twLCkcvGJS
#NewMusicTuesday: The Deluxe version of"Blue Roses" is now on #iTunes! It features the new song "Coloring Book." Had such fun recording it!
RT @PinkEyeRonnie: Already obsessed w/ "Coloring Book" by @rachaelsage Can't wait for the music video! #NowPlaying https://t.co/qdPAn4nkhq
#mazeltov to one of my oldest, dearest friends on his marriage to the wonderful msalisonpill! thanks… https://t.co/evatescGTd
RT @mpressrecords: Happy #MemorialDay! Use the "MEMORY" code to get 50% off @rachaelsage CDs at the MPress store. http://t.co/EPmSyMLFHL
It's #MemorialDay, an appropriate day to share my song "Memory." Enjoy! https://t.co/tGrY4t8DZA
hangin' w/ an old friend making music in #Venice #CA! my idea of a #perfectsaturday :) #stevepostell… https://t.co/Vln5ZkWV7S
lovely visit to #magiccastle w/ one of my favorite humans! thank you @auctiontfk! #losangeles… https://t.co/VZU32YZfdA
mazel tov to #peteradams @SLightFlight for getting this city girl out into some nature today!… https://t.co/DMHXdOJnn1
mazel tov to #peterbradley for getting this city girl out into some nature today! #newfriends… https://t.co/DMHXdOJnn1
#AlbumAnniversary: "Haunted By You" is 3 years old today! Had a fun time filming the video for "California": https://t.co/UlOGnabM4B
dinner w/ this talented ubermensch! gregorydouglass you can borrow my scarf anytime :) we decided I'm… https://t.co/Wo7gqQd738
it was only 2 days ago but still so touched @kk_vertes officialmackzmusic came to my LA gig!… https://t.co/cE5XXvcbLJ
13 anniversary Illusion's Carnival! "Trouble" has been a regular part of my shows ever since! https://t.co/Qkn3aRIQ4V http://t.co/VMKCySudTD
RT @theMarketHP: @rachaelsage surprise performance #dancemoms @kk_vertes officialmackzmusic @giaabella #Repost… https://t.co/I0QZnCdy4e
so much fun playing today for the fabulous folks @roadtripnation, who thoughtfully matched the set to… https://t.co/ca7N0TGOKQ
RT @theMarketHP: RACHAEL SAGE LIVING ROOM CONCERT // LIVE STREAM: https://t.co/efbqv4ZbkQ #liveperformance http://t.co/8lXyygRO9x
@MarnieMarns @KDFiddler You even have the @mpressrecords sticker on your computer! Too Cool! :D #SuperFan
@knpoole20 @theMarketHP Glad you enjoyed it!
such a treat to serenade these beautiful ladies tonight in #LosAngeles! thank you @giaabella for… https://t.co/vI0vywEDB6
RT @giaabella: Listening to beautiful music from @rachaelsage tonight! @ The Market https://t.co/9l5spYSblm
RACHAEL SAGE LIVING ROOM CONCERT // LIVE STREAM: https://t.co/Bi1IguzdPW #liveperformance
@mgallagher1970 where are you based? Everything is possible! And thank you :)
@mgallagher1970 Fans like you are the reason I make music. Thanks for the love!
RT @theMarketHP: YES pls! We're all eager to hear @rachaelsage new song debut! 😃🎶 flattered that this will all happen at The Market! https://t.co/e1ZrP2RkRw
Playing a show in Los Angeles, CA at 8:00 PM today at The Market HP http://t.co/FNYiWzEmOw
just wrote a new song about #BBKing & w/ a glass of wine maybe I'll have the guts to debut it tonight @theMarketHP! #newsong #grateful
new band photo...whatchathink? psyched to play in #LosAngeles #CA tonight! #bluerosestour #tourlife… https://t.co/LOfgCBQSnA
RT @michellelewis: Can't wait for this show next month with @kristincifelli and @rachaelsage at clubpassim! #folk… https://t.co/8C5wANSXXc
RT @theMarketHP: Tonight @rachaelsage rendezvous w/ us for #livingroomconcert //1203 avenue 50 //#losangeles #happeninginhighlandpark http://t.co/vCPDRgiTkI
Rare night off on tour & caught @SawyerFrdrx tonight on @NBCTheVoice...utterly blown away & brilliant song choice! @Neilyoung #timeless
@penisdolou thanks so much - glad you're enjoying!! :) xo
Clouds of #awe welcoming us to #TheGrapevine #CA! #choirsofangels #blest #sixhoursinvanandcounting… https://t.co/r70qt68Fpg
Heading to #LosAngeles tomorrow to play @theMarketHP! #Freewine, #freecheese, yum! http://t.co/hTXD4E3wyF
@mgallagher1970 Aw, thanks! Which of my songs motivates you the most?
amazing day #tedxstanford :) exciting to see my art on big screen for 1st time, & honored to share… https://t.co/6GRUUwvFp9
@tshabani @Stanford aww, thank you-we really enjoyed serenading you! :)
@tshabani @Stanford thank you, glad you enjoyed! :)
So cool to reminisce about my days performing w/ #Ramshead #stanforduniversity :) Loved their singing… https://t.co/JZlKDu4bXK
3 hours until I take the stage at #TEDxStanford! If you couldn't get a ticket, stream it online: https://t.co/OgVT4UiGZc
Playing a show in Palo Alto, CA at 11:00 AM today at Stanford University http://t.co/Hl9fsHwJNC
I just mind my own business & these moments find me, oy! #matchymatchy #mosaic #streetbeauty… https://t.co/I3msWn9VcH
whoever made this, you're my #daycrush :) #mosaic #collage #crafts #colorismyreligion… https://t.co/KGBVG5QRKR
rare moment of zen captured by @mpressmeredith :) #roughlife #california #bluerosestour #captionplease https://t.co/Znk7ItiEmg
diggin' my friend @jshannonmusic's band @ShiftWithUs & rockin' #newvideo http://t.co/dTfkWl8FZE #Iknewthemwhen #perfectsummersoundtrack
My #TEDxStanford performance streams live at 12 PDT tomorrow. Thrilled to return to the #almamater! https://t.co/OgVT4UiGZc
hard to leave my flowers today just as they'd opened, but palm trees in #PaloAlto will make it easier… https://t.co/joEOeYngQY
RT @justicehoney: Vertigo by @rachaelsage. Ahhhh that's the stuff.
RT @chstunage: These local guys are some ace humans full of ace stories: A Fragile Tomorrow collaborate with Joan Baez http://t.co/5Lh2BlhKWD @AFTMusic
1 of biggest bonds I've had w/ my Dad's been love for #BBKing; he invited me to see him but I was too busy :( #regret #RIP #immortal #legend
RT @mpressrecords: Sad to hear that #BBKing passed away. He was a legend of the blues, and we're in awe of his ceaseless work ethic till his last days. RIP.
#FanFriday: love this piano cover of my song "Frost!" Gives me the warm-fuzzies. :D https://t.co/bjIQqJTRX2
doing laundry after crazy wk+ of video-making, gigs, radio conference & now heading to CA @aftdk7 thinking of you! #laundrywave #gentlenudge
Rare treat to have the multitalented musical & comedic genius @peterhimmelman in #NYC tonight… https://t.co/FRFoYaf9rq
New show announced in Cambridge, MA at Club Passim on June 20, 2015 http://t.co/aDHTXP5DDE
yes, that @wynonnamusic :) wildly inspiring, soulful performance!! #varklempt #empowered #thebignoise… https://t.co/14mUv7BVgG
Hopping the pond for another UK tour this summer! See you soon, my lovelies! http://t.co/vKWBAggQ8m http://t.co/TuJ46UR4zA
"If people aren't laughing at your goals, they're not big enough!" #JarlMohn #quoteoftheday #noncommvention @wxpnfm @worldcafelive #NPR
Another gorgeous performance by @brandicarlile & #thetwins at #noncommvention2015 @wxpn… https://t.co/CUkbNsjDZj
The fierce & beautiful spirit that is #buffysaintemarie!! #noncommvention2015 #WXPN worldcafelive… https://t.co/M7KlJXSMhY
@dancemom1313 @maddieziegler was wonderful tonight performing to #GodsCreatures! truly moving...#kvell - & see you soon in L.A., I hope! xo
@justicehoney of course I love them all all! :) they're all lovely young girls working their tuchuses off-I admire their dedication so much!
Loved seeing @maddieziegler on @DanceMoms tonight performing #AmongAllOfGodsCreatures! So moving & also a complete #surprise #grateful :)
Mazel Tov to my uber-talented brother-in-law @EricStangel & his brilliant bro @Justin_Stangel on joining @SIRIUSXM @OpieRadio! :)
RT @SIRIUSXM: Help us welcome hilarious @Justin_Stangel & @EricStangel to @OpieRadio! And they are correct, we rarely wear pants http://t.co/2ymQIKA7WZ
Looking forward to an intimate house concert at @theMarketHP in #LosAngeles next week! We'll webacast it live: http://t.co/GW8b9GvSO5
lovely day shooting my video "coloring book" w/ the talented & sweet Mikaela! #doppelgänger #minime :) https://t.co/tqcSlJIlPs
RT @TroyEdwards_: The last look for @rachaelsage's new video #coloringbook with the #Fabulous Mikaela! @mpressrecords… https://t.co/9OeuUm7p2J
Photo: Today is the 19th anniversary of my first album,  “Morbid Romantic.” This album started me on my long... http://t.co/5NNZqwOEoh
Celebrating the 19th anniversary of my 1st album, Morbid Romantic! Quite the trip since then, thx to all involved! https://t.co/WrK6rl55h4
8th anniversary of the #NewArrivals2 charity comp. I'm so grateful to be able to give back :) http://t.co/zweKhtTTbv http://t.co/0OmeuDn3ZT
Beautiful brunch today w/ my amazing Mom at #Narcissa in #NYC. Food was splendidly healthy, gorgeous… https://t.co/caI0pAHFoc
Playing @putnamspub in #Brooklyn. Love this place! https://t.co/hiuCJ2Ewnv
Happy #MothersDay! I'm playing a Mother's Day show at @PutnamsPub in #Brooklyn tonight. http://t.co/0U75klrFkZ
I decided to drive home to #NYC from #Binghamton on something that'd really impress mom! meet you… https://t.co/BIJFVEteG0
thanks #cybercafewest #Binghamton you sure know how to make a gal feel welcome :) Showtime 9pm w/… https://t.co/SH2jPCIMBQ
fantastic photoshoot today w/ @aftmusic & scribbleheads in #newburgh #ny #menwithstyle #alt #rock… https://t.co/EdwEFAuhtI
RT @DevlinMiles: Can't wait for an acoustic set @jibrail @SLBloodhound @PutnamsPub also @rachaelsage Sunday 8pm @MyrtleAveBklyn #violin #accordion #sax
Hello #Binghamton! I'm playing @cybercafewest tonight. See you there!
Playing a show in Binghamton, NY at 6:00 PM today at Cyber Café West http://t.co/AqKwWG7yRe
my kinda Fri night! shooting w/ marconycstudio & his magical #neon & the brilliantly talented… https://t.co/tCxcQdkYeh
RT @mpressrecords: On set for @rachaelsage's video shoot for her new song "Coloring Book" #music #video #song #coloring… https://t.co/4b6krGUSo9
RT @mpressrecords: Behind the purple curtain @andymacmusic getting #dapper for @rachaelsage video shoot for new song… https://t.co/zwjM23WIZt
RT @TroyEdwards_: Shooting "Coloring Book" #musicvideo for @rachaelsage's new single. @mpressrecords #music #singer… https://t.co/PT5PQgpPx5
amazing day shooting music video for my song #coloringbook w/ @troyedwards_ #feelingfabulous :)… https://t.co/Uf7WeAQbey
Busy weekend! @cybercafewest in #Binghamton tomorrow, and a #MothersDay show at @PutnamsPub on Sunday. Woo hoo! http://t.co/iHQVpJqJNU
@MikePRyanMusic Aw, glad that I could help!
@VanDeRocker Thanks for the follow!
@gabecummins Thanks for the follow! Keep making great music!
8th anniversary of the #NewArrivals2 charity comp. I'm so grateful to be able to give back :) http://t.co/zweKhtTTbv http://t.co/NtJ83eajFB
My friends @aftmusic just dubbed me their 'Jewess merch bitch' and I've never felt so loved :) #mishpuchah @mpressrecords
@aftmusic tearing it up @ #pianos in #NYC right now!! love these boys... @mpressrecords #music https://t.co/E6mzew0Krv
#TBT: Enjoy this video recap of my #SXSW2015 performances! Can't wait for next year! https://t.co/hRT3MSIAKc
Thx @RealChrisKocher for this write-up about #BlueRoses, and for plugging my show at @CyberCafeWest on Saturday! ;) http://t.co/hcthG3HDjW
@EmeraldGuitars Thanks for the follow! And LOVE the guitars. I'm drooling over them right now.....
@blikebarbi Thanks for the follow! Glad to see a fellow dancer on Twitter. :) Keep it up!
@J_CapitolP Thanks for the follow! Appreciate it!
RT @mpressrecords: Hey #Brooklyn, head over to @livingroomny NOW as @rachaelsage joins an amazing lineup of musicians for #Nepal relief! http://t.co/fB7pcQ0U3E
Honored that my cover of "Helpless" is nominated for Best Cover Song by @IMABuzz! You can vote for the song here: http://t.co/iYSB1QyeoL :D
I never get tired of gazing at a #fullmoon :) #nightwalking on #secondavenue #vampire #howl https://t.co/1fBy2HdS4D
Exciting weekend! Playing @cybercafewest and @PutnamsPub, accompanied by the fabulous @AndyMacMusic on drums! http://t.co/DuKBBnvGrl
made some colorful new friends at gallery opening featuring #SusanMarx's vibrant work :)… https://t.co/iFEZE8VzbN
as good a place as any for a rose from last night's gig :) headed to an art opening on the… https://t.co/NPwhRgk90j
@BuddMishkinNY1 nice to meet you tonight! Glad you enjoyed the show, & thanks for the encouraging words :)
Such an amazing night in #NJ @sopacnow w/ the wonderful #JudyCollins - and got to hang w/ this… https://t.co/aOoA8GxxVq
can't wait to open for #JudyCollins shortly @sopacnow in #NJ! show's soldout, woohoo :)… https://t.co/JC9fPZPkZu
RT @SunCoffeeHouse: Great show Sunday: NuMu @NataBorzilova @rachaelsage @jaysemko + GreatCoverUp marking a significant 45th anniversary http://t.co/I6iIKYNayG
Playing a show in South Orange, NJ at 8:00 PM today at South Orange Performing Arts Center http://t.co/SVcfsOj198
such a lovely performance of "will the circle be unbroken" w/ #stevemartin #amoslee #emmylouharris… https://t.co/oC8pI1dAXz
Casting a young girl age 5-11 for my next video, shooting in NYC on Fri. May 8! Interested parties please contact: casting@mpressrecords.com
My show tomorrow with @TheJudyCollins at @SOPACnow is sold-out! Looking forward to it. :D
#FBF: Thanks to @tribecky for capturing my inner (or is that outer?) rockstar at #MPressFest… https://t.co/yJ7Gqf17U1
psyched to hear lovely @AdaPasternak shortly @ #TheBitterEnd, honoring #KennyGorka #ilovemytalentedfriends #violinplayer #anticipation #NYC
RT @lizlongley: Nashville's got it going on this week! Thursday: @sethglier at @TheBasementNash Friday: @DeltaRae at @CityWineryNSH #Nashville #livemusic
after way too many months of post-flood repairs, work's finally done. I'll miss waking up @ 7 to let rotating strangers in, but I'll manage!
