"Anyway" - 3/23/2007

so look -
I am in deep with you
(and I don't even know who you are)

it doesn't seem fair
this double-edged sword
my Scorpio blessing's

my weakness' core

I sit on the carpet
musing at collections
of things I have memorized

until they're invisible
what's second nature
what's useless used-to

what's chaos/order
I've come
to leave

as regularly as the seasons
swell around us
monsoons of waiting

I'm waiting for someone
to tell me they take me
just as I am but still...

they'd long to see me change

why is that too much to ask for?
why does submitting to all of this
wishing make me the culprit

I can barely look in the mirror
as dependent as I am
on your recognition

should I just break it?
bare-fisted, I could surely
what use are these hands

anyway, so deeply misunderstood