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Stay In With Sage Livestream
Stay In With Sage Livestream
"Music My Mother Would Not Like" Series

Upcoming Album "Myopia"! 

The latest street team mission, should you choose to accept it, is…

Help Promote "Myopia" on PledgeMusic!  

Rachael has launched a PledgeMusic campaign for her upcoming new album, Myopia, and you’re the first fans to know about it! We have a lot of really cool goodies available to you when you pre-order the release such as custom enamel pins, funky socks, signature artwork by Rachael, Myopia on vinyl, autographed CDs, signed tour posters, personal house concerts, limited-edition 7" vinyl, hand-decorated guitars, and much more! Sign up now and check out her personal message to YOU on her page: PledgeMusic / Rachael Sage - Myopia


PRE-ORDER: get Myopia on Pledge for yourself and pick up some of the unique goodies!

  • SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: share one of the Myopia PledgeMusic images and or/ the Myopia teaser video (download them HERE or below) on your own social media platforms along with the link to Rachael’s PledgeMusic page (bit.ly/MyopiaPledge) and help promote the release
  • TAGGING POSTS:  If you share one of the images and/or the video on your socials along with the Pledge pre-order link, please tag Rachael’s sites & the MPress accounts: Twitter @rachaelsage / @mpressrecords Instagram @rachael_sage / @mpressrecords Facebook @RachaelSagepage / @MPressRecords
  • SEND US SCREENSHOTS: Take screenshots of your social media posts and email them to me streetteam@mpressrecords.com. Be sure to include your shipping address so I can get your "THANK YOU" bundle!
  • GET YOUR REWARD: After you email me, I'll send you a one-of-a-kind, *thank you* package straight from Rachael's personal archive of creativity! We're still putting them together, but you'll receive limited-edition items that Rachael's handpicking for YOU!

We really appreciate your help and support for Rachael’s music as well as for her independently-run label, MPress Records!

If you have any street team questions please don't hesitate to contact me at any time. Thanks so much again for all your help! 

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