Thank you @cyndilauper for being such a brave leader & beautiful mensch! http://t.co/FivflQ8EOV #40toNoneDay #Pizza4Equality @TrueColorsFund
hope everyone's having a fabulous #InternationalDanceDay! here's a shot of me in my Coppélia costume… https://t.co/5QD89c0zMu
#SF: check out the @RoadtripNation #WhyNotUs special on @KQED tonight! My song "Hey Nah" is featured in the program!
#womancrushwednesday: opening for @TheJudyCollins at @SOPACnow on Saturday! http://t.co/UnU4RysUeo
My song "Hey Nah" will be featured on the show @RoadtripNation tomorrow night! So excited! Check out the trailer: https://t.co/KPq2CNKPQB
Happiness Rachael Sage Piano Cover by Ange Marín - Lovely fan cover of my song “Happiness!” http://t.co/XW7ZCFEBh1
@RMarshall3 @YouTube Aw, thanks! Love the cover!
@david_lapadat Thanks for following me! I appreciate! Keep making great music!
RT @MapleMusicRecs: ICYMI we've signed @jphoe for his 6th record due this summer! Watch his old video for 'Nothing's Gonna Harm You' #TBT http://t.co/AiAcoXp7u5
@jphoe hey friend! covering "Learn To Let You Go" shortly-perhaps this weekend! humble permission to raise to Eb; secular blessing pls? :)
only 1 human in my life could inspire me to say "life is short but your legs are long, I have faith" @laurenobrien1 #nonstopglamor :)
Welcome @KsChoiceMusic to @mpressrecords roster & happy to be working w/ #TheILSGroup @carolinemusic @UniversalMusicC http://t.co/9u991ATIXF
RT @mpressrecords: Big news!!! Added @KsChoiceMusic to our roster, signed distribution deal w/ ILS & @carolinemusic @UniversalMusicC http://t.co/v2EbOb9CcU
RT @mpressrecords: Our hearts are with all of the victims of the tragic earthquake in Nepal. Sending love and prayers to all of those affected.
just passed giant billboard in #TheCatskills that said "Celebrating 10 Years Of Mishpacha"; guess I've been spelling it wrong...& #WTH?? :)
trees on my block are so beautiful now! motivation to get home quicker from a wknd of lovely… https://t.co/HbtJqoEbMV
Performing in Ithaca, NY at 7:00 PM today at Felicia's Atomic Lounge http://t.co/Sfczb22OvP
@MikePRyanMusic. Hi! Yes you were my ego boost of the day lol...thank you for that :) Looking fwd to hearing that song!!
loved meeting #camelawidad tonight-gorgeous voice, insightful storyteller & sweet human...& that… https://t.co/UrOWuhp7Yh
RT @vvk_chd: Please RT generously. Earthquake helpline numbers in Nepal. @KapilSharmaK9 http://t.co/rYVQQalXSJ
Prayers & love to victims of #NepalEarthquake...just donated here: http://t.co/HMXXckPJ7G
Fell utterly in love with this man's music tonight!! #davidmowery of @beaucoupblue completely blew me… https://t.co/UEwGMP9XnX
RT @theMarketHP: RSVP for May Events at http://t.co/kLpUEDIYml! Thanks Kat @DonutFriend for supporting & for making the best #donuts http://t.co/eW8VF6gu8t
Playing @feliciaslounge in #Ithaca tomorrow. Great music venue, and DELICIOUS cupcakes. :D http://t.co/w56SKnffAD
9th anniversary of my album "The Blistering Sun!" Love this video that Tom Moore directed for the song "Wildflower" http://t.co/sO66EMnOxw
Playing a show in Macungie, PA at 7:30 PM today at Listen Live Music at Macungie Institute http://t.co/pkUGj0XkGo
RT @mpressrecords: 9th anniversary of "The Blistering Sun" by @rachaelsage! Check out the gorgeous video for the single "Wildflower" http://t.co/ckt5HFcecL
Hope everyone has a glittery, inspired weekend! Looking fwd to solo shows in #PA & #Ithaca… https://t.co/KMEnTkiIqG
@wojsvenwoj @smoemeth BTW you sure found the right partner in green-shaming lol. I assume you hate broccoli too? :)
@wojsvenwoj @smoemeth love that shade! perhaps you're thinking of the overripe version in which case I offer personal shopping services :)
Playing w/ some great artists at @listenlivemusic tn! @craigbickhardt, David Mowry (@Beaucoupblue) & @WidadMusicUSA! http://t.co/IpcBCWYfJf
@wojsvenwoj @smoemeth what?? Avocados are the perfect food. #blasphemy #dislike (AND guess what I'm eating right now lol. No kidding :)
Great preview of tomorrow's show at #MacungieInstitute from Bethlehem Press! http://t.co/P7OrZiXKSw
Looking forward to a @listenlivemusic #WritersInTheRound show tomorrow night! 8pm @ #MacungieInstitute, #Macungie #PA http://t.co/IpcBCWYfJf
RT @WidadMusicUSA: I'll be w/ @rachaelsage @craigbickhardt & David Mowry playing "Bringing Nashville North" Tomorrow at @listenlivemusic http://t.co/a8wf2dgFQG
RT @troycdexter: Asking 4 help w this celeb benefit 4 a friend w #Parkinsons & #MS. Can I get a RT @CarnieWilson #jamminforjones http://t.co/GEbehktec1
loving the #decoupage here @launchmusicconf #LancasterDispensing #PA #mykindajoint https://t.co/q5bvyQb623
thinking of @bethelsteele :) #Lancaster #PA needs you! xo https://t.co/uPoxh5gUBV
"Hey Nah" will be featured on @RoadtripNation! Check out the #WhyNotUs TV special on Wednedsay https://t.co/GbmV4Zu1M0
Pulling into #Lancaster for my @LaunchMusicConf show! My set is at 11pm at @DipCo http://t.co/qns1Eg7uFY #WhatToDoTonight
RT @theMarketHP: May Events are up on our website! Thanks @thepophop for ur support! Look out for our posters too :) http://t.co/U3k4vA0n5d
Performing in Lancaster, PA at 7:00 PM today at Lancaster Dispensing Co. http://t.co/E1NCwa2m32
Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day, taking time to celebrate #motherearth & resolving to… https://t.co/DEveTDV39x
Playing @LaunchMusicConf tomorrow! Set is at 11pm at @DipCo. http://t.co/qns1Eg7uFY http://t.co/8fwWpNkIYH
Opening for @TheJudyCollins at @SOPACnow on May 2nd! http://t.co/rH0TkKhmm8
RT @TourWonk: sans typos Thx @nodepression ! @Shawn_Colvin @thebirchmere.. It really was that good…and a super nice mention of my pal @rachaelsage!
Nice shout-out from @nodepression for my opening slot w/ @Shawn_Colvin at @thebirchmere http://t.co/PdsPfb4BvV
great meeting w/ team @mpressrecords today! celebrated by donning @marniemarns's special chapeaux of… https://t.co/MoYzdT5s68
RT @TourWonk: Thx@nodepression ! @Shawn_Colvin @thebirchmere.. It really was that good…and a super nice mention of my pal @rachaelsage!
spent 3 hrs #spaceclearing my living room & kitchen so the last of my post-flood repairs can be completed. I think I deserve some ice-cream!
RT @sweetledaband: Pumped for @LaunchMusicConf this weekend with @StolenRhodes @Lovebettie @avengerstuff @rachaelsage @HotJamFactory @FaceTheKing #festivals
Happy Birthday to @pinkeyeronnie - one of the most passionate indie music supporters & creative… https://t.co/oJCjk1yFWi
It's official! Opening for @TheJudyCollins at @SOPACnow on May 2nd! #grateful #excited http://t.co/UnU4RysUeo
listening to the sweet sounds of #eoinglackin & #feelingnostalgic :) https://t.co/pDZbjaRABU
Love this woman! @alysongreenfiel #birthdaygirl #soulsister #mishpuchah #forever :) https://t.co/UH1Fq8Lqbw
Happy Birthday @alysongreenfiel!! lovely party in the park in #williamsburg #brooklyn #friendship… https://t.co/wPK2zNlo6E
thanks to all who joined us for tonight's spring-themed show @subculture_nyc! a pleasure to share the… https://t.co/Lni6lX67pr
RT @jojogentry: Oh snap! @rachaelsage just busted out "Fame" at her show tonight @SubCulture_NYC Hello & Thank you!
RT @mattnakoa: Soundcheck is sounding so freakin good at @subculture_nyc with @rachaelsage & The Sequins and the… https://t.co/T1OMEfy9y2
Taking the stage w/ @mattnakoa at @SubCulture_NYC in 4 hours! #WhatToDoTonight http://t.co/egxBx7ZF2M http://t.co/HOssQ71bfJ
Playing a show in New York City, NY at 8:00 PM today at SubCulture Arts Underground http://t.co/NvX7aBbd0K
@gregsapphyre thanks greg!! :)
RT @gregsapphyre: Everyone in NYC, please find yourself at @rachaelsage ‘s show tonight at @SubCulture_NYC! It is going to be superb!
who's coming to @subculture_nyc tonight? the rest of y'all can pray for my feeble memory re: these… https://t.co/5jDBneO1bm
"Blue Roses, " shot at @SubCulture_NYC back in May 2014. Playing there again TONIGHT!! So EXCITED!! https://t.co/kZ0Y8fyiOQ
moment when you realize a real player's gonna see how poorly a beginner strings her guitar :) @mattnakoa feel free to roast me tmrw! #loaner
RT @DeniBonet: The string section! Rehearsing with @rachaelsage for our gig tomorrow night @Subculure! Fun! @… https://t.co/rMfhlmpUbW
#FreeStuff: Doing a #ticketgiveaway for my Saturday show at @SubCulture_NYC through @doNYC http://t.co/wbEUUrF0F8 http://t.co/IP0TadekKw
#FBF: "Wax" filmed at @SubCulture_NYC back in May 2014. Playing there again on Saturday, w/ @mattnakoa! https://t.co/a6G8RB3KnM
I've learned more about how I want to live my life & nurture the create process from @charlierose's show than most of my teachers...#respect
#FreeStuff: Doing a #ticketgiveaway for my Saturday show at @SubCulture_NYC through @doNYC http://t.co/wbEUUrF0F8 http://t.co/RZy76dZcfU
Playing at the @LaunchMusicConf in #Lancaster #PA in one week! April 23rd at @LancasterBrew http://t.co/jKUpcXtXF3 http://t.co/w7ejkk98Kh
#TBT: "Wishing Day, " shot at live at @SubCulture_NYC back in May 2014. Playing there again on Saturday, w/ @mattnakoa http://t.co/xYrIgb3dys
RT @theMarketHP: #LosAngeles Welcomes @rachaelsage on her #bluerosestour // Join us for an intimate living room… https://t.co/uwFF4iDfYq
Lighting candles for the 6 million, resolving to fight hatred & bigotry wherever it exists. #NeverAgain #YomHaShoah http://t.co/3d5SmtaZk1
RT @margotniss: "Thou shalt not be a victim, thou shalt not be a perpetrator..thou shalt not be a bystander” #neverforget עם ישראל חי http://t.co/AZV9DRcN8o
RT @NYCCouncil: "Even in darkness, it is possible to create light." - Elie Wiesel #HolocaustRemembranceDay #NeverAgain #NeverForget http://t.co/73EXR3H8yk
Thrilled to return to my #almamater next month to perform at @TEDxStanford! Tickets are going VERY quickly!! https://t.co/e3oYoRLzZ8
.@TimeOutMusic "Critic's Choice" for my upcoming show at @SubCulture_NYC!! Saturday @ 9pm, w/ @mattnakoa #Grateful http://t.co/1nfvCPpBsZ
Revisiting "Happiness" from the last time that I played @SubCulture_NYC Playing there again on Saturday! https://t.co/3dZsbcvVdG
new color by marconycstudio always makes me feel like a million #sequins :) #turquoise #purple… https://t.co/iUMD9aGvSj
It's official! Opening for #JudyCollins at @SOPACnow on May 2nd. What an honor! http://t.co/UnU4RyKvCY
@myadriene yes that would be great! FB me - maybe early May? :)
@myadriene thank you dear! loving your new record - Neale gave it to me - congrats to you too! xo
RT @SubCulture_NYC: Excited to have @rachaelsage back in our space this Saturday! Tickets: http://t.co/ZfUBJEVmAa https://t.co/cv94WpPGJz
"Helpless" hit No. 2 on Folk Radio! Can't believe it!! #Grateful http://t.co/UtyEaiYhRW
Thrilled to share the stage with @mattnakoa at @SubCulture_NYC on Saturday! See you there! http://t.co/jQvaa23jnS
Thrilled that my "Helpless" duet w/ #JudyCollins is No. 18 on the March 2015 #FolkDJ chart! http://t.co/1oBLQPnilM
.@TimeOutMusic gave my upcoming show (4/18) at @SubCulture_NYC their #CriticsChoice seal of approval! Truly honored! http://t.co/Y6W8b700ge
New show announced in South Orange, NJ at South Orange Performing Arts Center on May 2, 2015 http://t.co/SVcfsOj198
Last day of my @amazonmusic sale! Get all of my #DanceMoms Season 4 songs for only $5! http://t.co/Z8xr0eX9XM http://t.co/tZCxA38Kfi
@jimcroce thanks so much for following! I love Jim's music so much...he was a huge influence on my growing up. much love!! xo
fun mini-tour this wknd w/ @kdfiddler! made lots of new friends at #TheIronHorse, at our… https://t.co/eK1wiowTCe
RT @justicehoney: One of my favorite #DanceMoms dances is Frost.. love the dance and the song by @rachaelsage.
@paigehylandsxo aww, that's very sweet! thank you - and same back atcha :) xo
Such a pleasure to see, hear & support the incomparable @shawn_colvin tonight @TheBirchmere!… https://t.co/Yk9hvQb6D0
@CherylKagan aww, that would've been so cool...but alas, I have rehearsal back in NYC; raincheck?! sorry we missed you!
