Scorpio Falling

"Scorpio Falling" - 8/20/11

the truth is right now
I have very little interest in knowing
what you think

that may sound cold but
trust me angel its the opposite
melting with openness

heat's memory searing
through me wailing one question
what do you feel

what do you feel not how are you
not what are you doing
not how was your day

I wonder from that sacred place
naive people call soul if you miss
my touch or if the prospect

of a single kiss seems as
ascendant to you as it does
to my fingertips aching

to trace your lips
and everything else I can't see anymore am I lost
what do you think

lust is a prison an albatross
I had wings for weeks I flew as a free
as dandelion fluff

now I'm wretched with thirst
my mantra almost rhymes with "enough"

oh love oh love oh love