"Lamentation" – 4/18/20
It used to be when someone suffered a loss
It was literally, "a loss"
Perhaps a loved-one passed of a terminal illness
Or a tragic accident took its toll
A child left without a parent
Wounded soldiers letting limbs go
The human mind seems to have been built
For certain limitations of resilience
Bearing uncertainty and pain
A crucifix of time's relative insanity
Expecting the best and delivering
Test after test often to those
With life-learning disabilities
What now, when unlimited loss is a beginning
When power is entirely internal
When we no longer have the approbation of future's
Certainty to guide us through
Labyrinths of the cruelest temporary
Almost-bound books sitting in storage basements
The human soul seems to have been made
As an antidote to imitation's pestilence
Growing involuntarily with each sustained
Experience a shining beam of serenity
Reflecting the earth's inimitable
Glow G-d's show of audacity
Love slow-burning with possibility, elegiacally