RT @TourWonk: @rachaelsage is bringing the goodness and witty banter. Love this talented woman! http://t.co/Qi1UyRsj2S
sometimes going to the ladies room truly is a spiritual experience! #bestbathroomart #TheHaymarket… https://t.co/36cYTzACZw
Playing a show in Alexandria, VA at 7:30 PM today at Birchmere http://t.co/YZK8NQMKfv
Live on @valleyfreeradio at 1pm! Doing an in-studio interview and performance. :D http://t.co/mUA5mlEsln
Taking the stage with @Shawn_Colvin tonight at @thebirchmere. Not everyday that you get to play w/ one of your favs! http://t.co/Jo6xfbD2c6
after gig last night: a cake shaped like a guitar pick-& check out these glasses!! :) #nicetobeknown… https://t.co/yAZ5VlZrms
my favorite ensemble on my favorite singer-songwriter :) #cdrelease #mazeltov #IICCOT @mpressrecords… https://t.co/XcB00Pe0uw
Playing a show in Northampton, MA at 7:00 PM today at Iron Horse Music Hall http://t.co/wpFxqgXL74
Opening for @Shawn_Colvin, one of my all-time favorites, at @thebirchmere on Sunday! http://t.co/j5B2AKdoGK http://t.co/JzJbvfzlVw
So excited to share the stage with labelmate @sethglier tonight at @IHEG and celebrate his new album! http://t.co/FHf45CNw4q
just a brief pits-stop en route to #Northampton :) can you guess which #Pez is my fave? #classic… https://t.co/xkF0KQXv9P
RT @IHEG: The talented folks that are @sethglier & @rachaelsage are at #IronHorse TOMORROW! Get tix here:http://t.co/kb4stRTLvv http://t.co/WMTCKUfWmC
RT @StageOneMgmt: FRIDAY (4/10) at 7PM: @sethglier CD Release at @IHEG! @rachaelsage & @KDFiddler will open the show! Can't wait! http://t.co/9GebPh398G
RT @mpressrecords: Tomorrow night is an #MPress double bill! @RachaelSage and @SethGlier play together at @IHEG in #Northampton #MA. http://t.co/P9Dv7R5Pxt
You can get all my songs featured on #DanceMoms for $5 at @amazonmusic! http://t.co/Z8xr0eX9XM http://t.co/nlr6AHLAD8
Playing a house concert in #Philly on Saturday! Get you tix at @Fanswellfm http://t.co/oNRjDRIWAs
belated #birthday hang w/ this guy :) #mishpuchah #laughteristhebestmedicine boschguitar #Bowery https://t.co/ySk62HGyuX
what my kitchen looks like when @kdfiddler takes over :) the #tchatchkes were in shock someone was… https://t.co/Gz36dTKnpk
excited to share the stage this Friday w/ my @mpressrecords label-mate @sethglier at @iheg in… https://t.co/NUcbEkWHoB
it'd be nice if after a wk & a half the universe was so tired of hearing me blow my nose it said "enough"! #sickofbeingsick #weplangodlaughs
@oplighd thank you! it's an honor to see the girls dance so beautifully to my music :)
RT @oplighd: Love hearing @rachaelsage music on Dance Moms !:)💙
RT @Lazlo_BUR: This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music @thedeadflowers @waveandrome @serynsounds @rachaelsage @thevervepipe http://t.co/KHenjnj7c9
@marysheehan1 I love Ireland, it's my very favorite place besides NYC!! xo
@7lovelygirlss Thanks for the follow!!
You can get all my songs featured on #DanceMoms for $5 at @amazonmusic! http://t.co/Z8xr0feLmm http://t.co/O9plvfEJhs
RT @AbsoluteLtd: Congratulations to @rachaelsage - who's been nominated for not 1, but 5 @IMABuzz awards! Read more: http://t.co/N1VLctZW9R
kvelling over my amazing label-mate @SethGlier's album “If I Could Change One Thing”-out now! http://t.co/etyIDuZhO7 #IICCOT @mpressrecords
always an honor to perform as part of tonight's #NewYorkSongwritersCircle! Show starts at 8pm! #NYC… https://t.co/DhyXMBY8RF
Performing in New York, NY at 8:00 PM today at The Bitter End http://t.co/XlSqbGdnqy
You can get all my songs featured on #DanceMoms for $5 at @amazonmusic! http://t.co/Z8xr0eX9XM http://t.co/NNtOENahMu
watching @PBS's "A Celebration Of #Peace Through Music" ...what a beautiful & insightful program to have stumbled upon by chance :)
RT @orchtweets: Label Spotlight: @mpressrecords (cc @rachaelsage) http://t.co/w4eTdYPxjW via #TheDailyRind 🍊 http://t.co/7vdlg1EcLo
Hope everyone's having a lovely #holiday weekend! xo https://t.co/FTvzguiNLl
RT @IHEG: In 1 week, join us at #IronHorse to see @sethglier + @rachaelsage:http://t.co/kb4stRTLvv Check out Seth's @daytrotter http://t.co/27pHYmhvLA
Wishing everyone observing a very #HappyPassover! #ChagSameach #HappyPesach #matzo #seder #freedom… https://t.co/eVijsMEO4v
Thanks to @orchtweets for featuring my in their #DailyRind blog! #musicbiz #recordlabels http://t.co/MOU1fzGcTY
RT @mpressrecords: .@AFTMusic return to their alma mater to talk about triumph in the face of disabilities: http://t.co/fQvnclRxz7 http://t.co/mc4GLPJ2IV
You can get all my songs featured on #DanceMoms for $5 at @amazonmusic! http://t.co/Z8xr0eX9XM http://t.co/mPzKp9rQPf
@PinkEyeRonnie only 1 for now (LA); but we have a SF houseconcert offer for summer...@mpressmeredith is working on it, #patiencegrasshopper!
4 new shows announced! http://t.co/kJRaLqYyBY
goodbye #Nashville! always love our time together & you attract the very best songwriters I know :)… https://t.co/vCspkP9c26
RT @alexbergermusic: Great, great @listeningroom round last night w/ @jeffcohenmusic, @rachaelsage & @highceilings #nashvillemusic http://t.co/RxgZmWjtLp
Our thoughts are with #JoniMitchell right now. She's an inspiration, and we wish her a quick recovery. https://t.co/6AM5lAPcv5
RT @IndieSquared: @rachaelsage #nashville http://t.co/Xo9i10NCN0
fun night of musical mayhem in #Nashville w/ these guys!! #jeffcohen @highceilings @listeningroom… https://t.co/2GD93bOBBo
3 hours until showtime at @listeningroom w/ @jeffcohenmusic & @highceilings #Nashville http://t.co/4InYw5GZRE http://t.co/6vQtTPHcrf
@AntonyWeightman Thanks for the follow!! I appreciate it!
@HalftimeJay Thanks for the follow!!
RT @StageOneMgmt: ☆ TONIGHT in #Nashville! ☆ Songwriters Round @ The Listening Room with @rachaelsage, @jeffcohenmusic & @highceilings - 8:30PM! #concert
Performing in Nashville, TN at 7:00 PM today at The Listening Room Cafe http://t.co/TboMRmmPM2
Playing @listeningroom in #Nashville with @jeffcohenmusic and @highceilings, tonight at 8:30! #WhatToDoTonight http://t.co/4InYw5GZRE
Thanks clairebyrne.x for sharing this :) I definitely feel "captured"! #fanart #caricature #cartoon… https://t.co/Pzcd5iNVkf
@stockholmpayne thanks! love it :)
RT @StageOneMgmt: Tuesday in #Nashville! Songwriters Round w/@rachaelsage, Jeff Cohen & Alex Wong @ The Listening Room, 8:30PM! http://t.co/1gpEjvUnnv
First time at @listeningroom in #Nashville tomorrow, playing alongside @jeffcohenmusic and @highceilings! http://t.co/BSIPje3JWs
moment when you realize you've doublebooked yourself to play gig in #LA & had tix to #BorisGrebenshikov in #NYC :( #cloneme @mpressmeredith
@srbethea are you on my email list? if not sign up at http://t.co/JdOjmn27KT (that way you'll know in advance when I'm heading your way :)
matching #tchatchkes = #friendsforever :) thank you vickikelly25 for hospitality & overall… https://t.co/EjoONOSE1W
@srbethea aww, just saw this! we left already and are en route to GA. sorry, hope to see you next time :)
RT @vickikelly4: @rachaelsage #twinsies #blueroses #handmodels http://t.co/zNTlhhEVkW
@brendank94 in #charleston #SC serving up quite a breakfast (w/ a little help from vickikelly25)… https://t.co/0wVs3NbrYM
more local #tchatchkes just in time for @daniellehowle's #Birthday gig tonight in #SouthCarolina!… https://t.co/DxQMmrcrDR
RT @AndyMacMusic: @musiciansoncall @carolinemusic @sxsw @ATORecords @Fender Thanks SO much for a great time and a great cause! :)
shout-out to 2 uber-talented, stylish, dynamic & compassionate humans who happen to share the same #birthday: @AndyMacMusic @ianaxel :) xo!
a little local color, en route to #SouthCarolina :) they sure know their #tchatchkes down South! no… https://t.co/5lxCAFjLep
RT @StageOneMgmt: TONIGHT!! @rachaelsage performs at @awendawgreen @ 6PM with Danielle Howle & Firework Show, Josh Roberts and The Hinges! #concert #Awendaw
RT @BeachcomberFL: 12-plus hours of recommended #music from our experts @850ME @SpotifyUSA @rachaelsage @Noiseheads http://t.co/2jcqhRww7W
Playing a show in Awendaw, SC at 6:00 PM today at Awendaw Green http://t.co/DOl8kM2ym9
Three weeks till I return to @SubCulture_NYC, one of my fav #NYC venues! Excited to share the stage w/ @mattnakoa! http://t.co/W5aO4K3VuA
@Cham_225 Hi! They are on my website...under the music section just click lyrics :) http://t.co/JdOjmn27KT
RT @FBannigan: Glad to hear that lots of people share my guilty pleasure @DanceMoms on my blog with Cinderella and @rachaelsage http://t.co/TtpVfQAUeP
it's more about how it looks, really! I just love repeat patterns...nothing to do with the wine :)… https://t.co/9fsWPKIYWd
just casually hanging out in our fabulous concert hosts' wine cellar :) #nobiggie… https://t.co/SEibFXy5Tr
sad day for glasses :( apparently I needed a harder case for these in my suitcase! sorry… https://t.co/JouoB8HaDb
Oh wow, got nominated for 5 @IMABuzz wards! So honored! #blessed http://t.co/T3SCqfvR1i http://t.co/nqRbbXQlCc
#FBF to my May 2014, when I last played @SubCulture_NYC . Playing there again on April 18th, with @mattnakoa! http://t.co/gfaxqaBmbE
overheard in the minivan: "do something you regret in the morning and the day has nowhere to go but up." @mpressmeredith #wisdom #tourlife
Thanks to everyone who came out to #SeasideRep tonight! Had a great time! #Florida #Beach
RT @highceilings: Nashville! Tuesday's show w Jeff Cohen & @rachaelsage at @listeningroom is at 8:30 not 7pm as… https://t.co/CU8DHb4G8P
office for evening :) #blackbox #nostalgic might pull our some #Shakespeare! #SeasideRepertoryTheatre… https://t.co/YqAWxo4oB9
just heard about fire on my most beloved block in East Village. terrible :( I know all those vendors, frequent often. #sendingprayers xoxo
#JudyCollins and I dropped by @BBCRadio2 to talk about our new single, "Helpless!" http://t.co/4p5UJWq4Lu http://t.co/ybk0zWbv3s
Playing a show in Seaside, FL at 8:00 PM today at Seaside Repertory Theater http://t.co/LsWvrWFlck
Photo: #elviscostello Always an inspiration! http://t.co/BV3hYO6Mkq
Ready to have some fun at the #RepTheatre in #Seaside #FL tonight! Showtime is at 7:30. http://t.co/V22AyAFDkv
I was featured in a #SXSW style blog, just for being my colorful self! #IWokeUpLikeThis http://t.co/SpxZDRWVIK http://t.co/WUVcgTfomA
excited to play tomorrow at #SeasideRepertoryTheatre in #SantaRosaBeach #FL! working on my tan in… https://t.co/AMcp2gzPZG
RT @mpressrecords: .@RachaelSage & #JudyCollins dropped by @BBCRadio2 to talk about their duet, "Helpless!" http://t.co/wPSvjuXZQM http://t.co/DCfamSgfnK
RT @StageOneMgmt: Hey #Florida! See @rachaelsage & @kdfiddler Thursday night @ The Repertory Theatre in #Seaside! 7:30PM / Tix $25! http://t.co/mlEdpAXtr1
@tyl0rz Hi, thanks for the follow!
Hello #Florida! I'm playing the Rep Theatre in #Seaside tomorrow! http://t.co/V22AyAo1VV
fun live interview & performance today on #WFIV in #Knoxville w/ @kdfiddler! :) #feelinggrateful https://t.co/Fu0oKQ5KJr
@ChipDuckett thanks Chip!! would love to meet your family :)
day of radio in #Knoxville & rare night off somewhere never been: #Chattanooga! time to design art for next UK release & finish new song :)
RT @slangstaff: @stephenfry https://t.co/g9uxRwWKrX My first single release 'Sirens' cam out yesterday! RT the link? Thanks you! #sirens2015
RT @mpressrecords: The ever-colorful @rachaelsage gets featured in a #SXSW style blog! http://t.co/JmNnkMQbSF http://t.co/C3kcBkS8qH
RT @mpressrecords: Thx to our #MPressFest artists: #ThePsychoSisters @_theseathesea @jphoe @jasonadamo @rachaelsage & @AFTMusic. #SXSW http://t.co/4QSyYKtEVa
RT @highceilings: So excited to share the stage w the great Jeff Cohen & @rachaelsage 3/31 7pm @listeningroom! Come on… https://t.co/xKlavWCEjh
Flattered to be featured in a #SXSW style blog! And I wasn't even in my "glam" mode. :) http://t.co/SpxZDRWVIK http://t.co/qh6DoxfEm0
thanks to our lovely auduence in #nashville tonight!! xo http://t.co/R0QJHDbQvf
beautiful eve playing in #Nashville! thank you stevenraimo for being my favorite #supermensch :)… https://t.co/iITFM7NzN6
Playing a show in Nashville, TN at 7:00 PM today at Outcentral Community Center http://t.co/edZnWPFAfD
RT @StageOneMgmt: TONIGHT in #Nashville! @rachaelsage & @JuliaWeldon perform @outcentral community center at 6:30PM! Tix $10. #concert http://t.co/7WajixCMBa
@Barb561 no we're all ok! I saw smoke and unplugged it asap...oy! :)
entering the "cage of death" in #AR w/ @mpressmeredith #iwillsurvive #littlerock #countryfair… https://t.co/cTMizzxpbt
@RogueCitizen1 I guess my correspondence was just too steamy?
