"free" - 1/11/16
It's 3am
I turned on my ipad to set my alarm
Instead I automatically check my instagram feed
1st one friend then another posting photos
Of the artist whose music, imagery and innovation
Became my college obsession 
I haven't cried in a long time. Not since freedom 
Was attacked in Paris have so many tears streamed down
My face my face is a canvas every day I express my
Sadness by covering myself with color in an effort
To cheer myself up, paint pretty pictures and on a good day
Make a friend 
I wonder what drives art the most is it loneliness
Talent genetics a sense of purpose a little voice
The multiple personalities of one's soul
When I think of freedom of expression there is no 
One I think of more completely from eyelid to bright lip
Thin limbs to fingertips chameleon-like in spite of
His signature approach to everything
A voice in every sense of the word
A painting in every fibre of his being
Extension of everything imagination can be
Spawning countless lookalike soundalikes who
Nonetheless held their own proudly influenced
Influential is the understatement of two centuries
RIP beloved thin man of mystery beauty
Empathy androgyny melody reluctant
Heavenly agnostic husband father
Artistic genius genie unbottled free