in case anyone's wondering: not best idea to have ipad charger plugged into cigarette lighter for 7.5 hr drive. #spontaneouscombustion #oops
my search for the #Loreena in my song may be over :) wonder if she's as fond of #HobbyLobby as me!… https://t.co/FSbHuF0Byi
listening to #SoftCell's TAINTEDLOVE in the tourvan w/ @KDFiddler & @mpressmeredith en route to #AR & thinking of @mattnakoa of course :)
RT @postcards4peace: Any children been working on designs for our postcard competition yet? We would love to post some entries soon. http://t.co/US9W3VDhg0
RT @BBCRadio2: Missed #GMS? Listen again on the iPlayer and don’t forget our video with @rachaelsage and @TheJudyCollins http://t.co/lwTe7itJqL
RT @JuliaWeldon: Tomorrow night @ 6:30 pm @rachaelsage and I will be rockin our Nashville socks off :) @outcentral http://t.co/pkfmTjl2gn
happy birthday #YayoiKusama! #definitionoffabulous #innovative #artiste #heroine #vibrant… https://t.co/YQXbVJSdxV
behold the wonderment of my family's #forktrick! passed along generation to generation :) #sxsw… https://t.co/BdCEMkS4xO
RT @JuliaWeldon: I am SO excited to meet and play with the awesome @rachaelsage @outcentral tomorrow night! Get there #nashville #lbgtq #queer #livemusic
Thank you @clarebalding for hosting me & @TheJudyCollins on your show today! So lovely meeting/chatting w/ you!! http://t.co/WEYKAFMk2J
RT @adypoole: Gr8 interview on Radio2 @rachaelsage with Judy Collins and @clarebalding #blueroses
good am #Austin! 1 more breakfast w/ @mpressrecords crew & then sadly we'll be leaving you...thanks… https://t.co/o8KzpieoDg
an @mpressrecords tradition: disco at #sxsw! http://t.co/LjcfRVJ5QS
Getting psyched to hear @aftmusic in mere moments #MusicGorilla showcase @ #BurnsidesLounge on 6th… https://t.co/HbDaYz16GB
Such a great day playing final show at the @folkalliance event at #threadgills & also enjoyed the… https://t.co/yXBjXmkkxW
RT @mpressrecords: It might be raining but it's always bright & sunny w/@rachaelsage & the sequins playing @threadgills now. http://t.co/KJO1zwX6Xo
RT @TourWonk: Threadgill's with .@rachaelsage putting it all out there for a sweet .@folkalliance showcase audience. http://t.co/TVzH3qKdkN
Playing an event in Austin, TX at 12:00 PM today at Threadgill's World Headquarters http://t.co/sQhf2kWZiv
@mpressmeredith mind if I meet y'all at the gig tomorrow? found a ride that matches my outfit better… https://t.co/Btjahclltg
RT @StageOneMgmt: Saturday@ #SXSW: @rachaelsage & The Sequins (@KDFiddler, @AndyMacMusic & Ward Williams) perform at @folkalliance Showcase @threadgills! 1PM!
just heard sad news #KennyGorka of #TheBitterEnd passed away :( he booked my 1st gig ever & was such a fixture in downtown NYC scene. #RIP
thanks to everyone who came out to #MPressFest #SXSW!! what a festive day of amazing music &… https://t.co/A8145cpxww
@susiegidseg glad you enjoyed...and #shabbatshalom dahlink! :) xo
RT @mpressmeredith: .@rachaelsage summoning #Loreena at #MPressFestSXSW http://t.co/y357hqPW0i
RT @mpressrecords: MPress founder @rachaelsage onstage at #MpressFest! #SXSW2015 https://t.co/LfoVle1HXu
@_theseathesea @mpressrecords pleasure to have you #MPressFest - you sounded amazing & love all the new 'acoutrements' :) 2-human orchestra!
RT @_theseathesea: BIG LOVE to @mpressrecords for having us at MPressFest 2015! @rachaelsage onstage now sounding so great!! Such a great line-up...#SXSW2015
RT @susiegidseg: .@rachaelsage when your set includes a New York accent and more then one Yiddish word - day made! #ATlovessxsw http://t.co/MuT8ITSsjg
Thanks to everyone who made #MPressFest such a great time! Looking forward to next year! #SXSW2015
Great times at #MPressFest! #sxsw2015 https://t.co/xrGZ8eiklb
c'mon down to #MPressFest at #SohoLounge! theseathesea are killin' it, woohoo :) @mpressrecords https://t.co/50h0LUUh7I
It's #MPressFest today, at #SXSW2015! There will be #glitter and #sequins for all. :D http://t.co/NegyrW9izI
Playing a show in Austin, TX at 12:00 PM today at MPressFest 2015 @ Soho Lounge http://t.co/JBLwD3K2V5
Playing a show in Austin, TX at 12:00 PM today at Soho Lounge http://t.co/4IrXDkVNo5
@mpressmeredith yep...hmm lol.
that moment when you hand-wash your fave green sweater w/ what seemed like "gentle" hotel shampoo & it's um, no longer green #SXSW #casualty
RT @MusicGorilla: Thx to all of you who played yesterday (pt 1) @KristenCothron @rachaelsage @CusRock @bristoltomemory @aproots @WeAreWyland @thetakingband
fun eve hangin' w/ @mpressmeredith at #Grammy party! great vibes, great music #SXSW @mpressrecords… https://t.co/gfC47gxMcN
#MPressFest is tomorrow! Too excited to play alongside so many artists that I love so much! #SXSW2015 http://t.co/UQwEQ9KX0d
Playing a show in Austin, TX at 8:00 PM today at Amped http://t.co/8ec64O5L48
Hello #Austin! Love this city so much & can't wait to play #RedGorilla Fest, 2pm (300 E. 6th St) come… https://t.co/VAJ57KaR5n
I'm onstage at @AmpedAustin in two hours, at the @redgorilla fest! #Austin
utterly magical totally acoustic concert by @brandicarlile & her spectacularly talented band!… https://t.co/nHFfN6Gn2R
getting excited to see the incomparable @BrandiCarlile in mere minutes, woohoo! #losingmygeshtalt… https://t.co/qH46ZpTzaF
"oy, stop already with the photos! can't you see I'm shy?!"#localcolor #SXSW #violinmonster https://t.co/To1UJ2FFIG
RT @StageOneMgmt: Thursday! @rachaelsage & The Sequins (@KDFiddler, @AndyMacMusic, Ward Williams) perform at @AmpedAustin for @redgorilla fest at 2PM! #SXSW
taking it all in on 6th Street in #Austin at #SXSW...just like the drummers outside my window in #NYC :) https://t.co/NC5IRMurA5
Delighted to be part of the @redgorilla fest in #Austin! I'll be playing downstairs at @AmpedAustin, tomorrow at 2pm.
Thanks to #StephenEasley allmojo for hosting us at last night's #SXSW #kickoffparty! a treat all… https://t.co/q0JxNZROF9
RT @mpressmeredith: #sxsw Need something to do b4 6th St goes insane? Come see @rachaelsage @musicgorilla @ Burnside's Tavern @ 1! Free! http://t.co/PPHgfxKrSQ
RT @mpressmeredith: It's @rachaelsage's Blue Gretsch's 1st rescueversary! http://t.co/zwrMbXcnPZ
RT @TourWonk: .@rachaelsage wondering if #Loreena is at #SXSW ? She needs to get down to Burnsides if so! http://t.co/zhfhC1Al2n
RT @TourWonk: Hey! .@rachaelsage and The Sequins mid set at Burnsides Tavern #SXSW http://t.co/7TAYsnyWDn
RT @TourWonk: @rachaelsage is near! I see boa spore! #SXSW http://t.co/xpqvJRDQj3
About to take the stage at @BurnsidesTavern for the @MusicGorilla showcase! See you at 1pm! #SXSW2015
Playing a show in Austin, TX at 1:00 PM today at Burnside's Tavern http://t.co/p1LF0P4Hx7
RT @StageOneMgmt: Wednesday @ 1PM: @rachaelsage & The Sequins perform at @BurnsidesTavern for the @MusicGorilla Showcase! #SXSW #artistsyouneedtoknow #concert
excited to take stage in 1 hr at my 1st #SXSW gig w/ @kdfiddler & @andymacmusic! #letsdothis #… https://t.co/qDQpJXVZul
Busy week lined up at #SXSW2015! I'm playing the @MusicGorilla showcase at @BurnsidesTavern tomorrow at 1pm.
Got quite the busy schedule at #SXSW2015! Here's a list of all of my shows for the week. http://t.co/6H9DLyPsvW
RT @DanielleHowle: the Owls of the forest @awendawgreen are hooting wild n loud: live show 3/28 #joshrobertsandthehinges #daniellehowle @rachaelsage be there
RT @StageOneMgmt: Safe travels to those heading to #SXSW! Be sure to follow the trail of glitter to #MPressFest @SohoAustin on 3/20! http://t.co/NsCFTbQ5Cn
100+ rhinestones, sequins, 3 shades of paint, 4 shades of glitter casiomusicgear #labouroflove #SXSW… https://t.co/qjEXRmeOiZ
RT @mpressrecords: Catch #MPress founder @rachaelsage at #MPressFest, March 20th @ #SohoLounge. #SXSW2015 http://t.co/KZbTCexV7B http://t.co/gnxpYelWpg
unique feeling when u walk all way to #CanalPlastics & it's closed. @Marco_NYC should've consulted w/ u. Sorry @ralstonb no mirror fx :(
#decoupage is one of my fave activities & cutting out what catches my eye is always calming… https://t.co/iKUWIekue8
RT @stopfakingdance: All God's creatures! Australian tour. @rachaelsage 's music😊amazing!! http://t.co/cduIov0CoN
there's something meditative about cutting out eyes from mags - & the occasional motivational phrase (less easy to find) #channelingMattise
@bethelsteele you're so welcome, my dear! I hope it was a wonderful night, & you'll just have to bring the show to NYC, dammit :) xo
Yes! Got tix to see @AmericanInParis on B'way, right after my #SXSW tour...so excited!! #Gershwin #classic #GeneKelly #romance
@PinkEyeRonnie woah that's brilliant!!!! thanks for sharing...damn.
RT @postcards4peace: @rachaelsage Can you help us by sharing this link to our international postcard design competition for children http://t.co/H5Bwb4gVU2
@folkrootsradio @kariestrinmgt thanks so much for your support & glad you're enjoying!
RT @folkrootsradio: We love @rachaelsage's new album "Blue Roses". Today we're playing "Misery's Grace". Great songs, fabulous arrangements! @kariestrinmgt
@PinkEyeRonnie that was for @mpressmeredith lol; ftr my fave cover's Ballads&Burlesque & red offsets pink anyway but don't worry, no pink :)
aftermath of phase 1 of new keyboard painting. I call this piece "I may need a new tarp" #inprocess… https://t.co/rRBr0UtSbg
@PinkEyeRonnie @mpressmeredith did I even *mention* pink lol? oh Mer...
@PinkEyeRonnie I'm sort of on my way out of it lol...that's my concern here. I feel a magenta phase coming on, but not for another 3 mos :)
have 24 hrs to decorate new keyboard & torn btwn silver (like old one but w/ more glitter); turquoise/blue; or red/magenta. thoughts?! :)
so excited to head down to #Austin for #SXSW2015! come see us play, follow the trail of glitter & boas :) http://t.co/WSjpF1DCbr
fond memories of #TheBeatlesStory in #Liverpool #UK few yrs back :) thanks @kdfiddler for the photo!… https://t.co/0cMJADJl1r
A very enjoyable interview with Pete Sargeant of @jlttmusic, talking about #BlueRoses: http://t.co/BDRFHqyt1c
Booking house concerts in the #South after #SXSW, in #Knoxville, #Atlanta, and #Asheville! http://t.co/hUPG9YlTHy
@slangstaff thanks so much Stephen!! means a lot to me coming from you...I love your music, as you know ;) xo
If you didn't see it last night, #MaddieZiegler danced to my song "Vertigo" on @DanceMoms last night! http://t.co/K5M8XWVaCg
Returning to @SubCulture_NYC, April 18th with special guest @mattnakoa http://t.co/egxBx7ZF2M http://t.co/7ycaapyvP7
#NeilYoung's "Helpless" turns 45 today! Here's the duet version that I did with #JudyCollins: http://t.co/xymmDedhIa http://t.co/pvu9LxsAcz
"Vertigo" was on @DanceMoms last night, & I'm celebrating with a sale for "Chandelier!" http://t.co/mCmhLxeTCk http://t.co/Sa0uZ0MP83
Did you enjoy seeing #MaddieZiegler dance to my song "Vertigo" on @DanceMoms tonight? Get the song here! http://t.co/h4UxnF9vRQ
@MaddieZeigler you just made me cry-that was beautiful. Thank you for all you breathe to life through your dancing & for making me #kvell :)
RT @TheAquariusView: LAUNCH Music Conference Announces Full Festival Line Up! http://t.co/WP7Y3V7ec1 @LaunchMusicConf @FromAshesToNew @crslkngs @rachaelsage
eager to see #Vertigo danced by @MaddieZeigler in few mins on @DanceMoms! wonder how she'll interpret my most vulnerable lyric #anticipation
"Which @DanceMoms Mom Are You?" This @BuzzFeed quiz is cute, and timely since my song "Vertigo" is featured tonight! http://t.co/pWoHPJsD83
New show announced in Austin, TX at Burnside's Tavern on March 18, 2015 http://t.co/p1LF0P4Hx7
"Vertigo" is featured on @DanceMoms tonight, so I'm putting Chandelier on sale to celebrate! http://t.co/mCmhLxwv0U http://t.co/u09YjXAG5M
It's official! I'm playing the @LaunchMusicConf in April! Can't wait! http://t.co/Lqtpq9Yawg http://t.co/1Rlg6zXFWT
@Paris1178 @DanceMoms Thanks!!
My song "Vertigo" is featured on @DanceMoms tonight! Tune in at 9/8 CT.
My new single "Helpless" is out now in the #UK and #Ireland! I duet w/ #JudyCollins on the classic @Neilyoung song. http://t.co/xymmDedhIa
my beautiful, always-stylish & elegant date tonight :) @laurenobrien1 you are too fabulous! xo… https://t.co/f9uTBBFIOB
thank you @michalnegrin1 for making me feel like a #Spanishdancer tonight @sabauditiontour's… https://t.co/MxvRiyXmpN
RT @LaurenOBrien1: Luv! Magical nite with @rachaelsage ! https://t.co/8kjX0xvhXz
lovely eve @ #SABWinterBall w/ @laurenobrien1! @sabauditiontour #onceadanceralwaysadancer https://t.co/8PTS5D8qXD
It's the #UK & #Ireland release day for "Helpless, " my duet with #JudyCollins!! http://t.co/xymmDdVGQC http://t.co/eTAW66LMGD
It's the #UK & #Ireland release day for my "Helpless, " my duet with #JudyCollins!! http://t.co/xymmDdVGQC http://t.co/eIuuPpP8Rq
good a.m. #NYC! serious #jetlag happening today...upside: I've been up since 6 & half my to-do list I… https://t.co/7ggMWwv6eM
hello #NewYork! good to be back home, even briefly :) https://t.co/Ad5fgWwX0i
RT @MaceMaclean: 180 mile round trip to Cambridge for a gig - thx to the hugely talented @rachaelsage and @KDFiddler for making it worth it :)
RT @mpressmeredith: Ending the UK tour with a pub gig! @rachaelsage & @KDFiddler at @HaymakersCam http://t.co/GiLqOKGzJJ
Going on stage at @HaymakersCam in #Cambridge at 7:30, and then it's bye-bye #UK! This tour has been great!! See you all later!
good morning #Brighton! #UK #BlueRosesTour https://t.co/G1l6ZX2lA9
Playing a show in Cambridge at 8:00 PM today at The Haymakers http://t.co/MSt2Rg9Yy8
@CrickyMusic aww...yeah too bad! Sounds like you need to get on my email list - I tweeted all the shows a lot, but sorry we missed you! Xo
Tonight is the last show of my #UK tour! Playing a #freeshow at @HaymakersCam in #Cambridge at 7:30pm. See you there!
lovely listeners #TheMarwood in #Brighton! Good to see old friends & make new ones in such a vibey… https://t.co/6xLkHhL9FH
RT @StageOneMgmt: Last Show of the #UK tour! @rachaelsage & @KDFiddler perform at @HaymakersCam in #Cambridge... Saturday Night at 7:30PM! #BlueRosesTour
In case you weren't there, a video from my performances at @folkalliance! #FAI2015 http://t.co/zyjSpCMEE2 http://t.co/MLQ4r6Sqs0
@Paris1178 I have two songs in the current season, too! Watch @DanceMoms on Tuesday for my song "Vertigo!"
Just tickled by this 10/10 review of "Blue Roses" from @rhythmbooze! http://t.co/wfU5rKKPpG
This #UK tour went by too fast! Last stop of the tour is tomorrow at @HaymakersCam in #Cambridge. I go on at 7:30pm. #FreeShow #TourLife
@Paris1178 Doing great! Wrapping up a #UK tour right now. It's been so much fun!
Performing in Brighton at 9:00 PM today at The Marwood http://t.co/J5eq7Xj3a3
I'm playing @the_marwood in Brighton, 9pm. Come for the music, stay for "kick-arse coffee" and "life-changing cake!" http://t.co/Y65G9s2v4b
8 new shows announced! http://t.co/kJRaLqYyBY
such a fun night supporting #BillKirchen in #Leeds! a more humble genius, I've never met :) #inspired… https://t.co/fODGBPB3ni
Playing @the_marwood in #Brighton tomorrow! Love this venue! So many vibes!! Set time at 9pm. http://t.co/UpNqVO3Xyt
#JudyCollins & I chatted with @JaniceForsyth of @BBCScotland about our duet, "Helpless." Interview starts at 32':18" http://t.co/4ScfpCeC3V
Less than four hours until @KDFiddler and I open for @bkirchen at @NewRoscoe in #Leeds! See you there! http://t.co/g4LJZmmSRp
@rhythmbooze thanks so much for your support! :)
RT @rhythmbooze: Just posted up a review of the rather lovely new album by @rachaelsage checkout all the details here http://t.co/wpiuzs6H64
Playing a show in Leeds at 8:00 PM today at The New Roscoe http://t.co/9QlM29r5vf
Wow! Just got a great review in #MojoMagazine for my #BlueRoses album, just in time for the… https://t.co/pnEUQZktr7
best I could do on back of tour itinerary moving vehicle wi/ a dying sharpie :) #HappyPurim! 1 of my… https://t.co/9LF1AYHndW
RT @hmvTrafford: We'll also have Albums new instore Monday from Fyfe (@thisisfyfe), Helsinki (@drewhelsinki), @moonspell, @rachaelsage & @theslowshow
RT @StageOneMgmt: Hey #Leeds! The #BlueRosesTour has arrived! @rachaelsage & @KDFiddler join Bill Kirchen on Thursday @NewRoscoe at 8PM! £10 advance/£12 door
excited to play in #Leeds tonight supporting'Titan of the Telecaster' billkirchen!! #honored… https://t.co/1JsNp8VmAn
RT @NewRoscoe: * Live Music | Thursday 5th March | Gothgasm: Bill Kirchen The Titan Of The Telecaster Including Special Guest... http://t.co/94muL1lZVY
RT @PinkEyeRonnie: Hey @Eggs_McEvan looks like @Sia let @maddieziegler out of the cage to hang out with @rachaelsage http://t.co/f9uDrx2zVn
sad to be leaving #Ireland so soon but grateful for new friends in #Dublin #Kilkenny #Limerick &… https://t.co/W8W00HAVFp
good times tonight #Monroes in #Galway w/ #EoinGlackin, @mickeyjoeharte & @kdfiddler!!… https://t.co/ksl3UYYnBb
RT @BBCR2MusicBot: Now Playing Judy Collins, Rachael Sage - Helpless #judycollins, @rachaelsage http://t.co/v6pV6sohfZ
@CeltikFrank wow, hadn't seen that yet...amazing!!
RT @CeltikFrank: Maddie Ziegler - Vertigo @rachaelsage (Titanic Centre Belfast, 02.03.15) : http://t.co/O3p4Ogj4Nj
RT @SubCulture_NYC: JUST ANNOUNCED! @rachaelsage & the Sequins 04.18.15 Tickets $15 in adv/ $20 day of performance, on sale NOW! http://t.co/ZfUBJEVmAa
no idea what was being advertised in this #UK TV advert, too busy noticing the #KeithHaring… https://t.co/6cnWBPq06n
Playing a show in Galway at 8:00 PM today at Monroe's Live http://t.co/gPPPDx5j46
a very sunny session this a.m. on #Galway's #BayFM :) debuted #Helpless on guitar w/ @kdfiddler!… https://t.co/ZozCfEGA6f
Tonight is my last Irish show before I head over to England! @MonroesLive at 8pm. http://t.co/YpE7lbNNcy
beautiful eve tonight in #Limerick! thank you @cobblestonerock, love your venue & your chandeliers!… https://t.co/dOq0Y9kXCZ
We're at it again. Our 9th annual official #SXSW party #MPressFest is going to be #epic! We will be… https://t.co/PD6smVH3dC
kinda regret not trying these on today in #Dublin but guess I'll just have to come back :) onward to… https://t.co/foDA9JERXS
RT @MonroesLive: @rachaelsage @eoinglackin @MickeyJoeHarte play @monroeslive tomorrow night! @GalwayGaillimh @GalwayHour @galwayad Free Gig, Doors 9pm
Playing a show in Limerick at 9:30 PM today at Cobblestone Joe's http://t.co/9B0K2YOZHy
RT @KathrynMasonPR: Good morning from a cold and quiet RTE campus. Doing some recording with @rachaelsage for @johnmurrayshow today.
I'm playing @cobblestonerock at 9:30 pm tonight. Let's have a good time, #Limerick! http://t.co/CxrhL7lS8R
@MickeyJoeHarte @eoinglackin 'twas an honor, friends!! you're both amazing & thanks for adopting an American :) Can't wait for tomorrow! xo
RT @MickeyJoeHarte: #Whelans last night with the amazing, @rachaelsage and @eoinglackin. Onto #monroe's #Galway tues! https://t.co/P7OtgSBKk0
a little snippet of #barbedwire @whelanslive last night :) http://t.co/TvaBk1zrhe
busy a.m. in #Dublin playing on rteradio1 on 3.5 hrs sleep :) #mindgames: pretended it was still… https://t.co/jUxXfERxM0
RT @DanceMomReacts: Some exclusives of the girls in Ireland! They had dinner with @rachaelsage & she did a private concert for them! http://t.co/nm8HAI1Up6
RT @mpressmeredith: Packed house @whelanslive for @rachaelsage, @eoinglackin & @mickeyjoeharte! http://t.co/h3iwhHAfO6
such an amazing time tonight whelan's in #Dublin!! #MickeyHarte #EoinGlackin @kdfiddler… https://t.co/46z8PX7dmV
Heading over to #Limerick tomorrow to play @cobblestonerock. Show is at 9:30 pm!
Performing in Dublin at 8:00 PM today at Whelans http://t.co/VfyctTJq4I
I'm in #Dublin tonight to play @WhelansLive. See you there! http://t.co/wAwINAQsB7
#Dublin: I play @WhelansLive tomorrow night at 8pm alongside @eoinglackin and @MickeyJoeHarte. http://t.co/wAwINAQsB7
1st day in #Ireland surrounded by brilliant artists in a gorgeous town! #MaddieZiegler #ALDC #castles… https://t.co/eVeQrMlReQ
@MickeyJoeHarte @whelanslive @dublingigs @eoinglackin @TwitterMusic @irishamerica @IMROireland can't wait!! :)
RT @MickeyJoeHarte: Tomorrow night (Sun) @whelanslive @dublingigs @eoinglackin @rachaelsage @TwitterMusic @irishamerica @IMROireland http://t.co/qmyl8af7IX
@dancemoms_la Thanks Mariah! I wrote it a long time ago, and it's been exciting that so many dancers have interpreted it including Maddie :)
@dancemoms_la yes Mariah! :) I do!
RT @CeltikFrank: The ALDC's Meet & Greet 2015 - Maddie Ziegler: All God's Creautes, song @rachaelsage : http://t.co/Y5YDZN4lSC
“@A_stunningchloe: @giaabella @rachaelsage have you enjoyed Ireland so far? Wait till you get to Belfast, it's the best 😏” love Belfast! :)
@fangirl_xoxox @giaabella love Ireland so much! feel so lucky to be in such a beautiful place & doing what I enjoy :) have a lovely weekend!
@folkrootsradio thanks so much for your support!! :)
RT @folkrootsradio: We’re wrapping @folkrootsradio w/ @rachaelsage fabulous version of Neil Young’s “Helpless” featuring Judy Collins. You gotta check this out!
@SatLiveSunshine @whelanslive thanks so much for having me on the air! :) lovely chatting & so excited to play in #Dublin tomorrow!! :)
@giaabella wonderful to see you & the best possible day off my tour I could've imagined-master class & dinner w/ you all was a treat! xo
RT @giaabella: So wonderful to see the amazing @rachaelsage in Kilkenny! Thanks for spending the day with us!!… https://t.co/ZjJoW8c00y
so wonderful to spend some time in #Kilkenny today w/ the #ALDC! what a treat!! #feelingblessed… https://t.co/AhZMGQ5fJu
@bethelsteele oh my goodness, thank you bubulah! You could be quoting me about you :) mwah & thanks for being such an ubermensch! Xo
stunnjng day in #London & perfect Spring weather...wish we weren't leaving! #bittersweet but onward… https://t.co/VhUazwO3nd
bye #London! I'll miss everything about my home-away-from-home (except our hotel's deafening construction each morning @ 8am) #yinyang
that moment you realize an "ex" of whom you still think fondly & admire has un-friended you on FB; guess I'm lucky, it's only happened once!
@tunatheday thanks so much - really appreciate the support! :)
RT @tunatheday: @rachaelsage You are Catch of the Day TODAY http://t.co/ryygHBYbij
RT @HartMedia: Tune into @JaniceForsyth on @BBCRadioScot at 2.30pm today to hear the @TheJudyCollins and @rachaelsage interview! - http://t.co/FTKPNTHYBA
@Fatea_Magazine Thanks so much - appreciate the support!! :)
RT @Fatea_Magazine: The in-the-know whisper moves to a shout. Rachael Sage, "Blue Kiss" http://t.co/2ZXvt4cQJT @rachaelsage #Fatea
Thx to @galwayad for this write-up on my "Helpless" duet with #JudyCollins and my upcoming gig at @MonroesLive! http://t.co/p7nD0z2TnS
#JudyCollins and I were on-air with @BBCSuffolk yesterday to talk about our "Helpless" duet! Interview is at 46'20". http://t.co/vLTrBZa3d7
#JudyCollins and I were on-air with @BBC yesterday to talk about our "Helpless" duet! Interview start at 46'20". http://t.co/vLTrBZa3d7
Playing a show in London at 7:30 PM today at 229 The Venue (venue 1) http://t.co/kigj2dm5fh
#TBT: Video recap of my last #UK tour! Now I'm back, and playing the @Discovery_2 showcase at @229thevenue tonight! http://t.co/9TDnAs8zFx
I've noticed that since recovering from my broken foot, I can tell the weather with my toes. #isthisnormal? #anyoneelse? #newskills
First show of my #UK and #Ireland tour is tomorrow night! Playing the @Discovery_2 at @229thevenue in #London. http://t.co/BKM9ueRVVc
RT @StephenFoz: On #fozondrive @BBCSuffolk this teatime @TheJudyCollins & @rachaelsage. Hear them at 4-45. http://t.co/odMFl5ffWK
excited & honored to spend today w/ wonderful @TheJudyCollins launching our duet of neilyoung's… https://t.co/kvDCM34qj3
First show of my #UK & #Ireland tour is on Thursday! Looking forward to some great shows with @KDFiddler on violin! http://t.co/LL8Kz7xU6p
party on the plane!!! https://t.co/KesneI1SO9
RT @mpressmeredith: Scene: The Airport Gate. @KDFiddler: "These new headphones are THE BOMB" Me: "DON'T SAY THAT" @rachaelsage: "LOL tweet that!"
5 new shows announced! http://t.co/kJRaLqYyBY
RT @TBrittonT: @WLondonNightOut Thu 26th @ElleExxe headlines @Discovery_2 at @229thevenue w/ @Fjokra @P_Fragile @Jord_Allen @rachaelsage. Pse RT.
RT @TBrittonT: @TLRatSaltaire Thanks for the RT. Noted on her site that @rachaelsage is at @NewRoscoe, Leeds on 5 March.
#MusicMonday: My duet of "Helpless" with #JudyCollins is on @thehuffpost_ ! Thx @nicktheclark for directing the vid! http://t.co/D34krbUOpN
loved #Birdman so much saw it twice-wildly creative, brilliantly directed film! glad my plane landed in time for me to watch :) #Ocars2015
@maddieziegler I'm sure you will be!! looking forward to seeing you in Ireland in a few days! :)
Thanks to all the beautiful listeners/artists who dutifully sat on my bed @folkalliance!… http://t.co/tIEj6zQjDH
one of my favorite performers @folkalliance was @meganslankard who charmed the @mpressrecords rm w/ a… http://t.co/5GPVK94pLz
@emmatricca our pleasure to have you in the @mpressrecords rm, & love to see you! xo
@mpressmeredith indeed they would! :)
Invited to join "illuminati brotherhood" 6 times via email & all I have to do is give name, tel, fax, gender & marital status. #creativespam
the party's winding down but the harmonies are still happening outside my room :) #sleepwhenimdead… http://t.co/Bork64aKwN
free candy & snacks at rm 654 :) too heavy to pack...#comandgetit #aftermath @folkalliance #FAI2015 http://t.co/6E6f8p3rzk
sadly, time to break sown the @mpressrecords rm @folkalliance...if anyone wants to help me, feel free!… http://t.co/q6RKD2hbIt
happening now: #devonsproule in @mpressrecords rm 654!! @folkalliance #FAI2015 http://t.co/sXY1r5k8JI
RT @KyleDillingham: @mpressmeredith @rachaelsage @KDFiddler loved this performance and meeting you all!
brilliant performance by #Alanna&Alicia @folkalliance #FAI2015 #gypsyfolk #glamfolk http://t.co/Q1AFUTl6sd
RT @fobraonain: @Neilyoung @Manics @NinaSimoneMusic @pinkfloyd @rachaelsage @bccamplight @innikmusic @BettyeLaVette @jamesvmcmorrow @RTERadio1 #latedate
debuting our @mpressrecords uniform today @folkalliance #AndyWarhol #Converse #inspiration "An artist… http://t.co/qGiuytUgoQ
enjoying some overdue catchup time w/ @sethglier @folkalliance #FAI2015 #brunchwithfriends… http://t.co/fi6UI34ww3
the marvelous @alicerpeacock! @mpressrecords #FAI2015 #FolkAlliance http://t.co/rVxnjoHoaw
just got back to my rm @folkalliance & found this :) perfect end to perfect day! #mystery #whodunnit… http://t.co/uilQeKFsPu
and this is why I love @folkalliance! need some live banjo with your chai? #noproblem #FAI2015 :) http://t.co/YJGWICD93F
@SethGlier and Joe Nerney at @fox4kc yesterday morning, getting ready to talk about this year's… http://t.co/z7q9Bpu6NN
RT @orchtweets: Super cool @rachaelsage article on @huffingtonpost: http://t.co/beNJpDVzCi And she performed right here on our stage! http://t.co/QMyU2QexQz
Tonight's @folkalliance performance schedule: 12:00am - Room 654 (MPress Records) 1:00am - Room 729 (Access Film Music Orange) #fai2015
So happy that @HuffingtonPost debuted the video for "Helpless, " my duet with #JudyCollins! http://t.co/D34krbUOpN http://t.co/mEiLqtDJuV
RT @hypebot: Three Tips To Thrive At The Folk Alliance Conference (Part 2) http://t.co/qiRKDa44T9
RT @mpressmeredith: .@rachaelsage & @KDFiddler rocking the MPress Room #FAI15 http://t.co/aaEk1FVZ4T
#TBT: This shot is from #FolkAlliance, 2012. Now it's 2015, and I'm back in #KansasCity for… http://t.co/SsrClScPNL
great 1st night at @folkalliance - finally winding down...being on West Coast time has me all… http://t.co/cj30gInVwg
You can get the full @SethGlier catalog at his pre-sale for "If I Could Change One Thing!" http://t.co/SmcOPw1Zem http://t.co/0lXbXgF6oP
Today is the first day of @folkalliance! So excited to hear all of these great musicians! #FAI15 http://t.co/PExhFMUx8j
RT @mpressrecords: .@rachaelsage​ just released a compilation of her best lyrical dance songs on @iTunes! http://t.co/11KG6VA6j4
RT @MickeyJoeHarte: A #gig for you consideration..#whelans #Dublin with @eoinglackin and @rachaelsage Get yer ticks from #wavtickets.ie http://t.co/xWIeurwt0t
sad to leave #Seattle & new friend @ #NeptuneTheater but @folkalliance adventures await!… http://t.co/bSauyW0LID
@PinkEyeRonnie @preciousweapons as Deborah Gibson said, anything is possible Ronnie lol. love that dream!!! :) xo
RT @PinkEyeRonnie: I woke from a dream today in which @preciousweapons #JustinTranter & I sang @rachaelsage songs together while out to lunch. #SignOfAGoodDay
@RachaelSage​ just released a compilation of her best lyrical dance songs on @iTunes! http://t.co/DHJohET1e3
So excited to be a part of the @MusicGorilla showcase in #Austin in March! https://t.co/24HfazgfRJ
My favorite #DanceCompetition show has a new episode tonight! Here's a compilation of my best lyrical dance songs: http://t.co/DHJohET1e3
the closest I've ever gotten to my favorite artist :) #ElvisIsinTheBuilding #TheNeptuneTheater #Seattle http://t.co/RqoIW9gVRU
Three hours till show time at the #NeptuneTheater! Can't wait!
Playing a show in Seattle, WA at 8:00 PM today at The Neptune Theatre http://t.co/Zqm9ASZDHB
Feeling the love from @newhavenindy. Thanks for covering my show at @cafenine! http://t.co/9SeSBV8uQx
Looking forward to another great show with #JudyCollins tonight! 8pm at the #NeptuneTheater in #Seattle. http://t.co/vgMFMEPELP
RT @ptsroadhouse: Turn it up! Christopher Bell- @thechrisbell, @rachaelsage, @americandrive12 and lots more- show/blog 207! Listen now! http://t.co/e62360QJ73
office for the night! gorgeous #yamaha piano @aladdintheater in #Portland w/ @TheJudyCollins http://t.co/79ZCqcZPVL
RT @mpressmeredith: Yet another vibey theater for @rachaelsage on tour with @thejudycollins http://t.co/Uo64oMUdAy
my #spiritanimal is in our dressing room tonight! #Portland #peacock #feelingprotected :) @aladdintheater http://t.co/QxiSoxRu2N
#Portland's such a beautiful city & I'm so excited to play tonight w/ @thejudycollins @aladdintheater! :) http://t.co/cWvvYcjje7
Playing a concert in Portland, OR at 8:00 PM today at The Aladdin Theater http://t.co/i8OXSqXw9z
no shortage of character at the lovely dragonflycafe in #Portland #OR :) Great chai, & fabulous… http://t.co/hN6BJbQh89
RT @PdxPipeline: Legendary folk artist @TheJudyCollins performs tonight at @aladdintheater w/ @rachaelsage ! --> http://t.co/KtMhpE606T
Sending extra love to everyone today :) xoxoxoxox #Happy #Valentines beautiful mishpuchah!… http://t.co/FigvxniWrK
Flying out to the beautiful #PacificNorthwest this weekend to play two dates with #folklegend… http://t.co/4mgMJOOsFa
as long as my floor is being torn up (post-flood damage) I'm going to appreciate that this is… http://t.co/cpOhDQocb3
Taking the stage at @cafenine in three hours! Tickets are still available the door: http://t.co/z5llfLE9Sl #whattodotonight #lastminuteplans
RT @cafenine: Looking forward to seeing you at @NaviSinghMusic & @rachaelsage tonight! http://t.co/IkqlkT1lrZ
Playing a show in New Haven, CT at 8:00 PM today at Cafe 9 http://t.co/hH9lFwIOAW
Heading up to #NewHaven to play @CafeNine tonight! Sharing the bill with @NaviSingh: http://t.co/z5llfLVLgV http://t.co/Z3DjaqAKPw
just finished tracking "Coloring Book" w/ @jshyloski...it'll be mixed next week & shared sometime this Spring–woohoo! #NewMusicWednesday
RT @cafenine: Looking forward to @NaviSinghMusic & @rachaelsage tomorrow. http://t.co/IkqlkTiWQz
Playing @cafenine in #NewHaven tomorrow, and I'm doing a #ticketgiveaway through the @ThrillCall app! Click to enter: http://t.co/dFaC8mzcIw
Thanks to everyone who came out to my #Valentines Extravaganza at @JoesPub last night! Had a great… http://t.co/2f4VYCem2b
@daveeggar: "Sia is a genius but I like @rachaelsage song Chandelier better haha!” Love her too; wonder if she heard it though admittedly :)
RT @mpressmeredith: .@denibonet's violin perfectly matches @rachaelsage's hair.
Live from @JoesPub, it's #ValentinesWeek! Feeling the love, courtesy of this amazing #XO prop. http://t.co/DKSCYffM8n
My show at @JoesPub is one of "Today's Must-See Shows, " according to @TimeOutNewYork! http://t.co/XGF14IWRG4 http://t.co/MJ3yCS0ztD
Playing a show in New York, NY at 7:00 PM today at Joe's Pub http://t.co/vmvWo0a5wv
RT @JoesPub: Tonight! @rachaelsage is back with her #Valentines Concert Extravaganza! 7PM
7 hours until showtime! I'm taking over @JoesPub for a #Valentines concert spectacular: http://t.co/lI2N46bhlc http://t.co/j0hTZqRXDO
RT @nearifyevents: Rachael Sage:Valentine’s Concert Extravaganza @ Joe's Pub (NYC)..http://t.co/3MVRCwwpOg #RachaelSage #Music #Joe'sPub #Events @nearifyevents
It's going to be hard to sleep :) Tomorrow = #Valentine's Extravaganza @JoesPub w/ @DeniBonet @AndyMacMusic @WardieWilliams!!! #anticipation
RT @eatevilpenguins: @DeniBonet @rachaelsage @DeniBonet Rehearsing with the incredible Rachael Sage #MusicMonday #DeniRocks https://t.co/v7AwMXXYBF
RT @DeniBonet: One of my favorite musicians, cellist Ward Williams. A joy to play with! Rehearsing with @rachaelsage.… http://t.co/Tq3jKnNevm
Another @Thrillcall #ticketgiveaway ! This one is for my 2/12 show at @cafenine, #NewHaven. http://t.co/dFaC8mzcIw
So happy that @TimeOutNewYork named my #Valentines concert a #CriticsPick! I hit the stage at 7pm tomorrow, @JoesPub! http://t.co/NJQidJ6vJm
RT @GayCityNews: .@RachaelSage does Valentines! @Joespub Feb 10, 7 pm Very best queer listings in NYC: http://t.co/VxV9oADhiK
Last day of my @thrillcall #ticketgiveaway contest! Enter to win tix to my #Valentines concert at @joespub tomorrow: http://t.co/O9aZtT8wvI
yes @katyperry just made me cry...powerful song, and a lyric I wish I'd written. #Elegant #unexpected #surpriseequalsgreatness #Grammys2015
RT @matbreen: In case you're just tuning in, @AnnieLennox just won the #Grammys2015. The whole thing. http://t.co/tGNp29PHHE
loving @Pharrell...over the top and theatrical and what about those sneakers? #savedbyrhinestones #bestGrammybling so far #Grammys2015
RT @sethglier: Excited to add @rachaelsage as support for my hometown CD Release show @iheg on April 10th. Tickets are already going fast
@mpressmeredith I love that song too...he was no slouch - I'm buying that record now - great tune :)
omg @AnnieLennox & @Hozier...brilliant!!! #howitsdone #settingthebar #Grammys2015
My #ValentinesExtravaganza at @joespub on 2/10 is a @TimeOutNYMusic "Critic's Pick!" http://t.co/D1sKnJDshL http://t.co/cZRkexBSdT
getting drunk on antioxidants w/ @mpressmeredith this fine Sunday! #brunchwithfriends… http://t.co/8v9UODsmHP
Thanks to @IrishMirror for this great piece on my upcoming #BlueRoses album release & tour in #Ireland and the #UK! http://t.co/qnPvuRe5hD
Thx to @GOMag for this write-up of my #Valentines concert on Tuesday, Feb. 10th at @joespub! http://t.co/HEXg8peJgq http://t.co/7eSgrsr3Io
Good morning & Happy Saturday! Such a fun show in #Binghamton last night thebundymuseum w/… http://t.co/JTc1j6kCXg
RT @GayCityNews: .@RachaelSage does Valentines! @Joespub Feb 10, 7 pm Very best queer listings in NYC: http://t.co/VxV9oAUSHk
Heading up to @BundyMuseum for a night of #freemusic and art! I'll be performing at 7pm: http://t.co/9IoUaCxueZ http://t.co/kmnQL4NLo5
RT @IrishMirror: Sage line-up for @whelanslive: @rachaelsage @eoinglackin and @MickeyJoeHarte to share stage http://t.co/u83sZrjH5k http://t.co/VKLrs08itI
Performing in Binghamton, NY at 7:00 PM today at Bundy Arts & Museum http://t.co/oawltQMPm1
@TimeOutNewYork, thanks for making my #Valentines show at @joespub on 2/10 at Critic's Pick! http://t.co/D1sKnJDshL http://t.co/5LBP5uM0pX
Busy day juggling design projects, conference calls, recording a new song & most importantly...new… http://t.co/KimJmYJWHA
RT @eoinglackin: Tix for @whelanslive Mar 1st on sale now on wavtickets.ie Myself, @MickeyJoeHarte + @rachaelsage for €10. Why not? :) http://t.co/K1H3ZYcoJe
RT @mpressrecords: #tbt: @sethglier & @rachaelsage at @TheGRAMMYs in 2012 for Seth's #TheNextRightThing. So cool! http://t.co/aaeLZXYqYq http://t.co/6g0xGdAJi0
RT @cafenine: Next week @NaviSinghMusic & @rachaelsage are in town. Will you be there? http://t.co/IkqlkT1lrZ
I teamed up with @ThrillCall for a #ticketgiveaway contest to my #Valentines show at @joespub, 2/10. Click for tix! http://t.co/O9aZtT8wvI
RT @sethglier: Got a GREAT preview in The Tampa Bay Times as the "If I Could Change One Thing Tour" comes to #Tampa… http://t.co/nRQJi1EzGl
#ThrowBackThursday: A great wide-angle shot of my 2012 performance at @JoesPub. It just so happens… http://t.co/Sz8HLrgNzA
Some great press for my #free show at @bundymusem tomorrow! Looking forward to great art and music in #Binghamton http://t.co/9IoUaCfSQp
.mmusicmag wrote a great piece about my new album, #BlueRoses! So tickled, especially since… http://t.co/OGXZqAFdO2
#TBT: had a ball at @NAMMShow last month. I vlogged the good times for your viewing pleasure: http://t.co/0RmIBYKF0U
Playing @BundyMuseum in #Binghamton on Friday. It's a night of #freemusic and art! http://t.co/5iU4gBV7SN http://t.co/WRDK3t5a9P
#MaddieZiegler dance to my song "Among All of God's Creatures" on @DanceMoms last night! Watch it at 30:30: http://t.co/D9nKJJMieE
RT @Festgigguide: @JaredEvan @eoinglackin @MickeyJoeHarte & @rachaelsage ​ to play special @whelanslive ​ show http://t.co/qVVBlnnstR @KathrynMasonPR
#Repost @sethglier with repostapp.⁰・・・⁰So much fun playing a SOLD OUT Eddie's Attic tonite! It's great… http://t.co/XVNrcJJKkc
RT @MarnieMarns: So very cool to hear @rachaelsage's music on @DanceMoms!!
RT @mpressrecords: #Repost @sethglier with repostapp.⁰・・・⁰It's music video shoot day with the beautiful @crystalbowersox… http://t.co/lxKl4R6Suw
Just a few hours until tonight's @DanceMoms, where they'll be dancing to my song "Among All of God's Creatures!" http://t.co/LkQ3XxSmcV
RT @PdxPipeline: WIN TIX to see legendary folk artist @TheJudyCollins at @aladdintheater w/ @rachaelsage ! --> http://t.co/KtMhpEnBeX http://t.co/EM5VnR9knu
RT @DanceMoms: Did somebody say #DanceMoms is NEW tonight at 9/8c?! http://t.co/JIDhLA5eCt
Thanks to @GOMag for showing some love for my upcoming #Valentines concert at @JoesPub, 2/10 (NYC)! http://t.co/E9F66JDftj
Had a great time playing with the musical toys at @NAMMShow last month! http://t.co/ll5pazzzU8
Heading up to #binghamton on Friday for to perform at @bundymuseum. It'll be a night of great music and art! http://t.co/zAmwCDZDRo
.@rachaelsage teamed up w/ @ThrillcallNYC for a #ticketgiveaway for her #Valentines concert at @JoesPub, 2/10! http://t.co/O9aZtTZjTU
Want to win tickets to my #Valentines concert at @JoesPub (2/10)? Use the @Thrillcall app to enter the contest! http://t.co/oCZ4EiSO6D
New show announced in Binghamton, NY at Cyber Café West on May 9, 2015 http://t.co/kDkqEb0pVj
My song "Among All God's Creatures" will be on @DanceMoms tommorow night! Until then, listen to the song here: http://t.co/LkQ3XyryJz
hope everyone's having a lovely weekend! Here's some virtual sun for my East Coast mishpuchah to… http://t.co/CQV2n5v2W8
this sculpture's made of paper floating inside of glass...utterly unique & a technique I'd never seen!… http://t.co/hcDzPbHRcS
@aftdk7 @sethglier @fxrn @mattnakoa hell yeah it is! :) Maybe I should throw you are surprise Bar Mitzvah lol...be warned!
I pulled a @aftdk7 last night & surprised @sethglier at @fxrn's in MA w/ the brilliant @mattnakoa :)… http://t.co/87rCRsMD8D
Love this vibey new video for "Revolution, " by my pals @jandthe9s! http://t.co/1uLy6T9sL0
.@wfuv played my duet rendition of "Helpless" with #JudyCollins on their #SundayBreakfast Playlist last week. Thanks for the love!
#FanFriday: Can't make it to see me at #SXSW? Well, I can play your house! Now booking March #houseconcerts in the #South thru @Fanswellfm
Still have availability for #houseconcerts in the #Northeast, 2/1 to 2/11. Let's have a party! http://t.co/hUPG9YV6ec http://t.co/ZOiy1LyIjl
beautiful eve w/ the B-Day girl at nycballet's Concerto Barocco & Goldberg Variations @laurenobrien1… http://t.co/Cg5wtI4fKW
found this doodle in an old portfolio from college...not sure if I like it but i would definitely wear… http://t.co/E1LoS962MU
Less than two weeks till my #Valentines concert extravaganza at @JoesPub. See you on the 10th! http://t.co/lI2N4724Jo http://t.co/KFjx6dyzTB
2-4-1 deal on my kazoos in honor of National #Kazoo Day! Enter KAZOO at checkout & have fun! http://t.co/wGIUzG6ADZ http://t.co/wfHvWn264m
New shows announced in Seaside, FL - Macungie, PA - Ithaca, NY http://t.co/rVOhyK9Izs
On Feb. 6th I play at @BundyMuseum in #Binghamton #NY. Expect a night of great art and music! http://t.co/yENimRogii
back just in time for a blizzard but still inspired by my 1st #NAMM adventure...Too bad this didn't… http://t.co/zF0dPz1v7w
@Carmenbaron14 magic :) (or maybe...@manicpanicnyc!)
Nice to bump into our friend tonikoch :) Such a bright spirit & overall musical mensch-ette! http://t.co/8SCdC1YAMG
Why leave this beautiful 80 degree weather & vibrant blue sky (& stunning guitar)? Because we must be… http://t.co/GKFWV8TEtK
Shalom #NAMM! what an inspiring & energizing few days discovering new musical products & making new… http://t.co/Qhaal4Hmbr
Thanks to the team at casiomusicgear for amazing artist hospitality & for hosting me at #NAMM! :)… http://t.co/SEYoOCaVrC
they're going to have to tear me away from this one or I'm gonna miss my flight...#daisyrock #glitter… http://t.co/DBDVXctCVz
good a.m. #NAMM! hangin' w/ Kevin at #mccarthymusic and yes, this keyboard lights up as you play!!… http://t.co/k1JzCIOnTt
@AdamKukic1 @DamienRice @Glen_Hansard @fieldreport @WYEP Thanks so much! #varklempt to be in such brilliant company :) Happy Sunday!
I rarely smile this wide & when I do usually art is involved! excited to be going home w/ one of… http://t.co/M1ROgM6OvL
just had a good long glimpse into the unique mind of #RikiChen: philosopher, musician, all-around… http://t.co/54jVkd0CTK
lots of memorable characters here at #NAMM...nice to not be the only attendee w/o a tan :) http://t.co/p2Xwx9t8gJ
made lots of new friends today serenading passersby at #NAMM - thanks casiomusicgear for inviting me… http://t.co/NuM0UVkE4M
RT @mpressrecords: Today at #NAMM2015 @rachaelsage will perform at the @CasioMusicGear booth (5900) at 12:30PT/3:30ET! Livestream here: http://t.co/yeRpLCTF5H
fun night at #SheRocksAwards honoring incredible women including #saxophone goddess @MindiAbair &… http://t.co/tH09EPhqdH
catching up w/ my friend @_danphillips_ who happens to be a korgusa genius willing to answer endless… http://t.co/bw6uhv7oln
RT @korg_inc: 【NAMM2015】SV-1 Black Reverse http://t.co/ktivCAU6D9 #korg #NAMM2015 http://t.co/TyhtiQOITu
@LisaLoeb forgot to mention-loved your new Hanukkah classic w/ @cliffgoldmacher! #MazelTov & enjoy rest of #NAMM!
RT @LisaLoeb: @rachaelsage great to see you
RT @NoiseTrade: For fans of @toriamos @ingridmusic + @theweepies, download @rachaelsage's "Blue Roses Sampler, " FREE here: http://t.co/vmh2Y76fWg
reconnected w/ the lovely & talented @lisaloeb at #NAMM2015 today, eyeing glitter guitars! maybe… http://t.co/9BRw3i1MN7
Have you checked out @noisetrade? They're featuring a sampler of my new album, "Blue Roses!" http://t.co/9zh2EQuYob http://t.co/3mRPWz99KV
New shows announced in Dublin - London http://t.co/rVOhyK9Izs
More press for my #VDay concert at @JoesPub, FEb. 10th, #NYC. Thanks, @broadwayworld! http://t.co/PEczxpWn1I http://t.co/7Wof3i69Kp
@SteinwayAndSons @TheJudyCollins Thank you so much for your hospitality-it was an amazing experience to record/interview @SteonwayHall!
RT @SteinwayAndSons: #SteinwayArtist @TheJudyCollins and @rachaelsage discuss duet "Helpless" filmed at historic @SteinwayHall http://t.co/VfGJghuVAp
thrill of the day: meeting #ShawnStockman of @boyziimen at the casiomusicgear booth! what a… http://t.co/7VKnFU2hhq
@sennheiserusa #ColorWare #NAMM http://t.co/7MhMb8g8Ur
great to meet Kevin & all the nice folks @BlueMicrophones today at #NAMM2015! love their mics...& not… http://t.co/xchYmcSLNl
@bethelsteele hon I loved your track on Neale's CD...beautiful!! Miss your face bubulah. xo
@eoinglackin @MickeyJoeHarte so excited to share the stage with you both! :)
RT @eoinglackin: I'll be back in Whelans March 1st with the great @MickeyJoeHarte from Donegal + @rachaelsage from USA. €10. Cant wait http://t.co/F1Xqpi6WFi
RT @mpressmeredith: With @rachaelsage on the @lennonbus at the #nammshow2015! http://t.co/WVvHrSsMdz
My upcoming #VDay show at @joespub is a @TimeOutNewYork Critics Pick! See you Feb. 10th! http://t.co/D1sKnKcEOp
RT @kaitavsapre: I just got some free music from @rachaelsage on @noisetrade. Download it here: http://t.co/8rMX5eINLH
I'm featured on the @NoiseTrade homepage! You can download a sampler of music from my new "Blue Roses" album: http://t.co/LVLgt8Ba49
Just watched #TheHundredFootJourney on the plane-so charming!!Great cast, lovely direction, music and wow now I'm really, really hungry...
RT @bonjournalco: Oh, oh it's magic! Plates courtesy of the beautiful and talented @rachaelsage. #Sunday #tofu… http://t.co/0aeCQJZpvN
RT @NerKat: 3 days left to get in on http://t.co/wHYCRhq6C3 & get the download instantly. Special guests @Stephen_Kellogg @rachaelsage #folkmusic
I had some fun filming a submission for @NPR #TinyDesk contest. Here's "Big Star, " performed at an actual tiny desk! http://t.co/BRVbNOLk3p
@bonjournalco wow, that's a well-travelled plate!! thanks for the plug lol...and yum!! xo
Great feature on my "Wax" music video from #HipLizard! Thanks! http://t.co/WEuhEGJg2Y
RT @mpressrecords: Here's our January #TasteMakerTuesday #Spotify playlist. Lots of amazing up-and-coming artists on this one! http://t.co/WMe5n7qzbe
Thrilled that @WSJ premiered the duet that I recorded with #JudyCollins; "Helpless, " originally by @Neilyoung! http://t.co/6aCK3lHM3P
@MarnieMarns @TheJudyCollins Thanks Marnie!! :) Glad you're enjoying...xo
"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." #MLKDay2015 http://t.co/Aw7ILMBdbB
@tiffani11201 yes...but it's actually called "Bravedancing" :)
@Esmeegrier thanks! lovely memory...appreciate you sending the photo! hope all's well & that I'll get to serenade you again soon :)
@Tekstrandify Thanks so much Tom, glad you enjoyed!! :)
what a fun whirlwind #Midwest mini-tour! thanks to everyone who came out to the shows :) @kdfiddler… http://t.co/hlfeRxOu1w
wonderful time supporting the golden-voiced @maryfahlmusic in #Milwaukee tonight! #grateful #inspired :) http://t.co/x8GvrbfW1l
Playing a show in Milwaukee, WI at 8:00 PM today at Shank Hall http://t.co/eDq4nhi3Ep
amazing night w/ @kdfiddler @CityWineryChi supporting the brilliantly talented @maryfahlmusic!… http://t.co/2RtGaGDuwH
RT @Chi_Shan: Really good night of music...@rachaelsage @ZOLAJESUS @MaryFahlMusic moved by the art of storytelling, so inspired🎶!:) http://t.co/5NobH1ZcXc
someone very thoughtful delivered blue roses to our dressing room @CityWineryChi :) #grateful… http://t.co/ZV3UGekaLw
RT @MarnieMarns: Loving the new tour van, @rachaelsage :-) http://t.co/OrkW09NYxT
@DavidSchober I would love to!! :)
RT @DavidSchober: @rachaelsage Have a great concert! Come to the Nashville City Winery
#TicketGiveaway: Hello #Chicago! I'm playing @CityWineryCHI with @MaryFahlMusic tonight. 1st to retweet gets 2 tix! http://t.co/SR6qjawHBU
Performing in Chicago, IL at 8:00 PM today at The City Winery http://t.co/yogHtF7fo7
#ladybugcane, @mpressmeredith & I are ready for some #deepdish! #midwestbound @kdfiddler #bluerosestour http://t.co/LvyhZ8z9EV
I'm about to fly out for some #Midwest tour dates with @MaryFahlMusic. First up, @CityWineryCHI tomorrow night! http://t.co/ZOzWLvJNEG
packing for #Chicago & only bringing 1 of all my shoes feels weird. #workingthesympathy #preboarding… http://t.co/wr52rWxpYq
@smoemeth I only like hot pink :) (just to be clear)...hot pink, magenta etc. #getitstraight #antipastel
Heading down to #Anaheim #CA for my 1st @NAMM show next week. Can't wait to drool over some beautiful instruments :D http://t.co/OuesOqj7s6
Heading down to #Carlsbad #CA for my 1st @NAMM show next week. Can't wait to drool over some beautiful instruments :D http://t.co/OuesOqj7s6
This glittery guitar goes out to a very special super-fam who took part in my #PledgeMusic pre-sale… http://t.co/BPOcQDW3OY
Mailing out handwritten lyric sheets to the super-fans who took party in my #PledgeMusic pre-sale for… http://t.co/QiJSaEieIP
another incredible image via my mom in #Burma...this one's urging me to sleep after a long eve of… http://t.co/SDvgHmLvCw
still #kvelling over @sethglier's fantastic show last night at boweryballroom! Happy #APAP, NYC :) xo… http://t.co/74XKerdsRK
more beauty courtesy of my mom's in Burma! she's doing pretty well w/ that new smartphone :) http://t.co/TitmLYxucI
my mom's in Burma & just emailed me this photo she took from a balloon!! #winning #daredevil #adventurer http://t.co/oObLeiFFkH
seems the muse is taking pity on my foot injury; 4 new songs in 3 days (& I may actually keep 2 of… http://t.co/pijyMEoFGE
RT @wosradio: #Podcast Ep 28 music http://t.co/MHzH0yhvex by @RachaelSage @Dodecaband @TremblayElspeth @_Area27 @TapiaCorel @Bellusira @theofficialmek
Just a week away from my #Midwest concert dates with @MaryFahlMusic. See you soon, #Chicago and #Milwaukee! http://t.co/q2QnCnmt1T
just saw a friend & fellow Stanford (& Yale) trained drama student in a Huyndai commercial-at least I'm 99% sure it was him! #werk #kvell :)
RT @orchtweets: Here's @rachaelsage to close us out on this 1st Friday back to the office: http://t.co/k08O2mJvQF #RadialLive See y'all Monday!
Delighted to offer #HouseConcerts to my fans through @Fanswellfm! Just go to the site to book your own concert: http://t.co/hUPG9YV6ec
Debuting my new cane tonight; w/ doctor's approval I can ditch crutches for few hrs as long as I 'don't push it'. #hurray! #guesswhatcolor
Thanks to @greggsha and @eBARnews for this great review of #BlueRoses! http://t.co/3fGBvWxxDh
@Jen_Lightfoot @mpressrecords loved this!! thanks for resharing! xo
RT @Jen_Lightfoot: #tbt A drawing I did of @rachaelsage back in 2006, while interning at @mpressrecords :) #throwbackthursday #art http://t.co/zVw4BoKgXF
Check out this write-up from @TheRealCurve about my upcoming #ValentinesDay show at @JoesPub! http://t.co/vBvEwqNdAq
I dropped by @orchtweets office recently for a live performance. Check out the videos! http://t.co/RjXX17qQgr http://t.co/225u0AUg4L
RT @orchtweets: In one of our very last #RadialLive sessions of 2014, @rachaelsage took the stage & wowed us all. Take a look: http://t.co/zeBDKQC3IP 💙
@justicehoney Julia are you on my email list? If not please dm me your emai; we just sent out a booking email to all my fans. Iove Vegas! xo
Did you hear my song "Wax" on the @dancemoms recap last night? The song was featured in a routine titled "Playing with Matches." Very cool!
New performances announced in Portland, OR - Seattle, WA - Northampton, MA http://t.co/rVOhyK9Izs
Blown away by the video for #ElasticHeart by @Sia! Great performances by #ShiaLeBouf and #MaddieZiegler (@dancemoms)! http://t.co/Ri0OUlGNDn
RT @justicehoney: @amazonmusic definitely definitely definitely @rachaelsage
enjoying my beautiful new piece by marconycstudio!! lovely visit today w/ the artist himself who came… http://t.co/ZKsEaTSieh
apparently it snowed in NYC today lol. guess I should raise my blinds once in a while even homebound from an injury #fourtosixweeks #vampire
Thanks to @PBSChrisKocher for including me in your year-end wrap-up! I had a great time playing @cybercafewest! http://t.co/zttVAK1xiU
@rivevideo Thanks! Glad you like the song. :D This snow is pretty magical, isn't it?
RT @rivevideo: Woke up to Snow on the ground & had this @rachaelsage song in my head https://t.co/gBdiKthoa8 Great soundtrack to a snowy day.
RT @SamanthaEcho: Had so much fun a @bealbochtcafe with @FLACAMUSIC singing @rachaelsage https://t.co/FHOBFI6kNL
Today is the last day of the @shakefire #BlueRoses contest! Enter win a copy of the album and an RS t-shirt! http://t.co/IFUZ2q7jRp
@ImplicatedOne Ooh, that sounds nice right now!
Thrilled to share the stage with @NaviSinghMusic at @cafenine in #NewHaven on Feb. 12th! http://t.co/z5llfMdmoZ http://t.co/CVs2D5HCJ0
New show announced in New Haven, CT at Cafe 9 on February 12, 2015 http://t.co/LzT0BMfm0i
@DMPrincess713 Is it your birthday? If it is, then happy birthday!!
New show announced in New York, NY at Joe's Pub on February 10, 2015 http://t.co/vmvWo10SUH
1st painting of 2015 :) #feelingvibrant #titlethis http://t.co/MpK5oN2PZC
@barbmorrison sounds good!! Not going anywhere for a bit but we can plan ahead...you can be my pop light @ the end of my recovery tunnel :)
.@barbmorrison just wrote 1st song of 2015–but whenever I write something this catchy I'm unsure it's actually "for me" lol :) #needurskillz
@SamanthaEcho I hope you have someone video! :) I wanna hear! knock 'em dead bubulah xo
RT @SamanthaEcho: Come to @bealbochtcafe on Monday. I will cover a @rachaelsage song and an @AbbaFabFour song and do one of my own. Hosted by @FLACAMUSIC
RT @CityWineryCHI: @wbezsarabia: @MaryFahlMusic (Formerly of The October Project) is here with special guest @rachaelsage on 1/16! http://t.co/QATPEfUvar
RT @PSBChrisKocher: ICYMI New Year's Eve: My memories of #Binghamton music in 2014, including @Sowetogospel @itstonybennett @rachaelsage http://t.co/Lrlfa8Odyd
some serious #FBF memories here w/ some of my favorite humans :) @walterparks #MatthewLindsey… http://t.co/VZOb0PMY5V
Just a couple weeks till I open for @maryfahlmusic in #chicago and #milwaukee! http://t.co/tZpGdQS0rM
#HappyNewYear!! #inverted xoxo http://t.co/UnGUCmPSlp
#HappyNewYear!! xoxo http://t.co/tXg558eT7H
@PSBChrisKocher @mpressmeredith thank you Chris - you get me, you really get me!! :) Happy New Year & hope to see you/serenade you soon!! Xo
RT @mpressmeredith: A @rachaelsage show makes another best-of list, yay! Thx! RT @PSBChrisKocher: #Binghamton concert memories for 2014: http://t.co/ZHeEWWvWFC
art direction by @sethglier! #inprocess scribbleheads @mpressrecords laurenobrienmusic @melbatoastrox… http://t.co/0Gn9D0hSxj
RT @barbmorrison: i love my job. thank you 2014 http://t.co/9LnPIxGMR1 @gurkarangulati @EarthQuakerDev @GibsonGuitarNYC @rachaelsage @psuperstar @harrynagle
shooting the uberstylish & talented @sethglier w/ scribbleheads & the @mpressrecords crew in… http://t.co/rsv5s2a67d
1 more reason to shlep to a suburban ER if you ever break a bone: they called ME to find out if I had any questions/was ok today. #hello!
My #Valentines extravaganza at @joespub is coming up soon. It's going to be a night to remember! http://t.co/MrPebkzn8s
@wosradio thanks so much for supporting #BlueRoses! :)
@justicehoney Happy Birthday! :)
@itsalleternal not sure to what you're referring but thanks for asking! I'm ok...not gonna let a couple broken toes stop me :)
few days ago @mikevisceglia came down to see my art at @thinkcoffeenyc too bad he never makes me smile… http://t.co/7Hg7On1qtw
strange weekend...unexpected accident today & broke 2 toes, ugh. Should I a) rhinestone or b) glitter crutches? #crafting #weplanGodlaughs
Have you checked out the #BlueRoses contest over at @shakefire? You can win the new album and a new RS t-shirt! http://t.co/IFUZ2q7jRp
#Christmas is over, but the @mpressrecords #holidaysale is still going until Jan 5th! http://t.co/YCLkgB5StF http://t.co/BQ1zlDiidZ
Decorating guitar for 1 of my @pledgemusic #BlueRoses supporters :) what better way to followup a… http://t.co/qoJWxPu1Ta
This #XMAS happens to fall on #tbt, so I thought that I'd dig up my holiday greeting from back in 2011. Enjoy! http://t.co/rwTUwuXSys
listening to @poedavid's"God & The Girl" & cleaning my apt...a #NYC #Jewess #Christmastradition #parentsvisiting tomorrow :) #Illbeready!
#LastMinuteGift? Get the #DanceMoms music bundle, and receive the digital tracks instantly! http://t.co/eP1RW3xsaP http://t.co/fl2IltGPsU
@SarahAliceShaw4 thanks so much! :) Xo "Got #Birthday by @rachaelsage on repeat. Everything about this is BEAUTIFUL! #songcrush..."
I'll miss lighting the menorah :) #peaceful #candlelight #chagsameach #Hanukah http://t.co/pPFuXIba9k
Another one of my colorful concoctions: spinach, peppers, tomatoes, peanuts, pesto. Bonus: matches my… http://t.co/b4xXbaopvi
My #MidWest tour dates with @maryfahlmusic are coming up soon. I love touring with her, can't wait! http://t.co/SMhDRdQ5hj
disco Ganesh & my beloved cat Margarita have been enjoying the #Hanukah candles & a special visit from… http://t.co/1Vj01AI8qV
so great to finally see @fifeanddrom live tonight @caffevivaldi! wow, they kick tuchus...#inspired :) http://t.co/pa5HLUQdfE
amazing night with lovely ladies at @andymacmusic's holiday benefit! #friendship #love #music… http://t.co/1J4Gq3lFu7
aww, #varklempt!! “@dustin_schoof: the best concerts of 2014. @tompetty @rachaelsage @teganandsara @thekillers http://t.co/KkIAivaS3L
Happy Birthday to my beautiful, funny, clever, sweet & talented niece! :) #proudaunt #kvell #mishpuchah http://t.co/pMIAiJdTaV
.@MPressRecords holiday sale is going through Jan. 5th! 15% off with MPHOLIDAY discount code http://t.co/iV9pZUDjRi http://t.co/sEPVctWKyv
candles burning, listening to a bunch of new music I downloaded today on iTunes & #feelinginspired :)… http://t.co/4s9OdW4hvZ
@GUBLERNATION Happy Chanukah to you too! :) no one rocks a velcro menorah sweater like you!! #Ineedone #supermensch http://t.co/cD6NXbSwtF
RT @GUBLERNATION: happy Chanukah from me and my handmade Chanukah sweater with removable velcro menorah flames http://t.co/jLwBnVZHDv
Have you checked out the @shakefire #BlueRoses contest? They're giving away copies of #BlueRoses & RS t-shirts! http://t.co/IFUZ2q7jRp
1 of my most prized possessions is my grandmother's #menorah. I never met her but knowing she used… http://t.co/u3wo72VGV4
First day of #Hanukah! Here's my performance of "Hanukah in the Village, " from last week's @ConcertWindow #webcast: http://t.co/Hlw2euVWik
wishing all those observing a peaceful, happy Hanukah! :) love & light! #festivaloflights… http://t.co/JoRWP4PQD9
@smokinwithgus yes, I do! :) http://t.co/iAhSaYpjkF
end-of-meal surprise from enviably talented Mr. boschguitar! plays mean guitar, AND bakes delicious… http://t.co/eqJDLFrgeb
@smokinwithgus I sure do! http://t.co/dB7gxJlIfG
#MusicMonday: Loooove the new @noevenable album. Congrats on the successful #Kickstarter! http://t.co/pMPj8PElSd
#holidaysale on all of my music and merch. Order by tomorrow to receive by the 24th! http://t.co/8cJvAQaEyh http://t.co/JSS3HCGfbp
Great #greenroomjam from our man, #sethglier. http://t.co/wRe5MrvoQM
@posymay it's not released yet :) sorry!!
yes folks, this is my dad :) he's an animal! #pingpong #fanatic #prouddaughter #kvell http://t.co/Zz0LxQPMlC
ha! guess so lol :) “@mpressmeredith: yesterday you posted your food, today you posted a cat pic...you are now officially on the Internet.”
never posted a cat photo b4 but this one's been burning a hole in my ipad...thanks laurenobrienmusic… http://t.co/WXfvHpZKSA
organic gluten free spinach pasta w/ pine nuts & tikka masala sauce...ingredients I happened to have… http://t.co/s6McBG2AqU
Here's a highlight from Tuesday's @concertwindow #webcast, featuring "Hanukah In The Village." #HappyHolidays http://t.co/Hlw2euVWik
Great piece on @moryorkgallery: http://t.co/GMqiYTKQ0c I was so inspired by this space that I filmed "Wax" there: http://t.co/tWuS6quLKg
@posymay Thanks! I think this is what you're looking for : http://t.co/qHGMIG1Ja1
#MenorasaurusRex? Wow, I might just have to get one of these :D. https://t.co/lLKsOI9x7p http://t.co/0s647k0SL5
@katiemusic my pleasure! I've always loved your music, and your giant heart :) keep up the amazing work/play & see you soon xo!
Had a great time performing my @ConcertWindow #holiday concert last night! Stay tuned for highlights from the #webcast!
@katiemusic Thank you for creating great music, and spreading a beautiful message!
Announcing my #ValentinesDay extravaganza at @JoesPub, #February 10th! http://t.co/wKVsDAiGsx http://t.co/pstzxcBrQg
RT @bkadkins: @rachaelsage Enjoyed your show on @concertwindow tonight while having a late dinner at a restaurant. Thanks for sharing from MPress World HQ
RT @gregsapphyre: @rachaelsage Thank you so much for the ConcertWindow :) It was superfun!
RT @posymay: Thanks for a beautiful show @rachaelsage and Ward! It was a joy to hear you live, from the UK. You inspired me to stream on CW today, too! ♡
Love this new video from my friend @katiemusic! Such a timely message, a beautifully written song! #newworld http://t.co/bDllCfJBGp
Playing a show in New York, NY at 9:00 PM today at MPress Records Office http://t.co/kkA5UHTBjh
I partnered with @Shakefire for a #contest! Winners get a copy of #BlueRoses and a Rachael Sage t-shirt: http://t.co/lxZgpr8MMw #freestuff
excited for my Concert Window debut tonight, 9pm EST w/ cellist #WardWilliams! #blueroses #holidays… http://t.co/RV8q6QNbGV
RT @soundwavezack: Al Green on @Letterman. THAT is the real deal, ladies and gentlemen... #OW
RT @ckbuttermann: Al Green's performance on Letterman is the kind of beauty and sincerity you couldn't fake if you tried. Just fantastic.
I had an #InstagramContest this week to title one of my paintings. Winning title is "Limitless!" Thx, rodriguezr317! http://t.co/woEwIRuQnO
Photo: domkellyaft: Truth. #newAFTrecord Amazing! I got to stop by carriagehousestudio this weekend to see... http://t.co/FUYeYbeNZc
Tomorrow is my online holiday show, #webcast live on @concertwindow! #hotcocoa #uglysweater http://t.co/5GkSr7CQKm http://t.co/onWoXNixz8
RT @AdamKukic1: @rachaelsage's show @garfieldartwrks begins in less than an hour - the final show 4 this legendary venue #Pittsburgh#LiveMusic #SundayFunday
Just a few hours from playing #GarfieldArtworks in #Pittsburgh! The show is all ages. See you there! http://t.co/K0J852wIQI
RT @CynthiaMMiley: @rachaelsage plays the very last show at @GarfieldArtwrks Tomorrow, December 7th. http://t.co/8F2fLOZ1JZ
Performing in Pittsburgh, PA at 8:00 PM today at Garfield Artworks http://t.co/akaqRNGeMy
RT @AdamKukic1: 9am/EST @rachaelsage guest DJs 4 @WYEP's The Coffeehouse - songs by @ElvisCostello & @Glen_Hansard & her new album #BlueRoses #Pittsburgh
RT @AdamKukic1: Did u know @rachaelsage finds #LauraNyro a source of inspiration? If u listen 2 her guest DJ on @WYEP this morning u would! 9am/EST
RT @AdamKukic1: 9am/EST #TheCoffeehouse @rachaelsage guest DJs & talks new album #BlueRoses b4 her show at Garfield Artworks @WYEP http://t.co/mI91oEQeji
fabulous string session w/ aftmusic @lyrishung #wardwilliams #dianabrewer #rachaeljones @mpressrecords… http://t.co/3Tir91gwaW
hangin' at my favorite studio w/ my favorite band! :) aftmusic @mpressrecords #thecarriagehouse… http://t.co/b2rPGbTKy4
#Pittsburgh, I'll see you on Sunday! I'll be playing #GarfieldArtworks with #JohnWiatrak. Show is at 8pm. http://t.co/skV61NCgj4
#HauntedByYou is featured in the @AmazonUK #LetTheNeedleDrop promotion! Just £12!